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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 2/8/12: Hypnosis to Lose Weight, Gastric Hypnosis Band Procedure, Hypnosis to Speed Metabolism, Pancreas – Belly Fat Connection, Three Steps to Be Long & Lean, Best Restaurant Meals Under 500 Calories

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: February 8, 2012
Hypnosis for Weight Loss

  • A new non-invasive procedure that mimics gastric band surgery
  • Speed metabolism with hypnosis
  • The Pancreas can be the key to busting belly fat
  • Look longer and leaner with these three steps
  • Choose these menu items and spare the waist line

He says he can make you thin, through hypnosis. Can you trick your body into thinking you've had weight loss surgery? Hypnotist Paul McKenna says his clients see results with his hypnosis therapy. Dr. Oz calls hypnosis a secret weapon in the battle against losing weight.


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Dr. Oz Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Dr. Oz talked with Paul McKenna, a hypnotist and the best selling self-help author in Great Britan [I Can Make You Thin: The Revolutionary System Used by More Than 3 Million People], who says that 7 out of 10 people can lose weight -- and keep it off -- with helpful hypnosis.

He says he's a man on a mission to help people not only lose weight but, also to stop smoking, and to get phobias into control. Mr. McKenna says hypnosis can help retrain the brain into changing habits and mind-sets.

How much weight can people expect to lose under hypnosis and how long does it take to see results? Mr. McKenna says the results depend on the person and how much weight they want to use. He says that 7 in 10 of his clients lose the weight and are able to keep it off. Not all procedures are effective for all people any hypnosis is no exception.

Some say hypnosis and hypnotists are a quack. Mr. McKenna explained that thousands of studies have been done that show the effectiveness of hypnosis to help stop bad habits and reinforce good behaviors.

Seven audience members were hypnotized prior to the show and Mr. McKenna was able to put three of these women back into a hypnotic state. He says it looks magical and he admits he puts people under hypnosis in a way that makes it look dramatic.

With a single look and a few words, Mr. McKenna made the women fall asleep [or look like they were asleep]. He asked the women to relax and then to raise their arm as if a balloon was attached. They were told to think happy thoughts then wake-up feeling great.

Nancy, one of the audience members who was hypnotized, said she didn't think she was actually hypnotized but simply listening to Mr. McKenna's voice. She said her body reacted while her mind wass somewhere happy.

Laura, the second member of the audience who was hypnotized, said she was aware her eyes were closed but her arm just started lifting. Why did you close your eyes? He told me to.

The third person said she knew she was hypnotized but wasn't aware of anyone looking at her.

Dr. Oz shared that in medical school a hypnotist was brought in to demonstrate the power of hypnosis. He was skeptical, thought it was bunk, but started to believe after reacting to commands.

Dr. Oz Gastric Hypnotic Band Procedure

if you tell someone that their stomach has been shrunk it convinces the body that the stomach is actually smaller. Hypnosis has been used to trick the body into believing that it has been through gastric bypass surgery and therefore less food is needed to be satisfied.

Three women agreed to taking part in the gastric hypnotic band procedure. Angela, Brigid, and Desiree all say that they love food, they have no control over food, and hope that the procedure works.

Each of the women listed to an audio of Mr. McKenna to place them under hypnosis. After listening, the women said they were told to eat conscientiously, chew more often, and even sit on their hands if they feel the need to over eat. When they sat down to eat a meal, none of the women were able to finish their plate. Instead they felt full, felt satisfied, before eating more than half the food on their plate.

On the show today, five days after listening to the hypnosis therapy, the women say they eat less and have even lost weight.

Desiree says she has cut her soda intake from an average of three to four a day to one. She could walk away from a plate feeling satisfied but without eating everything.
no stomach pain

Angela went out to dinner but couldn't finish 1/3 of her food. She said she feels a little pain in her stomach as if she's overly full.

Brigid reported feeling nauseous when she ate more than 25% of the amount of food she used to eat.

Dr. Oz wanted to know if any of the women felt stomach pain or nausea – the side-effects of gastric bypass surgery. If the body was tricked into thinking it had surgery then the possibility of feeling side-effects of actual surgery exists.

Desiree reported no pain. Angela and Brigid felt minor stomach pain and a feeling of tightness in the stomach.

Mr. McKenna says that some people need to have multiple sessions of gastric hypnotic band therapy and need only one session.

Does hypnosis wear off? Yes, suggestions are removed. When we're kids we learn our name through suggestion and we never forget. For some the suggestion of behavior will remain, others may experience the suggestion wearing off.

Dr. Oz Speed Up the Metabolism Through Hypnosis

Hypnosis can not only help people to lose weight but can also help people keep the weight off. Mr. McKenna is concerned with changing the internal habit, the emotional habits of feeling the need to eat and the physical behavior of over eating. Mr. McKenna says he can jump-start your metabolism

At 371 pounds Manjeet visited Mr. McKenna to get help in losing weight. She lost 200 pounds and has kept it off for over seven years. She said people look at the obese and think it's simple to lose weigth if they eat less and exercise more. Manjeet says she was an emotional eater, had tried every pill, done every diet but nothing worked until she under went hypnosis.

The proof that it really changed her came two years ago when she and her husband were in a terrible car accident. Her husband died. She says that if anything was going to set her back it was going to be experiencing such a loss yet she didn't gain weight.

Mr. McKenna wanted to do a technique on the audience and the viewers that was going to speed metabolism. Metabolism is not fixed, he says, starving yourself slows metabolism and exercise speeds metabolism. In this technique, he is going to link feelings of pleasure with exercise. Think Pavlov's Dog. The audience was told to hold the thumb and forefinger together and to think of a great feeling then think of exercise, linking pleasure to any exercise, even just walking, can rev up the metabolism now.

What happens, says McKenna, is the next time you have an opportunity use more energy, you will. Be it park the car further and walk or take the stairs instead of the elevator or twiddle the thumbs while sitting. You will now be more likely to exercise and use more energy.

Dr. Oz How The Pancreas Can Fight Belly Fat

Purple glove time! Dr. Oz showed a pancreas in the torso with all surrounding organs. The tissue sample was provided by the Body Worlds Exhibit. The pancreas is one of the smallest organs in the body and it's located between the stomach and the duodenum. It creates insulin and regulates the release of it. When a big meal is eaten, blood sugar spikes and the pancreas has trouble keeping up.

In a demonstration Dr. Oz explained that both apples and doughnuts have sugar but that all sugars are created equal. The sugar levels of each were represented by a container of flour. Fiber in the apple slows the release of its sugar. The amount of sugar from the apple was one-quarter the amount of sugar as the doughnut.

When the body releases insulin after eating food it's like adding water into the flour. To each container of flour the same amount of water, representing insulin, was added. The apple container stayed liquid but the doughnut container was extremely thick and was difficult to stir. The body responds by creating and releasing more insulin but it's not enough to dilute the sugar from the doughnut. Add to that, more sugar from eating a second doughnut and it's a lost cause to dilute and distribute the sugar. The sugar turns to fat and is dumped onto the belly.

Dr. Oz Diet Swaps to Cut Belly Fat

Dr. Oz wants viewers to think of food choices as a stop light. A red light means to avoid, yellow is a sometimes food, and green is a go for reducing belly fat. Take breads, for example:

Red light - white bread
Yellow light - whole wheat
Green light - pumpernickel bread

Dr. Oz usually chooses whole wheat bread but even that isn't the best choice. Instead of white or wheat bread, he says to go for pumpernickel bread which contains minerals and a high amount of fiber.

On to rice:

Red light - white rice
Yellow light – brown rice
Green light - barley

Barley is the best choice, better than brown rice, as it's high in fiber and low in sugar.

Dr. Oz explains that diabetes stems from the pancreas and that a family history can help determine risk. Genes mean you can fall prey to a disease but it doesn't guarantee that you'll end up getting the disease. Making the right food choices can reduce your risk for diabetes.

Dr. Oz Look Long & Lean in Three Steps

Jim Karas, personal trainer to stars such as Hugh Jackman and Diane Sawyer, lifestyle expert, and author of several books, including The Petite Advantage Diet: Achieve That Long, Lean Look. The Specialized Plan for Women 5'4" and Under, says people set themselves up for failure but can make a big impact with a few small changes.

One big mistake that people make is to eat few calories in the morning and increase their calorie intake per meal throughout the day. Mr. Karas says to turn that around. Eat the most calories in a meal in the morning. He says the satiety mechanisms are at their highest in the morning. By fulfilling satiety with healthy calories in the morning, you'll be more successful with food throughout the day.

Mr. Karas says to manage your hunger, don't let your hunger manage you. Eat a big breakfast in the morning, a moderate lunch, and a small dinner.

Dr. Oz Look Long & Lean Step #1: Eat dairy and protein in the morning to stop cravings throughout the day
Dairy foods are hard to digest and will help you stay full longer. People who eat two eggs for breakfast, says Mr. Karas, tend to eat 250 less calories throughout the day.

Dr. Oz Look Long & Lean Step #2: Flatten out with fiber
Fiber helps to balance blood sugar levels. Non-fiber foods puts the blood sugar on a roller coaster ride. Mr. Karas says to think of fiber as taking your stomach to an hour-glass shape. The fiber drips through the system all day. Fiber creates regularity which in turn supports that hour glass shape in the body. Dr. Oz said that women should be getting 25g of fiber a day. Easy sources of fiber are artichokes and pears both of which contain 10g per one cup serving.

Dr. Oz Look Long & Lean Step #3: Lengthen to strengthen
Gravity Straps provides stretching, a muscle building workout, and some cardio for the most efficient workout and the greatest and longest increase in the metabolic rate. The old theory of working out, says Mr. Karas, was to focus in on one muscle at a time. Combine muscle and cardio in one work out and raise the metabolism all day. Use the gravity straps three times a week, 30 minutes per work workout.

Dr. Oz Eat Out and Still Lose Weight

People make two big mistakes when they go out to a restaurant for dinner, says Mr. Karas. First, they go to the restaurant hungry. Second, they save their calories for the end of the day and eat a large restaurant meal.

Mr. Karas says that restaurant foods have 30% more calories than food you would prepare at home! Choose these under 500 calorie meals the next time you go out and won't feel guilty after.

Dr. Oz Best Chinese Restaurant Dinner: Beef and Broccoli
1 C beef and broccoli
½ C brown rice, steamed
2 chicken pot stickers [steamed, not fried]
495 calories

Chinese Restaurant Diet Buster: brown rice cooked in butter!
If the rice is cooked in butter and oil then the calorie count for the dish will rise by 200 – 300 calories. Ask the restaurant if the brown rice is cooked in butter.

Dr. Oz Best Mexican Restaurant Dinner: Fajitas
4 oz chicken
1 C chopped onions
2 C chopped peppers
1 corn tortilla
484 calories

Order a fajita with chicken or beef, along with lots of veggies which contains antioxidants and water. The spices are a huge benefit and help to boost the metabolism. A vegetarian fajita is not going to help you feel as full and will not provide as great a feeling of satiety. Protein from the meat supports blood sugar balancing and satiety.

Mexican Restaurant Diet Buster: Guacamole
Avocados are a healthy food, right? Did you know that one corn chip at a Mexican restaurant can have as many as 100 calories? 100 calories per chip! Eat a few of those and you've taken in hundreds of calories before the entree has arrived.

Dr. Oz Best Italian Restaurant Dinner: Fish with asparagus and a glass of red wine
4 ounces of fish
2 cups asparagus
1 glass of red wine
Calories: 489

Skip the high calorie pasta and go for real food that can support blood sugar balancing.

Diet Buster at an Italian Restaurant: Olive oil and bread.
One tablespoon of oil contains 120 calories. Put that oil on bread and you're getting hundreds of calories. Olive oil is good fat but that doesn't mean to eat more of it.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tip!

Eat pasta cooked al dente. Over cooked pasta will spike blood sugar levels.

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