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Monday, September 12, 2011

How This Blog Will Work!

Welcome to!

Each day I will watch The Dr. Oz Show and by the end of the day (hopefully, if not then by the next morning) I will post the products and lifestyle recommendations that he makes during the show.

Along with the basics of what was discussed, I will research the products and share my knowledge.

As I go about researching recommended products I will update previous posts so that the information stays current.

Why do I feel this is important?

Dr. Oz provides a great service to the public by openly discussing common and uncommon health concerns and providing recommendations of over-the-counter products that can potentially provide remarkable support.

Yet he provides that service in short bursts of information with little to no discussion of potential risks or possible interactions associated with the products that people should consideration before taking a product.

Often, he recommends specific products that are not widely available in many areas. On this blog I will also share research regarding comparable products – products that either are the same ingredient listed under a different name or the same product sold by a different brand.

A few months back Dr. Oz recommended a fiber cracker by the brand GG Scandinavian as a part of an over-all weight loss program. The crackers contained fiber but no sugar. Fiber helps the body feel full and can support balanced blood sugar which can help reduce cravings.

Every other customer in the store over the next few weeks had to get this specific brand of cracker. The staff had never heard of the brand but we had an entire section of fiber crackers with multiple brands to choose from. We were able to find and bring-in the product but it took a week.

In the meantime the staff recommended comparable fiber crackers - same thing but a different brand. Those “other” crackers were shunned. They didn't get a shout-out by Dr. Oz and therefore were seen as inferior. When “the” crackers finally arrived we compared the nutrition profile to the “lesser” crackers. The only difference was that one brand of crackers was a celebrity.

Check here daily for:
- detailed information on products along with links to other informative websites.
- suggestions for comparable products that contain the same ingredients or different ingredients that have the same or similar function in the body.
- the common name that a product will go by on the shelves to make shopping easier!
- suggestions of brands and products that can potentially cost less than the recommendations and can save you money!

Watch The Dr. Oz Show, get inspired and then get informed here so you can start making a positive change in your life and take charge of your health!

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