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Monday, October 17, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 10/17/11: The Ultimate Guide to Age 40, Supplements After Age 40, Lung Health, Healthy Fast Food Breakfast?, Gluten-Free Scones

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: October 17, 2011
Dr. Oz: The Ultimate After 40 Guide

  • The book of 40: all four chapters
  • Supplements after age 40
  • Protect the lungs and ward off disease
  • Drive-through breakfast
  • Gluten-Free Blueberry Scones!

On today's episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz is celebrating the important milestone of achieving 40 and surviving it! Dr. Oz says that age 40 can be the start of the best chapter in your book of life! It also heralds in physical changes like the joy of wrinkles, the amazing drop in metabolism, and the fabulous changes in hormones.

Give yourself a round of applause for getting to 40 and surpassing 40!

Our youth is behind us but our life is in front of us! Rewrite your life with the right tools!


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Dr. Oz: The Ultimate After 40 Guide

Fatigued? Stressed? Dwindling libido? Dr. Oz has put together four chapters in his Book of 40 to help guide women to feel great about entering a new phase of their lives.

Dr. Oz Book of Life Chapter One – Fatigue Fighters
Concern: Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and not sleeping well.

Marcelle Pick, NP and author of Are You Tired and Wired?, recommends snacking on edamame beans for a protein and fiber fix along with ashwagandha tea to support a support inflammation modulation and to boost the adrenals – without caffeine.

[Aswagandha is an herb from India, it's often referred to as Indian Ginseng. NOTE: Aswagandha is not recommended during pregnancy. talks about aswagandha potentially providing 9 general health benefits – from immunity to libido to stress to memory and even says “slowing the aging process” - and support for 22 ailments. The website also provides directions on how to prepare a tea, tincture and decoction.] 

Dr. Oz Book of Life Chapter Two – Hormone Helpers
Concern: Menopause is right around the corner and the hormones are already getting wacky.

Shaun Biggers, MD, Gynecologist, shares that menstrual cycles stop around age 50 but in the 40s, or even before, the hormones begins to change. She recommends topical progesterone cream to help support hormonal balancing. Progesterone levels go down first during this hormonal milestone, changes to estrogen levels come later. Dr. Biggers says to talk to your doctor about a prescription for progesterone as she believes over-the-counter versions are not dependable.

[I'm not sure what she is referring to about OTC progesterone creams. The creams we carried at the health food store were reputable brands with a pump dispenser to measure out the proper dosage. Life-Flow, Now and Emerita were popular brands where I worked and they all had high sales with loyal followings and positive feedback. Emerita, in particular, has been selling progestrone cream over-the-counter since 1978. It's still worth a conversation with your doctor. Many doctor's in my area would recommend for patients to buy the OTC version.]

With regard to libido, Dr. Biggers recommends over-the-counter creams applied externally to the genitals to support the increase of blood flow and help to stimulate a “cascade of arousal”. She recommends to look for topical libido support products that contain menthol and L-arginine.

[I looked up creams that contain L-arginine and they cost about $50! A bottle of wine and a dinner at home might be a better investment? The product would last for, um, several uses though. The menthol creams are priced a bit better. Good Vibrations from California is a great store and web page for libido supporting products. They can ship around the country]

Dr. Oz Book of Life Chapter Three – Weight Loss Wonders
Concern: The weight issue has been a wild roller coaster ride and she wants to change to the carousel that's a little more gentle

Samantha Heller, RD, a nutritionist who works with women over 40 finds that most women in this age group complain of fatigue and weight gain. Eating refined foods, junk food, and fast food doesn't help because these foods spike blood sugar with the inevitable crash. It's the classic roller coaster: you get hungry, eat the junk, get tired, hungry, eat junk. She recommends, [the obvious that we all know] eat healthier to feel better and get off the weight roller coaster.

Ms. Heller suggests cranberry beans as a weight loss support food. They are pretty, and our food should be visually appealing, contains as much protein as a glass of milk, with only 120 cal and 9g fiber per ½ half cup. Eat cranberry beans, and other beans, several times a week as part of a healthy, nutritious menu plan.

To help with portion control, Ms. Heller showed the Easy Weight Plate that has multiple cups within the “plate” [with measurements [from ½ cup to 1 cup on each] to help measure out the food. Eat from the plate or put on a traditional plate for family meals. The Easy Weight Plate comes with a lid and a cold cup too. [For $20, it could be a great tool to learn portion control.]

Dr. Oz Book of Life Chapter Four – Botox Alternatives
Concern: She wakes up feeling 30 then she sees herself in the mirror with wrinkles and it's hello 40!

Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, dermatologist, says that home remedies are far less expensive then dermatologist administered therapies yet they have to be used more often. She recommends using Platinum Skin Care's Gaba Super Antioxidant Anti-Aging Cream  [starting at $17 for a trial size and going up to $60 for larger sizes.]

As we age, skin cell turnover slows reducing that glow of youth. Exfoliation can help to restore that glow, stimulate collagen, and slow the progression of wrinkles. Dr. Tanzi recommends using a personal microderm system.

[Microdermabrasion treatments utilize a hand-held machine with aluminum oxide crystals in the tip that strip away dead skin and are recommended for acne, sun damage, fine lines and superficial skin concerns. The treatment has been around for a long time and some people absolutely love the results and others say it's responsible for worsening the condition. There are many brands of microderm products on the market and they tend to sell in the $170.00 range. Research and an open dialogue with a dermatologist would be in order before using a product like this as there could be potential damage with use, either at home or in-office treatment.]

Dr. Oz Supplements After Age 40

Dr. Oz is rewriting the rules for age 40 and beyond by providing recommendations for common concerns associated with aging.

Dr. Oz Supplements for Varicose veins: Horse Chestnut Seed Extract
Valves in the veins can become loose allowing blood to become stuck in the veins and can swell the veins to the extent they bulge. Varicose veins can sometimes be painful. Dr. Oz recommends taking horse chestnut seed extract at 300mg per day in pill form, it is also available in liquid.
Dr. Oz Supplements for a Pick-Me Up: Astragalus
Astragalus supports the body during stress and fatigue and may enhance blood flow to the brain supporting memory. Dr. Oz recommends taking astragalus at 200mg, twice a day.

[In my Flu Quiz Answer post, I discussed how astragalus supports the creation of white blood cells which the immune systems uses when called into action. It's a great herb to support building of the immune system and when exposed to potential bacterial and virus, herbalists recommend, to switch over to echinecea.]

Solaray Astragalus Extract 200mg 30 Caps
from: Best Price Nutrition
Dr. Oz Supplements for Hair Health: Borage oil
Borage oil contains Gamma-linolenic Acid (GLA) and when taken internally it coats the hair and is infused into the hair to support sheen and growth. Borage oil also helps support the skin and nails in the same way. Dr. Oz recommends taking 500mg of borage oil once a day.

[Another oil containing GLA is Primrose Oil, or Evening Primrose Oil which has been discussed on WatchingDrOz here and here. I think of Primrose oil and Borage oil as being cousins of sorts. They both support the skin and is widely recommended to women to moisturize and lessen the appearance of wrinkles. In the health food store, I had heard from brand that produce both oils that if a customer is looking for skin support they should start with primrose and if that didn't help then go for borage oil. It seems that people can respond better to one and not at all to the other.]

Dr. Oz Protect The Lungs and Ward Off Disease

The air you breathe can be damaging your lungs. Driving with the car windows open allows the vehicle fumes to get into the car and into the lungs. Those toxic fumes get onto the hairs in the lungs, called cilia, causing damage. The fumes also work their way into the air sacks in the lungs where toxins accumulate and can inflame the sacks and cause more damage. Over time, out-patching can occur where harden toxins adhere onto the outside of the lungs. Out-patching can lead to emphysema which in turn can lead to lung cancer.

Dr. Oz urges everyone to avoid second hand smoke, to keep windows closed when driving on the hig way and to get a radon detector for your home.

[According to the EPA's website, “Exposure to radon in the home is responsible for an estimated 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year.”] Dr. Oz shared the EPA estimates that 1 in 15 homes have high radon levels. The EPA suggests checking with your state radon contact to find a free or low-cost radon tests, or you can choose to purchase a home test kit.

A weakened immunity can cause lung issues to turn into pneumonia where tissues in the lung have begun to rot and bacteria moves in.

Inflammation of the lung tissues and asthma contribute to weakened lungs. Dr. Oz explained that 8% of the population have asthma. Triggers for asthma include pets, cleaning products with strong smells, and cold weather. Dr. Oz recommends to clean furniture and flooring to remove pet fur, find cleaning products that are “green” and/or fragrance free, and eating apples.

Apples contain flavanoids that can play a role in reducing those inflammation response in the lungs.

Dr. Oz: The Drive-Through Breakfast

Short on time in the morning can find you in the drive through line at a fast food. Dr. Oz says that you can go through the line and stay on your nutrition goals.

Dr. Oz Drive-Through Breakfast #1: Dunkin' Donuts
At Dunkin' Donuts should you choose the egg white and turkey wrap or the whole wheat bagel with low-fat cream cheese?
The egg white and turkey wrap is the healthier choice. With only 150 cal, it has lots of protein and whole grains. Dr. Oz says you could have two and still be on track with weight loss goals.

Dr. Oz Drive-Through Breakfast #2: Subway
At Subway, should you choose the egg white muffin melt or the yogurt parfait?
The egg white muffin melt comes in with 170 calories and only 1g of sugar. The parfait has less calories, 160, but considerably more sugar, 24g.

Dr. Oz Drive-Through Breakfast #3: Burger King
At Burger King, should you choose the egg, potatoes, and sausage breakfast or the oatmeal bowl? The oatmeal comes in at 200 calories and only 3g of fat. The egg, potato, and sausage meal racks up 540 calories with a whopping 42g fat and a startling 1,000mg sodium.

Dr. Oz Gluten-Free and Yummy!

Jennifer Esposito, a detective in the TV series Blue Bloods, has experienced dramatic and life-altering digestive health issues that went misdiagnosed for years. She was originally diagnosed with MS and with IBS and finally correctly tested and diagnosed with Celiac disease.

[Celiac disease is an auto-immune disorder and when gluten is ingested (from eating food or applying skin care containing gluten) damages the hairs and tissue of the digestive tract and can lead to severe health issues if gone untreated. Visit for more information.] 

By the time Jennifer was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, she had ashen skin, was losing hair and had to wear a wig while working. Cutting gluten out of her diet allowed her to regain health.

She has educated herself and learned how to cook and prepare meals that are healthy, nutritious and filling. She brings her own food, much of it home-made, to work every day.

Jennifer has shared her guilt-free gluten-free blueberry scones to Dr. Oz's viewers to allow people to see how delicious, easy and nutritious gluten-free can be. She believes most people should be gluten-free. [Gluten is hard for the body to digest. According to, 1 in 133 people are Celiac and a startling 97% of those with Celiac go undiagnosed.

All the ingredients in the recipe are there for a purpose to provide filling fiber and vital nutrients. Xanthan gum, in particular, is the binding agent that replaces the gluten in a healthy way.

[Removing gluten from the diet is easier than it may seem, though it is a huge shift in perspective. One dietary concern with people going gluten-free is that they choose foods in a reactionary way instead of finding the most nutritious and healthy foods.

When told they can't have foods with flour, people tend to panic and when shopping the cart is filled with gluten-free processed foods from cookies, pasta, bread and muffins. Produce is gluten-free, most meats are gluten-free, many dairy products are gluten-free. The Standard American Diet focuses on processed, refined white flour and sugar and when people go gluten-free they want to replace processed with processed. A gluten-free cookie is still a junk food item that should be eaten in moderation. Gluten-free does not necessarily mean healthy.

Shopping for a gluten-free lifestyle requires reading all labels and looking at every product in the house that will come in contact with the body. Shampoos, make-up, lotions, vitamins, sauces, salad dressings all will have gluten unless noted on the label. If you are diagnosed with Celiac Disease or a gluten intolerance, get education through books and find a nutritionist to help learn how to shop and how to shift the perspective to a healthy lifestyle.]

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