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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 10/20/11: Controversial Healer, 700 Pound Woman Returns, Cocoa Power!, Samba Your Way to Health

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: October 20, 2011
The Controversial Healer

  • Controversial Healer
  • The 700 Pound Woman Returns
  • The power of cocoa
  • Dancing With The Stars shows Dr. Oz how to Samba

Does he have the power to heal with just one glace? Dr. Mosaraf Ali, in his first American TV interview, combines conventional medicine and alternative therapies to bring wellness to some of the world's biggest celebrities and wealthiest people.

Can he heal with one look?

Dr. Mosaraf Ali, author of [many books and his latest is] The Neck Connection, is a trained physician but doesn't use pharmaceuticals or surgery to treat his patients. Instead he uses a combination of conventional medicine and alternative therapy [called integrated medicine].

Dr. Ali utilizes iridology [the study of the eye to make physiological diagnosis with a belief that the health of every part of the body is represented in the eye] along with an examination and diagnosis of the pulse, tongue, nose and ear as well as neck manipulation, a special type of massage to improve blood flow to determine past health concerns and to provide a diagnosis of current issues.

Dr. Oz wants to know how Dr. Ali does this and wonders how the public can benefit.

Pain, fatigue, and sleep deprivation can't be quantified so you can't research, according to Dr. Ali. He responds to critics of his methods by asking why can't you see tale-tell signs on the body?

Dr. Oz agrees that doctors rely too much on technology [and less on physical indicators, and sometimes even ignore the concerns of the patient.]

High cholesterol can appear on the eye as a greyish green area, Dr. Oz explains. Bulging eyes can be an indication of too much thyroid hormone and drooping eyelid(s) can be a sign of neuromuscular problems. Dr. Oz shares that these are some signs that conventional doctors use today to aid in diagnosis.

A more unconventional method of diagnosis used by Dr. Ali is looking at the tongue, the mirror of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Teeth teeth marks on the tongue, a sign of a swollen tongue and a indication of a swelling of the GI tract. Changes and conditions on the tongue provide insight into the health of the intestines.

As a challenge to Dr. Ali's methods, Dr. Oz brought women onto the set, he knows their medical chart, and asks Dr. Ali to exam their eyes, ears and tongue.

Adriana – Dr. Ali looked at her eyes and asked if she had uterine fibroids, she said they were found previous when she had a hysterectomy, Dr. Oz said that information wasn't in her chart. Looking at her ear, Dr. Ali said she had acid. Looking at her tongue he said indentations on the side could be from eating too fast which induces the creation of acid or from consuming acidic white wine or vinegar.
Diagnosis in File: acid reflux

Angela – Looking at her eyes Dr. Ali stated that one eye was weaker then the other and asked if she had a history of headaches, yes. How often, three times per week. Knee problem, yes from a dislocated knee cap. Dr. Oz was amazed. A half ring on the outer edge of the eye was the tale-tell sign of headaches from trauma or dental work. Angela has had extensive dental work and also suffers from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues.

[TMJ is the jaw joint which can become irritated and damaged from a number of causes, resulting in pain, headaches, difficulty in moving the jaw. Pain in the jaw should be discussed with either a dentist or physician.]

Dr. Ali said that half her headaches are stemming from the TMJ and some are from minor sinusitis with post nasal drip. Angela agreed with all of these explanations. He recommended that she avoid ice cream, cheese, avoid acids, and as soon as headaches start, especially when on left side start massaging in front of the ears, as well as have frequent neck massages.
Diagnosis in File: Migraines

Still reserved, Dr. Oz says he's not sure yet. Everything Dr. Ali did was different from how Dr. Oz was taught. Dr. Oz applauded Dr. Ali for the fact these are ancient traditions, have been around for centuries and is he to dismiss. Dr. Oz exclaimed that Dr. Ali was right on point with everything.

Dr. Oz shared that skeptics feel he may doing more harm than good [yet he provided no details. Looking around online it seems that conventional Western physicians feel there is no basis for a diagnosis that does not rely on widely accepted scientific indicators. Iridology specifically is called quackery. Proponents would run tests and take samples from the patient to make the same determinations that Dr. Ali made with a quick physical examination.]

700 Pound Woman Returns

She is the most requested guest, the 700 pound woman. At age 31, Colleen appeared on The Dr. Oz Show last season at 701 pounds with an admission to food addiction. She can't walk more than a few yards before she's out of breath and in pain. Her husband bathes her and sleeps on the end of the bed so she has enough room to move. Colleen says that food and eating are the only stable things in her life.

On her previous appearance, Collen's blood pressure was 180 over 100, one step away from a stroke. Dr. Oz said the weight was crumbling her bones. Time for a Dr. Oz Challenge.

Colleen spent 24 hours doing everything for herself and not asking her husband to do it. She had to sponge bathe herself because the risk of getting into the shower by herself was too much of a risk.

Dr. Oz worked with Colleen to lose the weight. Over 4 months she lost about 34 pounds and quit twice. Relationships were creating blocks to her success. She's controlling, a nag, a bully to her husband who is a people pleaser and had cheated on her. Her relationship with her mother wasn't much better. Her mother helped with food shopping and preparation but wasn't a support.

Dr. Oz sent Colleen to Structure House, on of the countries top weight loss hospitals, for a 30 day immersion into therapy, personal training, and learning how to manage her food intake. Dr. Oz said wouldn't see her again until she loses 100lbs. That was six months ago.

Colleen had to learn how to walk again, how to eat only three meals per day and how to resist the temptation and availability of food on her return home.

She walked on to the stage. She walked and she walked well. Colleen said it was intimidating and overwhelming to be back. She's hoping that all the hard work she's put in over the last six months will pay off. Dr. Oz's ultimatum left her feeling resentful, ticked off but going through therapy she gets it now.

Before, she felt she didn't have good perspective, thought she was a bad person and shouldn't be around people. Being at Structure House, gave her the freedom to see things in a different way, she was able to open her mind to the possibility that those bad thoughts weren't true. Her most important lesson learned: thoughts are not facts. And that absolutely changed everything, the things she was telling myself may not be true.

Psychologist at Structure House, Katie Rickel, said Colleen was guilty about the space she took in the world from her physical space to her large character yet she learned to move that perception to a positive picture.

Relationships with husband and mother are much better. She now makes dinner on her own. She used to put responsibility for healthy choices on other people. Her mother says she see her daughter's confidence increase. Her husband says there's a new light in the dynamic of their relationship and they are enjoying each other again.

Six months ago, Colleen weighted 701 lbs and today she weighed in at 581 lbs today, a weight loss of 120 lbs! Fantastic, she says she can feel that change. She took her scooter with her to the airport and walked passed it, forgetting it and walking out.

Transformation is what life is all about, says Dr. Oz, and this is just the beginning. He believes she can meet her goal on her own as long as she remembers her tool box and her insights.

The next goal is for Colleen to weigh in at 200 lbs, that means losing 381 lbs. [She's made amazing achievements so far and is well on her way to completing this transformation.]

The Power of Cocoa

A bowl of oatmeal gets healthier with the addition of cocoa powder and half a banana. A quick, easy, and healthy way to enjoy your morning oatmeal. Cocoa contains flavanoids that supports relaxation of the blood vessels which can play a role in modulating blood pressure. Dr. Oz also shared the cocoa thins the blood so it may be a good choice for cardiovascular health as well.

Use a homemade cocoa hand lotion to soften your damaged skin and keep your healthy hands healthy. A little yogurt, some honey and a bit of cocoa in a resealable bag, a zap in the microwave [yikes!] and stick your hand in for 15 minutes to soften.

[I love cocoa masks! I've have to give this recipe a try but I'll skip the microwave and simply leave the bag on the counter for, maybe, 30 minutes to warm up the yogurt. For a pre-made mask, try Ecco Bella Dark Chocolate Mask. If you're allergic to chamomile then stick with the homemade version.]

Dr. Oz Dances With The Stars
Dr. Oz says everyone who goes on Dancing With The Stars loses weight. So he talked to Maksim Chmerkovskiy about dancing to lose weight. Maks says the Samba is the favorite dance on the show providing a great cardiovascular exercise and works the core, no gym required just turn on the radio.

[The stars of Dancing With The Stars have a series of workout videos including Latin Cardio Dance workout with Maks! Get a workout and learn how to dance at the same time!]

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