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Friday, October 21, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 10/21/11: 6 Health Tests to Take Today – Cheating, Libido, Aging, Memory, Junk Food, Sleep

The Dr. Oz. Show
Air date: October 21, 2011
Could Your Marriage Survive: How Likely Is Your Spouse to Cheat

  • Cheating Test
  • Libido Test
  • Aging Test
  • Memory Test
  • Junk Food Addict Test
  • Sleep Sabotage Test

Dr. Oz has put together five self-tests for you to take at home to determine the state of your health from how fast you're aging to how much junk food you're eating to how active is your libido and how likely your spouse may be to cheat [libido killer for one partner and a rocket of an enhancer for the other!]. Learn about the self-tests Dr. Oz feels can give you insight into your health.

According to Dr. Oz, one out of every three marriages are effected by cheating and 72% of the wives didn't know a thing about the cheating until after the fact. Belisa Vranich, psychologist specializing marital infidelity and a sex and relationship therapist, provided insight into some of the how's and why's of cheating.

Scoring methodology:
A = 2 points
B = 1 point
C= 0 points

Which best describes husbands computer activity?
A. He is the only one who knows his passwords
B. I know some of his passwords
C. I know all of his passwords
Computers and cellphones provide easy access for cheaters. If he is hiding his computer, shielding the screen then there may be some cheating going on.

When his cell phone rings, does he:
A. Ignores calls over and over
B. Leaves the room to answer the phone
C. Answers the phone freely in front of you
When he answers the phone, does his tone of voice change? Does he leave the room?
Should a wife check her husbands phone? If you suspecting that he is cheating the phone is the place to look for it.

Has anyone in his life ever cheated?
A. His best friend
B. His father
C. None of the above
If you knew that your husbands friend had an affair would you ask him to not be friends anymore? The concern would be who is surrounding this person? Are the friends tolerating a cheating behavior or mentality? Do they encourage cheating or normalize it? Cheating happens most often in younger marriages when there more feelings of restlessness and less sense of tradition.

Does he suddenly have knowledge of new music or pop culture?
A. Yes
B. Not sure
C. No
If he suddenly does things he hasn't before, manscaping has become a priority, or he starts listening to new music or using new words that are trendy then it is likely there are other new people and new information coming into his life.

When was the last time you cuddled?
A. 1 month ago
B. 2-3 weeks ago
C. Within a week
This is not the same as sex, cuddling it about intimacy, making out and touching and being engaged.

Total up your answers. According to Dr. Oz, your total score could mean the following:
0-4 points not likely he's going to cheat
5-7 maybe in danger zone
8-10 likely to cheat

[This section was presented from the standpoint of a man cheating on his wife, so would any of these questions apply to a woman? Not asked and not brought up.]

Is your libido aging? Is it suffering a midlife crisis? Determine the state of your sex drive with Dr. Oz's Libido Quiz.

Sari Lacoker, psychologist and author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sex, says that sex makes you healthier [from increased cardiovascular function, to emotional well being and just plain old enjoyment of life...these are all good things.]

[When we're young it's easy to put more time toward ourselves including having more time for sex. Then comes career, home life, children and our time is stretched. Women easily put intimacy and sex on the back burner in favor of things like laundry and sleep.]

Where does the libido live? Most people will say it lives somewhere below the heart and above the knees. It actually lives in the brain. Dr. Oz says the brain is the most sexual organ in the body, where arousal starts and it determines how you stay engaged in the...activity.

Who is having the most sex in America? If you live in Los Angeles, then it's you!

Do you think about sex at least once a day?
Yes = 10 points, No = 0 points
Thinking about sex every day helps you connect with yourself in a meaningful way.

Have you gone up at least 2 clothing sizes since meeting your spouse?
Yes = 0 points, No = 10 points
Gaining weight usually results in reducing your body image and weight gain inhibits the libido.

Do you ever fight with your partner? Do you go to sleep angry with them?
Yes = 0 points, No = 10 points
Put away the fight for the night before going to bed and give your partner a back massage, work out the issue tomorrow.

Are you taking pharmaceuticals?
Yes = 0 points, No = 10 points
Medications dramatically decrease the libido, especially antidepressants and birth control pills. Talk to your doctor about medications and find out if they may be playing a role in lowered libido.

Do you have children under 5 years?
Yes = 0 points, No = 10 points
[Children zap energy and all interest in sex. It's a wonder, then that women have subsequent children while their siblings are under 5 years!]

Total your answers. Scoring Methodology:
10 indicates a low libido, 30 is moderate, and 50 is high
A very low libido is a light bulb to go talk to a medical doctor. Ask your doctor about medications, check hormones, and determine status of general health issues that could be inhibiting. If the doctor says that all is well then the next stop is meeting with a sex therapist or relationship therapist.

To support the libido, Dr. Oz recommends taking L-arginine which increases blood flow to the erogenous zones.

How strong are you mentally and physically? Is your lifestyle causing your body to age too fast?

The city with the longest life expectancy in America, according to CDC, is San Jose, CA. [Do you know the way to San Jose? If you make it there, you could increase your life span.] If you're feeling like your energy is going down, do you have any scientific evidence?

Can you open 3 jars in 10 seconds? If you can't open the jar, your body is aging too fast.
[DISCLAIMER: Dr. Oz couldn't open jar and said it was really hard! Smack the lid on the table to break the air seal and then the lid will more easily twist off.]

To increase hand and arm strength, get a rubber ball and squeeze it 90 seconds 3 times a day. If you can't do your daily chores then your life is passing you by. [Look into increasing your physical activity and strength through exercise. There are many, many, many, probably something like a bajillion, DVDs that you can use to work out in your own home. Walking around your block or in your neighborhood can increase your cardiovascular health. Lifting light weights several times a week is great place to start. Or for more fun and excitement, try one of the Dancing With The Stars cardio workouts discussed on yesterday's blog. I'm sure the view is great and dancing is thrilling!]
Memory Test
[This test was only on the show and not online.]

An audience member was asked to memorize 10 grocery items and then to pick those items off a table.
She was able to remember 7 out of 10, an average. Dr. Oz explained that the average person can memorize 5 to 9 items. If you can't remember at least 5 then a discussion with a doctor is in order. Improve that score through practice. The next time you go to the grocery store, try to memorize 10 items [keep the list handy and review it before your leave!]

To support memory, Dr. Oz recommends taking Vitamin B12, 25mcg daily under the tongue.

 If you're gaining a pound or two each year and don't know why or if you have to eat junk midday to get through then you be a junk food addict. Fats and simple sugars in junk food can intoxicate the brain just like drugs. Find out if you are a snacker or a junk food addict by taking Dr. Oz's Junk Food Addiction Test.

Who eats the most junk food in America? Oklahoma City, OK takes that award.

Do you gravitate toward an all beige diet like pasta and bread?
Addicts are attracted to that color, it hooks us in and is a trigger, once you get a taste the more you want.

Do you keep a secret junk food stash?
If you have to keep a bag of potato chips in your purse then you're not in control your life. Healthy is about being healthy in the mind.

Does your food come in red, yellow or orange packages?
Junk food is expensive. Marketers know that these colors stimulate excitement in buyers and lead to impulse purchases.

Do you prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate?
Milk chocolate has more sugar than dark chocolate and far from true chocolate.

Throw all the junk food out your house and just don't buy them! Change the environment around you, be in control of your health.

Can't get a good night sleep even while following all of Dr. Oz's tips and still not sleeping?
Two-thirds of American's are sleep deprived.

If you live in Charleston, WV you are the most sleep deprived of any city in America.

The average American female gets 5 hours of sleep. What's holding you back?

Do you sleep on white sheets?
White sheets reflect light and negatively effects the brain for sleep by decreases melatonin production. Blue and green sheets also suppress melatonin. The best colors to sleep on are yellow, orange, red and black. [Funny how yellow, orange and red are stimulating in the grocery store and play a role in melatonin production in the bedroom.]

Do you wear socks to sleep?
Wearing socks to bed helps to regulate body temperature. Wicking socks are a great option for your PJ ensemble as they remove moisture and the feet won't get too warm.

Do you sleep on a mattress that is older than 10 years?
Under age 40, Dr. Oz says to replace your mattress at least every 10 years. And the over 40 set should get a new mattress every 5-7 years.

Do you use any lemon scented cleaning products in the bedroom?
Lemon scented products, such as room freshener and furniture polish, stimulates the brain and raises the heart rate. [On the show, Dr. Oz mentioned that lemon-scented dish washing soap is not recommended but his website says to be concerned only with cleaners used in the bedroom. If you're using lemon-scented dish soap right before going to bed then you may potentially be sabotaging your sleep.]

One wrong answer in the sabotaging sleep test indicates that yes, in fact, you should be making some changes to improve your sleeping patterns.

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