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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 9/30/11: Boost Metabolism in 7 Days, 3 Metabolism Boosters Under $20, Cellulite Solutions, Germs Lurking in Your Purse, Health Risks Posed by Clothing

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: 9/30/11
Dr. Oz 7-Day Miracle Plan to Boost Your Metabolism

  • Dr. Oz has a 7-day plan to boost metabolism
  • Three metabolism boosters you've never heard of and they are all under $20
  • Easy, affordable solutions for cellulite
  • How clean is your purse?
  • Dr. Oz exposes the health risks of common clothing items

Do you start a diet on Monday and give it up before the end of the week? Many women do. We all have such big to-do lists for the week that by Tuesday we're already overwhelmed and the diet goes out the window. Dr. Oz says he can rev up your metabolism forever in just one week.


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Dr. Oz 7-Day Miracle Plan to Boost Your Metabolism

Why can some people eat all they want all day long and others [that's me] can't burn off anything? One of the many joys of aging is that we lose muscle mass consequently slowing our metabolism. After age 40, the metabolism slows 5% each decade providing many of us with the ability to keep gaining without losing.

Seven women were invited to The Dr. Oz Show to talk about their metabolism challenges – the most common ones we face as we age – and Dr. Oz showed seven ways to overcome them in only seven days. He called it his 7-day miracle plan to boost metabolism.

Dr. Oz Day 1 Metabolism Booster: Know Your Basal Metabolism

Challenge: no matter how well she eats or exercises the weight stays on.

Check your basal metabolism with the calculator on Knowing where your metabolism is at creates a tool to help you get where you want to be. Plug in your height, weight and age and see how many calories you can eat per day without gaining weight.

[Read that sentence again. Better yet I'll say it again: the daily calories shown on the calculator are for the maintenance of the weight entered. Losing weight would require eating fewer calories or increasing the number of calories burned or both.

Try this calculation too: enter height and age but this time put in your goal weight or a step towards your goal, 10 lbs or 25 lbs less than your current weight. That is the amount of calories to eat in a day to maintain that new weight.

Now if I jumped from the calories to maintain my current weight down to the calories to achieve my goal weight that would be a bad move. I would starve and eat my children. A small step is much better.]

Dr. Oz Day 2 Metabolism Booster: Cut 100 Calories

Challenge: a sweet tooth that sabotages her weight loss plans.

[Take that metabolism calculator and just for fun figure out what your weight would be with 100 fewer calories a day.]

We tend to diet hard when we should diet smart. Eating way less than your metabolic rate causes the body to go into starvation mode converting all those calories consumed straight to fat no matter how much time is spent on the treadmill.

Take a serving of ice cream – that's an actual, measured serving and not what you feel like a serving should be – and take out one big spoonful. That spoonful is about 100 calories. Super easy, right?

Dr. Oz Day 3 Metabolism Booster: Add Protein

Challenge: working out all the time but can't lose the weight.

Add protein to your diet. Protein is thermogenic (burns fat). Consuming protein will cause the body to burn twice as many calories as carbohydrates. Eating fish is an even more efficient calorie burning food, all those omega-3's rev up the metabolism.

Dr. Oz Day 4 Metabolism Booster: Eat Every 3 Hours

Challenge: skipping meals to lose weight or because breakfast is unappealing.

Eat every 3 hours. This is a critical issue that a lot of people don't deal with well, according to Dr. Oz. People who eat 3 meals a day and snack smart (250 calorie servings) 3 times a day tend to eat fewer calories over the entire day than people who skip meals. Those meal skipping folks tend to over eat when they finally do eat.

[Skipping meals can also upset blood sugar balance, interfering with energy and mental function, and can trigger the body to go into the dreaded starvation mode where all calories are stored as fat.]

Dr. Oz recommends to eat immediately upon waking to ramp to the calorie burning and then again every 2 to 3 hours throughout the day: 6-8 am Breakfast; 10am Snack; 12-2pm Lunch; 3-5pm Snack; 5-7pm Dinner; Don’t eat after 8pm

He's talking about healthy snacks such as a handful of pistachios, full of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids to burn fats, along with a handful of dried apricots giving a visual appeal, sweetness and fiber.

Dr. Oz Day 5 Metabolism Booster: Drink Cold Beverages

Dr. Oz recommends drinking 3 iced drinks per day. Cold drinks force the body to reestablish temperature requiring the burning of calories. Over the course of a year you can burn 1 lb.

[Drop in the bucket, right? I guess he's going for: every little bit counts. In my part of the world this may work better in the warmer months because when it's snowing and the temp is measured in negatives the beverages are hot. I guess the air temperature will be the stimulus to my metabolism during the winter.]

Dr. Oz Day 6 Metabolism Booster: Control Appetite with Zinc

Challenge: appetite control!

Dr. Oz recommends taking 12mg of zinc per day (including the amount in a multivitamin).
The hormone leptin controls our feelings of satiety (feeling satisfied and full). Leptin levels are dependent upon the mineral zinc so that the brain gets the message to stop when we've had what we need.

Dr. Oz Day 7 Metabolism Booster: Exercise

Challenge: stagnant exercise routine

Exercise in bursts. When walking go up a hill to raise the heart rate and increase metabolism. While watching TV do chair squats – stand up and sit down in your chair without using your arms. Commercial break exercising anyone?

[Words and phrases like “miracle” and, “all you ever need” and, “the only one you'll ever need” and so on leave a skeptical taste in my mouth. The ideas here actually are really simple.

These magic words, be they associated with simple plans or not, can also be a set up for failure. What if I tried some of these ideas but not all of them and come day 8 felt that nothing in my life has changed? I may feel let down and may want to give up on, yet another, guaranteed weight loss plan.

These fantastical words can set rather high expectations leaving a sense of disappointment if results don't appear within a short blip of time.

There's no time frame associated with results either – granted it's really hard to quantify results as everyone is different and reacts different. Take the cutting 100 calories, for example. Just by cutting 100 calories a day would take 35 days to lose a pound (3,500 calories = 1 pound).

Focusing on just one “miracle” isn't going to do it but focusing on eating smarter and exercising may be the key for long-term lifestyle changes that support a healthy weight.]

Dr. Oz Metabolism Boosters Under $20

Dr. Oz shares three metabolism boosting breakthroughs which are all under $20.

Dr. Oz Metabolism Booster #1: White Bean Extract
White Bean Extract blocks starch (carbohydrates) from being absorbed. The idea is that you can eat a starch but not absorb the calories, less calories means less weight gain.
Dr. Oz recommends taking 1 tablet per meal.

[I'm completely against carbohydrate blockers. First, to buy a vitamin and take it with every meal to block what you're eating is counter-intuitive. Cut out the supplement and cut out the food that you're looking to block. It doesn't make sense to me to take something to block something else that you are choosing to eat. That's a lot of time, trouble and treasure to “undo” what you freely did. Second, there are good carbohydrates that are necessary for the functioning of the body. Dr. Oz talks about having fiber with every meal – fiber is a good carbohydrate. Taking a carb blocker before a meal that contains healthy fiber will cause the body to not use those good carbs. Third, taking something to inhibit absorption of nutrients is just messing with the digestive process. It's real simple, don't eat the bad carbs and save the money.

Dr. Oz Metabolism Booster #2: L-Arginine
L-arginine is an amino acid necessary for the building of muscles. Dr. Oz recommends taking 1 capsule per day to provide an extra protein tool to build muscles and rev that metabolism.

[Today's boosting supplements did not come with any dosage recommendations, which he usually includes. Amino acid supplements can come in a wide range of dosage options. Where do you start? Without a specific mg recommendation from a health care provider it's best to start on the low end and see how the body reacts. Take a look at the highest dosage available and that can give an indication of the upper limit most commonly used – a number to keep in mind and maybe work up to if needed. If you're unsure about dosage amounts be sure to read the directions on the label and start a conversation with your health care provider or pharmacist.]

Dr. Oz Metabolism Booster #3: Get Spicy Hot with Capsaicin
Eat pickled peppers. Vinegar in the pack of pickled peppers prevents the packing on of pounds – Dr. Oz says it blocks the storage of fat. Capsaicin, hotness in the hot pepper, boosts metabolism.

Dr. Oz mentioned there are more metabolism boosting supplement recommendations along with dosages on his website. I couldn't find anything.

[In general, herbs and foods that are considered warming or spicy support the raising of metabolism. Other products to look toward: green tea – caffeine and antioxidants support metabolism; L-carnitine – an amino acid that transports fat in the cells for energy; CoQ10 – antioxidants that also shuttles fat into cells for energy specifically cardiovascular energy; fish oil/flax oil/omega-3's collectively known as essential fatty acids – healthy fats support the body in burning bad fats. For dosages, check the labels for recommended amounts or talk to your doctor or pharmacist.]

Dr. Oz Easy, Affordable Solutions to Get Rid of Cellulite

98% of women have cellulite somewhere on their body. Cellulite is not a fat problem it's a skin problem. According to Dr. Oz, no amount of exercise will get rid of it.

He showed an animation what happens to the skin as we age. Fat lives beneath the skin. The fat cells are compartmented within bands of fiber. Age, smoking, and poor diet contribute to the bands of fiber becoming rigid pressing the fat outward toward the skin causing that dimpled appearance.

Here is Dr. Oz's Three Step Plan to get rid of cellulite:

Dr. Oz Step 1 to Banish Cellulite: Caffeine Cream
Use a cellulite cream with caffeine to tighten the skin essentially pushing the fat downward. See my notes below on cellulite and caffeinated creams.

Here's an article from from earlier this year that gives some more recommendation to banish the cellulite.  In this article he is recommending retinal cream for cellulite. Retinal may be a good alternative to caffeinated creams that might prove to be more expensive and harder to come by in stores. Check out my other posts about retinal here  and here. And check out derma e® Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate Wrinkle Treatment Crème.

Dr. Oz Step 2 to Banish Cellulite: Non-Elastic Underwear
Your underwear could be putting too much pressure on those cellulite-prone or -sensitive areas constricting the skin and increasing the appearance of cellulite. Dr. Oz suggests wearing non-elastic underwear and provided as example a mannequin sporting a lovely pair of pink lace panties.

Dr. Oz Step 3 to Banish Cellulite: Body Mask
Try a facial mask that works on your legs with seaweed, facial clay, lime juice, honey. Mix 1/2 cup seaweed, 1/2 cup green clay, 1/4 cup lime juice, 1 tbsp honey, 3 tbsp hot water. Recipe was found here.

See my posts from 9/28/11 and 9/15/11 talking about clay for facial masks.

The mask is intended to help with moisturizing the skin, provide tightening of the skin, reduce puffiness and it smells good too – says audience member tester.

[Talking to a friend and former co-worker of mine today I brought up the cellulite cream with caffeine from the show. This was previously on The Dr. Oz Show, before I was writing the blog. At the time, women came to the store asking for a moisturizer with caffeine, a product completely new to us and it seemed a bit odd. A few more customers later and someone was able to tell us it was touted to rid the body of cellulite. My friend said that we should all just slap on our Spanx and suck it in! She's sassy that way!

If cellulite is a result of the tightening of the fibers that hold the fat together and thus squeeze the fat cells to the surface then I would look to burning the fat through the basics – eat less, eat better, exercise more – and also look toward collagen, taken internally, to support the elasticity of the skin structures.

Here's an article in the May 2009 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine saying exactly what I was thinking about collagen.

NeoCell has a great line of collagen products for internal use that when consumed away from protein can support the elasticity of the fibers in the skin that give us a toned and supple appearance.

The L.A. Times wrote in 2008 that there is little proof of the effectiveness of caffeinated creams for cellulite – please note that the study they cite had it's own inherent shortcomings.
eHow has a recipe for making your own caffeine cream at home with sugar which sounds more like an exfoliating scrub with sugar in it but it would be cheaper than buying the cream. Effectiveness over a cream? You may have to be the judge.]
Dr. Oz: What Germs Lurk in Your Purse?

You're whole life is carried in your purse - including GERMS! Audience members gave Dr. Oz their purses in advance of the show and he sent them to a lab.

Aspirin cream for scoliosis was carried around in the purse for 4 months and was found to contain candida yeast on the tube. [Change out medications and creams often and wipe down the tube with disinfectant wipes frequently.]

The lining of the purse harbored staph bacteria, the type that can turn into flesh eating bacteria and can be life threatening. Wipe the purse weekly with a disinfectant wipe to reduce the amount of germs and help stop the spread.

Where do you put your purse when you get home? From now, Dr. Oz wants everyone to hang their purse on a door nob and not on the counter where germs can be transferred to surfaces and transferred to anything and anyone who touches the surface.

Shop CleanWell Hand Sanitizing Wipes

A make-up brush had been in the purse since 2008. Dr. Oz said to stop using it. The lab results found entrococci fecal strep, normally found in the gut and can cause urinary tract infections and heart health issues. Clean make-up brushes every week in a little water mixed with a little bit of shampoo. Treat make-up brushes like your hair and avoid the germs.

Lipstick left in a purse for a year or two looked clean but contained alcaligenes cells which causes meningitis, pneumonia and urinary tract infections among other things. Lipstick has longer shelf life than other make-up products. Don't toss the lipstick, says Dr. Oz. Keep it germ-free by wiping it gently with a disinfectant wipe often. The lipstick will be used up faster but the health risks will be reduced.

Dr. Oz Exposes Health Risks of Clothing

Dr. Oz: Health Risks of Scarves
Do you wear a scarf? How often do you wash it? Only a handful of people in the audience raised their hands. Dr. Oz took a special light wand over the scarf and showed that bodily fluids reside on the scarf. The owner said the scarf had not fallen in the toilet but it does get tossed on the floor often. Germs can live on surface for months and could lead to infection. Food falls on the scarf and bacteria can grow if the item is not laundered. Wash scarves after 3 to 4 wearings to remove the bacteria and anything else picked up along the way.

Dr. Oz: Health Risks of Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans may look great put they put pressure on the nerves on the leg causing tingling. Long-term wearing of tight jeans may cause nerve damage that could require surgery. Check the snugness-level of by putting a highlighter pen between you and the waist band of your jeans. If the highlighter doesn't fit, the jeans are too tight.

Dr. Oz: Health Risks of Ballet Flats
Ballet flats are popular shoes and look great with skinny jeans. Flats can be a better option than high heels but the wrong pair of flats can increase the chance of arthritis, puts more pressure on knees, hips, and back, and make the toes grasp when walking causing more strain. Find a flat with an arch and add a heel liner to help feet to stay in the shoe so toes are not grasping.

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