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Friday, May 18, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 5/17/12: Weird or Worried? Strange Health Questions, Strange Skin Concerns, Flavor Boosters to Lose Weight, Grilled Cheese Goes Healthy, Restaurant Super Cheats, 3 Easy Ways to Cut 100 Calories

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: May 17, 2012
Weird or Worried? Your Strangest Health Questions Ever!

  • Dr. Oz answers strange health questions and deems them weird or worrisome
  • Strange skin concerns are discussed
  • Four flavor swaps that will save you calories
  • The grilled cheese sandwich gets a make-over and gets healthy
  • Four ways to save hundreds of calories while dining out
  • Bonus: Three tips to cut 100 calories

Dr. Oz has talked about strange stuff before but, he says, the questions get bizarre on today's episode. He tackles embarrassing and strange questions and lets viewers know if their health issues are something to worry about or just weird.

Dr. Oz and guests share ideas to cut calories from your favorite comfort food, restaurant meals and snacks too.


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Dr. Oz Weird or Worried? Your Strangest Health Questions Ever!

Dr. Oz goes to a strange place to find strange health questions, Ripley's Believe it Or Not Odditorium.

When she goes to the bathroom, her eyes water – Weird.
Dr. Oz says this is just a weird thing our bodies will sometimes do. He explained that the nerves in the bladder that help you go pee are the same nerves that can make your eyes water.

Drinking alcohol makes her face flush – Weird.
Drinking alcohol causes blood vessels to expand creating the red, flushed look to the face. There's no concern necessary, he says, it's just weird.

She gets diarrhea during her period – Weird.
Dr. Oz discussed this issue on a recent episode. The same hormones that make the uterus contract during menstruation can also cause the bowels to contract as well as causing material to move through the intestines faster than usual and then diarrhea may happen.

Back in the studio, Dr. Oz takes questions from audience members concerned that their health question may be something to worry about.

Dr. Oz Strange Questions #1: Peeing During Sex – Weird
Peeing during sex is not unusual at all, says Dr. Oz, and is more common that many would think. The bladder sits on the pelvic floor and the pelvic floor muscles also wraps around the urethra holding it up as well. During sex, the pelvic muscles pulsate and when the crescendo is reached any urine in the bladder comes leaking out.

Dr. Oz recommends to empty the bladder before sex, as well as after, and to do kegel exercises too. If kegel's don't help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, he explains, then seeing a professional may be the next step along with physical therapy.

[Click here to learn more about kegel's and other options for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles:

Dr. Oz Strange Questions #2: Loss of Sense of Smell – Worry
Dana, from the audience, suddenly lost her sense of smell and taste three years ago. Losing the sense of smell and taste is common due to congestion for people who suffer from allergies but the issue typically only lasts a few months. If the sense goes away suddenly and doesn't come back within a month, Dr. Oz says there could be some concern.

Dr. Oz explained, with a demonstration, how the scents enter the nasal passageways where they connect with receptors to the brain where smell is registered. Polyps can form in the nasal passageways and prevent a scent from reaching those receptors. He says a doctor can view the nasal passageways and determine if polyps are present and if so they can be easily removed.

A loss of smell for more than one month could be associated with a zinc deficiency or a side-effect from a prescription drug. Talk to your doctor to see if these could be the culprits.

Dr. Oz Strange Questions #3: Sleeping with Eyes Open - Weird
Jennifer, her husband Chris and their 15 month old son joined Dr. Oz on stage. Jennifer shared that her husband sleeps with his eyes open and now their 15 month old son is sleeping with his eyes open too. It's a little creepy, she confided.

Dr. Oz said if her husband has been doing this most of his life and their son is now exhibiting the same behavior it's likely genetic. Surprisingly, 4 million people in the US sleep with their eyes open.

If the condition comes on suddenly there could be a concern over the health of the thyroid. Antibodies that naturally help fight of invaders in the body could over react, get into the thyroid gland and begin to attach the tissues of the gland. These same antibodies can also cause damage to tissues behind the eyes causing the tissue to swell and push the eye so the person appears to have bulging eyes. Medical attention is required should this happen.

For Jennifer's husband, because he's had the behavior his entire life, Dr. Oz recommends protecting the eyes by talking to a doctor about being fitted for external eyelid weights to help keep the lids closed during sleep. For her son, Dr. Oz recommends keeping a humidifier in his bedroom to increase the moisture to his eyes. 

Dr. Oz Strange Skin Conditions

Dr. Oz Strange Skin Condition #1: Inverted Nipple
She's had an inverted nipple for as long as she remembers but thinks it may be getting worse. Dr. Oz said an inverted nipple is completely normal, 10% of women are born with inverted nipples.

With a demonstration, Dr. Oz explained that short ligaments can make a nipple inverted. An inverted nipple could be a problem an outie nipple suddenly becomes inverted. A tumor if formed behind the nipple will pull on ligaments in the nipple and make it inverted. If a nipple was inverted at birth then Dr. Oz says there probably isn't an issue. It's always a good idea to get a regular check up just to make sure. People with inverted nipples can have a procedure to bring out the nipple if they choose.

Dr. Oz Strange Skin Condition #2: Psoriasis
Psoriasis is a common skin condition, about 7 ½ million American's suffer from it, typically shows up on the outside of the elbows and knees characterized by a white scaly rash that is not contagious. Eczema, another common skin condition, often appears on the inside of the elbows and knees as red, inflamed skin. Psoriasis and eczema are commonly confused.

Dr. Oz recommends using topical creams containing salicylic acid to support the skin during psoriasis. He also recommends shampoo containing coal tar if the psoriasis appears on the scalp, saying it can be incredibly effective.

Dr. Oz Strange Skin Condition #3: Keratosis Pilaris
Keratosis Pilaris appears on the arms and thighs as little red bumps often very similar to goose bumps. It is caused by the skin making too much keratin creating skin build up around hair follicles block hair growth resulting in bumps and inflammation.

Exfoliation with a loofa sponge is commonly recommended but can inflame the area further for many people. [On the 4/9/12: Dr. Oz Alphabet of Health – K is for Keratosis Pilaris episode, Dr. Oz recommended just that and now he's giving a different recommendation.] Instead, Dr. Oz recommends after a shower to apply a cream containing urea to break down that excess skin and allow the hair to grow out normally.

Dr. Oz Best Flavor Boosters to Lose Weight

Sari Greaves, RN, CDN, Nutrition Director at Step Ahead Weight Loss Center, joins Dr. Oz to provide flavor recommendations that can help save hundreds of calories every day.

Dr. Oz Flavor Booster #1: Replace Oil and Butter with Reduced Sodium Chicken Stock
Ms. Greaves says she wants people to have a stash of reduced-sodium chicken stock in the pantry at all times. Chicken stock provides sensational taste that's skinny on the waist, she say. When cooking swap out the oil for a small amount of chicken stock , the key is to gradually add the stock to the pan and only use the amount needed to keep the food moist while cooking. Swapping oil and butter for chicken stock can save about 100 calories.

Dr. Oz Flavor Booster #2: Replace Bread Crumbs with Ground Flaxseed Meal
Bread crumbs taste great but are empty calories. Ms. Greaves says to swap out those bread crumbs for ground flaxseed meal which brings a nutty flavor, vitamins, and heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Use flaxseed meal to coat proteins and vegetables to help you feel full with fewer calories.

Dr. Oz Flavor Booster #3: Replace High Sugar Marinades with Chinese Five Spice
Chinese Five Spice should be a staple in every kitchen, says Ms. Greaves. A mixture of star anise, fennel, clove, black pepper, and cinnamon, a little of the exotic flavor of Chinese Five Spice goes a long way. She recommends using only 1 teaspoon to spice up meats and vegetables that will serve four.

Dr. Oz Flavor Booster #4: Replace Mayo with Sun Dried Tomato Mayo
Mayonnaise may bring flavor but it certainly doesn't do the waist line any favors. Ms. Greaves recommends cutting back on the mayo by mixing it with the concentrated flavor of sun dried tomatoes to create an antioxidant spiked mayo. Low in calories, high in Vitamins A and C, and lycopene, sun dried tomatoes give plain mayo nutrients and more than enough flavor to compensate for the loss of calories and fat. Two teaspoons of light mayo with 1 teaspoon of sun dried tomato paste packs a punch. Canola or olive oil based light mayos will bring more heart healthy nutrients.

Dr. Oz Grilled Cheese Makeover

It's gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside and filled with calories and fat too. The grilled cheese sandwich is the top of the American comfort food list but it's not Dr. Oz approved. He asked British Chef Danny Boome, host of Food Network's Rescue Chef, to revamp this cultural classic by cuting down the calories and fat but keeping the flavor.

The grilled cheese: the food mom makes on a rainy day, great hang over food, the best in comfort. Chef Boome gets the grilled cheese sandwich and he gives viewers three versions to choose from, low-calorie, classic, and turkey grilled cheese.

Dr. Oz Grilled Cheese Makeover: Danny's Mediterranean Grilled Cheese
Danny's Mediterranean Grilled Cheese cuts the calories by swapping butter for olive oil, yellow cheese with flavor filled goat cheese, and white bread for whole wheat.

The Numbers
Traditional grilled cheese packs 800 calories.
Danny's Mediterranean Grilled Cheese cuts the calories back to 508.

2 slices light whole wheat bread
2 tsp olive oil
1/2 cup diced tomato
1 cup sliced spinach
2 oz goat/sheep cheese crumbled
2 oz skim or low-fat mozzarella grated
1 tsp balsamic vinegar
Pepper to taste

In a non-stick pan, lightly coat with olive oil by either drizzling each piece of bread or spreading pan with oil-covered paper towel. In a mixing bowl blend both the goats & grated mozzarella cheese together with the tomatoes, spinach, balsamic vinegar and pepper. Place on slice of bread in pan. Sprinkle the mixture over one slices of bread, covering the edges and cover with second piece of bread. As soon as the cheese has melted and is bubbling hot! Pull out of the pan, slice in two, place on a plate and serve!

Dr. Oz Grilled Cheese Makeover: Danny's Classic Grilled Cheese with Tomato
A tomato slice graces each side of bread in Danny's Classic Grilled Cheese with, of course, Tomato. He uses 2% cheddar cheese and Parmesan cheese. The cheese combo has less calories but the bold flavor makes you think you're eating more calories. Malt vinegar, a little acidic, gives a punch of flavor, it's a culinary staple in Brittan. Sometimes low-calorie foods are lacking in flavor, says Chef Boome, punch it up with malt vinegar, an over-fermented beer.

The Numbers
Traditional grilled cheese packs 800 calories.
Danny's Classic Grilled Cheese with Tomato brings it on down with only 478 calories.

2 slices light whole wheat bread
2 tsp olive oil
1 tomato sliced
1 oz Parmesan, grated
4 oz part-skim or low-fat cheddar, grated
1 tsp malt vinegar

In a non-stick pan, lightly coat with olive oil by either drizzling each piece of bread or spreading pan with oil-covered paper towel. In a mixing bowl blend both the Parmesan and cheddar cheese together.
Add bread to pan. Depending on how big your tomato is, add 2-4 slices on to each slice of toast.
Sprinkle the mixed cheese over the tomato, covering the edges, and place the baking tray back into the oven. Top with second piece of bread. As soon as the cheese has melted and is bubbling hot! Pull out of the oven and place on a plate, splash with a little malt vinegar and serve!

Dr. Oz Grilled Cheese Makeover: Danny's Turkey Grilled Cheese
Turkey gives this sandwich makeover protein which in turn gives energy and flavor without calories. Lemon juice provides the necessary acidity to impress the taste buds and it impressed the audience too – they gave a rousing round of ohhh's and ahhh's.

The Numbers
Traditional grilled cheese packs 800 calories and 37g of fat.
Danny's Turkey Grilled Cheese has only 387 calories and brings the fat down to 13g.

2 slices light whole wheat bread
2 tsp olive oil
4 oz sliced turkey breast
2 oz skim or low fat Swiss grated
1-tbsp, light mayo
1 tsp lemon juice
Pepper to taste

In a non-stick pan, lightly coat with olive oil by either drizzling each piece of bread or spreading pan with oil-covered paper towel. Place bread in pan. In a mixing bowl blend both light mayo and grated Swiss cheese together and add a little pepper and lemon juice to taste. Add slices of turkey breast to one slice of bread, then spread the mayo cheese mixture over turkey, covering the edges. Top with bread. As soon as the cheese has melted and is bubbling hot! Pull out of the pan, slice in two, place on a plate and serve!

Dr. Oz Restaurant Super Cheats to Save Calories

A typical restaurant meal has as much as 1,200 calories! YIKES! Danyelle Freeman, restaurant critic and author of Try This: Traveling the Globe Without Leaving the Table, eats out six nights a week. She says you don't have to over eat to enjoy a great meal. Ms. Freeman brings four easy ways to save calories while dining out.

Dr. Oz asks, why do restaurant meals pack so many calories? Chefs add butter, cream, and oil to increase flavor, says Ms. Freeman, and that will add hundreds of calories to a meal.

Dr. Oz Restaurant Super Cheat: Boost Your Booze With Bubbles
A before dinner cocktail or glass of wine will set you back 200 calories without even starting your meal. Ms. Freeman recommends drinking sparkling water instead, and it has only zero calories. With dinner, order wine and alternate sips with the sparkling water or add the sparkling water to the wine to make your own spritzer. These tips can save 240 calories.

Dr. Oz Restaurant Super Cheat: The Harder The Bread, The Better It Is For You
Ms. Freeman understands the seduction of the breadbasket but she cautions to not reach for the doughy bread but go for the flat bread or bread sticks. A hard bread will take longer to eat and will be more satisfying. Science has proven that the more you chew, the more you'll be satisfied with your food. This tip will save 140 calories.

Dr. Oz Restaurant Super Cheat: Protein Pack Your Pasta
Don't derive yourself of that pasta, says Ms. Freeman, put some protein on it and ask for side plate so you can take off ¼ of your pasta so you don't eat the entire plate. Save 153 calories with this tip.

Dr. Oz Restaurant Super Cheat: Never Eat The Bottom Crust
Get the flavor, texture, and crunch of a pie by only eating the top crust and skip the bottom crust. The bottom crust has more oil from greasing the pan so leave it on the plate and save 150 calories.

Utilizing all these tips can save a total of 600 calories. In her years as a food critic, these tips have saves Mr. Freeman from gaining pounds and pounds of weight.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Three Simple Ways to Cut 100 Calories

Dr. Oz Cut 100 Calories Tip #1: Switch Hands
Eat with your non-dominate hand to cut calories. If you're right-handed then use your left-hand. Dr. Oz explained that studies show eating with the non-dominate hand will slow down the eating process and reduce the calories taken in. Start with snacks then move up to meals.

Dr. Oz Cut 100 Calories Tip #2: Remove Chicken Skin
Skin on your chicken dinner doubles the fat and increases the calories of the meal. Remove the chicken skin to save 100 cal and 10g of fat, says Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz Cut 100 Calories Tip #3: Chew Gum While Cooking
How many calories do you take in while cooking, before you sit down to the meal? As much as 100 calories, or more. Dr. Oz recommends chewing sugarless gum while cooking to prevent you from eating before the meal and will also aid in digestion.

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