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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 5/30/12: OMG! Questions, OMG! Embarrassing Beauty Questions, Best Fixes for Sleep, Best Teas for Stress, Healthy Snacks to Cut Cravings

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: May 30, 2012
OMG! Questions Dr. Oz Can't Believe You Asked

  • Dr. Oz answers the most “OMG! I can't believe you asked that,” questions ever
  • OMG! Embarrassing beauty questions are tackled
  • Viewers road test products to support a good night's sleep
  • Dr. Oz shares the best teas for stress
  • Cut cravings on-the-go with healthy snacks

It's time for another questions episode of The Dr. Oz Show. Today's themed question show is: the most outrageous, OMG!, I can't believe you asked, questions and solutions for viewers most private problems. Dr. Oz says these are the most excruciating, cringe-worthy questions and no topic is off-limits.


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OMG! Questions Dr. Oz Can't Believe You Asked

Dr. Oz hits the streets of New York in his fancy convertible called the “Dr. Oz Mobile” to find out what are the most OMG! Questions people are eager to ask. So many questions, so little time.

Dr. Oz OMG! Question #1: Cuts on Penis During Sex
Kaylee and Jason, a married couple came all the way from Michigan to ask their embarrassing OMG! question. After having sex, Jason has cuts on his penis. This started after they had their second child and Kaylee had an IUD reinserted. Dr. Oz said IUD's are one of the most effective forms of birth control and Kaylee says she loves it because she doesn't have to think about it.

Dr. Oz showed an animation of the pelvis with an IUD sitting properly in the uterus. There are strings on the end of the IUD, used to facilitate removal, if the strings are cut too short they can be sharp and cause cuts on the penis. If the IUD slips down the uterus then the tip of the device could cause cuts on the penis as well.

These issues from the IUD are easily managed. Dr. Oz recommends having the IUD removed and checked then reinserted. For the cuts, Dr. Oz recommended that the husband applied an antibacterial cream to prevent further problems. 

Dr. Oz OMG! Question #2: Unwanted Body Hair
The next viewer says she has the world's hairiest butt. Recently she's notice new hair growing all over her body where it doesn't normally. Dr. Oz says new hair growth can be a concern. He says PCOS could be the issue, it's a common hormonal problem in women. Typically weight loss and medical treatments can control it.

Dr. Oz showed an animation of the ovaries when they produce too much testosterone can cause an over-growth of hair. Dr. Anne Chapas, dermatologist, says there is a new laser treatment available, called color blind laser, that can get rid of unwanted dark hair. Dr. Chapas demonstrated the procedure on the viewer.

Color blind laser treatments last about 20-30 minutes and cost $300-600 per session. To get rid of unwanted dark hair, Dr. Chapas says patients may need 4-8 treatments given once every 4-8 weeks. The laser will remove 10-20% of unwanted hair per treatment.

Laser hair removable treatments may not be an option for everyone. Dr. Chapas recommends at-home options that can temporarily remove or reduce the appearance of body hair. Shaving, bleaching the hair, or using an over-the-counter hair dissolving product [like Nair].

Dr. Oz OMG! Question #3: Varicose Veins on Vagina
Varicose veins can happen on any part of the body. Twenty-five percent of women who have varicose veins on the legs will develop them in the vaginal area.

Dr. Oz recommends using ice to reduce the swelling, shrink the veins, and reduce the tenderness. Compression shorts, or Spanx, can help the pull up the veins and reduce the engorgement of the vessels helping the wearer feel more comfortable. Eating more flavonoid-rich foods like spinach, tomatoes, and dark chocolate can also help support vein health.

Dr. Oz Biggest Beauty Questions Ever!

Dr. Oz Beauty Question #1: Thinning Hair and Hair Loss
Her husband noticed that her hair was thinning and she noticed that clumps of hair come out in shower. Dr. Oz says hair loss in women is normal, 40% of women experience it. There are three patterns of hair thinning women experience.
  • Male pattern baldness or a receding hair line,
  • Female pattern baldness, hair loss on the top of the scalp caused by sensitivity to hormones,
  • Alopecia areata, random patterned hair loss often caused by stress, surgeries or medications.

To help support hair growth, Dr. Oz recommends using over-the-counter Minoxidil topically which is also available in prescription strength. The prescription Propecia can be used for post-menopausal women but during child bearing years. Keratin hair powder, made of a protein that sticks to hair fibers, instantly fills in the lighter areas.

Dr. Oz Beauty Question #2: Stretch Marks on Breasts
The next audience question comes from a woman who is concerned about how stretch marks could impact breastfeeding. Dr. Oz explained that stretch marks are common when women gain weight especially during pregnancy. He showed a demonstration of the top layer of skin over breast tissue. When weight is gained, the top layer of skin will stretch and when it reaches its limit will crack permanent scars called stretch marks. It's easier to get stretch marks then it is to get rid of them.

One key to prevent more stretch marks is to not gain more weight, said Dr. Oz. While trying to get pregnant or during pregnancy, Dr. Oz recommends moisturizing the area with a hyaluronic acid based cream. After childbearing years, he recommends using a retinal-based cream, which is not for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Laser treatments are another option.

Dr. Oz Beauty Question #3: Cankles
Swollen ankles can make women shy away from wearing shorts or sandals. Dr. Oz showed an animation of the connective tissue around the ankles. As we age or gain weight the connective tissue can weaken allowing for soft, fatty tissue and fluid to accumulate around the ankle.

Dr. Oz recommends using a topical aminophylline cream, costs about $25 at drug stores, that encourages fat cells to release fluid. Putting the feet up at the end of the day can support movement of excess fluid away from the ankles and feet. Drinking celery juice, a natural diuretic, can play a role in removing excess fluid from the body. Finally, Dr. Oz recommends wearing heels, no more than 2 inches high, to help elongate the leg.

Dr. Oz Best Fixes for Sleep Problems

Dr. Oz has checked out and had products reviewed by viewers to see which work the best to fix your trouble falling asleep. Viewers had a chance to road test products and give their comments and assigning a grade.

Dr. Carol Ash, DO, sleep and pulmonary specialist, says these products can help people change sleep habits and can help create cool, comfortable environment that encourage sleep and help create a routine to help people transition into sleep.

Dr. Oz Best Fix for Sleep #1: Temperature Control Sheets
Dr. Ash explains company [I believe it's Sheex] says their temperature control sheets help to wich away moisture and decrease body temperature to support a good night's sleep. Available at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $129. [Online, Bed, Bath & Beyond list them starting at $159 for a twin set.] Women experiencing hot flashes at night may find these sheets useful.
Viewer 1 gave the temperature control sheets an A+.
Viewer 2 gave them a B saying temperature control sheets worked just OK, they were comfortable but reminded her of a 1980's spandex dress she had. Her husband said he got tangled up in the sheets easily felt like he was wearing compression clothing.

Dr. Oz Best Fix for Sleep #2: Sound Therapy Pillow
A pillow with speakers inside that plays calming, soothing sounds of nature to help you transition into sleep is especially helpful for people who experience intrusive thoughts and have trouble falling asleep.
Viewer 1 gave the sound therapy pillow B+ saying she fell asleep in about 20 minutes when it usually takes her an hour.
Viewer 2 gave an A+ to the pillow saying she loved it.

Dr. Oz Best Fix for Sleep #3: Wristband Sleep Tracker and Silent Alarm Clock
A wristband sleep tracker can help to identify the proper bed time and wake time. The wristband will vibrate to awaken and over-time you may not need an alarm clock. Cost is about $99.
Viewer 1 gave it a B. She put it on her husband, who wakes up earlier, and she didn't hear him wake up or get up. She doesn't like to wear jewelery to bed.
Viewer 2 also gave it a B and also felt uncomfortable wearing it but could see how over a few days he could get used to wearing it.

Dr. Oz Best Teas for Stress Reduction

The Dr. Oz product road test continues for teas to support a reduction in stress and anxiety. Combat stress all day long with teas from around the world.

Pina LoGiudice, Co-Medical Director of Inner Source Health, says tea is a great way to connect with yourself, to connect with the spirit and get medicine into you too.

Dr. Oz Best Tea for Stress #1: Passionflower from USA
Dr. LoGiudice says passionflower has been studied and found it acts much like pharmaceutical medications to support the body during times of anxiety. Passionflower can calm the nerves like medications do, she explains. To reduce anxiety she recommends drinking passionflower tea at night for it's sedative qualities after an anxious-filled day when feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

To make passionflower tea, add 1 tablespoon of the loose herb to boiling water and enjoy.

Dr. Oz Best Tea for Stress #2: Eleutherococcus from Russia (formerly known as Siberian Ginseng)
Dr. LoGiudice recommends eleutherococcus for the type A personality, person on the go can't relax and is filled with nervousness. Eleutherococcus is better earlier in the day as it provides a bit of energy. Eleutherococcus also has the added benefit of support the immune system. [“Some sources suggest for best effect, it helps to take it for 6 to 8 weeks straight, and then have a two-week pause before restarting (12)...Eleuthero can be taken as a tea, or in even stronger forms like capsules or tinctures. From]

Dr. Oz Best Tea for Stress #4: Hawthorne from England
Hawthorne tea is recommend by Dr. LoGiudice for emotional stress when feeling overwhelmed. Primarily studies for its cardiovascular effects, hawthorne is high in flavanoids, antioxidants. She says it has a berry flavor and can be enjoyed morning, noon, and night and is also safe for children.

[One more herb was featured on in the teas for stress article: Ashwanganda from “Africa, the Mediterranean and India...helps the body fight stress by reducing the production of stress hormones that result in the fight-or-flight response. This adaptogenic quality can help the body relax and help the body stay strong. It also is a potent antioxidant as well.”]

Dr. Oz Healthy Choices to Cut Cravings

Dr. Oz discusses road tested snacks to help cut cravings while on the go. Ashley Koff, RD and author Mom Energy: A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged, says these snacks can be found at everywhere at health food stores and online.

Dr. Oz Healthy Snacks On-The-Go #1: Navitas Cacao Goji Superfood Power Snack
Navitas Cacao Goji Superfood Power Snack, about $9.00, gives energy and antioxidants in an organic and raw snack. Beware of a multi-serving package, Ms. Koff recommends portioning out your snacks to prevent you from eating the entire bag.

Dr. Oz Healthy Snacks On-The-Go #2: Chia Seeds
Chia Shots are individual servings of the omega-3 and fiber packed chia seeds available for about $7.00. Ms. Koff recommends to drink half your coffee then add a serving of chia seeds to the other half. Drink the chia coffee or lit it sit and thicken into a pudding and eat with a spoon. The health fats and fiber will help you stay full. Dr. Oz says he keeps chia seeds with him while working at the hospital and adds them to water. Chia seeds can also be enjoyed sprinkled on a salad or mixed in yogurt. [You can also buy chia seeds in a big bag to save money then portion out servings.]

Dr. Oz Healthy Snacks On-The-Go #3: Seaweed
Salty snacks are often a bad choice because then you're more likely to crave sugar. Ms. Koff recommends munching on seaweed instead of chips. Dried seaweed has a crunchy texture and a nutty flavor. She showed the Seasnax Wasabi Grab and Go saying they are only 16 calories for the entire package, high in nutrients and no sodium. [Annie Chun also has a seaweed snack in sesame and wasabi flavors.]

Dr. Oz Healthy Snacks On-The-Go #4: Dried Fruit
Sugar snacks have too much sugar. When the need for sweets takes over, Ms. Koff recommends organic dried fruit from Matt's Munchies Island Mango Fruit Snack. Enjoy dried fruit with a handful of nuts, says Ms. Koff, to balance out the sugar.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! More Healthy Snacks

Dr. Oz Healthy Snack #1: Cauliflower Popcorn
Cut cauliflower into popcorn-sized pieces, add pepper, nutritional yeast and 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds for protein. Let the mix dry overnight then take it along with you in a little bag.

Dr. Oz Healthy Snack #2: To Go Green Tea Energy Fusion Packets
To Go Green Tea Energy Fusion Packets are individually packaged powdered green tea that can be mixed in water, poured into coffee, or enjoyed as a tea. Dr. Oz calls it good and practical.

Dr. Oz Healthy Snack #3: Dried Blueberries
One handful of dried blueberries equals one serving of fruit and provides a dose of antioxidants. Reach for dried fruit when you crave hard candy. Bring them with in a travel cup, they make great snacks for kids.

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  1. where can i buy the keratin hair power that is made of a protein that sticks to hair fibers

    1. There are many brands keratin hair powder products. I simply googeled it Here's the link for what was returned:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&cad=b

  2. why does Dr Ox reccomend cocnut water?

    1. Thanks for your question. Dr. Oz and many of his guests have mentioned coconut water on several episodes this season. Coconut water is high in potassium which fuels the muscles as well as electrolytes which play a role in hydration. Several celebrity guests on The Dr. Oz Show shared that they like to use coconut water as a base for protein and veggie shakes. I hope that helps.

  3. dr. oz recently had a show on women trieng to concieve after forty he gave a name of a supplement what was it?!

    1. Thanks for your question. Here's the link to the post about the infertility episode:

      I read through the post and there was no supplement mentioned. Do you remember anything else about the supplement? What is supports, why it was recommended?