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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 5/10/12: Women Ask What's Up Down There?, Biggest Mistakes Women Make, Ultimate Carb Craving Blast, Stress Busting Solutions, Blast 100 Calories Per Meal, Bonus: Bad Mood Blasters

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: May 10, 2012
Dr. Oz: What's Up Down There? The #1 Surgery You Don't Need

  • Women ask questions about their reproductive health
  • Biggest health mistakes women make
  • Dr. Oz's ultimate body blast for carb cravings
  • Four ways to bust stress
  • Solutions to cut 100 calories for each meal and your snack too
  • Bonus Tips: Three ways to bust out of that bad mood

Nothing is off limits below the belt in this episode of The Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Oz opens the floor, the stage floor that is, to women's questions about their reproductive organs and process. What is normal? What's not normal? Dr. Oz says he's setting the record straight and sharing the latest solutions for women's questions about what goes on down there!


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Dr. Oz: What's Up Down There?

Dr. Oz asks Dr. Lauren Streicher, OB/GYN, why are women not discussing these questions with their gynecologist? Dr. Streicher says women often are accepting of their problems thinking that they are common when in fact many of these problems are not normal and can be treated.

Three groups of girlfriends were invited on to The Dr. Oz Show to share the questions that the discuss among themselves but not with their doctor.

Dr. Oz: What's Up Down There with Heavy Periods?
A heavy period, sometimes called and monthly hemorrhage, may seem normal for many women. Dr. Streicher says often fibroids are to blame for heavy menstrual bleeding.

Dr. Oz brought out a tissue sample of a normal uterus and ovaries along side a uterus and ovaries that had fibroids. The fibroid sample was a good 5 times the size of normal with discoloration.

With a demonstration, the girlfriends held balloons representing fibroids and pressed them against the walls of large uterus. The fibroids pushing on the walls create an uneven surface causing heavy bleeding. Fibroids can also rupture causing even more bleeding.

Women experiencing heavy bleeding from fibroids are often told they need a hysterectomy to remove the problem. Dr. Oz says this is the number one unnecessary surgery women face and it doesn't solve the problem.

Dr. Striecher says there is a new smaller procedure that can be completed to remove the fibroids while leaving the organs in tact. This, she says, it a wonderful option for women who still want to have children.

The procedure is called Hysteroscopic Myomectomy. A scope is taken into the uterus to chop up and remove fibroids. Hysteroscopic Myomectomy are only for use on fibroids that occur inside the uterus, not for fibroids that are outside the uterus. Dr. Striecher explains that a Hysteroscopic Myomectomy often takes only 45 minutes, a woman can go home after 2 hours and she's back to regular schedule the next day.

Dr. Oz said when women are told they need a hysterectomy they should get a second opinion and Dr. Striecher agreed. It could be that the women does need to have her uterus removed but often it's not necessary and other options can be address the problem.

Dr. Oz: What's Up Down There with Urinary Incontinence
Dr. Striecher says that 50% women experience urinary incontinence at least once and 30% experience it regularly.

Risks factors for urinary incontinence:
  • Age
  • Weight gain
  • Childbirth

An occasional or mild case of urinary incontinence may show as a little urine leak after a sneeze, laugh, or cough. Overactive bladder is another problem where the flow of urine cannot be controlled.

Dr. Oz provided a demonstration with the representative pelvic floor muscles holding a bowl of gold glitter representing urine. When the pelvic floor muscles are young they are tight and hold that bowl of glitter up high. With aging and childbirth and weight gain, the pelvic floor muscle begins to sag. A full bowl of glitter on top of sagging muscles combined with a sneeze or cough will cause a little leaking.

Dr. Striecher says the solution can be to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles with kegel exercises but kegel's don't always solve the problem. [Click here for an explanation of how to do kegel's from a previous episode.]

When kegel's don't work, Dr. Striecher says pelvic floor physical therapy is an option and there is also a minor surgical procedure available to correct the muscle weakness. The FDA has just approved the use of botox, says Dr. Striecher, to support the strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

Dr. Oz: What's Up Down There with Yeast Infections?
Half of all women suffer from yeast infection at least once in their lives. Dr. Oz says he knows that number is higher as the 50% figure only represents those cases that are reported by doctors.

The dreaded yeast infection was demonstrated with a beaker filled with yeast. Dr. Oz explained the trifecta of yeast growth supporters are moisture, heat, and sugar. Adding warm water to the beaker caused the yeast to get excited and reproduce quickly. To that, sugar was added and the yeast went crazy, bubbling over the top of the beaker, representing a discharge, and creating the cheesy, curd-like substance, the symptom which sends many women to they gynecologist's office.

Dr. Striecher explained that there have been some advancements in the prevention and treatment of yeast infections. She recommends RepHresh Pro-B, [an oral probiotic] to support the body's natural beneficial bacteria colony, in particular the beneficial bacteria in the vagina.

For some women, explained Dr. Striecher, probiotics don't help over come the yeast growth and there is a prescription called Fluconazole that when taken once a week for 6 months can help combat chronic yeast issues.

Dr. Striecher said the best first solution for a yeast infection is an over-the-counter medication but if that doesn't work then a prescription from a doctor may be what's needed.

Dr. Oz: Biggest Mistakes Women Make Down There

Time to reveal the biggest mistakes women make below the belt and solutions for down there. Dr. Striecher stays on for this next segment.

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Dr. Oz Biggest Mistakes Down There #1: Using Husband's Razor Down There
MISTAKE! The difference between men's and women's razors is more than color. Men's hair is more course and the razor is designed differently with a sharper edge to tackle that manly hair. Women using their husband's razor have a high rick of getting nicks and cuts which could lead to the husband's bacteria transferring into the wife and may lead to infections.

Dr. Oz Biggest Mistakes Down There #2: Using toilet paper if no is tampon available
Maybe it's a mistake, says Dr. Striecher. She explained that if the toilet paper stays on the outside, like a pad, then there's not problem. Rolling up toilet paper and inserting it like a tampon, however, can cause problems. When moisture from the vagina hits the toilet paper it will crumble away and there's no way to get all the little pieces out, they will stay in the vagina and may lead to an infection.

In desperation, Dr. Striecher says to fold the toilet paper several times and use it like a pad. She says you're even better off, in a desperate situation, to use a sock!

Dr. Oz Biggest Mistakes Down There #3: Wearing scented panty liners
MISTAKE! The perfume is in a scented panty liner is irritating and can lead to an allergic reaction which can mimic symptoms of a yeast infection. If you feel the need to use a scented pad, Dr. Striecher says it's important to figure out the cause of the odor. It could discharge from a chronic yeast infection or other health concern.

Dr. Oz Biggest Mistakes Down There #4: Having sex the night before an OB-GYN exam
This may be a mistake, says Dr. Striecher, it depends on why you're seeing the OB-GYN. Going in for an annual examination with a pap smear, it's not a good idea to have sex the night before. Seman in the vagina can interfere with the pap smear. Dr. Striecher says you're better off using a condom.

Dr. Oz's Ultimate Body Blast for Carb Cravings

Dr. Oz tackles biggest diet derailleurs and helps keep your weight loss goals on track with three carb craving blasters.

Dr. Oz Ultimate Blast for Carb Cravings #1: Eat Spicy Foods
Carbs are addictive, says Dr. Oz. The most powerful reason we're addicted is the release of dopamine when simple carbs are consumed, it brings a powerful feeling of relief. To mimic that feeling of relief and provide a flavor-filled taste experience, Dr. Oz recommends heating things up with spices. Add the hot sauce and opt for hot peppers to appeal to the taste buds as well as the brain.

Dr. Oz Ultimate Blast for Carb Cravings #2: Satisfying Food Combinations
Carbs are called comfort foods because they also cause the brain to release serotonin that makes us feel better, to feel comforted. Instead of reaching for simple carbs, Dr. Oz recommends eating a protein based meal along with complex carbs that fill you up and energize. He suggests salmon with quinoa, eggs and wheat toast, and chicken chili and brown rice.

Dr. Oz Ultimate Blast for Carb Cravings #3: Eat Fiber and Healthy Fats
To prevent that roller coaster sugar ride, Dr. Oz recommends carb blasting foods with healthy fats and fiber. Dr. Oz recommends eating pumpkin seeds, garbanzo beans, and kale chips with cumin, sea salt, and olive oil. Baked kale chips give that crunchy tactile sensation in the mouth. Satisfy your need for crunch without reaching for chips.

Kale Chips!
1 bunch organic kale
1 Tbsp olive oil
Sea salt (to taste)
Cumin (optional)
Preheat oven to 350F. Rinse kale leaves and pat dry. Sprinkle with olive oil, add sea salt and cumin. Bake 15-20 minutes. [Watch the kale while in the oven so they don't burn! Play around with the spices to find your favorite combination. I love garlic salt on my kale chips!]

Just before and just after the commercial breaks, celebrities shared quick tips.

Jorge Cruise said to keep sugar down to 15g a day to support melting of belly fat. Deepak Chopra says meditation is the key to de-stress. He says meditation can support a restfull, creative mind and a joyful, energetic body

Dr. Oz Solutions to Beat Stress

Why can't we just lay down and go to sleep instead of stressing about what needs to get done or what didn't get done? Dr. Oz has four tips to beat stress so you can fall asleep with less on your mind.

Dr. Oz Solutions to Bust Stress #1: Suma
Dr. Oz explained that suma was previously discussed on his show in the context of cancer and like many herbs, suma has other healing properties. Also called Brazillian ginseng, Dr. Oz recommends taking 500mg of suma twice daily. He says it helps the body buffer outside stress.

Dr. Oz Solutions to Bust Stress #2: Triple “A” Stress Busting Salad
What's your go-to food when you're stressed? The two biggest for weight gain in America are eating out of boredom and eating because of stress.

Dr. Oz suggests eating what he calls the Triple “A” Stress Busting Salad. Chop romaine lettuce and top with ½ cup of sliced avocado, ¼ cup sliced avocado and ½ cup steamed asparagus. Dr. Oz says this is a crunchy, balancing, satisfying salad.

Dr. Oz Solutions to Bust Stress #3: Aroma Therapy Neck Wraps
Dr. Oz loves Herbal Concepts Neck Wraps. They combine aroma therapy scents that get right into the deep part of the brain providing a soothing effect. Heat the wrap in the microwave for one minute to release the scent of oils, the weight and heat of the wrap releases tension in the neck and shoulders.
Cost for Herbal Concepts Neck Wraps: $20.00 and up.

Dr. Oz Solutions to Bust Stress #4: De-Stress with a Stretch
To stimulate receptors in the nervous system to release stress, Dr. Oz recommends stretching. Tension can start to build up in the back or the hips or the shoulders and radiate up from there. Stretching restricts blood flow causing the muscles to tense. A simple stretch can target areas of tension in the body to release the stress. Often tension is stored in the lower back, Dr. Oz demonstrated a lower back stretch you can do easily anytime.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Grasp hands behind the back and clasp hands, use a towel if you can't clasp the hands together. Slowly bend over raising the hands up toward the ceiling letting the head hang down.

Quick Tip: Wake up with a whey protein shake to increase the metabolism by as much as 25%.

Dr. Oz Blast 100 Calories From Every Meal

Dr. Oz brought back green nutritionist and author of Go Green Get Lean Kate Geagan, MS, RD to show that it's easy to blast 100 calories from every meal and snacks too.

Dr. Oz 100 Calorie Breakfast Blast – Turn That Bowl Upside Down
Ms. Geagan says to turn that breakfast bowl upside down meaning put the fruit in the bowl first then add the cereal. Most people pour the cereal first and add a token amount of fruit. She recommends ½ cup of strawberries to ½ cup of cereal. Get your energy and calories from the fruit instead of loading up on cereal.

Dr. Oz 100 Calorie Lunch Blast – Fill Up On Gespacho Soup
We typically eat the same weight of food every day, says Ms. Geagan. Keep your brain and body happy by going for foods with greater volume but fewer calories. She says to start lunch with a bowl of soup that will fill you up and help blast 100 calories from your meal.

Tray a shooter of Cucumber Avocado Gespacho soup:
1 hothouse cucumber, peeled and chopped
½ an avocado
Juice and zest of 1 lime
½ of a fennel bulb, chopped
Handful basil leaves
½ cup green grapes
Place all ingredients in a blender and combine until smooth.

Dr. Oz 100 Calorie Dinner Blast – What's On Your Table?
Create a contrast between your food and the color of your plate to set a trimmer table. Studies have shown that using a plate that contrasts in color with your food can lead to eating 25% less calories overall. It's all about how our eyes see the food. When there is greater contrast, it appears that there is more food.

Take this idea a step further, says Ms. Geagan, and use a blue plate. There are not many blue foods in nature and that color will cause the mind to pause and take in less calories.

Using a large fork can be best route to eating fewer calories at dinner, says Mr. Geagan. Researches studied patrons in a restaurant and found that those with a bigger fork left twice as much food on their plate then those using a smaller fork. Be ware, the study used people who where hungry so a bigger fork used when eating out of boredom may be a very bad thing.

A final calorie blaster at dinner is to only serve salads and veggies family style, or at the table. When the entire meal is in platters on the dinner table people eat more. Encourage the family to eat more filling and nutritious veggies by only placing those at the table.

Dr. Oz 100 Calorie Snack Blast – Frozen Yogurt Drops
Ms. Geagan explained there is a new USDA research study showing that American's are getting 30% of their calories from snacks. Surprised? With that many calories going in, this is a key area to cut calories. Ms. Geagan has a healthy cold snack to bust the calories.

Place 6 ounces of your favorite Greek yogurt into a resealable plastic bag. Cut off a tiny portion of a bottom corner of the bag to create a pastry bag. Squeeze a few drops onto a baking sheet and freeze the yogurt for at least 2 hours. Remove the yogurt discs from the tray and store them in the freezer. You can even clean out a yogurt tube and use that for your freezer container.

Dr. Oz says that by incorporating these tips can lead to losing 1 pound a week and these tips can be incorporated into any weight loss plan.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Favorite Ways to Blast a Bad Mood

Dr. Oz Mood Blasting Favorites #1: Geranium Oil Massage
Place one drop of geranium oil on the finger and massage behind the ear in a counter clockwise motion to release tension and boost mood. Dr. Oz recommends using the power of smells to take mood in the right direction.

Dr. Oz Mood Blasting Favorites #2: Dark Chocolate Cranberries
Indulge in dark chocolate cranberries to improve your mood, says Dr. Oz. Cranberries contain manganese. [From the University of Maryland: “Manganese helps the body form connective tissue, bones, blood clotting factors, and sex hormones. It also plays a role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism, calcium absorption, and blood sugar regulation. Manganese is also necessary for normal brain and nerve function.”]

Dr. Oz Mood Blasting Favorites #3: Saffron Tea
Dr. Oz recommends a hot cup of saffron tea to help boost your mood. Saffron tea has been used for years as a calming mood booster. [With saffron costing more than gold by weight (a tiny amount, 5g, of pure saffron can cost between $20 and $40 and go up into the hundreds from there), I think I'll opt for a more economical relaxing tea such as hibiscus, kava, lemon balm, tulsi, or passion flower.]

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