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Monday, May 14, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 5/14/12: Swimsuit Slimdown, 2-Minute Metabolism Boosts, Diet Secrets from the Ocean Floor, Drink Away Belly Bloat, Miraclesuit for Every Body Type

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: May 14, 2012
Dr. Oz's Ultimate Swimsuit Slimdown

  • Increase your confidence and decrease your waist line in time for swimsuit season
  • Four tips to boost metabolism in only 2-minutes
  • Diet secrets from the ocean floor
  • Dr. Oz shares three drinks to reduce belly bloat
  • The Miraclesuit can help target any swimsuit problem area
  • Bonus Tip: Organ donor

Dr. Oz's audience bravely wear their swimsuits on today's show. From size 6 to 26, every size is represented. Wearing a swimsuit in public is one of women's greatest fear. Dr. Oz wants to help women not only look better in a swimsuit but to feel better about their body no matter what they are wearing.


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Dr. Oz's Ultimate Swimsuit Slimdown

Kimberly was nervous and scared to wear a bikini on TV and says she would love to feel more confident in a bathing suite this year. Most women in the audience felt terrible self-conscience about wearing their swimsuit to The Dr. Oz Show today.

Dr. Oz says women can worry about how they look in a swimsuit or they can crank up their confidence. He shares smart and simple tips to help get your ideal body and to change the way you think about your body.

Dr. Oz Swimsuit Slimdown: Sip Smart
Dr. Oz says that you can be more proud about how you look by sipping his Secret Swimsuit Slimdown to help burn more fat.

Mix 1 cup grapefruit juice with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and add 1 teaspoon of honey for a little sweetness.

Drink this three times a day before every meal. Apple cider vinegar has an acid that turns on a protein in the body that burns and break down fat.

Dr. Oz Swimsuit Slimdown: Salad
Make this salad your standard middle of the day meal to satisfy the appetite and burn fat.

Wash, dry and tear into bite size pieces 1 bunch of dandelion greens, add 1 cup of cubed watermelon, and some parsley. For the dressing, mix 2 teaspoons of olive oil, ½ teaspoon of lemon juice, and salt and pepper to taste.

The dandelion contains protein, stimulates bile flow, and has diuretic properties. Amino acids in the watermelon help to build protein which the Journal Nutrition says will support the break down of fat and sugar as well as build muscle mass.

Dr. Oz Swimsuit Slimdown: Cellulite Fighter
To start, Dr. Oz wants to make sure everyone understands there is no prefect cure for cellulite. Most women are extremely self-conscience about their cellulite. Dr. Oz recommends using Aminophylline cream twice a day to shrink fat cells temporarily so they won't be so apparent.

Dr. Oz Swimsuit Slimdown: Sculpting
When you first wake up in the morning, Dr. Oz wants you to spend a little time working out to sculpt your body. Using a beach towel, get into plank pose and hold for 30 seconds, use your knees for support if needed early on but be sure to life the hips. Work up to holding plank pose for 1 minute.

Dr. Oz says he doesn't want women to compare themselves to the unachievable, air-brushed models they see in the media. Stop ramping up the self criticism, he says. Sexiness is measure by your confidence, when you feel good you're going to look good. 

Dr. Oz's 2-Minute Miracle Plan to Boost Metabolism

If you're cursed with slow metabolism and think there is nothing you can do about it, Dr. Oz says forget genetics and take 2-minutes to rev up your metabolism to burn fat more efficiently.

Dr. Oz says to get ready to super charge your metabolism. Your body needs to burn calories effectively to keep from packing on the pounds. As you age, your metabolism slows. Dr. Oz says these are the four biggest problems that slow metabolism:
  • decrease in calorie burning after age 25;
  • Gaining body fat;
  • Losing muscle mass; and
  • Packing on the belly fat.

Dr. Oz Supercharged Metabolism #1: Matcha Tea
Matcha tea is a type of green tea but it's not just green tea leaves it is ground up green tea leaves that will dissolve in water. It's known that green tea contains EGCG which supports the metabolism. Dr. Oz says to drink 3 cups daily of matcha tea to powerfully stimulate metabolism. He says to serve it up cold to further increase the the body's burn rate. Dr. Oz says it's a cleansing, fresh taste that's inexpensive and easy to make.

Dr. Oz Supercharged Metabolism #2: Papaya with Hard Boiled Eggs
To rev up the metabolism, Dr. Oz says he wants folks to eat ¼ cup of papaya followed by a hard boiled egg. Papain in the papaya breaks down protein in the body and helps you feel full longer and can help increase the burning of fat. Papaya works best with protein which is why it is paired with the egg, says Dr. Oz. 
Dr. Oz Supercharged Metabolism #3: Gochujang – Korean Hot Sauce
Korean hot sauce, readily available everywhere and also available online can help to curb the appetite as well as stimulates the metabolism. Add one tablespoon to grilled veggies or grilled chicken. Dr. Oz says to eat capsaicin all day long but when buying your hot sauce watch out for added sugar on the label.  

Dr. Oz Supercharged Metabolism #4: Build Muscles
It's time for the hard work but with simple exercises. Dr. Oz says you need to build up the muscles to burn the calories. Using exercise bands, that are easy to travel with, can provide you with an easy and quick exercise.

Step on the exercise band with both feet, hold an end of the exercise bands in each hand, raise the hands up to shoulder height and hold for 10 seconds. Do that several times [no mention of suggested reps though].

A second exercise is to place one foot on the band while again holding an end in each hand, then raise the leg up away from the body then bring across the front of the body. If your balance just isn't there yet to do this exercise then, Dr. Oz says you can start out by standing on one leg to build the core and leg muscles. 

Dr. Oz Diet Secrets from the Ocean Floor

Dr. Oz Ocean Diet Secret #1: DHA
Sourced from algae oil or fish oil, DHA contains healthy omega-3 oils that supports healthy inflammation levels and can support a reduction in belly fat. Dr. Oz recommends taking 600mg of DHA daily.

Dr. Oz Ocean Diet Secret #2: Flounder
Fish is a healthy food and flounder is one of the best fish you can eat. Flounder is high in protein, as much as 30g per serving, which can help you feel full. Dr. Oz recommends eating flounder twice a week.

Dr. Oz Ocean Diet Secret #3: Nori Seaweed
If you eat sushi, you're probably familiar with nori seaweed that is used to wrap sushi. Nori not only tastes great but it can also help you to burn calories quickly. Nori comes pre-packaged in sheets. Toast Nori briefly in an oven or make sushi at home.

Dr. Oz Ocean Diet Secret #4: Chitosan
From shellfish, the supplement chitosan helps block fat absorption. Dr. Oz recommends taking 1,000mg of chitosan daily with a full glass of water 30 minutes before a high fat meal. If you have a shellfish allergy, don't take chitosan!

[I have an issue with taking a supplement that blocks food you know you shouldn't be eating. It just seems counter productive – pay money for a supplement to block absorption of the food you just paid for. And, there is healthy fat too, so people take chitosan all the time could be missing out helpful healthy fats.]

Dr. Oz Drink Away Belly Bloat

Experiencing belly bloat doesn't help you feel better in a swimsuit. Dr. Oz has three drinks to target the most common reasons people experience belly bloat.

Dr. Oz Belly Boat Drink #1: Peppermint Ice Water
To 2 ½ cups of lemon juice add 15 peppermint leaves and pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Add a few lemon peppermint ice cubes to a glass of water. Peppermint stimulates bile production to digest fat better and reduce the risk of bloat. Lemon juice provides a little sweetness and can help you stay away from artificial sweeteners which can lead to more belly bloat.

Dr. Oz Belly Boat Drink #2: De-Bloat Mocktail
Salt is the cause of much belly bloat. To banish off that bloat Dr. Oz says to sip his De-Bloat Mocktail. Mix 1 cup low-sugar pomegranate juice, 1 lime [I recommend squeezing the juice out], ¼ teaspoon Tabasco and ¼ cup ginger ale.

Pomegranate juice contains magnesium and potassium which counter acts salt. Tabasco, or hot sauce, supports urine flow to release excess water. It's important to enjoy this drink sans alcohol which can also cause bloat.

Dr. Oz Belly Boat Drink #3: Anti-Bloat Chocolate Berry Smoothie
Constipation is a big cause of bloat. In a blender, blend up 1 cup of strawberries, 1 cup of raspberries, 2 tablespoon dark chocolate chips, 1 cup almond milk and 1 cup of ice.

Fiber in the berries helps the move material through intestines and caffeine in the chocolate stimulates the bowels to do their job.

Dr. Oz says these little changes to support digestion and reduce belly bloat can help you get the body you want.

Dr. Oz The Miraclesuit for Every Body Type

Dr. Oz talks about the Miraclesuit that can help you look 10 pounds slimmer, that's one dress size, and he's giving it away to audience members because they were brave enough to show up in their swimsuits today.

Rachel Zalis, Life and Style Magazine, says the Miraclesuit contains 31% more lycra than traditional swimsuits that provides you with that perfect shape and helps hold in those problem areas. Technology has finally caught up with swimsuit designs.

[Heads up! – One Miraclesuit is listed for only $86, the majority are over $100 and the highest is listed at $170! If I'm going to pay $170 for a swimsuit it better make me look way more than 10 pounds slimmer! Just sayin!]

Ms. Zalis says the key to best fit in swimsuits is to accentuate your best areas and camouflage your problem areas.

Dr. Oz: Swimsuit Problem Area - Big Belly
If the belly is a problem area, Ms. Zalis recommends going with a one-piece swimsuit and find a fit that also accentuates the bust line. The audience member model looked fantastic in a one-piece red and black animal print [Most Wanted Rialto Miraclesuit design at $160]. Ruching in the waist pulls in the tummy and the suit lifts up the breast for a slim look.

Dr. Oz: Swimsuit Problem Area - Big Butt
The biggest problem area for most women is the butt and thigh. A high-cut suit will only accentuate a big butt and big thighs. Ms. Zalis dressed the next model in a one piece swim dress but this is not what your grandmother used to wear. Polka dots give this suit [the Pin Point Ambassadress Miraclesuit design at $170] a sexy flair and the a-line skirt gives perfect shape without looking like you're trying to hide your shape.

Dr. Oz: Swimsuit Problem Area - Bust Area
When shopping for swimsuits, most women don't get the correct size in the bust. If you need support, don't go for the triangle bikini top design, says Ms. Zalis. She dressed the next model in a one-piece black suit with a built in bra for lift and support [in the Pearl Javelin Miraclesuit design at $158]. Sparkling beading down the center sets this suit alight. Ms. Zalis recommends accessorizing a black suit with a bright bracelet and colorful sunglasses.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Organ Donation

Most people have heard about the importance of donating organs after death but many don't understand that lives can be lost when organs are not donated in time because the family is not aware of the donation request. Dr. Oz says this is less of a medical problem then it is a social problem. Not enough people sign up for organ donations when they are alive, often the decision is made by family after death.

To increase the amount of people who have pledged to donate organs, Dr. Oz recommends adding “organ donor” to your Facebook status so friends and family are away of your desire to donate.

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  1. Matcha Tea, I thought I heard during the program something about adding 1 or 2 tsp. of apple vinegar to the drink to also help your metabolism? I don't see it written down, or did I hear it wrong? Thank you?

    1. Thanks for your question. Dr. Oz did talk about apple cider vinegar to support metabolism. It was the first tip discussed on this particular episode.

      Here's the recipe:
      Mix 1 cup grapefruit juice with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and add 1 teaspoon of honey for a little sweetness.

      Dr. Oz recommends drinking this three times per day, before every meal.

    2. ACV is in my family for many many years. My grandparents made it from wild apples every year and since childhood I know that ACV has many useful health benefits. Reacently I have decided to try ACV for weight loss cause during the winter I have got some kilos. I have try to eat just healthy food and I have quit with sweets totally. before every meal I have consumed 2 teaspons of ACV in glass of water. I din't use honey (but it can be used if you can't stand smell). Besides this I had physical activity like jogging and riding a bike at least 3 times per week and 2 month later I'm 6 kilos down.
      The trick is that I didn't sticks to any diet I have eat everything just didn't eat sweets. good luck

  2. can it be any kind of grafefruit juice? Either white or red?

    1. with the grape fruit juice and the apple cider vinegar will that be too much acide for the stomach?

    2. Will have the recipe before meals still be as effective?

  3. I'm following Weight Watchers so don't want to use all my points on the drink. Each cup of grapefruit juice is 2 points x 3 times a day is 6 valuable points lost. I'm wondering if I cut it down to half a cup serving with 1 Tsp apple cider vinegar 3 times a day if that will have the same benefit. Only use 3 pts this way. Can anyone enlighten me?

    1. Fruit juice does have quite a bit of sugar. I can't say if cutting the juice in half would have the same benefit but it's certainly worth a try! The best way to tell would be to try the drink both full strength then half strength and compare the results. It's up to you on whether you want to use up all those points.

  4. I thought it was 1cup of grapefruit, 2 teaspoons of apple cider and 4 drops of Tabasco sauce. Correct me if I am wrong.

  5. I started drinking the 1 cup of grapefruit juice 2 teaspoons of apple cider and 1 teaspoon of honey.Recently i have cramps in my toes and in my neck. Could that come from the grapefruit juice or vinegar. I have lots weight and mostly stomach fat which makes me very happy.should i use water in place of grapefruit juice. Thank you Delores

    1. If the grapefruit drink is something new to your daily routine then, sure, it could causing issues with your health. The best way to tell if it's an issue is to not drink it for a few days and see if you feel better. A conversation with your doctor is always important when you experience changes with your body.

  6. Can you just use ACV and dilute it with water instead of grapefruit juice?