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Friday, February 17, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 2/17/12: Dr. Oz's Snack Attack, Four Pre-Dinner Snacks, Snacks On-The-Go, Natural Weight-Loss Aids, 5-Layer Flat Belly Dessert, Lower Calorie Coffee Drinks

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: February 17, 2012
Dr. Oz's Snack Attack: Eat More & Weigh Less

  • Snacking to lose weight. Eat more and weigh less.
  • Follow three rules and try these four pre-dinner snacks to lose eight pounds
  • Snacks on-the-go to curb cravings under 200 calories
  • Get off that weight-loss plateau with Dr. Oz's weight-loss aids
  • Eat your cake and lose weight too with a 5-layer flat belly dessert
  • Drink coffee and lose weight too!

Can you really eat more and weigh less? Dr. Oz says that eating the right foods at the right time can speed up your metabolism and curb cravings, both which will lead to burning the fat. The entire Dr. Oz Show audience was given little brown bags filled with snacks. Learn which foods fit the bill as healthy and satisfying snacks and find out when to eat them to rev up your own personal fat-burning engine.


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Dr. Oz's Snack Attack: Eat More & Weigh Less

New science says that eating the right food at the right time can help you burn more fat. Dr. Oz says you can watch the pounds drop off by eating certain foods at certain time. Good snacks are not the enemy, that's what bad snacks are, good snacks can help you reach your goals.

Dr. Oz Four Pre-Dinner Snacks

Eating a snack before dinner, the right snack, can lead to a decrease overall calorie intake. Try one of the four snacks listed below or one that follows the snack rules. Eat the at the right time, one to two hours before dinner, to help you to lose as much as eight pounds in one year. That's a dress size!

Dr. Oz asked his audience assistant to eat a deviled egg so he could demonstrate how the right foods can support the good bacteria that lives in the intestines. Healthy colonies of good bacteria break down the other foods that are eaten and help the body to absorb the nutrients from the food.

Dr. Oz Pre-Dinner Snack Rules
Before you start snacking, know the rules. Dr. Oz says these rules are required and there is not cheating allowed – but when you see the snacks you probably won't feel any need to cheat.
  • 6g of fiber. Fiber supports digestion.
  • 10g of protein. Protein turns on hormones to burn fat and keeps you full.
  • Limit snacks to 200 calories.
The recipes listed below were all found on

Dr. Oz Pre-Dinner Snack #1: Antipasto power plate
This easy-to-assemble snack packs a protein punch with the proscuitto, and there's plenty of fiber in the chickpeas and zucchini. Dr. Oz says this snack will help burn belly fat.

1 thin slice prosciutto
One 2% mozzarella string cheese
2 olives
1 cup zucchini
¼ cup chickpeas
Wrap the prosciutto around the string cheese. Enjoy with the olives and veggies on the side.

Dr. Oz Pre-Dinner Snack #2: Mini Pizza Pasta
The secret to this snack is the whole wheat pita. This little snack will support balanced blood sugar to help stop those junk food cravings. The vegetables bulk this snack up, without adding any extra fat. The lycopene in the tomato sauce is fat soluble, so the cheese helps with the absorption of this nutrient.

1 mini 100% whole wheat pita pocket
1 ounces of 2% reduced fat mozzarella cheese
2 tablespoon pasta sauce
1 cup spinach
2 onion slices
Assemble and place in toaster oven until cheese is melted.

Dr. Oz Pre-Dinner Snack #3: Skinny Dips and Chips
Dr. Oz says to eat the Skinny Dips and Chips everyday before dinner and you'll be satisfied.

The black pepper and hot sauce kick your metabolism up a notch. The Greek yogurt and walnuts are full of protein that will help you stay fuller for longer. Blue chips contain anthocyanins which tricks your body into wanting to be thin and can help you stay in control. Dr. Oz's food stylist, who creates all the foods on the show says this is her favorite food and to Dr. Oz that means a lot.

For the dip:
½ cup of 2% Greek yogurt
1 teaspoon walnuts
Black pepper
1 teaspoon hot sauce
Mix all dip components.

Foods to dip:
½ ounce blue potato chips (8 chips)
1 cup cherry tomatoes
Enjoy the dip with 8 blue potato chips and the cherry tomatoes.

Dr. Oz Pre-Dinner Snack #4: Cheesy Apple Sandwich
Apples are full of water and keep you feeling full, while the lemon juice regulates your metabolism and regulates your body's sugar absorption.

4 apple slices (these act as the "bread")
3 tablespoon low-fat ricotta cheese
10 almonds
Lemon juice
Core apple and slice in thick pieces. Spread cheese and almonds on top of the apple slices. Sprinkle with lemon juice.

Recipe created especially for The Dr. Oz Show by food stylist, Ulli Stachl.

Dr. Oz 200 Calorie Snacks On-The-Go

The secret to losing weight and keeping it off is to snack smart and keep the snacks under 200 calories. If your cravings lead you to something salty or something sweet, Dr. Oz says there's something to satisfy the craving. All of these snacks do not require refrigeration and are easy to take along through the day.

Dr. Oz Snack to Reduce Stress: Pizza Popcorn
Pop 3 tablespoons of popcorn kernels, no oil please. Three tablespoons of kernels will make eight cups of popped corn. Once the kernels are popped, add the following toppings: 1 tablespoon of grated parmesan cheese, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, 1 teaspoon paprika, 1 teaspoon oregano, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon chives. Shake the bag to mix the flavors and enjoy!

All that popcorn is only 200 calories. Instead of grabbing something greasy and fattening reach for the popcorn.

Dr. Oz Snack to Boost Energy: PB and Banana Tortilla
Snack this tortilla to stave off the mid-morning slump or the afternoon slump.

Spread 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on a mini whole wheat tortilla. Add ¼ cup of sliced banana and a pinch of cinnamon. The cinnamon kicks up the metabolism and supports blood sugar levels.

Dr. Oz Snack to Curb Salt Cravings: Oven-Baked Onion Rings
Instead of fattening chips and greasy fried onion rings try this baked healthy version.

Slice 1 large onion and dip into an egg, that's been beaten. Next, dip the onion into ½ cup of fiber cereal that's been mixed with 1 teaspoon of oregano and ¼ teaspoon of old bay spice. Bake the onions in the oven for about 10-30 minutes.

Dr. Oz Snack to Kill Sweet Cravings: No-Bake Chewy Chocolate Truffle

5 dried dates
11 dried apricots
1/3 cup raw cacao powder
¼ tablespoon vanilla
1 tablespoon agave nectar
Pinch of salt
½ cup unsweetened coconut or ½ cup chopped hazelnuts

Chop the dates, apricots, vanilla, agave and salt in a blender. Take a small amount and roll into a ball. Roll the ball into the cacao powder and then into the coconut or hazelnuts. Four truffles are only 200 calories.

Dr. Oz Natural Weight-Loss Aids

Dr. Oz's medical team researched supplements and products that, Dr. Oz says, are safe and can help to boost the metabolism.

Dr. Oz Morning Time Weight-Loss Aid: Sage Leaf Tea
Dr. Oz recommends drinking 1 cup of sage leaf tea with breakfast, within an hour of waking up.

[Note: Sage is not recommended for women who are nursing or are pregnant. Sage can interfere with breastfeeding by reducing milk supply. Be careful ladies!]

Dr. Oz Lunch Time Weight-Loss Aid: Alpha Lipoic Acid
Dr. Oz recommends taking 200mg of alpha lipoic acid (ALA) daily with lunch. He says ALA is a natural substance and every cell in the body has it, that's a good sign. ALA helps to modulate inflammation in fat cells. When fat cells are not inflamed they relax, says Dr. Oz, and the body can let go of them more easily. Dr. Oz says at the 200mg dosage there are no side-effects with ALA.

[Anyone can be allergic to anything and can experience a reaction to anything even if it's natural and is something that the body needs. Supplements are a processed nutrient which can potentially lead to interactions and possible side-effect. It's possible to have a side-effect to anything.]

Source Naturals Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg - 60 Caps - $13.99
from: Best Price Nutrition

Dr. Oz Snack Time Weight-loss Aid: Maitake Mushroom Extract
Place a drop of the maitake extract onto one of the recommended snacks or put the entire dose into water. Dr. Oz recommends 10-20 drops of maitake mushroom extract daily to help control cravings and support healthy blood sugar levels.

Dr. Oz Dinner Time Weight-Loss Aid: Glucomannan
Glucomannan is a powerful fiber. Dr. Oz explained that it can help with feeling satiated and full. He recommends ½ teaspoon of glucomannan added to 8 ounces of water about 30 minutes before meal. Add glucomannan to soups or salads or put it on most any food you eating.

Nature s Way Glucomannan 100 Caps - $11.99
from: Best Price Nutrition

Dr. Oz Flatten Your Belly with Dessert

Gail Simmons, host and judge on Bravo's Top Chef: Just Desserts, eats 10 to 15 desserts a day. To stay at a healthy weight, she explained that there's a difference between eating and tasting. She takes one or two bites, those are the best anyway, then pushes the dessert away.

Ms. Simmons recommends making this decadent 5-Layer Flat Belly Dessert to help satisfy the sweet cravings but still burn fat, belly fat that is. Each layer of this 5-layer dessert has something to help flatten your belly.

Layer #1
Greek yogurt and water are mixed with a box of cake mix. The protein in the Greek yogurt burns fat.

Layer #2
Coconut milk whipped topping. Whipped cream is useless calories. Ricota cheese provides more protein. Coconut milk provides medium-chain triglycerides that go right to the brain to help you feel satisfied and a healthy form of saturated fat that can support weight loss. Add shredded coconut and 4 tablespoons of agave.

Layer #3
This layer is about the crunch and what Dr. Oz calls the trifecta of belly fat loss. Flaxseeds provide soluble and insoluble fiber, oats give some more fiber and, chopped walnuts are packed with healthy fat and important nutrients. This trifecta can even be used as a topping to cereal [and yogurt would be a great pairing too.]

Layer #4
Fat-flushing berries gives volume to the cake which you can customize to your taste.

Layer #5
Dark chocolate slows digestion and keeps you feeling full. Shred bittersweet chocolate with a peeler and sprinkle over the cake.

And then repeat for, actually a 10-layer cake but don't eat the whole thing! One cup is a serving of 150 calories.

Click the link for the entire recipe at 5-Layer Flat Belly Dessert

Dr. Oz Drink Coffee To Lose Weight – The Right Coffee

For many it can be the biggest diet saboteur – flavored coffee drinks. It used to be that people drank their coffee black with a whopping total of 5 calories. Today, 30 million people enjoy these crazy calorie-filled coffee drinks that can pack as much as 700 calories – equal to a burger and fries or two, count them: one, two, ice cream sundaes.

Agatha, today's coffee taste-tester, shared that she drinks as much as 6 specialty coffees a day. That's about 2000 calories a day, just in her fancy coffee! And she can nibble on a carrot for her food?

Dr. Oz shared four specialty coffees that won't ruin your diet but will let you eat some food in a day too!

Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino Light Tall
Calories - 100
Fat - ½ g

[ says it has 110 calories and 1g of fat.]

McDonald's McCafe Caramel Mocha
Calories – 175
Fat - 3.5g
Espresso, caramel, and chocolate but skip the whipped cream and the chocolate drizzle. Choose ½ skim milk and ½ whole milk for the best nutrition while saving some calories.
½ skin and ½ whole

[ says this drink has 250 calories and 11g of fat. Perhaps the drink the tested included the whip and drizzle.]

Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee with Turbo Shot Small
Calories – 35
Fat - 1g
There's a whole lot of coffee with an extra shot of espresso but not much sweetness. Dr. Oz says to add some stevia if you need to sweeten it up a little. This is the lowest calorie drink of the bunch.

[ 120 calories and 7g of fat. What is in this drink? Certainly there's something more than the drink Dr. Oz was showing?

Au Bon Pain Cappuccino
Calories – 120
Fat – 7g
Espresso with foamed milk. Yum! To increase the sweetness, again, Dr. Oz suggested adding some stevia.

[ showed the same calories and fat for this drink.
I'm curious why the other drinks had such a variation and where did Dr. Oz and his staff get the data? Was it from the company? Was it tested independently?]

You can your coffee and lose weight too – if you choose the right drink and don't over do it.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tip! Portion Controlled Snacks that Satisfy!

Dr. Oz says to buy snacks with built in portion control and stay with snacks that are under 200 calories.

Try these three snacks that are easy to take with you and easy to control portions.
There's a convenient measuring guide right on the side of the container.

Freeze one pack and use it to keep the lunch cold and your healthy snack is ready when you are.

Single serve peanut butter packs make it easy to bring and make the PB and Banana Tortilla!

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  1. We tried your pizza popcorn recipe – it is a disaster – all of the ingredients fall to the bottom of the bag. What kind of a shell game did you play with the audience when you passed this popcorn out to them? We hope the other information you give out on your show is more reliable.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Anonymous. Just so we are clear here, I'm not Dr. Oz nor am I affiliated in any way with Dr. Oz. I simply provide a summary of his show.

    I'm glad you gave the pizza popcorn a try. Sorry it didn't work out well for you.

    Perhaps give the popped corn a light spray of cooking oil before applying the spices. I'm not sure how the popcorn was prepared for the show but they may have used this technique. Dr. Oz has previously recommended this.

    Using a spray oil can help to keep the fat and calories down while providing some moisture for the spices to stick.

    Good luck!

  3. need the recipe for the five-layer cake

  4. I have never watched the Dr. Oz show however I saw a commercial for this episode so I decided to DVR it as I am interested in healthy eating. I got some good info and even made a list of products to buy but like a dummy I deleted the episode from my DVR before I could get all the info I needed. Luckily, I came across your site and got EXACTLY all the info I needed.


  5. Good tips! But I'm curious, does Dr. Oz ever talk about simply eating real food? You know... avoiding things not found in nature like white sugar, GMOs, and all this hybrid fluffy bread. You would be surprised how not caring about fat and calories and just eating naturally will cause the weight to melt off and make you feel healthy and energetic!! I eat lots of healthy, natural/organic fat: coconut oil, butter, olive oil, avocadoes, nuts etc I think the key is eating natural, real food.

  6. I saw that episode. Love Greek yogurt plain and blue chips. However, I wonder if blue corn chips contain the anthocyanins and can be used in place of blue potato chips. I remember that he stated the anthocyanins are in the blue color-giving aspect of the chip.