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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 9/29/11: Near Death Experiences, Cleavage Wrinkles, Beauty on a Budget, Natural Beauty Remedies

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: 9/29/11
Dr. Oz: Near Death Experiences

  • Near death experiences: are they real, what do they mean
  • Cleavage wrinkles and how to prevent them
  • Beauty tips that won't break the bank
  • Natural beauty remedies already in your home

What happens when you die? What happens to people who die, flat line in the hospital, then come back to life?

It's one of our greatest fears, as humans, and it's one of the only guarantees in life: we are all going to die, at some point. When it happens unexpectedly, a miraculous experience may be waiting once the heart stops beating and the brain and conscious continues.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 9/28/11: Reproductive Organs Through the Ages, Find Your RealAge, Are Bad Habits Unhealthy, Judge Oz's Health Court

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: September 28, 2011
Dr. Oz: Reproductive Organs Through The Ages

  • Reproductive organs at 20, 30, 40
  • What effects sex drive?
  • Three things to reverse the RealAge number
  • Secrets to your best orgasm
  • Are his bad habits unhealthy?
  • Judge Oz's health court

Today's Dr. Oz show deals with reproductive health and, discusses, in a frank manner, sexual health and intercourse as a natural part of a healthy relationship between adults.

This episode and today's blog is not for children.

Update on Pepto-Bismol® as a facial mask 9/28/11

9/28/11:  Update on Pepto-Bismol® as a Facial Mask
  • Artifical ingredients
  • Natural products for the same price without the negative health concerns
  • What I use for an upset stomach

On the 9/15/11 episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talked about beauty secrets to take years off your look. Click here to read my blog post on that episode.
For dull skin, Dr. Oz recommended using, what he called, a common and inexpensive household product as a facial mask: Pepto-Bismol®. I was skeptical. On the show Dr. Oz said that the Pepto-Bismol® will do the same things on the face as it does for the stomach – remove toxins.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 9/27/11: Chronic pain, Flu tips, Salmon burgers, Visit with a super fan

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: September 27, 2011
Is Your Chronic Pain a Disease?
  • Chronic Pain
  • Why your doctor thinks you're crazy
  • Four questions to ask your doctor
  • Flu season tips
  • Booty busting salmon burgers
  • Daphne Oz has her own show: The Chew on ABC
Over 160 million Americans suffer from chronic pain and most doctors don't have any answers. When doctor's don't have answers they often put blame back on the patients, telling them it's all in their head. According to Dr. Oz, many doctors really do think their patients are crazy. How do you get around this bias and get the help you need?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 9/26/11: Win a million dollars, Transformation Nation, BMI, 50 State 50 Plate Transformation, Secrets to losing weight, Oprah!

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: 9/26/11
Million Dollar You: How to Lose Weight and Win a Million Dollars

  • 7 simple steps for a Transformation Nation and a Million Dollar You!
  • BMI: What does it mean? Use the calculator at the bottom of this blog page
  • 50 State 50 Plate Transformation
  • Secret boost to lose 10% body weight
  • Oprah makes a guest appearance

Dr. Oz says this is the most important question you're going to hear all year:

Will you make this year the year of you?

Will you put you on top your list? Looking good helps you to feel good. Letting go of extra weight, getting healthy, empowering yourself are all keys to personal success.

The Dr. Oz Show is putting their money where their mouths are and want to give away ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 9/23/11: Top 100 Foods for the Grocery Cart,Top Foods to fight Cholesterol, Wise Junk Food, Do Taste Buds Make You Fat?, Mushroom Lasagne

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: September 23, 2011
The 100 Foods Dr. Oz Wants in Your Grocery Cart 
  • Time and money saving grocery items
  • Top foods to modulate cholesterol
  • Wise junk food options
  • Are your taste buds making you fat?
  • No-boil mushroom lasagne!
 We are a time strapped country! The real life family of today is so busy getting everyone where they need during the day causing meals to be put low on the list and, often low on the nutrition scale. How do you shop smart and eat smart while on the go and that pleases all the requests of the family? Solve the biggest dilemmas buying and preparing healthy foods!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 9/22/11: Extreme Obesity, Addicted to Lip Balm, Lighten Your Purse, Purse Essentials

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: September 22, 2011

The Woman Who Doesn't Want Dr. Oz's Help

  • When weight becomes attraction
  • Addicted to lip balm?
  • Lighten your purse to save your back
  • What you really need in your purse
Over 720lb and gaining with an ultimate goal of weighing over 1,800lb her quest is to break the world record of being fattest woman in the world.

Dr. Oz is on a mission to get Suzanne to understand that what she is doing, deliberately gaining weight, is putting her life at risk. He's on a mission to get her to change and lose the weight so that she doesn't lose her life.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 9/21/11: Holistic How-To Guide

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: September 21, 2011
Dr. Oz Holistic How-To Guide

Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil are special guests on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss holistic approaches to dealing with diseases.

Dr. Oz calls today show the definitive how-to guide to holistic health medicines and the one and only guide you'll ever need for holistic health.

Personally, I think that's a bit of exaggeration. With the amount of information available regarding natural and holistic approaches to every conceivable health concern I find it hard to believe that one show can cover everything a person could possibly need to know about holistic health. I would call this show more of a covering-the-basics guide the holistic health.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 9/20/11: 5 Fast Moving Cancers and the 5 Biggest Solutions - Pancreatic, Brain, Esophageal, Liver

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: September 20, 2011
Dr. Oz 5 Fast Moving Cancers and 5 Biggest Solutions

  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Skin cancer
Dr. Oz says this is the most important show about cancer he will ever do. Cancers move throughout the body at varying rates. Slow moving cancers can typically be found before they migrate through the body. Fast moving cancers, however, move so quickly through the body that, often, by the time warning signs are noticed and discussed with a doctor it has already move throughout the body decreasing survival rates.

Sounds scarey! The “C” word is scary and unfortunately the rates of cancers are increasing. What do you do? Know the warning signs and know the behaviors which can reduce your risk.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 9/19/11: Secrets to Living Younger, Anti-Aging, Burn Fat Faster, Super Supplements, 100 Calorie Dessert, #1 Supplement

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: September 19, 2011
Dr. Oz: 6 Secrets to Living Younger!

  • 6 Secrets to Living Younger From the Nation's Best of the Best Experts
  • 5 Best Anti-Aging Secrets to Look Younger
  • 4 Ways to Burn Fat Faster
  • 3 Super Supplements You Must Take Today
  • 2 Desserts Under 100 Calories
  • The Number One Supplement Dr. Oz Can't Live Without

Dr. Oz is giving away great prizes on his website: Win a trip to Dr. Weil's day spa. Win lunch with Dr. Oz. Win an Anti-Aging hair and make-up makeover with Frederic Fekkai and Bobbi Brown. Win a Personal Training Session with Bob Harper. Win a Lesson at DC Cupcakes! See Dr. Oz's website for details and entry form.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 9/16/11: Pandemic Preparation, Bee Products for Skin, Healthy Pizza, Vitamin B-12

The Dr Oz Show
Airdate: 9/16/11
Dr. Oz Pandemic Preparation
  • Dr. Oz's recommendations to protect yourself in the face of a pandemic
  • Bee products for younger skin
  • Healthy pizza
  • Vitamin B-12
What would happen if a global contagion broke out today? Dr. Oz thinks it's not a matter of “if” but more a matter of “when”.

Dr. Oz's worst fear is a contagion breaking loose and spreading throughout the world creating a pandemic that could be deadly.

What does Dr. Oz recommend to do to protect yourself on the chance that a contagion attacks the population?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 9/15/11: Pee and Poop, Baggy Eyes, Beauty Secrets, Memory Boosts

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: 9/15/11
Dr. Oz: Are your Pee and Poop Normal?
  • Are your Pee and Poop Normal?
  • What could be causing those bags under your eyes?
  • Beauty secrets to help your face look younger
  • Foods to boost your memory

Dr. Oz's all time favorite things are the topics for today's show: pee and poop. Learn how to take advantage of a life-saving daily exam. By examining your pee and poop you could potentially find indicators of health concerns like kidney disease, diabetes, Crone’s disease.

Dr. Oz encourages every one to look before you flush.

The FDA Responds to Arsenic in Apple Juice Episode

A Follow up on The Today Show to The Dr. Oz Show episode airing 9/14/11 claiming that arsenic in apple juice is unsafe for long-term health.
Aired: September 15, 2011
On The Today Show

The FDA has responded to the statements Dr. Oz made on his show which aired yesterday, 9/14/11 saying that Dr. Oz's independent lab results looking at arsenic levels in apple juice are flawed. In a statement released by the FDA they said it would be irresponsible and misleading for Dr. Oz to say that apple juice is unsafe.

Watching Dr. Oz 9/14/11: Arsenic in Apple Juice and Anti-Aging Super Foods

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: September 14, 2011
Dr. Oz: Arsenic in Apple Juice

  • Is arsenic in your apple juice?
  • Slow down the aging process with these 4 super foods
It is considered a healthy drink choice for kids and adults. Even Dr. Oz has recommended it as a beneficial beverage which could be used to help reduce the intake of sugar-filled drinks. Yet on today's Dr. Oz Show he rethinks the safety of this common and decidedly very American drink.

How can arsenic get into apple juice, cookies, cakes, snack bars, blended juice drinks? Is the juice that our nation's children drink on a near daily basis be toxic? What can you do to limit your exposure and your family's exposure to arsenic in juice?

The Dr. Oz Show conducted independent laboratory studies of major brand apple juice drink boxes and the results stunned Dr. Oz as well as his audience.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 9/13/11: Ovarian Cancer, Reproductive Health Tests, Cancer Fighting Foods

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: September 13, 2011
Dr. Oz's Break the Silence About Ovarian Cancer Campaign

  • Five warning signs of ovarian cancer
  • Three tests for reproductive health
  • Foods to reduce ovarian cancer risks

It's a silent killer of women – ovarian cancer. Too many women are dying because symptoms are ignored and misdiagnosed. Dr. Oz has launched a campaign to break the silence surrounding ovarian cancer.

Thirty-five percent of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer had their symptoms ignored by their doctor. Partnering with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, Dr. Oz is taking his campaign on the road to educate women about the warning signs of ovarian cancer and providing an opportunity to have a low-cost, trans-vaginal ultra-sound.

Most women found that they didn't have any signs of ovarian cancer when viewed in the ultra sound. However a few women learned that they had cysts on their ovaries which required further investigation.

Watching Dr. Oz 9/12/11: Blast Belly Fat, Uterine Fibroids, International Beauty Secrets

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: September 12, 2011 - Season 3 Premiere
Dr. Oz: 5 Steps to Blast Your 4-Plus Belly Fat
  • 5 ways to burn the belly fat
  • Breakthrough belly blasters
  • What your doctor won't tell you about uterine fibroids
  • International beauty secrets
  • Dance your way to health

Every member of the today's audience wore a blue sports bras and black spandex shorts or pants! [Each and every woman in that audience is hands-down braver than me. At the beginning of the show I said to myself that it would take serious cash, I'm talking bajillions of green backs, to get me to wear that outfit on national television. More power to ya women!]

An Intro to

Dr Oz has created a health sensation in the U.S.! Five days a week, the nation tunes in to his show to learn about the latest and greatest products.

Working in natural foods retail for over 10 years, I've been amazed by the impact felt in the store from customers rushing in to purchase the latest thing recommended by Dr Oz. There is no one in the media or the industry who has inspired such a large percentage of the population to take charge of their health and inspire them to the extent that viewers run to stores immediately after the show to scoop up the latest recommendation by Dr Oz.

Monday, September 12, 2011

How This Blog Will Work!

Welcome to!

Each day I will watch The Dr. Oz Show and by the end of the day (hopefully, if not then by the next morning) I will post the products and lifestyle recommendations that he makes during the show.

Along with the basics of what was discussed, I will research the products and share my knowledge.

As I go about researching recommended products I will update previous posts so that the information stays current.

Why do I feel this is important?