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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 5/2/12: Body Type Diet, Secret Weapons to Fight Butt Fat, Embarrassing Body Complaints, Disgusting Husband Habits Making You Sick, Beauty Solutions on a Budget

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: May 2, 2012
The Body Type Diet: Weight Loss Solutions for Every Body Shape

  • Blast fat from the butt and belly with they body type diet
  • Secret weapons to fight fat
  • Four beauty products for embarrassing body complaints
  • Are your husband's disgusting habits making you sick?
  • Dr. Oz has beauty solutions on a budget

Are you losing the battle to lose weight? Dr. Oz says this show can help you blast away fat and double your weight loss by focusing on your body type. He says you could have been dieting wrong all along. Meet the man who says he's cracked the code on weight loss. It all comes down to body type.


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The Body Type Diet: Weight Loss Solutions for Every Body Shape

Dr. Oz issued his biggest call to viewers ever, asking them to share their struggles with being an apple shape with a big belly or a pear shape with a big butt. These viewers gathered at secret location and were transported to The Dr. Oz Show in vehicles befitting the topic: The Big Belly Bus and The Big Butt Bus. You've got to have a sense of humor to board those buses.

The laughing ladies asked Dr. Oz to help them lose the caboose and get rid of the jelly belly!

Mark Liponis, MD, author of The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution, is a world expert having spent 25 years looking at the science of weight loss. Today he shares what to eat and drink to target fat on the belly and the butt. He calls it the Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution.

Dr. Liponis says his solution is based on research and studies showing there are two type of people. One body type stores more fat in the belly and the other type stores more fat in the butt. The key is understand how these body types gain weight to understand how to lose the weight.

Dr. Oz: Are You a Hunter or a Farmer? Determine Your Body Type

Dr. Liponis has three questions to help determine your body type.

Dr. Oz Body Type Question #1: What did you weight at birth?
Your birth weight predicts where you'll gain weight later in life. If you weighed less than 7 pounds put on more belly fat later in life, they are a hunter body type. Those who weighed 7 and 10 pounds put on more butt fat later in life, they are a farmer body type.

Dr. Oz Body Type Question #2: How do you float if you're lying in the water?
Fat floats. How your body floats in water can help determine your body type.

Fat in the belly causes what Dr. Liponis calls the jelly fish float. The belly floats and legs go down. Fat in butt typically is associated with fat in the thighs too so that when in water the legs will float.

Dr. Oz What Belly and Butt Fat Mean

Dr. Oz showed these two types of fat and explained why the are different.

Dr. Oz: Belly Fat
Stress hormones are the main reason why people get belly fat. The fat is squishy and textured. As fat accumulates around the belly, surrounding organs such as the aorta will get squished.

Dr. Oz: Butt Fat
Butt fat is a solid layer of fat wrapped around the butt and thighs making the legs float in the pool. Estrogen is a big player in this type of fat, reproductive organs wrecking havoc on the body.

The fat of each body type looks different and therefore different steps are taken to target each type of fat, says Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz: Belly and Butt Fat Meal Plans

Dr. Oz Meal Plan for Belly Fat
Melt belly fat:
  • Eat a high protein diet; and
  • Eat dessert.

The key to targeting belly fat is to eat a high protein diet, says Dr. Liponis. The hunter body type needs to focus on the types of a food that would be plentiful for a hunter. A hunter can't get a loaf of bread or pasta but they would eat meat, vegetables and berries. The hunter body type tends to get hungry less often and have a better metabolism that helps them lose weight easier.

For lunch, Dr. Liponis recommends a turkey burger with a side of baked fries. For dinner, chicken meatloaf with a side of cauliflower is a great choice.

There's no breakfast recommendation. Right! Dr. Liponis explains that the hunter body type is not often hungry for breakfast. He says not to force yourself to eat breakfast if your a hunter body type and not interested in breakfast. By eating breakfast you'll just end up eat more calories throughout the day. Dr. Oz says this idea goes against everything he has learned about diet. He finds the idea shocking.

Breakfast may be options but dessert is recommended. Dr. Liponis says the hunter body type feels good when they eat something sweet. The ideal dessert for the hunter is ice cream which provides some protein and fat and would be a better choice than sorbet that is all sugar or a even a cookie.

To help blow through belly fat, Dr. Liponis recommends drinking pomegranate juice -
unsweetened pomegranate juice that is. The rick, dark color of pomegranate juice is an indicator of it's antioxidants abilities. Antioxidants support healthy levels of inflammation, a common problem for the hunter body type.

Dr. Oz Meal Plan for Butt Fat
Melt butt fat:
  • Eat a high carbohydrate diet; and
  • Avoid dairy which has too much fat.

The farmer body type is sensitive to insulin. As blood sugar levels drop, the farmer will look for foods to balance blood sugar. The farmer needs to stick with foods that they could grow: grains and vegetables, all the plant foods. Carbohydrates will support healthy blood sugar levels in the farmer body type.

The key to a successful butt fat meal plan is to eat smaller, more frequent meals focusing on carbohydrates. For breakfast, Dr. Liponis recommends whole grain pancakes. A morning snack could be a Fiber One bar, For lunch, a flat bread pizza would satisfy. An afternoon snack should be focused on carbs, they showed what looked like blue potato chips. For dinner, pasta is a good choice.

For a butt blasting drink, Dr. Liponis recommends to stay away from dairy and focus on dairy-free milks as a base. He says soy milk is a good choice because of the balance of protein and carbohydrate and the added benefit of hormonal balancing which can help to reduce cancer risks.

Because the farmer body type is sensitive to blood sugar imbalances, Dr. Liponis recommends a healthy snack before be to support more stable blood sugar levels through the night. A little peanute butter on whole grain bread is a great farmer snack before bed.

Dr. Oz Fat Blasting Secret Weapons

Dr. Oz Fat Blasting Secret Weapon #1: Supplements
  • For belly fat, Dr. Liponis recommends chromium polynicotinate, 200mcg daily, to improve insulin sensitivity and help make weight loss easier.
  • For butt fat, Dr. Liponis recommends DIM, diindolylmethane, 150mg daily, from cruciferous vegetables supports balancing of estrogen and reduces caner risks.

Dr. Oz Fat Blasting Secret Weapon #2: Exercise
  • For belly fat, The time of day matters when it comes to exercise. The hunter tends to eat their biggest meal in the evening therefore they need to take a walk after dinner.
  • For butt fat, Dr. Liponis recommends wearing compression socks to provide comfort for the feet. When the feet feel good, the farmer body type will be more likely to get up and get working out.

Dr. Oz Fat Blasting Secret Weapon #3: Coffee
This recommendation is for belly fat, use unbleached coffee filters. Coffee boosts the metabolism but there is harmful chemical in coffee, capsitol [heck if I could find more information on this], that not good to ingest so it's best to remove it before drinking. Using non-bleached paper filters can remove this harmful chemical.

Dr. Oz Poop Solutions

The Bristol Stool Chart was designed to access the health of poop. [Click here to see the poop poster.] The chart lists poop within seven categories. Dr. Oz says he wants to hear viewers use these numbers when they talk about their poop with their doctor.

Type 1: Pellets, hard to pass
Type 2: Bumpy, lumpy
Type 3: Hard with cracks on surface
Type 4: The perfect smooth poop
Type 5: Still perfect but more little pieces
Type 6: Fluffy, mushy, more water content
Type 7: Completely liquid

The idea poop types are 4 and 5.

Loose stools, as in Types 6 and 7, are an indication that food is moving quickly through the intestines and the body cannot remove all the water. Causes for food to move too quickly through are not enough fiber and eating foods with artificial ingredients.

Hard stools, as in Types 1 through 3, happen when foods move through the large intestines slowly and the body sucks out all the water. Dehydration plays a factor in hard stools so does a lack of fiber in the diet.

The commonality between both loose and hard stools is fiber. How many grams of fiber do you eat in a day? The recommended amount is 25g of fiber daily however the average American eats between 10 and 15 grams daily.

How much is 25g of fiber? 10 oranges have 25g of fiber, so does 6 baked potatoes, 12 slices of whole wheat bread, and 6 cups of oatmeal. Most people don't and won't eat so much of one food in a day, variety is key. Dr. Oz explains that one of the best way to increase fiber in the diet is to take psyllium fiber. He recommends Metamucil brand.

Dr. Oz says psyllium can help you achieve the perfect type of stool because it gels up in the intestines drawing out and trapping waste and even cholesterol to expel it and doesn't let it back into the system. This gelling provided by psyllium can help produce that perfect “S” shaped poop Dr. Oz loves to talk about. He recommends taking 7g of psyllium soluble fiber over the course of three servings in a day with water.

Dr. Oz and Metamucil have teamed up to give viewers a chance to win a canister of Metamucil and one lucky entrant will receive a 3-day trip to New York to meet Dr. Oz. Click here to enter this contest from

**Please note: Watching Dr Oz is not affiliated or associated with Dr. Oz, The Dr. Oz Show, or Any contests mentioned on The Dr. Oz Show are the responsibility of The Dr. Oz Show. Please do not try enter this Metamucil contest through Watching Dr Oz. **

Dr. Oz Solutions for Embarrassing Body Complaints

Four brave women are sharing the questions they are too embarrassed to ask their doctor. Embarrassing body complaints are up next – it's OK, there's only four.

Jenn Goldstein, Beauty Director, Prevention Magazine, joins Dr. Oz to share solutions for these four beauty related embarrassing body complaints.

Dr. Oz Solutions for Embarrassing Body Complaints: Thigh Chaffing
To prevent the tender skin of the thighs from chaffing, causing rashes and discomfort, Ms. Goldstein recommends Luvees Coveralls that come in both legwarmer and biker short style. These lacy undergarments protect the skin of the thighs and allow for smoother movement.
Cost for Luvees Coveralls: $22.00 - $27.00

Another style solution is Monistat's Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel. This topical solution is applied to the thighs and provides a cool, breezy, slick surface on the thighs so they glide together without discomfort.

Dr. Oz Solutions for Embarrassing Body Complaints: Breast Sweat
Breast sweat is a common complaint in the summer months but some women experience it year round. The sweat can cause a red rash and pimples that can be quite uncomfortable. The could lead to a fungal infection. To support irritated skin without a rash, Ms. Goldstein recommends Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner. Affix the disposable liner under the bra. Girlease will hold five times its weight in water.
Cost for Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner: $8.50 for one liner.

For a reusable bra liner, Ms. Goldstein recommends Bramates.
Cost for Bramates: ranges $14.00 - $18.00 depending on cup size.

Dr. Oz Solutions for Embarrassing Body Complaints: Stretch Marks
Dr. Oz shared that he didn't think there was a good solution for stretch marks. Cocoa butter doesn't always work for every person. Ms. Goldstein says there is a product that can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, StriVectin Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks. A topical form of niacin, Ms. Goldstein says StriVectin can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks in 12 weeks.

[Take a look at that ingredient list: chemical after chemical on top of chemicals and even more chemicals. I'll keep my stretch marks and $135 plus shipping, thank you very much.]

Dr. Oz Solutions for Embarrassing Body Complaints: Boob Flab
The dreaded bra bulge that effects skinny girls and thick girls alike. Boob flab happens when the bands of a bra cuts into the skin causing that bulge, that flab. The Sassybax Bralett features a wide band on the back and under the arms to reduce that bulge.
Cost for the Sassybax Bralett: $60.00.

Dr. Oz: Disgusting Husband Habits Making You Sick?

We know boys are gross but can those disgusting husband habits make you sick? Dr. Oz tackles the gross reality that are husbands and let's their wives know the health truth behind their secret disgusting habits.

Dr. Oz Disgusting Husband Habit #1: Eats his toenail clippings then tries to kiss his wife!
This truly is disgusting, Dr. Oz agrees with me. Her husband started chewing his toenails when he was laid up for months after foot surgery. He chews them so often their children do it too and think it's normal!

Verdict: YES! This habit could be making his wife sick. Toenails harbor germs, spread infections, and bugs too. Gross, gross, gross. The solution to this couple's problem is for the husband to chew gum after chewing his toenails to get the saliva moving around to naturally clean the mouth. Dr. Oz also recommends The Natural Dentist Antiseptic Mouthwash which will clean the mouth without drying it out.

[WAIT! What about NOT chewing the toenails? Sounds like a solution to me!]

Dr. Oz Disgusting Husband Habit #2: After working out and getting sweaty, the husband wants to have sex.
Her husband will play basketball for hours then come home all sweaty and wants to have sex with his wife without taking a shower first. The wife says all she sees is a gross, sweaty mess and will have none of that. Dr. Oz shared that this happens in his household too.

The Verdict: YES! This habit could be making his wife sick! Skin infections happen for many reasons and an infection can be passed between partners during sex. Jock itch, a fungal infection, can be readily transferred. Take a shower! Dr. Oz recommends using ManJunk body wash with malaleuca extract.

Dr. Oz Disgusting Husband Habit #3: He leaves dirty clothes in every room of the house.
His wife picks up after him because he won't listen to her requests to stop leaving his clothes in every room of the house. That's weird.

The Verdict: NO! This habit does not make his wife sick. [It will only make her disgruntled.] Underwear on the kitchen counter is an exception but dirty socks on the ground won't make you sick. Dr. Oz recommends using Borax laundry booster as a cleanser, it's powerful and environmentally friends. He says to mix ½ cup of Borax in a gallon of hot water to kill germs from the surfaces where he leaves his dirty clothes. And, Dr. Oz asked the wife why she just didn't let the clothes pile up until the husband gets fed up and cleans up after himself? [And while she's at it have him mix up the Borax and clean the dirty sock smell off the floor!]

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Beat Beauty Problems on a Budget

Dr. Oz Beauty Solutions on a Budget #1: Dandruff
Dr. Oz says to mix 2 tablespoons olive oil with 2 tablespoons of baking soda into a paste and apply as much to the scalp as possible. Let the mix sit for 10 minutes. The baking soda will help to remove dirt and skin cells from the hair and the olive oil helps to moisture and sooth.

Dr. Oz Beauty Solutions on a Budget #2: Pimples
Dr. Oz recommends using non-gel, non-whitening toothpaste. Apply the toothpaste to pimples overnight to reduce inflammation, pull out pus from the pimple, and dry out the pimple.

Dr. Oz Beauty Solutions on a Budget #3: Dry Hair
Dr. Oz recommends adding a shot of vodka to conditioner. It works as an astringent to better clean the hair. Add your favorite essential oil for a great scent.

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  1. I am a Hunter. I have the big belly. I have began taking Chromium Polynicotinate 200 mcg but twice a day instead of once. I also have been taking the Raspberry Ketones with Cayenne twice per day. I have seen my belly fat change but I have put on more butt fat since then. So my weight is changing places. I am 40 so things may be changing just because of that and not related so beware of that part of what I am saying here. I am also an O Blood Type which means I am a true hunter/gatherer. I am also an Aries which means I do things myself. I weigh 190 lbs today. This is back up from being down to 168 lbs. I have also taken Xenical Orlistat in the past and found it to be effective in losing belly fat. There are many not so good effects of Xenical though. I was pre-diabetic before I began Xenical. I lost weight and became less pre-diabetic. I am gaining weight back after stopping Xenical and not getting out of the house enough for exercise. Just chatting about where I am at. Hope that helps some. Have you tried any of what I mentioned here?