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Monday, May 21, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 5/21/12: Theresa Caputo Talks to The Dead, Harness Intuition, Truth About Flip-Flops, Allergy Season Tips, Outrageous Health Trends

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: May 21, 2012
Dr. Oz: The Long Island Medium - The Housewife Who Talks to The Dead

  • The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo talks to audience member loved ones
  • Theresa Caputo shares how you can harness your intuition
  • Could those comfortable flip-flops be damaging your feet?
  • Tips for surviving the worst allergy season
  • Dr. Oz looks at outrageous health trends and determines if they work or are just outrageous
  • Bonus Tips: more allergy season tips

People have always grappled with one of the biggest question of our existence, what happens at the moment when we die? Theresa Caputo speaks with the dead and says she knows the answer to that question and that she can help people connect with their loved ones.


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Dr. Oz The Long Island Medium: The Housewife Who Talks to The Dead

Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium on TLC, is married with two kids, likes to think of herself as a typical Long Island mom. The last thing she thought she'd be doing is talking to dead people. At the age of 4 she started seeing spirits at the end of her bed and thought it was normal. When she was 14, she learned that it wasn't normal which sent her into anxiety attacks. Her mother sent her to a spiritual healer who helped her realized she had a gift.

Ms. Caputo's wish for everyone who contacts their deceased loved ones is that they receive a message that brings healing closure for them.

Everyone has the ability to connect with their departed loved ones, says Mr. Caputo. She has the ability to talk everyone who has departed. The connection between the living and the departed is a soul bond, a spiritual bond that cannot be broken in death.

Dr Oz says he can explain the physical and medical experience of dying but can't explain how it feels. Ms. Caputo says the dead are greeted by loved ones, different loved ones on different levels on the other side. There are many levels for the dead to go through, she explains, where the soul learns lessons of growth and healing.

Skeptics say Ms. Caputo is picking up on information and details that the client provides during a conversation and that's how she's able to give people the impression she speaks with the dead. Ms. Caputo responds by saying she never stops talking and her clients don't get a chance to say anything so they no opportunity to convey information.

Are the spirits with her all the time or can she turn it off. She says yes, she can turn off the spirits when she needs or wants but she still feels their presence. She said that right then she had shut out the voices but had a headache, a heaviness in her head, knowing they are there trying to communicate through her.

Ms. Caputo allowed the spirits through and communicated their message to loved ones in the audience. She heard from a mother who passed away and wanted to let her daughter know that she went above and beyond in caring for her. The mom wanted her daughter to know that didn't say goodbye because she couldn't let go while her daughter was there. Her mom wanted to thank her and say goodbye.

Another audience member lost a son suddenly, unexpectedly in Iraq. He was a Navy Seal who left behind a wife and 3 kids. The son showed Ms. Caputo a tattoo his mother got in memory of his death. She told the mother that her sons soul is always with her, she even brought him to the studio that day. He says he heard the mother's prayers and he will be there to greet her father who is terminally ill.

Ms. Caputo asked if the mother just felt a chill. She answered yes. The son told Ms. Caputo that he just passed through her and wanted her to know it was him.

Whose sister died recently, she asked? Did she ask the sister to appear today? Yes. The sister wanted the family to know she did not suffer. Was she crushed, or did something happen to her chest? Yes, she died during 9/11. She did not suffer.

Several spirits connected with different people from different families were speaking to Ms. Caputo at the same time. A woman who died dramatically wanted her sister remember as she was before she became sick and that her sister shouldn't feel guilty. The woman said the sister should not worry that an earlier diagnosis would have saved her that responsibility is not hers. 

Dr. Oz Harness Your Own Intuition

Anyone can learn to open up to communications from departed loved ones. Ms. Caputo shares three steps to be more receptive to the message.

Dr. Oz Harness Intuition #1: Listen for the Message
Anything odd, weird, or coincidence is your loved one trying to talk to you. Loved ones who come through in a dream, when you remember the person vividly upon waking that is a visitation, the departed letting you know they are there.

When you're compelled to turn on the radio then a favorite song comes on it is a loved one talking to you. When something important happens that is connected to a departed loved one, Ms. Caputo says it's the loved one talking, telling you then are with you at that moment.

It's real, it's not imagination she says.

Dr. Oz Harness Intuition #2: Release Your Fear
Ms. Caputo says you can't have faith in fear. She says to embrace the symbols. Meditation and quieting the mind can help people hear messages from departed loved ones. Why do the departed, people as her, speak at night while sleeping? The mind is at rest, she says and the message can be heard.

For Ms. Caputo, her best information comes when she's in the shower, while drying her hair, or when vacuuming, that's when her mind is at rest. During meditation, people can learn how to connect with spirit.

Dr. Oz Harness Intuition #3: Try Automatic Writing
Ms. Caputo gets a feeling or gets a flash of a picture but often won't understand the meaning. To help clarify the messages she write them down in a journal, words or pictures, and later on the meaning will present itself.

Dr. Oz The Truth About Flip-Flops

It's the staple shoe of summer but could it be harming your feet? Dr. Oz says flip-flops may seem comfortable but they present the trifecta of foot problems: thin straps, a thin sole, and no arch support.

Dr. Oz Flip-Flop Danger #1: Thin Sole
The thin sole of a flip-flop leaves it vulnerable for injury. Walking around, especially through the streets of New York, any sharp object can easily puncture the shoe injuring the foot. Dr. Oz says he sees injuries like that all the time.

Dr. Oz Flip-Flop Danger #2: Plantar Fasciitis
Wearing flip-flops can change how you walk. There are many bones in the feet and many bones make-up the arch of the foot. Running from the heel to the ball of the foot is the connective tissue called the plantar fasciitis. When the arch is supported, the plantar fasciitis is loose but with a flat shoe it is taut which can cause problems.

A bone spur at the heel holds onto the connective tissue. As the plantar fasciitis stretches and it pulled from repetitively wearing flat shoes, that natural bone spur cuts into the muscle and skin causing pain that feels like a nail going through the foot.

Dr. Oz Flip-Flop Danger #3: Buy a Study Flip-Flop
Dr. Oz says it's possible to wear your flip-flops and support your foot health too.
  • Avoid a thin soled heel yet don't go higher than 2 inches in the heel;
  • Find a flip-flop with arch support; and,
  • The thong strap should be wide and thick to diffuse pressure over the top of the foot.
Orthaheels have shoes that fit all these requirements in a flip-flop that starts at $40.00.

Dr Oz Tips For The Worst Allergy Season

Dr. Oz shares four simple things to get relief from allergies today.

Dr. Clifford Bassett, MD, Allergy and Asthma Care of New York, says there are many things people do that make their allergies worse. Over-the-counter medications such as nasal sprays could be making allergy symptoms worse. It's important, says Dr. Bassett, to see an allergist to determine a treatment program matched to your individual needs. Dr. Bassett says he often finds patients who have chosen an concoction that is not right for their allergies.

Dr. Oz Fight Allergies #1: Pollen Check
Know what you're allergic to, monitor pollen counts and when it's a windy day you may need to stay indoors.

Dr. Oz Fight Allergies #2: Watch What You Eat
Foods can cross react with allergies, says Dr. Bassett. This tip shocked Dr. Oz. Fresh fruit especially can aggravate allergies causing tingling in the mouth and throat. Apples, pears, and peaches are common culprits.

People who suffer from tree allergies can also have a reaction from eating fresh fruit. A protein in fruit makes the body think it's eating pollen. Dr. Bassett says to remove the peel from the fruit or cook it.

Nut flavored coffee, hazelnut and almond are related to trees and therefore can also cause that cross reaction of tingling.

Dr. Oz Fight Allergies #3: Irrigate Your Eyes
Dr. Bassett recommends wiping the eyelids gently to remove pollen. When washing the face, use a washcloth to gently wipe the lid or buy wipes specially designed for the eye lids.

Dr. Oz Fight Allergies #4: Know Your Merv
The Merv scale denotes the strength of an air filter. Dr. Bassett says allergy sufferers should look for filters that list a filtration value of 11-12. A HEPA filter is also important, it removes 99.7% of allergens in the home.

Dr. Oz Outrageous Health Trends

Dr. Oz talks about outrageous health trends, which ones work and which ones are really outrageous?

Dr. Oz Outrageous Health Trend #1: Squatty Potty for Perfect Poop
The Squatty Potty says it will create a better bathroom experience. Dr. Oz says it works! The Squatty Potty lifts the legs to get your core in the perfect poop position. When sitting on the toilet the anal core is squashed and sometimes, says Dr. Oz, there's no where for the poop to go. The Squatty Potty opens that core to allow the poop to expel easily.
Cost for the Squatty Potty: $29.95 online

Dr. Oz Outrageous Health Trend #2: Sand Therapy for Joint Pain
Sand therapy involves immersing the entire body in sand, warm heat provides soothing relief to the joint, cooling can also be applied to support healthy inflammation. Dr. Oz says it works but not everyone has the ability to immerse themselves in warm sand.

Dr. Oz also recommends Dr. School's Arctic Hot/Cold Mini Massager. The Mini Massager can provide soothing heat or cold with vibrating movement to simulate a massage.

Dr. Oz Outrageous Health Trend #3: Snake Therapy Massage for Muscle Pain
Some spas use snakes to massage away muscle pain. Dr. Oz says it doesn't work for a bunch of good reasons. People can't relax with snake slithering on them and snakes cannot put selective pressure onto aching muscles.

As an alternative to snakes, Dr. Oz recommends rubbing castor oil on the sore area then covering it with plastic wrap and applying a heating pad.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! More Allergy Relief Tips

Dr. Oz Allergy Relief Tip #1: Pepper Nasal Spray
Dr. Oz recommends a nasal spray that combines cayenne pepper and horseradish. He says there will be a little burning sensation which means it's working. Cost: about $15.00.

Dr. Oz Allergy Relief Tip #2: Cold Compress
To support puffy eyes, Dr. Oz recommends using a cool compress over the eyes. Keep the compress in the refrigerator then apply when needed to shrink swelling around the eyes.

Dr. Oz Allergy Relief Tip #3: Hypoallergenic Bedding
Dr. Oz recommends paying extra attention to your bedding. Hypoallergenic bedding – pillows, pillow cases, mattress pad - can help to reduce irritations from allergies.

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