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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 2/22/12: 4 Ways to Blast Butt Fat, Healthy Fast Food Burgers, Sugar Swap, Weight Loss Teas, Dollar Store Health Finds

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: February 22, 2012
4 Shocking Ways to Bust Your Fat Butt

- Blast butt fat with these four tips
- Dr. Oz shares health-ier fast food burgers
- What does Dr. Oz call the "miracle" swap for sugar?
- Four teas for weight loss to enjoy throughout the day
- Dollar store diet wonders
- Bonus! Tips to lose weight while you sleep

It's the toughest area to lose weight: the butt. Dr. Oz has a four step plan to help shed the pounds from the bulging behind. It's time to get real about our rears, Dr. Oz says. As a country, we are sporting more junk in our trunks. Dr. Oz has a four step plan bust that butt fat.


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Dr. Oz: 4 Shocking Ways to Bust Your Fat Butt

On average women weigh 24 pounds more than in the 1950s. Everything is getting bigger to accommodate our increasing bottom line. Toilet seats, car seats, seat belts, movie theater seats have expanded to fit our growing butts.

A group of very brave women stood on the Dr. Oz stage in their underwear and a Dr. Oz Show t-shirt.

Diana says her butt is spreading faster than a rumor in Hollywood. She's been trying to break up with her butt for a long time. Other women said they want to get rid of their butt. It's the one part of the body many women want to hide. No matter what you do, it's still there. It's sloppy, saggy, jiggly, and dimpled.

Dr. Oz showed a tissue sample to subcutaneous fat layers from the butt. We're talk big layers and multiple layers of fat that lays over the muscle in the back. and layers of fat over the muscle. Dr. Oz explained that the butt is the first place where we gain fat and it's the last place where we lose weight.

One thing we do wrong, says Dr. Oz is sitting. Sitting down causes stretching of the butt fat by as much as 30% and it makes the fat in the butt even bigger.

Dr. Oz shared his four step plan to bust your fat butt.

Dr. Oz Butt Busting Plan Step #1: Derriere Diet

The butt busting diet is all about eating carbohydrates. Dr. Oz says you want to have carbohydrates to burn the fat in the butt. Complex carbs, when broken down, give you a slow steady stream of energy. Say yes to carbs and no to fat. Fat that you eat will travel straight to the behind.

Dr. Oz's Derriere Diet Rules
Dr. Oz has some rules to follow to on the Derriere Diet to maintain the right mixture of nutriends.
  • 275g of carbohydrates
  • 150g of protein
  • 34g of fats
Dr. Oz provided examples of foods for each meal of the day.

Breakfast on the Dr. Oz Derriere Diet
The pancakes are filled with whole grains and the sausage provides protein.

Lunch on the Dr. Oz Derriere Diet
Whole grains, fiber and protein, this wrap fits the bill for the Derriere Diet.

Dinner on the Dr. Oz Derriere Diet

Click here for the Lean Turkey Meatloaf with Whole Wheat Breadcrumbs and Mashed Potatoes recipe on

Lean turkey meatloaf with whole wheat bread crumbs, mashed potatoes, and a whole wheat bun. Dr. Oz says you can eat carbs and mashed potatoes on his Derriere Diet.

Dr. Oz Butt Busting Plan Step #2: Booty Buster Supplement

Kudzu Root contains phytoestrogen which blocks storage of estrogen. It's the storage of estrogen producing fat on the back side that increases the junk in the trunk. There's a special place for estrogen to live in the body and that's the butt. The body will store fat in the butt in order to store the hormone.

Dr. Oz recommends taking 100mg of Kudzu Root daily with breakfast to block the storage of estrogen, and thereby fat, in the booty.

Dr. Oz Butt Busting Plan Step #3: Eat a Butt Busting Brownie

Dr. Oz says to take this brownie like a medication twice daily. [What? Yes, he did really say to eat a brownie twice a day.] It's not just any brownie, it's a special brownie!

This is a no-bake brownie that can help to satisfy your sweet tooth, sugar cravings, sugar monster! All the ingredients are targeted to help balancing and supporting the body in a weight-loss program.

Raw cacao powder, in the Dr. Oz Butt Busting Brownie, stops the formation of fat, says Dr. Oz. Cayenne pepper supports metabolism and cinnamon supports healthy blood sugar levels.

Dr. Oz Butt Busting Plan Step #4: Kick Butt

I'm a woman of a certain age and my butt is going south, says the audience assistant for this segment.

Dr. Oz explained that by firming the butt muscles, the butt may not migrate south. These exercises are designed to target the butt and get you up and out of the chair. Dr. Oz has put together a 7 day workout plan with fat butt busting moves.

Dr. Oz Healthiest Fast Food Burgers

You want to bust your butt and have a burger too! Dr. Oz sent his medical students off with his credit card to find and buy the healthiest fast food burgers.

The average American eats about 150 burgers in a year, about 3 per week. And the average American eats a fast food meal 3-4 times per week. [That's a lot of fried food and questionable ingredients. I'm proud to say that I'm not average!]

Dr. Oz says that a fast food meal may be east and it may be low cost but it certainly is not healthy. But don't fret, there are healthier fast food burger options out there. To find them, follow Dr. Oz's rules for eating fast food.

Dr. Oz's Fast Food Rules

  • Keep it under 500 calories
  • No trans fats allowed
  • Hold the mayo – it can add about 80 calories or more

Five Guys have made a beef burger without the trans fats. Dr. Oz says there is still some fat in the burger but this is a treat.
The numbers:
23g protein
Cost $4.00
Dr. Oz Bonus Points: Five Guys has a bonus long list of veggies on the menu to add on the side, and they are all free.
Taste-tester: “That's a burger”

Dr. Oz says he loves this burger but it's not advertised, you have to ask for it directly. This is an all veggie patty with tomatoes, onion, lettuce, pickles, and ketchup.
The numbers:
320 calories
22g protein
Cost $3.50
Taste-tester: this doesn't taste like a veggie burger

The numbers:
380 calories
31g protein

Dr. Oz Bonus Points: The Carl's Jr. Turkey Burger is served on a whole grain bun with oats.

Buffalo Wild Wings – Black Bean Burger
Buffalo Wild Wings has made a burger from black beans – bring on the fiber!
The numbers:
340 calories
18g protein
7g fiber
Cost $7

Dr. Oz Bonus Points: Any burger at Buffalo Wild Wings can be replaced with a Black Bean Patty

Taste-testers: Black Bean Burger by Buffalo Wild Wings was voted the best of the bunch.

Dr. Oz The Miracle Swap for Sugar

Dr. Oz says to throw away your cane sugar and use coconut palm sugar instead to prevent sugar crashes and stop the cravings that make you gain weight.

Coconut palm sugar is made from coconut sap which is dried and crystallized into a sugar that contains potassium iron and vitamins.

Providing a more balanced blood sugar reaction, coconut palm sugar is low on the glycemic index. Dr. Oz showed an animation of the roller-coaster ride blood sugar levels go through when cane sugar is consumed. For some the ups and downs of sugar high and crashes happen 3 to 4 times a day.

Coconut palm sugar absorbs more slowly and therefore has a lesser rise and fall on the blood sugar chart than cane sugar.

Use coconut palm sugar as an alternative to cane sugar where ever you use sugar. It has the same amount of calories as cane sugar and can be used one-for-one in place of cane sugar.

Professional bakers Vinny Buzzetta and Cammy Picciano of Staten Island Cakes used coconut palm sugar in their cupcakes. Mr. Buzzetta baked the cupcakes and said he was skeptical and hesitant to use it at first however he found it was easy to use and creamed with the butter very well. Ms. Picciano was the taster and said if she didn't know cane sugar was substituted with coconut palm sugar she would not have been able to tell.

Dr. Oz Teas for Weight-Loss

Drinking the right tea at the right time can to burn the butt fat. Dr. Bruce Wylde, homeopathic doctor, alternative medicine expert and host of Wylde on Health in Canada, joined Dr. Oz to share four weight-loss supporting teas.

[Dr. Bruce Wylde appeared on The Dr. Oz Show earlier this year to discuss alternative health trends for 2012. Click here to read the post from 1/4/12.]

Dr. Oz's Tea to Burn Fat in the Morning: Pu-erh Tea
Dr. Wylde says to drink one to two cups of Pu-erh tea in the morning to burn fat. Enzymes in Pu-erh tea shrink fat cells. Dr. Oz says that this isn't just something made up, he checked it out and there is science behind Pu-erh's fat burning abilities.

Pu-erh is a fermented tea and comes as tea leaves pressed into a cake.

Taste-testers: Pu-erh is good and doesn't need milk or sugar.
Dr. Oz called the flavor of Pu-erh, smooth.

Dr. Oz Tea to Block Fat Absorption at Lunch: White Tea
Dr. Wylde recommends drinking two cups of white tea with lunch to block fat absorption. White tea contains EGCG to help metabolize fat. Theanine in the white tea will help to reduce stress.

Taste-testers: white tea has a smooth taste and doesn't need sugar.

Dr. Oz's Tea to Reduce Bloating in the Afternoon: Chickweed Tea
Dr. Wylde recommends drinking one cup of chickweed tea in the afternoon to reduce bloating. Chickweed is used widely in Europe and North America and is also known as star weed. Chickweed has a mild diuretic, the potassium and magnesium can help the body to let go of excess water in the afternoon. As a mild laxative, chickweed tea can also support regularity.

Taste-testers: said chickweed tea has a fruity flavor.

Dr. Oz's Tea to Kill Cravings in the Evening: Bilberry Tea
Dr. Wylde recommends drinking one cup of bilberry tea in the evening to reduce carvings for foods that may sabotage your diet. Bilberry tea supports glucose balance and has a savory sweet flavor. Drinking bilberry tea will stop you from snacking at night.

Taste-testers: bilberry tea has a little bit of a medicinal flavor.

Top rated weight-loss teas – the taste-testers voted for chickweed tea and Pu-erh as teas with the best flavors. 

Dr. Oz Dollar Store Diet Wonders

Dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick, of the Cleveland Clinic, says you can find great health deals at the dollar store, if you know what you're looking for.

[Kristin Kirkpatrick appeared on The Dr. Oz Show 11/9/11 to discuss foods for your common complaints. Click here to read the post from that episode.]

Dr. Oz Dollar Store Diet Wonder #1: Spices
Cayenne pepper and ginger together are a fat blasting spice mix that can be found on the cheap at dollar stores. Mr. Kirkpatrick says that cayenne burns calories and fat even after you've eaten. She calls cayenne and ginger a fantastic 50/50 marriage of flavors. Add a 50/50 blend of cayenne and ginger to meat, poultry, and salads.

Dr. Oz Dollar Store Diet Wonder #2: Food
One bag of shredded wheat cereal can provide one week of high fiber breakfast at a cost of only $0.15 per day. Fiber-rich foods can help keep you from eating higher calorie foods

Dr. Oz Dollar Store Diet Wonder #3: Tools
Ms. Kirkpatrick recommends using 8 ounce Chinese food containers for the perfect portion control. Take your food on the go and keep it at the right size.

Ice cube trays at the dollar dollar store can help you make flavorful ice cubes to put into your water. Add frozen berries, lemon juice, and water to the ice cube trays to make a party for your water, says Ms. Kirkpatrick. This healthy flavored water takes away cravings of diet disasters like cola and high-calorie juice.

Dr. Oz Dollar Store Diet Wonder #4: Exercise Tools
Ms. Kirkpatrick recommends to get a bag of thick rubber bands at the dollar store and tie the rubber bands together. Use the rubber bands to do arm curls and leg lifts while you watch TV. You will build more muscle to burn more calories.

Jump ropes are available at the dollar store and can help you get moving and burning calories. Ms. Kirkpatrick says you can get rid of the gym membership and get back to the basics. Twenty minutes of jumping rope will burn 200 calories.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tip! Lose Weight While You Sleep

Dr. Oz has three night time tips to help you burn calories and lose weight while you sleep. He says to do these things before you go to bed to give yourself an advantage when it comes to losing weight.

Dr. Oz's Night Time Tip #1: Raisins
Raisins are high in fiber and Dr. Oz says if you eat them at night they will help you go poop in morning. He said raisins can also decrease bloating and provide energy.

Dr. Oz's Night Time Tip #2: Astragalus
Dr. Oz recommends taking 200mg of astragalus a few hours before bed to help sleep and as he has said before better sleep can support better weight-loss. [Astragalus also plays a role in producing white blood cells which are necessary for immune function.]

 Dr. Oz's Night Time Tip #3: 2% Milk
Dr. Oz recommends drinking 2% milk before bed for the protein that can support the building of muscle mass. Milk also contains tryptophan which can help you to relax and fall asleep.

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  1. I use pu-erh Tea and love it. I typically buy it from

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Anonymous. I also found another online company that sells all four teas recommended by Dr. Oz.

  3. I tried the butt busting brownies. Followed the directions to a tee and found them to be gross. I couldn't even swallow, had to spit it out. But I'm liking the other advice. I drink 2 cups of Pu-erh Tea in the morning, and take 1 glass of 2% milk at night. I've also been doing a lot of his fat butt busting workouts. I'm hoping this will get me over that weight loss plateau I've hit. I'm 20lbs down and seem stuck there.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Happ. Good for you for trying the brownies and other items recommended. I'm sorry you didn't like brownies. From the ingredients, I thought it might be an aquired taste food.

    Congratulations on the 20 pounds lost so far! Good luck with reaching your goals!