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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 8/14/12 Repeat: 5 Fast Moving Cancers and the 5 Biggest Solutions - Pancreatic, Brain, Esophageal, Liver

The Dr. Oz Show
Original Airdate: September 20, 2011
Dr. Oz 5 Fast Moving Cancers and 5 Biggest Solutions
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Skin cancer

Dr. Oz says this is the most important show about cancer he will ever do. Cancers move throughout the body at varying rates. Slow moving cancers can typically be found before they migrate through the body. Fast moving cancers, however, move so quickly through the body that, often, by the time warning signs are noticed and discussed with a doctor it has already move throughout the body decreasing survival rates.

Sounds scarey! The “C” word is scary and unfortunately the rates of cancers are increasing. What do you do? Know the warning signs and know the behaviors which can reduce your risk.  

Today's Dr. Oz Show is a repeat from September 20, 2011.


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