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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 5/3/12: Montel Williams – Breast Cancer and Emotional Eating, At-Home Fitness with Montel, Skin Care Myths Busted, Bad Hair Day Solutions

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: May 3, 2012
Montel Williams' Secret Struggle

  • Montel Williams has a secret he wants to share with Dr. Oz.
  • Four reasons for emotional eating and how to overcome them
  • At-home fitness with Montel Williams to target problem areas
  • Skin care myths are discussed and busted
  • Celebrity stylist shows how to overcome bad hair days

Dr. Oz says he wants to do this show today because Montel Williams' secret shocked him. Montel Williams visits Dr. Oz to share another surprising health issue he has faced and says he has conquered. Learn what has challenged Mr. Williams for year and how he has overcome this chapter in his health history.


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Recently, Mr. Williams saw a Dr. Oz Show episode on emotional eateing and realized that he too is an emotional eater. When he is sad, when he's nervous, angry he turns to food. Author of three fitness books, how can he look so fit and say that he is an emotional eater? There are many shapes and sizes to emotional eating and there are many forms of body image issues.

Diagnosed with clinical depression, he admits that he can't control his emotions. When his emotional downs happen at home, Mr. Williams says he will sneak food. The night before filming The Dr. Oz Show that aired in January, Mr. Williams said he was so nervous about the appearance because he agreed to remove his shirt on camera that he ate an entire box of Girl Scout cookies – in a matter of minutes.

At age 56, Mr. Williams says he's a Hollywood fraud, like everyone else in Hollywood. He tells Dr. Oz Show viewers and people across the country about getting healthy yet he can't do it all the time himself and he suffers from emotional eating.

Where do these issues with body image come from when he's in good shape, talks about nutrition and fitness? In 1974, at age 19 and Marines, Mr. Williams tore a pectoral muscle while working out. He went to the doctor and 8 hours later was in surgery having a double mastectomy. Left butchered, he says, by that surgeon who removed both breasts, both nipples, lymph nodes sadly the lab reports came back saying that he didn't have cancer. The surgery was unnecessary.

Scarred, humiliated, ashamed of his body, Mr. Williams says he couldn't look at himself in the mirror because of the scars left from this surgery.

Today, Mr. Williams is working out every day, he's paying more attention to his diet and he says he's waking up each day to life instead of sitting around waiting to die.

Mr. Williams says any one can get healthy at fit at any age. He doesn't want people to look at him as a role model he wants them to look at themselves and work on themselves.

Dr. Oz Emotional Eating

Montel Williams says he has taken control of his emotional eating and shares how anyone can conquer emotional eating with his simple recommendations.

Dr. Oz #1 Reason for Emotional Eating: Boredom
Low levels of dopamine cause people to eat and boredom lowers dopamine levels. Mr. Williams recommends taking kola nut extract which contains caffeine and micro nutrients that can help remove the boredom prevent emotional eating.

Dr. Oz #2 Reason for Emotional Eating: Anger
Hemp seeds and chia seeds are filled with protein, hemp is actually the highest source of protein from a seed. When the body is digesting protein, mood can be calmed. Add to seeds to salads or a smoothie.

Dr. Oz #3 Reason for Emotional Eating: Stress
Mr. Williams recommends his Chill Chocolate Goji Berry Blast to bust stress. Grind together 3 tablespoons of raw chocolate and 4 tablespoons of goji berries and add to 1 can of coconut water. The drink has a nutty flavor. Coconut water, says Mr. Williams, is a face lift from within. He explained that two servings of coconut water daily will support hydration of the skin from the inside out.

Dr. Oz #4 Reason for Emotional Eating: Sadness
Serotonin levels are low when people are feeling sad. Mr. Williams recommends a product that he endorses it and has become a part of the company that makes it. Happy Hunger Chews are a chewy snack that contains saffron extract which has been shown to raise serotonin levels.

Mr. Williams says the package recommends eating 2 chews daily, he recommends taking 3 daily for the first 8 days then to go to 2 chews a day. Taking the product since December, Mr. Williams says the last cookie he ate was around Christmas and he hasn't craved sugary treats since.

Dr. Oz had his medical unit research saffron. They found a study where 60 female participants took saffron and experienced a decrease in hunger and cravings.

[Hunger Chews are made by the same company the makes SafSlim, another product endorsed by Montel Williams and presented by him on The Dr. Oz Show. Click the links to read more about saffron extract from a previous Dr. Oz Show - 1/3/12: Montel Williams Fat Busting Supplement - SafSlim.]

In addition to these suggestions, Mr. Williams says people have to exercise everyday, eat clean by removing processed white flour and sugar to truly support health and emotional health.

Dr. Oz Montel Williams At-Home Fitness

Two years ago, Mr. Williams said he had to stop snow boarding because, he says, his feet hurt so bad. His new workout program has allowed him to strengthen his body so that he can snow board again. The beauty of his workout is that you don't need a gym, all the tools you need are already in your home.

[There were no specific reps provided. Perhaps start slow, few reps with multiple sets. Do what's comfortable. Talk to a doctor to see if these exercises could be appropriate for you.]

Dr. Oz: Montel Williams At-Home Fitness to Target Flabby Arms with Chair Dips
To target flabby arms at home, Mr. Williams likes Chair Dips. The only tool you need is a sturdy chair. does a great job explaining how to complete Chair Dips, complete with pictures. Click here for Fitness Magazines instructions for the Chair Dip.

Dr. Oz: Montel Williams At-Home Fitness to Target Back Fat with Kettle Bells
Get two canned food items from your pantry to complete this exercise. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Squat as if you're going to sit on a chair while reaching the arms behind the body in straight lines. Hold for a moment. Thrust up with the legs while bringing the arms forward until they are straight and perpendicular to the floor without going above the shoulders.

Dr. Oz: Montel Williams At-Home Fitness to Target Love Handles
While in Plank Pose, [click here to read instructions for plank pose from] shift weight to one side of the body and bring the opposite leg out perpendicular to the floor then bring the knee toward the elbow. Switch legs.

[To read about Mr. Williams previous appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, click the links:

Dr. Oz Busts Skin Care Beauty Myths

All those promises in beauty care products can leave customers confused. Deborah Sarnoff, MD, dermatologist and member of Eucerin's Skin First Council, joins Dr. Oz to discuss common skin care myths.

Dr. Oz Beauty Myth #1: Should people use different skin care routine in the summer than in the winter?

MYTH – Dr. Sarnoff says people believe that in winter the skin needs more moisture and in the summer the skin needs less moisture. That belief is not true. In the summer people are swimming and sweating more and are showering more. All of these activities will strip moisture from the skin. If you're going to shower more often then, Dr. Sarnoff says, shower quickly and use:
  • a liquid moisturizing soap; and
  • moisturize immediately after getting out of the shower.

Dr. Oz Beauty Myth #2: You have to drink 8 glasses of water a day to moisturize the skin.

MYTH – There's not a lot of science behind the idea that drinking more water will moisturize the skin, says Dr. Sarnoff. Water does help to bring nutrients to the skin, she explained. To moisturize the skin, Dr. Sarnoff says to look for moisturizers that contain the humectants glycerin, urea, and lactic acid. Humectants moisturize and support the skin in retaining water.

Dr. Oz recommends taking 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil daily to moisturize the skin from the inside out. He also recommends eating oranges and bananas that provide natural electrolytes to also help moisturize the skin from the inside out.

Dr. Oz Beauty Myth #3: A light weight moisturizer doesn't work as well as a heavy weight moisturizer.

MYTH: Today's moisturizers, says Dr. Sarnoff, can be light weight while providing deep moisture. Light weight moisturizes contain three key ingredients: humectants to bring water to the cells, ceramides to help retain moisture, and glycol-glycerol to raise moisture from deep layers of the skin to moisturize the upper layers of skin.

The right moisturizer can penetrate into skin and support the body in creating moisture in the deep layers of the skin and then to bring that moisture to the surface. Dr. Sarnoff recommends moisturizing twice a day, in the morning and evening, after cleansing.

Dr. Oz Solutions Bad Hair Days

Rodney Cutler, celebrity stylist and owner of Cutler Salons shares some tips for saving a bad hair day.

Dr. Oz - Stylist Secret to Banish Bad Hair Days #1: Limp Hair
Often limp hair is caused by using too much product, says Mr. Cutler. Women will add product to increase or create volume but, all that product typically builds up and weighs hair down. Hair spray and shampoos can both cause hair to become limp. Built up product can create a crust on the hair follicles preventing natural oils from moisturizing the scalp and hair. If left untreated, build up can clog pours, cause hair loss, slow hair growth and even cause an infection.

Solution for limp hair: Mr. Cutler recommends using a home-made brown sugar scrub to exfoliate and moisturize. Mix 4 tablespoons with 2 tablespoons avocado oil. While in the shower, massage mix into the scalp then rinse.

Dr. Oz - Stylist Secret to Banish Bad Hair Days #2: Restore Color
Bad shampoos with harsh detergents may provide that squeaky clean feeling to hair but they also strip away hair color. Some women may see a loss of color within two weeks after a salon treatment. Mr. Cutler recommends using a kitchen dye to restore hair color that may be fading.

Kitchen Dyes - All Natural Color Restorer
Blondes: Use chamomile tea, enough for the treatment.
Redheads: Use one part beet juice and one part carrot juice.
Brunettes: One part espresso to two parts conditioner.

Shampoo first to open the cuticle then mix your color, 1 part color agent to 2 parts conditioner. Apply conditioner and let sit 20 minutes. Rinse then use straight conditioner.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! For Better Sleep

Montel Williams joins Dr. Oz for his Bonus Tips! segment.

Dr. Oz Tips for Better Sleep: Music
Mr. Williams recommends listing to certain low frequency music that has both alpha and beta waves to help you fall asleep. [Click here to read more about brain waves and relaxation.]

Dr. Oz Tips for Better Sleep: Lavender Essential Oil
The scent of lavender has been shown to promote relaxation and support sleep. Make your own infused lavender oil spray. Mix a teaspoon of lavender essential oil with ¼ cup of vodka into a large container of water. Shake the solution and pour into spray bottle. Spray directly onto your pillow case or onto a cloth that will sit on top of your pillow case. Dr. Oz says you can also use a lavender body wash before bed.

Dr. Oz Tips for Better Sleep: Journaling
Before bed, Mr. Williams recommends to unwind, turn off the TV, turn off all noise. Think about what you did today day that's worth talking about tomorrow. Write down a few ideas before going to sleep. He says this technique helps him sleep well through then allows him to wake to something good – knowing that he accomplished something good yesterday and that he can accomplish something good today.

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