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Monday, February 6, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 2/6/12: 5 Meals for Your Body Type, Dress Your Body Type, 5 Healthy Restaurant Meals, Ultimate Beauty Products

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: February 6, 2012
5 Fat Busters, 5 Body Types, 5 Days

  • Dr. Oz shares five meals for five body types
  • Style yourself skinny with five body type fashion tips
  • Eat out and still eat healthy
  • Five must-have beauty products

Dr. Oz says you can start shedding pounds from your problem areas in just five days. Can you change your body shape in five days? Dr. Oz says he can help you slim down in five days with fat busters, fashion tips, and low-calorie restaurant meals.


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5 Fat Busters, 5 Body Types, 5 Days

In one meal a day, Dr. Oz says you can change your body chemistry through balancing hormones and and blood sugar. Give your body the meal that's right for your body type.

Body Type #1: Big Bottom
A big behind is not as dangerous as belly fat. Dr. Oz says says fat in this area protects you from diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It's the first place that many women gain weight and the hardest to get rid of.

Red Clover Dinner

Dr. Oz recommends what he calls the Red Clover Meal to target fat burning on the back side. He says to start with complex carbohydrates then move onto protein and to keep it low-fat.

Pasta Primavera with whole wheat pasta, chicken strips, 2 cups of any veggie you choose, 1 can of crushed tomatoes, and ½ cup of edamame. The edamame is a hormone shifting element to this meal to help adjust the metabolism the burn fat in the right place more efficiently.

With dinner, drink two cups of red clover tea which contains isoflavones to help regulate the hormones that puts fat on the butt.

Dr. Oz wants viewers to try eating this meal once a day for five days. He also recommends people with a big bottom body type to sit on firm seats. Hard seats are a non-workout workout, according to Dr. Oz, that can help to increase basal metabolism.

Body Type #2: Big Belly

Fifty-percent of women carry excess trunk fat, also known as a big belly. This is the most dangerous area of the body to carry fat, it's toxic and can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. On the bright side, it's easier to lose fat from the belly than any other part of the body. Reducing belly fat by two inches can reduce disease risk by 50%.

Flat Belly Diet *Official Site*: Learn the secrets to a flatter belly and lose up to 15 pounds in 32 Days!

CLA Breakfast

To bust belly fat, Dr. Oz recommends eating an Egg and Cheese Muffin breakfast for five days and taking 1,000mg of conjugated linoleic acids (CLA). The CLA keeps fat from being stored and allows the body to burn off the fat more efficiently. Tomatoes act as a natural diuretic. Eating fat is recommended to target belly fat – as long as it's the right kind of fat.

Body Type #3: Big on Top

Do you carry your excess weight on your chest, arms, and back? Dr. Oz calls this the android type of fat storage and says it's dangerous for the heart. Adding stress and neglecting protein in the diet can make heart risks greater.

L-Carnitine Lunch

Boost the metabolism with a Tex-Mex Salad and taking L-carnitine. The emphasis in the diet is on dairy products to lose the weight. The salad includes beans, corn, salsa, and is topped off with one tablespoon of sour cream.

Dr. oz recommends taking 500mg of L-carnitine with this diet plan to stimulate growth hormone. Eating a food containing Vitamin C when taking the L-carnitine increases the activity of of the carnitine.

Body Type #4: Big Thighs

Cutting calories and losing weight doesn't change the fat on the thighs. Fat on the thighs is not metabolically active. It's not dangerous either, but for fat on the thighs makes it hard to walk and hard to get clothes that fit. Thighs are the last place to lose weight but the right foods can help.

Liquid Lunch

Drinking a Liquid Lunch Protein Shake for lunch and taking white kidney bean extract can help target fat on the thighs. White kidney bean extract can inhibit carbohydrates from breaking down in the body so that they cannot turn into fat. This diet focuses on increasing protein intake and decreasing carbohydrates.

Stay away from dairy forms of protein and add cocoa powder and fruit for flavor and variety. Dr. Oz says to shot for 30g of protein in this shake which could either be homemade or pre-made.

Body Type #5: Fat All Over

To address the issue of all over body fat, Dr. Oz says the best tool is what he is calling the #1 miracle in a bottle: Raspberry Ketone. Fitness trainer and weight loss expert, Lisa Lynn, explains that research is showing Raspberry Ketones to be effective in helping the body burning fat, actually slicing up fat so the body can burn it more easily.

The key to raspberry ketone is that it turns up a key hormone involved in burning fat, called adiponectin. This hormone tricks your body into thinking it's thin. This is what you want. When the body is over weight, there is less of this hormone which causes the body to store more fat.

Dr. Oz demonstrated the effect of adiponectin with balloons and nitrous oxide. Inflated balloons, which represent fat, are placed in the nitrous, which represents raspberry ketone. The balloon deflated, shriveled up. Taking the balloon out of the nitrous, taking away the raspberry ketone, the balloon re-inflated.

Ms. Lynn says Raspberry Ketones are available online for about $12. She recommends taking 100mg at breakfast and an additional 200mg at lunch, if needed. It would take 90 pounds of raspberries to get the same amount of ketones available in the pills. Ms. Lynn explains that some clients see results right away an others take a few days before seeing a different. The longer it's used, she says, the better the results.

Dr. Oz summarized that raspberry ketones can help the body to think it is already thin and can help get the metabolism going in the right direction. Ms. Lynn says the biggest change is to eat healthy and exercise everyday and to shift behavior to being thin.

Style Yourself Skinny

Five ways to dress thinner for your body type. Learn the slimming secrets for each of the five body types from a stylist. Fake it until you make it by dressing thinner today. Beauty and fashion expert Stacy Cox explained that the biggest mistake over weight women make is to wear clothes that are baggy. The instinct is to cover up but the result is making your body look bigger.

The style yourself skinny, Ms. Cox says to minimize that parts of your body that you don't loke and accentuate what you do like.

Style Tips for a Big Bottom
Before: short shirt, tight jeans.
After: a longer shirt that is about as long as the model's fingers, a long jacket, and wide legged pants. A wider leg on the pants, either slacks or jeans, takes the eye away from the booty and toward the flared pants instead.

Style Tips for Big Belly
Before: bad fitting jean that cut across the belly with a top that is too tight.
After: a sheath dress in black with white piping that provides shape and creates a figure, paired with a coat of the same design.

Style Tips for Big on Top
Before: short cap sleeve cuts the arms visually and makes them look bigger as well as wider.
After: a layered look starting with black ¾ length sleeves which is actually shapewear, called Ch'arms shapewear, not too tight though, and on top a bright blue v-neck, sleeveless print shirt. The shape wear is a dark color holding in and giving shape to the arms while allowing for mix-and-match layering of sleeveless tops.

Style Tips for Big Thighs
Before: a bulky sweater paired with tight pants that pulled along the thighs.
After: a ruched shirt that celebrates what you love about your body, a waist, paired with dark pants. The pants are looser fitting and further show off the waist.

Style Tips for Big All Over
Before: a dress without shape, too baggy, trying to cover all curves.
After: a dark dress with a brightly colored belt, and necklaces. The dress shows off the legs and emphasizes the waist.

Five Healthy Meals from Chain Restaurants

Dr. Oz researched menus from popular restaurants looking at calories and nutritional content. He called in Chef Scott Conant and “Restaurant Girl” critic Danyelle Freeman to dine out and find the healthiest meals from top restaurant chains.

Applebee's has a new menu section with entree items under 550 calories. The portion size is great and the taste is delicious.

#2 Healthy Restaurant Meal: Olive Garden Apricot Venetian Chicken
With 400 calories, 7g of fat, and only $14, this dish has no starch but lots of flavor. Ms. Freeman says that this meal pairs savory chicken with a sweet, tangy apricot sauce the bring a lightness. She says that the two veggies makes for a satisfying dish.

#3 Healthy Restaurant Meal: Ruby Tuesday's Spaghetti Squash Marinara
Many restaurant menus do not provide nutrition information so look online. [Click here for Ruby Tuesday's nutrition information, in a PDF file.] This dish has only 257 calories and 12g of fat for only $11. Chef Conant was surprised by how much he liked it. This dish is vegetarian with a spicy sauce to set off the sweetness and texture of the spaghetti squash.

#4 Healthy Restaurant Meal: Red Lobster's Rock Lobster Tail
Look for this meal on in the Light House section of Red Lobster's menu for calorie conscious customers. This dish had the lowest calories of all that were tried at 150 calories and only 4g of fat. It was also the most expensive at $30. Both tasters said this was the favorite dish. Ms. Freeman said she didn't think she would like the lobster but she did, saying it was fluffy with paprika and lemon spices and asparagus.

#5 Healthy Restaurant Meal: Pizzeria Uno's Mediterranean Thin Crust Pizza
This is a low-calorie, thin crust pizza with, per serving, only 310 calories, 16g of fat. Cost is $11.50.
Ms. Freeman says she liked the roasted eggplant because it was meaty and she also liked the sun-dried tomatoes. Chef Conant says he liked the fresh basil, real kalamata olives - not canned, the feta cheese and the whole grain crust.

The Ultimate Beauty Products

Dr. Oz says he wants to share the only beauty products you'll ever need. Celebrity make-up artist, beauty expert and creator of her own make-up line Color by Cynde Watson Cosmetics, Cynde Watson discusses why she thinks you need these products.

Cost: $38.
This SPF tinted moisturizer hydrates the skin while it also protects from both UVA and UVB sun rays.

Cost: $19.
Ms. Watson says mascara is important for beautiful, youthful lashes. Eye lashes can become brittle with age, take care of lashes with conditioning from the right products.

Lip/Cheek Stain
Cost: $22.
A cream formula for lips and cheeks. Ms. Watson recommends going for a natural peach color.

Nail Polish
Cost: $14.
The hands are the first things you see so make them prettier with fun polish color. Ms. Watson recommended Come To Bed Red and new for spring Bossy Boots, a pistachio green.

Finishing Spray For Your Hair
Cost: $26.
Ms. Watson says once you use it, you'll get compliments all the time.

Bonus Tip!
Dr. Oz says he wants everyone to add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon to a meal each day to regulate blood sugar and help to increase weight loss.

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