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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 10/07/11: 48-Hour Weekend Cleanse, Viewer Gets Help with Weight, Is Frozen Yogurt a Diet Danger?

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: October 7, 2011

The Detox Solution: Dr. Oz's 48-hour Weekend Cleanse

  • Major detox organs and foods to support them
  • The 48-hour detox
  • Is Monty-G ready for the help he is asking for?
  • Frozen Yogurt: Quick Hunger Fix or High Calorie Trick?
Detoxification is the corner stone of health and have turned into fad diets that are promoted and utilized to lose weight, clear complexion, boost energy and cleanse the system. Last year herbal cleanses accounting for $30 million sales. People go to extremes with these diets but are they really safe? Can you detox your body back to health? Is there any science behind detox diets?

Three viewers put three different detox diets to the test for a three day detox.

Lemon Cleanse: lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper in water with a laxative tea at night. The viewer lost 4 lbs in 3 days. She experienced hunger, headaches and moodiness and would not do the cleanse again. Dr. Oz says the lemon cleanse does not have enough key nutrients to support the major detoxification organs.

[This is also known as the Master Cleanse. It became popular forever ago. I've tried it several times and I did lose weight. The weight eventually came back. It's a hard cleanse. The third day is the worse and I felt like I had the flu. From day four on it was easier. I've come to realize that, yes, this cleanse falls short of supporting the entire body so I certainly agree with Dr. Oz.

At the store I've seen many people try it and they either gave up one in or they continued through weeks of time. Those who went for the world record lost weight and began to realize that they didn't need as much food as they were previously eat – two good things, right? Many of these distance lemonaders also began to fear returning to eating “real” food. Anxiety, fear, and clammy hands kind of fear. Not good at all. There's a place for the master cleanse and I thank that place is within an extreme digestive or other system imbalance.

I get that people want to do something drastic to encourage a more positive view of food and to jump-start a weight loss program but I'm not convinced this is the way to go about it. When people at the store would ask about the lemon cleanse I would encourage them to at least add some liquid fish oil to their lemon juice. There's enough stress and sleep deprivation in this world to fry our brains, let's not add to that with deprivation in the name of vanity.]

All Juice Cleanse: drink six raw fruit and vegetable juices each day. This viewer also lost 4 lbs in 3 days. She was moody, had a hard time with the flavor of the drinks, felt hungry and will not do this cleanse again. Dr. Oz says this cleanse has more nutrients than the lemon cleanse but it lacks omega-3 fats for the brain. The juices have a lot of sugar and not much, or any, fiber which causes a sugar rush with the subsequent crash. Without the fiber, the drinks have no sustainability throughout the day.

Protein Cleanse: day one drink protein shake every 2 hours then dinner with lean meat and salad; day two have fruit every 2 hours then dinner with protein and salad. The viewer lost 6 lbs in 3 days. She said she felt great during the cleanse, wasn't hungry and would do it again.

With extreme detox diets the body goes into starvation mode with 24 hours and body begins consuming muscle mass and not fat. People are often starving themselves before they start extreme cleanses and they are adding insult to injury to their body by continuing to starve.

Weight loss on an extreme cleanse comes from the loss of muscle mass and some fluid. Surprising to most people is that there is no fat loss during these cleanses. Ultimately they are damaging their bodies and deny themselves important nutrients, especially brain nutrients.

The body already has internal detox systems in place. When you eat the right foods, you can provide the body with essential nutrients and support the body's natural detoxification every day.

When considering a detox diet you must ask: how is this program going to help my liver? A detox diet is about cleansing the system and not about losing weight.

Support the Three Major Detoxifying Organs
The liver is a filter choosing the right foods can help support the liver with its myriad list of jobs. Berries strengthens the liver's ability to detox and hot peppers stimulate the enzymes responsible for detoxification.

The intestines create the greatest amount of toxins of any organ in the body. Like the liver, the intestines go unappreciated by most. Bacteria inside the colon, both good and bad, preform the job of breaking down food into nutrients to be absorbed into the blood stream and waste to be eliminated. The colon needs to be continuously cleansed to keep the good bacteria flourishing and the bad bacteria under control.

To maintain the good bacteria in the intestines, eat high-fiber whole grains which naturally contain phosphorous the support those good bugs.

The kidneys are important because they constantly filter the blood. Every 40 minutes all the blood in the body has filtered through the kidneys and has been cleaned. To boost the detoxification abilities of the kidneys eat soy foods (soy, miso and edamame) to allow the kidneys to flush out more fluids. Cruciferous veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower are the number one detoxifying foods.

For a detox to work these main detoxifying organs need to be supported through nutrition and the brain must be supported through omega-3's.

Dr. Oz's Ultimate 48-hour detox

In response to detox diets that do not support the brain or the detox organs, Dr. Oz has created a on that provides the nutrients to support the body in removing and eliminating toxins. He has tried it himself and it works, it's simple and it's easy for everyone to try this weekend.

Visit for full recipes and a shopping list for the 48-hour detox.

Breakfast. Start your day with a hearty bowl of quinoa and prunes. Together these two ingredients provide, phosphorous and fiber.

Snacks. Drink nutrient rich fruit juices that are satisfying and filling or choose raw veggies. Dr. Oz has provided two recipes, one for a juicer and one to mix without any gadgets.

Lunch. A fruit smoothie with berries, bananas and flax seed provide immune, detox and brain support.

Dinner. A simple vegetable broth soup packed with ingredients to stimulate the flow of bile, support the gall bladder and boost liver enzymes. Enjoy with sauerkraut and an apple. Dinner must be completed by 7pm on this detox plan. Dr. Oz recommends a relaxing, and detoxifying, epsom salt bath and a up of dandelion tea before bed.

Viewer Asks For Help to Save His Life

Monty-G from South Philadelphia is an icon in his neighborhood. He's known for bringing joy to his community, he makes people smile with his energy, his attitude and his love of all things sports. He has helped people in his neighborhood for years and now Monty-G has realized he needs help to become healthy and save his life.

Monty-G has lived in Philadelphia all his life. Ever the performer, his love of music allowed him the opportunity to join local band Tuff Crew. The band made a record that went gold and they were embraced as a local favorite. He got married, had 2 kids. Then life changed.

Monty's marriage ended in divorce, the band broke up, three years ago his son was killed and this year both his mother and father died. It's been difficult for Monty.

Today, Monty is hundreds of pounds over weight and because of his size everything in his life is difficult – he can no longer physically play with his children. Health problems are setting in and not responding to treatment and Monty has found himself alone and unhappy. He feels lonely, feels he can't be in a relationship, and hides himself behind the entertainment so people won't criticize him.

He has asked Dr. Oz to help him make the necessary changes to shift his life and his health back to a place that were he can take care of himself and thrive.

Dr. Oz is willing to help Monty if he can face the truth about his health.
Weight - 456 lbs
BMI – 64. A BMI above 40 is morbidly obese, above 50 is super obese, over 60 is super-super obese that shows destruction in body
Blood sugar - 112
Blood pressure – Dr. Oz wouldn't show the number instead shared that Monty is on four blood pressure medications and physicians say it's still out of control.
Urinary protein – 102 and should be less than 30

At age 42, Monty can't believe this are his numbers, this was his life. He walks with a cane due to a problem with his foot. Dr. Oz said he knows what is wrong with Monty's foot and so do his doctors. If Monty doesn't know the problem then there is an issue with communicating and understanding the information provided by the doctors.

An ulcer has formed on Monty's foot. It started as a crack in the skin but due to his size the cut widened and deepened. His skin has been so stretched that his body cannot close the gap and heal. His weight is causing the blood vessels to become engorged with blood severely decreasing circulation. Without circulation, the body bring the necessary nutrients to the site and it cannot heal. In time the ulcer will further deepen, infection will set in turn into gangrene leading to amputation.

Monty didn't realize this was his health. He didn't want to believe those were his numbers. Dr. Oz laid it all out for Monty by saying he is robbing the people in his life of him, he is robbing himself of a life. Dr. Oz was willing the help Monty get the care he needs as goes through the process of getting his health back.

First, Monty has to agree to find three people in his life who he can really trust, rely on, people who he can reach out to. Dr. Oz challenged Monty to make a connection with these three people and reach out to them at least once a week. Monty takes care of everyone in his neighborhood and now it's time for him to take care of himself with the help of people within his community.

Next, Monty will be checking into the Brandywine Hospital's eating disorder facilities. Anyone weighing 458 lbs has an eating disorder. The Brandywine program includes medical, nutritional and mental support to determine the root issues driving Monty to over eat, support his health and teach him how to eat.

Kimberly Garrison, of 1 on 1 Ultimate Fitness  will work with Monty, one on one, with TLC to get him moving and to get him inspired to make the shift to a healthy lifestyle that fulfills him.

The final challenge for Monty...being the biggest fan of all Philadelphia sports teams, if he can lose 30 lbs by February (about 5 months) then the Philadelphia 76ers will invite Monty to be the warm-up entertainment at a home game. Monty can celebrate his first steps of success by doing what he loves.

[Monty and Kimberly also appeared on local Phili TV yesterday to discuss the Dr. Oz episode. When I hear of updates, I'll post them on the blog.

Frozen Yogurt: Quick Hunger Fix or High Calorie Trick?

Viewer questions about frozen yogurt...

[Yummy health food or dangerous diet destroyer?]

If frozen yogurt is fat-free, can I eat all I want?
NO! Low-fat and low-sugar foods trick people into believing that they can eating less. These foods are not calorie-free and are not necessarily nutritious. Limit your serving to ½ cup. To figure out what a ½ cup serving looks like think of a half a fist - make a fist and the first two figures down and all the way around your fist is about a ½ cup.

Is a frozen yogurt still healthy if I top it with strawberries and dark chocolate?
Yes! These are your best options and you could even add some almonds for protein and fiber but stay away from syrupy and sugary toppings.

If I'm too busy to have lunch is it OK to have a frozen yogurt?
Frozen yogurt not a real meal, it's a snack food. Give your body real food. Eating a frozen yogurt will not satisfy nutritional needs, you may feel full for a short time but later will feel more hungry as the body sends signals that it needs substance with the end result of eating more in the day. Instead, how about a whole grain wrap and veggies and have the yogurt as a snack.

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