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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 9/28/11: Reproductive Organs Through the Ages, Find Your RealAge, Are Bad Habits Unhealthy, Judge Oz's Health Court

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: September 28, 2011
Dr. Oz: Reproductive Organs Through The Ages

  • Reproductive organs at 20, 30, 40
  • What effects sex drive?
  • Three things to reverse the RealAge number
  • Secrets to your best orgasm
  • Are his bad habits unhealthy?
  • Judge Oz's health court

Today's Dr. Oz show deals with reproductive health and, discusses, in a frank manner, sexual health and intercourse as a natural part of a healthy relationship between adults.

This episode and today's blog is not for children.

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    Dr. Oz: Reproductive Organs Through the Ages

    How to turn back the clock for your best sex ever.

    “How old is your vagina? What about your husband's penis?” The physical age of your sex organs shed light on your overall health. Your private parts can tell how your internal organs are functioning and the status of your internal organs may effect how your private parts work when you're, well, in private.

    How can you determine the real age of your private parts? Take the RealAge sex quiz on Dr. Oz's site. Be honest about your answers and you can find out the age of your reproductive organs.

    Men jumping up and sliding down a vaginal wall with his wife holding up an orgasm sign. It was an interesting show!

    What makes sex so easy in our 20's. The decade of our 20's is prime time for our bodies and especially for our sex organs. At this time in life, the vagina has great natural lubrication, the muscles are fit and responsive and for some women the muscles haven't been through stress and strain of childbirth yet.

    For the penis, the 20's mean blood flow is excellent, muscle tone is great, and the mental state is positive which doesn't interfere with reproductive functioning.

    According to the sex experts on the show, the 20's are a great time to get used to your body and figure out what works and what doesn't so you have a better sense later in life about what areas need help.

    In the 30's and 40's a sort of sexual famine sets in due to stresses of life, mental fatigue from life's duties, and physical fatigue from just life in general.

    Dr. Oz used a hammock to represent the pelvic floor as women age. Under the hammock is the labia with the bladder and uterus floating above the pelvic floor. The vagina sits on the pelvic floor.

    In the 20's the pelvic floor looks like the hammock without anyone sitting on it. dr oz gets to be the vagina! One person sitting on the hammock represents the pelvic floor in the 30's. Add a second person and that's the pelvic floor in the 40's perhaps after childbirth. Menopause is a third person on the hammock in the 50's. Over time the pelvic floor gets stretched and loses muscle tone making it harder for contractions to happen during sex reducing functioning and pleasure.

    To strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and help maintain tone over the years kegel's are the exercise to help everything stay where it needs to be and working the way it should.

    Women who've had children have often been coached by their birth care providers on how to do kegel's. It's usually only discussed during this time of a woman's life but it's important to continue the exercises daily to maintain health all throughout life.

    The pelvic floor holds up the surrounding organs from the vagina to the bladder to the uterus. Weak pelvic floor muscles play a role in incontinence allowing urine to flow between the muscles that are no longer as tight as they should be and can also lead to pelvic prolapse.

    Dr. Oz covered the topic of pelvic prolapse on an episode that re-aired just last month, in August. When there is a repeat of this new season perhaps I'll go back and blog about that topic.

    Learning how to do kegel exercises is as simple as going pee. Try to stop the flow of urine. That muscle contraction is a kegel. Doing 100 kegel's at a time, three times a day can keep the pelvic floor muscles taut and healthy.

    Tools are also available to use while doing kegel exercises giving the vagina something to hold on to and, according to, they can increase circulation.
    On the male side, heart health equals penis health. Aging usually comes with a slowing of blood flow throughout the body. Add on the middle age spare tire, the standard American diet, lack of exercise and these issues further inhibit blood flow and there goes that robust feeling you had in your 20's.

    The penis in the 20's and 30's is represented by a big party rocket spewing out colorful confetti on command. Going into the 40's, obstructions inhibit blood flow and that previously impressive rocket trickles out only a small amount of confetti. The engine has slowed and there is less va-va-vavoom

    Dr. Oz: What Effects Sex Drive?

    Dr. Oz: What Effects Sex Drive - Body Mass Index, or BMI
    Being over weight and over the normal/healthy BMI indicates that there are “extra” fat cells floating around, obviously! Those fat cells not only make it impossible for my butt to fit into my jeans anymore they also store and then secret hormones that interrupt all the other hormones involved in revving up our sex drive.

    Dr. Oz: What Effects Sex Drive - Sleep Deprivation
    The goal is to get 7.5 or more hours of sleep per night. He was getting 3 hours – gadzooks! She's getting 7 hours. Sleep effects everything from cortisol levels to mental function to repair and restoration throughout the body and, of course, energy levels. Exhaustion does not help anything flow and won't help spice up life in the bedroom.

    Dr. Oz: What Effects Sex Drive - Blood Sugar
    A fasting blood sugar level near 100 is considered pre-diabetic. Diabetes is diagnosed when the level is above 100. Sugar hurts the nerves causing damage which creates reduced sensitivity in the sex organs and interferes with sexual satisfaction.

    What were the ages of the brave audience members who slid down the vagina slid and swung on the pelvic floor hammock? Her actual age is 43 – her vagina is 73. His actual age is 41 – his penis is 79. Other factors played a role in determining that age. Take the RealAge Sex test to find out what factors can age your sex organs.

    It's all reversible!

    Dr. Oz: 3 Things To Reverse the RealAge Number

    1. Get more sleep! The goal is get 7.5 hours or more of sleep per night. Optimum sleep increase testosterone and thereby increases libido.
    2. Dr. Oz recommends taking 8mg of zinc daily to improve hormone functioning.
    3. Set at least one day a week to have sex.
    Dr. Oz: 3 Secrets to Having Your Best Orgasm Ever

    The best time for a woman to have an orgasm is in the morning. Everything works better after a good nights rest. Blood flow is better and hormone levels are higher as evidenced by the morning erection.

    The best position for a woman to achieve orgasm is the woman on top. Only 30% of women achieve orgasm during intercourse. Being on top allows for clitoral stimulation leading to an orgasm.

    What was number 3? Did I miss that? Was it not discussed? Maybe I was day dreaming about positions? Or trying to figure out what's for dinner? They were talking about number or orgasms in one night and erogenous zones. The third secret could have been in there somewhere but, I missed it. In any case, I don't know what the third secret was and it's not listed on Dr. Oz's website. Did anyone catch secret #3? Feel free to write it in the comments.

    Dr. Oz: Husband's Bad Habits Could Be Bad For Your Health!

    Dr. Oz First bad habit: He leaves the toilet lid up
    Flushing the toilet with the lid open creates plume cloud 20 feet in the air contaminating any and everything in the bathroom from towels to toothbrushes to hairbrushes. My eyes just popped out of my head!

    Keep the lid DOWN!
    What about those super low water flow toilets that use air pressure instead of water that can be found in many public restrooms including the Target by my house? I was just there today and had to use the facilities. The volume of the air-powered flush action was shockingly loud. Walking out of the stall I was wondering about the decibel level produced now I'm concerned about what got on my clothes as a result of the super-sized plume that was no doubt produced. I need to take a shower.

    Mythbusters did a myth on germs spreading in a bathroom pretty much along the lines of the glorious green plume exhibited on The Dr. Oz Show today. I couldn't find the clip on the Discovery Channel website for Mythbusters but, from memory, the end result that yes, germs from the toilet can reach to toothbrushes sitting on the other side of the bathroom from the bowl.

    Cover your toothbrush!

    Dr. Oz Second bad habit: He wears dirty underwear from the hamper
    That's just gross. After a long day and working out the husband doesn't take a shower then wears the same underwear to bed. That's a lot of accumulated junk. Dr. Oz shared the lovely fact that inside the underwear you can have as much as 1/10 of a gram of poop, home to bacterial such as e. coli. That bacteria can migrate around the underwear to the gentiles and transfer to the women during sex leading to a urinary tract infection.

    Dr. Oz Third bad habit: He uses her bath towel
    Bacteria residue stays on the towel after use if the bath towel is used more than once. Bacteria love a warm and wet environment. Among other things, fungus and athletes foot can be transferred to the towel and then to the wife. Dr. Oz is finding occurrences of athlete's foot it in the groin area of women from sharing a bath towel. Bacteria spreads from male to female and visa-versa so tell your spouse to keep the towel and the bacteria to him/herself! Color code your towels for each of claiming cotton territory.

    Dr. Oz's Health Court

    The case of the husband as diet saboteur.

    The wife is 4'11'' and 206 lbs and she is desperate to lose weight. Every time she starts a diet the husband tempts her by bringing home candy and fast food. She wants support from him, not calories, as she works off those 80 lbs.

    The husband says she has no willpower or discipline and it's not his fault. He says he loves his wife no matter her size and he's not sabotaging her. He does admit to buying her treats when he knows she is working to get rid of the weight.

    Two pieces of evidence were submitted by the wife. First, 1 box of doughnuts purchased by the husband and brought into the house. Second, a video of a phone call from the wife to the husband where he asked for 3 cheeseburgers and fries.

    The husband admits to never asking for healthy foods. To celebrate losing 40 lbs last year he took her out to dinner – to the Cheesecake Factory. On the other hand, she brings ice cream home to make her husband and the kids happy.

    Before the court appearance, the wife was ordered by Judge Oz to keep a food journal. She is eating 1,200 to 1,500 calories above what she should for her weight and goals. At that rate, she is gaining 4 lbs per month an by the time she's 40 she'll weigh 300 lbs.

    With a family history of heart disease, the weight becomes more of a concern and can lead to heart disease if left to continue at the current pace.

    Judge Oz ruled in favor of the husband. The court room gasps! The judge explained that the wife can't say that the husbands transgressions are the reason she's not losing weight. We can't control outside factors, we can only control ourselves.

    Judge Oz ordered the wife to not snack until she eats her five fist-fulls of fruit and veggies each day, to give up the white flour and to go on a date with her husband once a week where she can eat whatever she likes.

    Ruling in favor of the husband does not let him off the hook. He was placed on probation by Judge Oz and ordered to pledge support to his wife as she works to achieve her weight loss goals, ordered to encourage her through the process or he will lose her to negative health issues, and finally ordered not to bring home her trigger foods. No one can diet successfully when the people around them are eating pizza.

    The husband and wife, in this case, have to come together to make this change work for the wife and for the benefit of the entire family!

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    and return on Saturday for the answer.

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