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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 10/25/11: What Men Don't Want Women to Know, Male Menopause, Beer Belly Busters, Gadgets For Portion Control

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: October 25, 2011

5 Things Men Don't Want You to Know

  • Men reveal their biggest secrets
  • Male menopause
  • Get rid of belly fat
  • Slim down one jean size with portion control kitchen gadgets

****** SPOILER ALERT ******

Sensitive topics are discussed on this show! Some segments of this episode and this blog are not appropriate for children.

****** SPOILER ALERT ******

5 Secrets Men Don't Want You to Know

Five men are hidden in the shadows of The Dr. Oz Show stage to revel to women their five biggest secrets. Their wives don't even know. Find out what men are afraid to tell their wives and the rest of the world on today's WatchingDrOz.

American holds a cultural stigma against men talking about their emotions, discussing intimacy with their partners, and being honest about sexual issues.

The men have come out of the dark and are sitting next to their partners to begin an open discussion of their biggest secrets.

Sex experts Dr. Laura Berman, PhD, author of Loving Sex, and Dr. Ian Kerner author of She Comes First and founder of are together with Dr. Oz and his guests to talk about these sensitive male issues.

Male Secret #5
He's worried his wife is turning into his mother.

Each week, he sees more mannerisms of his mother-in-law showing through in his wife and it isn't always a good thing. Can we compare ourselves to our parents? Should we?

Dr. Kerner says it's part of becoming comfortable in a relationship, the nature of the life span of a relationship, we begin to resemble the actions and words of our parents.

Dr. Berman says using the statement “you're just like your mother/father” is a disguised call for help. Instead of calling names, talk about the real issue. If his wife gets angry quickly, try saying “when you get angry quickly, I feel like I'm not being respected. Let's sit down and talk about this...”

Male Secret #4
As a newlywed, he is overwhelmed with the thought of being with his wife forever.

The experts asked for clarification and the husband came clean that the idea of forever is overwhelming, not just being with his wife but the forever commitment.

Dr. Berman can appreciate that he's saying he doesn't know what a forever relationship looks like and is a little confused and scared about how to be a husband forever, being a man in the relationship forever.

Dr. Kerner says hugging for more than 30 seconds raises oxytocin, the cuddle hormone, breathe and get through the moment. Monogamy can lead to a relationship becoming stagnate. Dr. Oz shared that he and his wife have to reinvent themselves overtime, every few years, not only to keep their relationship fresh but to keep themselves, as individuals, thriving and progressing.

Male Secret #3
He doesn't know what he's doing down there.

His wife disagrees and says he's doing a great job in the bedroom, and down there. The husband explained that he's not getting any feedback and the wife agreed that she's quite in the intimacy feedback discussion arena.

Dr. Kerner says men are ill-clitorate. Women respond more to external sensations than internal penetration. Partners need to be aware of what stimulates them as an individual and then they need to have an open discussion with each other to convey what pleases each other.

Dr. Berman recommends getting naked and take a tour of each other, explore and communicate about what feels good and what works along with what doesn't.

Male Secret #2
Engaged couple: He is jealous of his single friends. Specifically, the freedom associated with being single and they don't have much to answer to.

Dr. Berman elaborated, saying there's a perception that marriage equals a loss of freedom. She shared that married men actually get more sex than single men and they also live longer.

Dr. Kerner expressed that the strongest couples are the strongest individuals. They are strong on their own and bring that strength to their relationship. Having time with friends is important for both partners throughout a relationship.

Male Secret #1
Engaged couple: He watches more pornography then she knows.

She, actually, was not surprised. He says he watches it to gain an education about what to do in bed – he wants to get information from the professionals - and for a medicinal release. His fiance furrows her brow she says she's more confused now.

To clarify, he says he has more urges then he feels his finance can satisfy. Dr. Berman wants to make clear that he should get his sex education from porn – it is geared toward men and not a realist view of how women want to be pleased. Men have a higher libido and more often then not, and more often then they are willing to admit, men are taking care of their libido urges themselves.

Dr. Kerner says there is a danger of men over satisfying themselves, becoming dependent on the outside stimulation provided by porn instead of relying on physical contact with a partner. He recommends that men satisfy themselves while using their own imagination and using their own memories to provide stimulation. If watching porn is only within a fantasy realm, it can be an appropriate outlet.

Male Menopause
Her husband has felt her morning sickness and is now sharing her menopause symptoms: night sweats, bloating, low libido, mood swings, loss of concentration and weight gain.

Men can go through their own menopause and the male symptoms are similar to womens symptoms. Women typically will enter menopause before men and both sexes will experience a shrinking of their reproductive organs. For women, menopause is more predicable and a quick process in comparison to the male menopause time line which is more drawn out and not readily recognized.

First Sign of Male Menopause
Men will no longer get a morning erection. Dr. Oz recommends that men take the Stamp Test. He says to get the sticker stamps from the Post Office and wrap them around the penis before going to sleep, in one continuous strip. Ideally, in the morning the perforations on the stamps should have broken showing that an erection was achieved. No break in perforation could be a sign that male menopause has started. Dr. Oz says this is an actual test that doctors will ask their male patients to perform to get a sense of where the might be with regard to menopause.

[It could also be seen as a creative way for the postal service to make more money because that stick-um probably isn't going to work after spending the night under the sheets all cuddled up.]

Slower Hair Growth
How much do you shave? When men and women age, growth of facial and leg hair slows. A man who used to shave twice a day may not have to shave every day any more.

For menopause symptoms in both men and women, Dr. Oz recommends taking Maca in powder form, 2mg daily, in water. Dr. Oz also recommends that men who feel the strain and drain of possible male menopause talk to their doctor about male testosterone injections, gels and patches. Talk to your doctor about appropriateness and side effects.

Read this article on Dr. Oz's website, The Truth About Testosterone for more information on male menopause.

Bust the Beer Gut

Which will help bust your beer gut? Dark beer or Light beer?
Dark brew beers have higher antioxidant and play a role in inflammation modulation. Dark brews also have lower calories.

Which dipping sauce will help bust your beer gut? Hot sauce or Worcestershire sauce?
Hot sauce has zero calories, zero salt, no artificial ingredients and can help raise your metabolism.

Which snacks will help bust your beer gut? Pistachios or popcorn?
Pistachios contain healthy fats that can help burn bad fat on the belly. Dr. Oz recommends eating 1/3 cup of pistachios per day.

Simple Gadgets to Help Drop a Jean Size

Gadget guru and science and technology journalist Daniel Sieberg appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to share some gadgets that can help with portion control that translates to weight loss and could find you in a smaller jean size before you know it.

[How often do you over eat pasta? How about cheese? Do you know what one portion of either of these foods looks like? Products from make it easy to see and measure out one portion per person to keep your weight loss goals on track. Mr. Sieberg shared three gadgets from the Healthy Steps line but there are many more available. Visit out their website then head over to or your favorite cooking gadget store to check out the products.]

Pour a serving of pasta into the basket then hook the basket right onto the cook pot for quick cooking and serving. For long pasta, portion control by checking the quantity on the handle.

With the grater on top and a bowl attached showing serving sizes, it's easy to portion out the cheese to know how many calories you are eating.

Mix your own healthy dressing in the bottle then squeeze and the perfect portion is measured and ready to pour onto the bowl of nutritious greens.

[Healthy Steps also has a Dressing Lid that fits on the top of most commercially prepared dressing bottles to help control the portion.

From cookie dough scoopers to salt shaker and butter spoon, Healthy Steps has a variety of products to help control serving sizes and help you control you size.]

Cut your veggies into different shapes to provide visual interest and texture. Use your fancy veggies to replace pasta in your diet. [Helen has a variety of products in her kitchen but she doesn't sell them herself. is a good resource for Helen's Kitchen products or check her website for a store a near you.]

A pedometer that gives you a rewards? Snap on the S2H Step pedometer and for every time 10,000 steps are achieved a code is displayed on the screen. Enter the code on the website, rack up points that can be used to for gift cards at your favorite store.

[Walk your daily steps and the pedometer will pay for it self with increased health and gift cards! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea. Being a compulsive number counting kinda gal, a pedometer that I can use to get gift cards fabulous!! I've got to get me one of these!]

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