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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 5/23/12: Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Finale!, Weight Loss Tips from Finalists, the Winner of Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: May 23, 2012
Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Million Dollar You! Finale

  • The ten finalists of Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Million Dollar You
  • Weight loss tips and recipes from the 10 finalists of Transformation Nation
  • The Winner of Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation

Last year, Dr. Oz launched his most ambitious health initiative ever. He challenged American's to change their health and transform their lives with a chance for a big reward at the end, an opportunity to win one million dollars. The finalists of Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Million You are announced. They share the tips that helped them achieve incredible results and one of them is going home One Million Dollars richer!


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Over 1.2 million American's signed up for Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation, completed the 7 steps and lost more than 3 million pounds!

Friends, family and communities came together to improve their health. ShareCare helped entrants track their progress. The audience today were people who signed up, put in the work, and achieved success. Several people picked from the audience expressed their thanks to Dr. Oz for the inspiration to finally get up and do something to change their lives.

With increased energy, inspired people achieved amazing results from pounds and pounds of fat lost to running and walking races, walked with their family, they got up and moved and increased their confidence.

Liz Josefsberg, Weight Watchers Leader, dreamed of this goal but says it was bigger then she could have imagined. She is seeing people still walk in the door now to Weight Watchers who wanted to make a change after seeing results from Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation. It doesn't stop there, she is seeing entire families improving their health because of the program, young people and old people are wanting to make change in their lives.

Dr. Oz: Big Secrets for Weight Loss Success from Finalists
Ten people who completed the program were chosen by a panel of 7 experts to be the finalists for Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Million Dollar You! Those ten finalists were brought out on stage [read more about them from the 5/7/12 episode where they were introduced]. The finalists will share the weight loss tips that helped them achieve amazing results.

Each finalist shared what they learned during their weight loss journey, some of their biggest weight loss tips and a recipe that is featured on

Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Finalist #1: Stella lost 45 pounds
Stella suffered from high blood pressure and heart problems. Her cardiologist said she was close to getting a pace maker. She decided to get her health under control and joined the program. Going from a size 16 to a size 6, Stella says she has learned how to eat healthy.

Stella's Weight Loss Tip: Eat a mini meal of nuts to stop over eating.
Stella would over eat at every meal but with this tool she is able to get hunger under control and eat fewer calories overall. Click here for Stella's Lentil and Rice Stir-Fry recipe from

Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Finalist #2: Karl lost 88 pounds
Karl is a teacher and coach and because of the Program, feels like a role model to his students. Before starting, Karl weighed 317 pounds, smoked a pack a day and had high blood pressure. He realized he was telling his students to do things he couldn't himself because of his weight. Going through the Program he lost 88 pounds, started a health scholarship and inspired his students to get healthy.

Karl's Weight Loss Tip: Mike got on a stationary bike and started exercising while watching The Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Oz shared that the healthiest 83% of people who completed the Transformation Nation Program achieved their success by getting active. Click here for Karl's Beef Stew recipe on

Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Finalist #3: Mary Ellen lost 21 pounds
Mary Ellen, age 65 and the oldest finalist, didn't have the energy to keep up with her grand children. She went from a size 12 to a size 4 by exercising regularly. Mary Ellen wants to be an inspiration to others and let people know they can change their lives at any age, it's never too late.

Mary Ellen's Weight Loss Tip: Eating breakfast. Mary Ellen was skipping breakfast before starting the Program. She began eating a protein-based breakfast which gave her the energy to get active. Click here to get the recipe for Mary Ellen's Zesty Egg Omelet recipe from

Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Finalist #4: Stephanie lost 48 pounds
Stephanie didn't want to follow in the obesity path her parents had been traveling. Both her parents joined Transformation Nation with her but, sadly, her father passed away a few months into the Program. Stephanie has quit smoking and lost 48 pounds so far. She and her mom are still on their journey to get healthy.

Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Finalist #5: Sheila lost 30 pounds
Sheila, age 29 is the youngest finalist, was over weight in a family of athletic people. She was inspired by Transformation Nation to get active. Beginning with riding her bike to work, she is also running, swimming and is now training for a triathlon.

Sheila's Weight Loss Tip: Trust in yourself and the Program, try it and you'll see results. When the results start, you'll be inspired to keep going. Click here for Sheila's Bean Burrito recipe on

Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Finalist #6: Mike lost 48 pounds
Mike, age 55, called himself the average couch potato. His wife was diagnosed with lupus and she asked him to get healthy so he could be a kidney donor if she needed it. He started Transformation Nation for his wife but in the process a something shifted for him, he started feeling great about himself and the journey became more for him with the benefit of being able to help his wife if she needs it. Mike lost 48 pounds and feels better than ever.

Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Finalist #7: Sharona lost 25 pounds
Sharona, age 38, is a wife and mother of two who juggles work and life at home. She couldn't lose the baby weight from her second child. Sharona realized she needed to put herself first so she could lose the weight and live a long life with her family. Her children surprised her on stage wearing shirts with “Congrats Mom!”.

Sharona's Weight Loss Tip: For the first time in her life, she says she has a handle on her stress, feels like a better person and that has allowed her to achieve success in Transformation Nation. Click here for Sharona's Fuji Apple, Spinach & Turkey Wrap recipe on

Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Finalist #8: Mercedes lost 70 pounds
Mercedes, age 38, was 70 pounds overweight when a lump was found in her breast. It turned out the lump was benign. That scare made the episode announcing Transformation Nation have great impact. She signed up with Weight Watchers that day. Mercedes has been inspired to become a health and wellness coach and personal trainer because of the Program. She has inspired over 400 people to signed up Transformation Nation and get healthy too. The greatest achievement is feeling she can be a better mom to her kids.

Mercedes' Weight Loss Tip: Stay hydrated. Plain water can get boring so Mercedes makes a large pot of decaf green tea and drinks that all day. Green tea contains ECGC, an antioxidant that is also thermogenic – supports the burning of fat. Click here for Mercedes' Crockpot Salsa Chicken recipe from

Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Finalist #9: Dawn lost 43 pounds
Dawn joined Transformation Nation to save her husband who weighed 216 pounds and suffered from sleep apnea. At night, she would count the seconds between his breaths and constantly worried he would die in his sleep. She went from a size 12 to a size 4 and brought her family along on the journey to eat healthier and exercise together. Her husband lost weight along with her and now he no longer suffers from apnea.

Dawn's Weight Loss Tips: Take the foods your family love and make it healthier. Her family loves pizza so she created a homemade pizza on a whole wheat tortilla with lean ham, pineapple and low-fat mozzarella cheese that has only 6 Weight Watchers points. Click here for Dawn's Salmon Scampi Over Whole Wheat Pasta recipe on

Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Finalist #10: Jen lost 46 pounds
Jen, age 36, has been over weight since she was a teen, at her highest weight she reached 382 pounds. With the weight came crone’s disease. Jen shares that she has always wanted to be a runner but the weight held her back. Her goal is to complete a half marathon. Becoming active has helped Jen to lose weight and sent the crone's disease into remission. Dr. Oz surprised Jen and teamed her up with Coach Barbara, a personal trainer, to achieve Jen's goal of a half marathon.

Dr. Oz Surprises Audience Members

Filled with weight loss success stories and people who completed Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Million Dollar You! Challenge. Dr. Oz surprised two members of the audience with special gift.

Heidi's story captured Dr. Oz's attention because of an embarrassing moment. Heidi shared that her friend asked her to be in her wedding. The dress salon said they would have to order the largest dress size along with extra fabric to a make a dress to fit her large size. Mortified, Heidi knew she had to do something about her weight. She lost 100 pounds. In appreciate for her effort, Dr. Oz invited Bryon Lars, dressmaker to First Lady Michelle Obama, to help Heidi find the perfect dress to wear to another wedding she's been invited to this summer.

Callie took a flight for work and couldn't get the seat belt to fit around her stomach. The flight attendant yelled down the plane for a seat belt extender. Callie cried the entire flight. She decided to do something about her weight and took the belt extender as her anchor and inspiration to change her life. Callie has lost 91 pounds. Dr. Oz sent her on a vacation to the Bahama's. She'll have to fly but won't have to use a seat belt extender.

Dr. Oz brought out his staff members who joined Weight Watchers and participated in his Transformation Nation. Together the staff members lost a combined 347 combined.

Dr. Oz: ...And the Winner Is...

Ms. Josefsberg, said that Dr. Oz offered people the tools but they did all the work. All the participants and finalists are winners. And the winner of of Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Million Dollar You! Is Mike! Congratulations Mike and all the participants!

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