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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 2/29/12: Ayurvedic for Your Body Type, Best Foods For Your Body Type, Acupuncture for Pain, Chinese Herbs for Health, Secrets To Lower Cholesterol, Bonus Tips for Dry Skin

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: February 29, 2012
Secrets of Ayurvedic Medicine: What Your Body Type Is Telling You About Your Health

  • Tailored health care to your body type
  • Choose foods based on your body type
  • Pins and needles for pain?
  • Herbs from traditional Chinese medicine for balance
  • Dr. Oz shares tips for healthy cholesterol
  • Bonus help for dry skin

Dr. Oz shares some of the oldest therapies for modern day problems. With these therapies, Dr. Oz touts that you can lose weight, avoid disease, and live longer. Can “the science of life” help to restore your balance of mind, body, and spirit? Could the key to health and energy be in knowing your body type?


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Dr. Oz: Secrets of Ayurvedic Medicine: What Your Body Type Is Telling You About Your Health

Can acupuncture relieve pain? Can the Ayurvedic approach to health help end your health complaints?

The Ayurvedic approach to health is translated as “the science of life”. Determine your body type among one of the three doshas and begin to focus on the foods that will support your specific needs.

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, Director of Neurology at Wellspring Health in Scripps Memorial Hospital, explains that the three doshas, or body types, are the foundation of ayurvedic medicine. Determine your body type and ayurveda will lead you to the best foods for you body type and balancing health, she explains.

Dr. Chaudhary says the only way to know the root of any health problem is to understanding your body type and how foods effect your specific type. It is the answer to why people remain sick even if they are doing what is considered the right things. Changing their approach to the right therapy for their body type can bring about tremendous healing power.

Dr. Oz: The Three Doshas of Ayurvedic Medicine

Dr. Chaudhary explains that people may have characteristics from several or all doshas. Find your dominate dosha then focus on the food plan for that specific body type.

Dr. Oz: The Kapha Dosha Body Type

The Kapha dosha is the largest of all body frames with wide shoulders and hips. Reliable and stable are the cornerstone characteristics of Kapha's and they are the person who has the same friends since childhood.

Dr. Oz: Kapha Dosha Out Of Balance Tenancy #1: Sinus Congestion
Dr. Chaudhary recommends taking garlic tablets to support sinus congestion with the Kapha body type. She says to start with one tablet then increase slowly from there until the sinus congestion is relieved. If you would rather go the food route, she says to add a small amount of garlic to foods and increase from there until the sinus congestion is relieved.

Dr. Oz: Kapha Dosha Out Of Balance Tenancy #2: Poor Circulation
Extra weight carried by the Kapha dosha body type is attributed to poor circulation. Dr. Chaudhary recommends using silk or loofa gloves to aggressively massage [a loofa would hurt! I'll take the silk, please!] the body before a shower to move and circulate extra fluid which the Kapha is apt to hold. The massage supports the release of excess fluid so it can be sent through the lymphatic system and released out of the body. Dr. Chaudhary says Kaphas could let go of up to 10 pounds over time with the therapy.

Dr. Oz: Kapha Dosha Out Of Balance Tenancy #3: Sluggish Digestion
Dr. Chaudhary recommended the supplement Guggul at 75mg to 100mg daily either with or separate from a meal. Guggul supports the digestive system as well as being supportive of metabolism. Dr. Chaudhary says that taking guggul can help the Kapha body type melt away fat – with exercise. Exercise is essential to the Kapha and they cannot live without it.

Dr. Oz: The Pitta Dosha Body Type

The Pitta dosha body type is characterized by a medium-build and muscular physique. Dr. Oz is a Pitta body type. Pittas, explained Dr. Chaudhary, are blessed with good muscle definition even without working out, a sharp intellect, they are typically bright and many Pitta types are in medicine.

Dr. Oz: Pitta Dosha Out Of Balance Tenancy #1: Inflammation, Inflammation, Inflammation
Inflammation can manifest in the Pitta body type, explained Dr. Chaudhary, as headaches, rashes, ulcers, and diarrhea. She recommends a coconut oil massage 5 minutes before a shower specifically on the scalp and feet. Coconut oil is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Dr. Oz: Pitta Dosha Out Of Balance Tenancy #2: Digestive Problems
To support the stomach as well as healthy inflammation, Dr. Chaudhary recommends taking an aloe vera and pomegranate juice mix daily. Mix ¼ cup aloe vera juice with ½ cup pomegranate juice and drink on an empty stomach.

Dr. Oz: The Vata Dosha Body Type

The Vata dosha body type is characterized by a thin, small figure. Their main features are light, cold, and they are always on the move. In a 75F room, the Vata is asking for a jacket. They enjoy new things, are enthusiastic, and do well with change.

Dr. Oz: Vata Dosha Out Of Balance Tenancy #1: Bloating & Constipation
The biggest issue for the Vata dosha body type, explains Dr. Chaudhary, is bloating and constipation which can lead to excessive fatigue and worry. Dr. Chaudhary recommends taking the supplement triphala, 2 to 4 tablets daily. Triphala is actually recommended for all doshas but Vata, in particular, should benefit. She explains to begin at the higher amount, 4 tablets and reduce down once a balance appears.

Dr. Oz: Vata Dosha Out Of Balance Tenancy #2: Dry Sinuses
The Vata dosha can be prone to dry nasal passages as well as dry skin. For the sinuses, Dr. Chaudhary recommends using a nasal spray for maintaining moisture in the sinuses. Dryness allows for upper respiratory issues to flourish and is a ripe environment for viral infection.

Dr. Oz: Vata Dosha Out Of Balance Tenancy #3: Insomnia
While Vatas can shy away from routine, Dr. Chaudhary recommends drinking warm milk every night to settle the Vata energy at night and to aid in sleep. Add to that milk some warming spices: a pinch of cardamom, a pinch of turmeric, and a pinch of cinnamon. She says you can add a little cane sugar toofor taste.

Dr. Oz Bonus Dosha Tip: Oil Massage
Dr. Oz says that all dosha body types, everyone, can benefit from a massage using either sesame or mustard oil to eliminate toxins, stress, and anxiety.

Dr. Oz: Best Foods For Your Body Type

Dr. Chaudhary explains that until you shift your food, you can't get to the root of a health or emotional problem. She reminds us to use food as medicine. The dosha food philosophy is to take the opposite of your body trait and apply that to food. Each dosha will crave the food that creates an imbalance in the body.

Dr. Oz: Kapha Dosha Foods
Idea foods for Kapha are light and easy to digest.

Dr. Oz Foods for Kapha to Avoid: Sugar, salt, and fat.
Start with a 25% reduction and of sugar, salt and fat then try a 50% reduction. It's not necessary to completely eliminate these avoidance foods, simply limit these foods to support a restoration of balance.

Dr. Oz Foods for Kapha to Favor: Spices, honey, vegetables, old grains.
Load up on these favor foods and remember that for Kapha vegetables are your best friends. Old grains include lentils, barley, millet, rye, oats. Increase the heat in foods with spices as well as temperature.

Dr. Oz Kapha Meal: Spiced Steamed Veggies
Broccoli and cauliflower in a mix of turmeric, garlic, and ginger. This dish turns up the heat. Dr. Chaudhary recommends beginning with three Kapha-centered meals a week until the excess weight comes off. Click here for the Spiced Steamed Veggies recipe from

For more information on Kapha body type foods, click here to get the meal plan from

Dr. Oz: Pitta Dosha Foods
Pitta is a hot, intense, and sour personality. Go with foods that are opposite.

Dr. Oz Foods for Pitta to Avoid: Coffee, spicy, acidic, and alcohol.

Dr. Oz Foods for Pitta to Favor: Cooling and hydrating foods such as cucumbers, coconut, green leafy vegetables, and sweet juicy fruits.

Enjoy a meal featuring kale, cucumber, and a pear...interesting! Click here for the Creamy Green Soup and Salad Pittas recipe from

For more information on Pitta body type foods, click here to get the meal plan from

Dr. Oz: Vata Dosha Foods
Vata is a dry and cold personality so go for the opposite in foods.

Dr. Oz Foods for Vata to Avoid: Dried cereal, cold foods, raw foods, and carbonated drinks.

Dr. Oz Food for Vata to Favor: Warm cooked soups and veggies, nuts and dairy, cooked cereals, and clarified butter (called ghee). Dr. Chaudhary says that ghee is the best Christmas gift for Vatas. Vatas should use one teaspoon of ghee in each meal.

Dr. Oz Meal for Vata: Kitcheri
Kitcheri is a stew with lentils, rice, vegetables, and spices. Click here for the Kitcheri recipe from

For more information on Vata body type foods, click here to get the meal plan from

Dr. Oz: Acupuncture To Treat Pain

Eight acupuncture needles pierced Dr. Oz's forehead and brow and he says it was painless. One hundred audience members were treated to an acupuncture treatment and all had a needle in their forehead for relaxation. They all said it worked and was painless.

Acupuncture is an alternative therapy for pain as well as a long list of just about any other health issue. This can be a safer therapy than medications and if you don't like it, just take out the needle.

Dr. Oz: Acupuncture for Neck Pain
Phil Veneziano, Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Health Practitioner, put more needles in Dr. Oz's forehead that he said will help any sleep problems and allow Dr. Oz to sleep like a baby.

Dr. Veneziano treated audience member Rachael for neck and upper back stiffness. He explained that this treatment will help to release the spasmed muscle. Rachael described the pain as stemming from hunching over most of her life because she is tall. The pain has limited her neck movement and caused migraines. She felt results immediately.

Dr. Veneziano said the treatment can be completed within a 60 minute office visit which can run about $100. Insurance companies may cover acupuncture treatments.

Dr. Oz: Acupuncture for Knee Pain
Joanne has suffered from knee pain for years and turned to Dr. Daniel Hsu, D.A.O.M., for help.

Dr. Hsu explained that he would target the ear to relieve pain in the knee. He says that the ear, in acupuncture, looks like a person but upside down.

To treat Joanne's knee pain, Dr. Hsu pierced near the top of her ear lobe with a semi-permanent studs. He shot 2 tiny earrings in each ear lobe.

How well can acupuncture work for knee pain? Dr. Hsu says this treatment can be as strong as morphine while using the body's natural ability to remove pain. Joanne says she can feel relief within 10 to 15 of receiving the therapy.

Dr. Oz Bonus Acupuncture Treatment: Weight-Loss
Dr. Oz explained that many people are seeking acupuncture treatments to help with weight-loss goals. An acupuncture staple in the ear can stimulate the metabolism and curb appetite.

Dr. Oz Chinese Herbs to Conquer Fatigue

Rose bud tea for nerves and ginseng for exhaustion are recommended by Janet Tsai, herbalist [acupuncturist and a professor at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in the Acupuncture Department and Bioscience Department]. Her goal is to utilize traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, herbs to bring balance and improve health.

Traditional Chinese medicine sees foods in their whole form and remedies are created from whole foods, berries, herbs, roots, barks, flowers and leaves of plants, says Ms. Tsai. She shared three remedies for the most common reasons people feel fatigued.

Ms. Tsai says it's important to visit a certified herbalist who is also a licensed acupuncturist, certified through the NCCAOM – the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The acupuncturist will conduct an examination and then write an order for a custom tea or remedy.

TCM looks at regulating the digestive system to regulate energy and banish fatigue. When energy is increased there is no fatigue.

As an disclaimer, if you will, not all medicines taste good but they are good for you.

Dr Oz: Traditional Chinese Medicine for Stress
A blend of herbs called Xiao Yoa Wan, translates as free and easy wanderer, is utilized to support the body through stress. This blend of herbs targets the liver which helps to move energy through the body. When the liver is blocked, a person may feel anxiety, irritability, anger, and depression leading to the creation of stress.

Cost: about $25 in tea form or $20 in pill form.

Dr Oz: Traditional Chinese Medicine for Digestion
Si Jun Zi Tang, translates as 4 Gentlemen's Concoction, is a blend of four herbs that work together to support digestion.

Cost: about $25 in powder form or about $20 in pill form.

Dr Oz: Traditional Chinese Medicine for Insomnia
Half of the population is not sleeping well so this remedy could be helpful for many. Gui Pi Tang helps to restore the spleen. This blend is taken as a liquid tincture. Ms. Tsai recommends taking Gui Pi Tang two to three times a day for sleep with the last doses taken one hour before bed.

Dr. Oz Acupressure Tip
Dr. Tsai shared an acupressure point technique that, she said not many acupressure students are aware of. From your ankle, measure four fingers up. Press the thumb in that area with gentle rubbing to change energy that will support better sleep.

Dr. Oz Traditional Chinese Medicine Bonus Tip: Goji Berry
The goji berry is commonly used in Chinese medicines. Goji berry is high in Vitamin A and is supportive of healthy inflammation levels which, when balanced, can support energy production.

Dr. Oz: Secrets to Lowering Cholesterol

We have learned from Dr. Oz that walnuts, almonds, oatmeal, and salmon are supportive of healthy cholesterol levels but he has three other recommendations to support the heart.

Dr. Oz Secret to Cholesterol #1: Garlic Edamame
Dr. Oz says garlic edamame is the best snack food in the world. Buy edamame in the shell, pop out the beans and sprinkle on some garlic powder. The phytoestrogens in edamame support a reduction in the lousy or LDL cholesterol.

Dr. Oz Secret to Cholesterol #2: Niacin
Dr. Oz gives niacin to his patients to support heart health and healthy cholesterol levels. Dr. Oz recommends starting with 500mg of niacin and going up from there. [Niacin can produce a flushing reaction characterized by red, hot, itchy skin. Some say that by taking niacin on a full stomach or when fully hydrated can reduce the flushing.]

Dr. Oz Secret to Cholesterol #3: Psyllium Fiber
Psyllium fiber provides the highest amount of soluble fiber. Dr. Oz recommends using Metamucil brand of psyllium fiber.

Not all fibers are created equal. Some fibers support the digestive tract and play a role in health but do not target the removal of cholesterol from the body. Psyllium fiber captures and traps cholesterol in the system and removes it from the body through poop. Dr. Oz recommends taking 7g of psyllium fiber daily.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tip! For Dry Skin

For dry skin, Dr. Oz recommends add a few teaspoons of extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) to bath water for a good soak. He also suggests using a bar soap containing EVOO. Look on the label of the soap for other ingredients to help dry skin such as Vitamins A and E.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tip! Yoga Pose

Dr. Oz showed how to complete the yoga stretch called Upward Salute for stress reduction. Click here to visit Yoga Journal magazine's website for photos and instructions.

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  1. Have an aunt who would like to know if you have something she could use for very bad chafed lips.
    She doen's have a computer.
    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for your question. Chapped lips can often be a sign of a variety of different issues. The key would be to narrow down possible causes to help focus on a potential remedies.

    Chapped lips can be associated with dehydration. Looking at water intake may be helpful.

    Applying a moisturizing lip balm can also be helpful.

    Medications may cause dehydration or the drying of skin, so that's another area to look at.

    Your aunt may want to talk to her doctor if medications or health issues in general are suspected.

    People often look toward a supplement to help moisturize the skin, including the lips. Evening primrose oil can play a role in moisturizing the skin from the inside out. Fish oil and omega-3's are another supplement option that may support healthy skin.

    Good luck!