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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sleep Quiz Answer 10/01/11

What is the best time to sleep for optimum restoration?

9pm – 5am
8pm – 6am
10pm – 6am
11pm – 7am

Answer: 10pm – 6pm

According to Dr. Oz on the 9/21/11 episode, this is the best time to sleep to boost your energy.
To find a book on sleep deprivation I searched the term my library's website. The first recommendation: Toy Story 2. There is humor in searching for answers on sleep deprivation.

The basics about sleep are: we all need it, we usually don't get enough, and we underestimate the importance of sleep.

During sleep the body restores, repairs and grows: minerals are replenished in the bones, the immune system revs up and works throughout the body, cortisol levels are normalized.

Jumping across the pond, The Daily Mail has a fantastic article giving a great overview of what happens during sleep.

Timing is vital when it comes to sleep. All those necessary processes that the body accomplishes during sleep are completed on a schedule. When we don't get enough sleep many of those process can be skipped or shortened. The restoration process starts between 9pm and 10pm and finish up at about 6am. Hence the recommended 10pm to 6am sleep time.

How much sleep do you need? Everyone is different and their sleep needs differ. The general consensus is that adults need 7-9 hours of sleep. Getting too little sleep is detrimental and so is getting too much. Our bodies will tell us, usually, how much we need. If you feel rested and ready to take on the world with 7.5 hours of sleep then that's your magic number. No matter how much sleep you need as an individual, it's important to go to sleep between that 9pm and 10pm window to enable to body to complete its nighttime tasks.

The National Sleep Foundation focuses on the elusive and vital subject of sleep. Find out what they say are the ideal ranges for all our stages in life.
In a March 6, 2008 article on, Dr. Sanjay Gupta said,
Sleeping only six hours a night for a week makes you as tired on the seventh night as if you had no sleep at all.”

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