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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 5/12/12 Quiz: Butt Fat

Last week on The Dr. Oz Show, what food was said to be avoided to help burn butt fat?

A. Carbohydrates
B. Sugar
C. Dairy
D. Eggs



The Answer:
C. Dairy

Your Answers:
A. Carbohydrates - 47%
B. Sugar - 76%
C. Dairy - 37%
D. Eggs - 14%

The Answer: Dairy
Dr. Oz has been focusing on specific areas of fat and body types in recent episodes. In the episode that aired 5/2/12 Body Type Diet, Dr. Oz's guest Mark Liponis, MD, author of The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution, said for people who pack the pounds on the backside need to stay away from dairy products.

Dr. Liponis has focused his book on two body types. Those who pack weight in the belly he calls the hunter body type and those who pack weight in the butt he calls the farmer body type.

The farmer body type is sensitive to insulin. As blood sugar levels drop, the farmer will look for foods to balance blood sugar. The farmer needs to stick with foods that they could grow: grains and vegetables, all the plant foods. Carbohydrates will support healthy blood sugar levels in the farmer body type.

The key to a successful butt fat meal plan is to eat smaller, more frequent meals focusing on carbohydrates. For breakfast, Dr. Liponis recommends whole grain pancakes. A morning snack could be a Fiber One bar, For lunch, a flat bread pizza would satisfy. An afternoon snack should be focused on carbs, they showed what looked like blue potato chips. For dinner, pasta is a good choice.

For a butt blasting drink, Dr. Liponis recommends to stay away from dairy and focus on dairy-free milks as a base. He says soy milk is a good choice because of the balance of protein and carbohydrate and the added benefit of hormonal balancing which can help to reduce cancer risks.

Because the farmer body type is sensitive to blood sugar imbalances, Dr. Liponis recommends a healthy snack before bed to support more stable blood sugar levels through the night. A little peanut butter on whole grain bread is a great bed time snack for the farmer.

In the same episode, Dr. Liponis recommends that farmer body types take the supplement DIM, diindolylmethane, 150mg daily, from cruciferous vegetables, to support the balancing of estrogen and reduces caner risks.

He also recommends that farmer body types wear compression socks to provide comfort for the feet. When the feet feel good, the farmer body type will be more likely to get up and get working out.

On this particular episode, carbohydrates are actually recommended for people whose body likes to store the junk in the trunk, as stated above. Again according to Dr. Liponis, carbohydrates will support healthy blood sugar levels in the farmer body type.

Sugar wasn't mentioned one way or the other during this episode. It's best to limit sugar consumption, as so many news reports and research studies suggest. If you're following the Hunter/Farmer diet plan then, according to Dr. Liponis who says that farmers are more sensitive to insulin imbalances, it would stand to reason that for the purposes of melting butt fat sugar isn't going to support that goal. Best to make those carbs fiber dense and not white and sugary.

Eggs weren't mentioned either in this episode. There's so much good researching showing that the protein provided by eggs is a healthy source and that eating several a week can be a part of healthy weight loss program.

Several episodes of The Dr. Oz Show this season have focused on categorizing and targeting body types and suggesting foods, meal plans, and supplements to support each type. Read more by clicking these links:


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