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Friday, October 14, 2011

Watching Dr Oz: 10/14/11: Intimacy Survey, Get Healthy for Your Reunion, Super Citrus

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: October 14, 2011
The Prescription for Better S*x!

  • Results of Dr. Oz's national *bedroom survey*
  • 28 day back to high school reunion plan
  • How lemons can support health and zest up food


Today, Dr. Oz is tackling the number one problem in the bedroom!

This show and this blog is not for children - well the first 20 minutes isn't.

Women are uncomfortable talking about it and therefore are getting less satisfaction out of intimacy. Dr. Oz conducted a national sex survey this summer and 4,000 people responded. [It would seem that most of the respondents were women.] Some of the results: 60% fake it, 70% prefer the lights off, 80% said the best time was in their 20s and 30s.

The results of his survey, he hopes, will help this year to be the best year of sex in your life.

All the women in the audience wore shirts proclaiming the last year they had great sex.

1985: 21 years old, no stress, nothing to do but have fun. What holds her back today? Stress, life, there are so many things going on that it's at the bottom of the list.

2006: just turned 40, sexy, lean and now at 45 sex is way too far out of view.

Would you like to be having more or less sex now?

Ninety percent of respondents want to have sex more often. That's a good thing. Wanting less sex is a whole different complication [that was not discussed].

Why aren't women satisfied?

Gynecologist Jennifer Ashton says it's all about foreplay. Dr. Oz was shocked, stunned and speechless about the length of time women want to engage in foreplay. Most wanted over 30 minutes and the viewer on the stage wants 60 minutes of foreplay. Dr. Ashton says more foreplay makes a lot of sense as it takes time for the glands to get the message and start lubricating the organs. More foreplay can translate to a bigger, better and more satisfying pay off at the end.

What is your favorite aphrodisiac?

Respondents gave equal value to their husbands helping around the house as drinking wine!

Spices can also be a used as an aphrodisiac, not on the skin – please, do not put on the privates! Tabasco sauce, black pepper and cayenne pepper are each warming spices that increase blood flow and can help to get things moving where they need to be moving.

Korean Red Ginseng, taken in moderate quantities can support an increase in libido.

Slap on your stilettos! An Italian study found that when wearing high heels, women are engaging pelvic floor muscles. [Think kegels, in high style!]

Describe the state of your libido.
Fifty-two percent of respondents said their libido was average, 27% better than ever and 21% said below average. Comparing current your libido to before having kids or how it was early the 20s is unrealistic. [Our bodies change with time. Just like comparing 50 year old skin to 20 year old skin is unfair putting your libido up against it's hey-day is just going to crush confidence. Libido can be restored at any age.]

How often is sex painful?
Fifty-three percent of respondents answered that pain occurred all or some of the time, 47% said never. Dr. Ashton explained that the most common reason for pain during intercourse is vaginal dryness. The first thing women tend to look toward is lubricant and that's the wrong solution. Bad ingredients in many lubricants can cause a chemical irritation. Instead, says Dr. Ashton, start with the cheapest and easiest thing: saliva. Natural oils, like sunflower oil can provide moisture without irritation and talking to your doctor about vaginal estrogen support to see if it's a potential therapy.

Who initiates intimacy?
Most respondents, 58%, wait for their partner to initiate. Dr. Ashton says there's not a man on the planet that will turn down sex initiated by a woman. Providing a little insight in the mind of the man, Dr. Oz shared that when a man touches his nose it means he is ready for the va-va-va-voom. He said the same reaction in the body that stimulates the blood vessels to engorge the penis are also stimulating the blood vessels in the nose. That nasal scratch could be allergies but take it as an opportunity to initiate.

Does size matter?
Women responded pretty evenly to this one. Dr. Ashton says if the husband thinks his partner's vagina is too big, well maybe his penis is too small. She shared that in reality, it's more about working with what you have and one single factor is not the cause of the issue. Blaming size doesn't solve the problem.

What can you do today to change?
Do something new. Dr. Ashton is challenge all viewers to take the 100 day challenge. See if you can have sex everyday, or night, for 100 days. “Are you kidding?” Responded Dr. Oz. With that level of, um, consistency you may identify some problems and find solutions and you may just find out that you're having fun. If you don't make to 100 and only get half or quarter of the way there odds are an increase will be achieved. Dr. Oz suggests to start with just 7 days and wants to hear from any viewer who meets the 100 day challenge.

To cope with anger and frustration, Drs. Aston and Oz recommend communicating with your partner and with a doctor. Dr. Ashton wants people who are experiencing a dry or lackluster period to educate themselves with books, researching online and even looking into seeing a sex therapist.

Finally, she wishes she could write a prescription to every patient for a vibrator. Twenty years ago that would have been taboo but today it's mainstream. The most popular one in the country is called the rabbit. A vibrator can help to increase blood flow, nerve stimulation, can be used with a partner or solo.

[Dr. Oz stated on the show that the results of the survey were going to be on his website. I couldn't find it with a variety of colorful search terms or by just poking around.]

28 Day Back To School Plan

Three women shared their stories of gaining 25 to 50 pounds since high school and with their 25th reunion looming they are feeling the impending need to change.

Justine was the class clown in excellent shape, not thin but she felt great. After having children, she gained 50 pounds.

The numbers: Then she was 135lb and now is 172. Her waist measured 30 inches then and 41 inches now. With a BMI of 29 she's right on the edge. She's not doing that bad until, her food diary is revealed. She eats fried food, processed foods, simple carbs, pizza, pretzels and doughnuts. It may look like she's holding it all together, those foods are rusting her insides, eventually her body will not be able to cope with them.
Over all health grade: D

Tamika was a jock in high school, weighed 110, was a size 4 and now is a size 14. After high school, she joined the police department. She was injured in bike chase and had to retire. Going from active to being confined to her home her belly fat and hip size leaves her frustrated.

The numbers: She used to be 104lbs and is now 180lb. Her waist was 27 inches and now measures 35 inches. Dr. Oz believes it's a size that will cause her to start having health complications. At a BMI of 30 she is at the cut off range for being obese. Looking at her food diary, she is eating OK with fruits, vegetables and healthy protein showing prominently. Dr. Oz wants Tamika to get back to the gym even with her injury.
Over all health grade: C+

Chane was the nerd in high weighing in at 130lbs then, today she's feeling like she let herself down. She's not a big eater but can't get it right. Sitting all day at work causes her to be breathless and sweating if she ever has to rush to the elevator leaving her feeling embarrassed. At her current size and no activity, she knows she has to do something different, make a change or she's afraid she's going to die.

The numbers: weight 130lbs then, 271lbs now. Her waist was 25 inches and now is 51 inches. Dr. Oz finds that number alarming, twice the size she used to be. With a BMI of 45, she is morbidly obese. [Food diary wasn't reviewed.]
Over all health grade: D.

The good thing about school is if you study hard you can do well and get good grades.

Dr. Oz sees all three of the women eating like teenagers with the same amounts and choosing the same tastes. They need to be smarter about their food choices, looking at food as medicine.

Week 1: Chemistry
Eliminate sugar. Dr. Oz wants everyone to look at food labels and eliminate “hidden sugars”, any foods that contain corn syrup, dextrose, sucrose, fructose – any sugar that has “ose” at the end. [These sugars are highly refined and contribute to weight gain and elevated blood sugar.]

Week 2: Geography
Increase flavor
Adding spicy spices to help block the bad effect of fat. With more spice, taste buds are tantalized creating a feeling of satisfaction and may help reduce triglycerides by as much as 30%. Dr. Oz recommends using garlic, turmeric and chili pepper.

Week 3: Art
Eat from all the colors of the rainbow.
Find diversity in the color of your food and you'll increase nutrition.

Week 4: Gym
Get more muscle mass with magnesium.
Dr. Oz recommends snacking on magnesium-rich cashews. Magnesium in the diet allows muscles to function correctly. The key to building muscle is to move the muscles: exercise.

Dr. Oz shared a simple exercise that can help build core muscle strength and help to build balance.
Stand up, raise one foot as high as you can while maintaining balance.

[I've heard this called the flamingo stand. Researcher K. Sakamoto wrote in the Journal of Orthopedic Science back in 2006 that 'unipedal standing' can decrease the risk of falls and increase bone strength. He recommends standing on each leg for one minute three times per day. Be sure to keep your eyes open to maintain balance and hold on to something if you need to. Consistently standing like a flamingo three times per day, according to Sakamoto, is equal to taking three one hour walks a day. WOW! Read here for more information on the study results.] 

Dr. Oz has assigned everyone homework for today: sign up for Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation.
Anti-Aging Super Citrus
Lemon! Lemons can help to reduce stress, lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation.

Stress: use a lemon essential oil to scent your room, office, house.

[There are many ways to use essential oils in all your living spaces from candle driven diffusers (also called oil warmers), battery operated and plug-in diffusers, car diffusers, light bulb rings, sprinkle the scent on pillows and sheets, drop a few drops in the shower floor or into bath water. Click here to see the world of diffusers on Amazon. My favorite supplement and essential oil company, Now Foods, has a nice little overview of using essential oils.] 

Cholesterol: lemon helps to clean off the lousy LDL cholesterol from the artery walls. Make an olive oil and lemon vinaigrette to put on your salad instead of high fat and over processed dressing.

[Click here for a lovely little vinaigrette from Epicurious.] 

Inflammation: lemon is a mild acid but when it hits the intestines it becomes alkaline and acts as an inflammation modulator. Remove that heavy sauce from chicken and use fresh squeezed lemon juice and spices for a healthy and satisfying flavor.

[Click here for a delightful lemon chicken sauce full of spice and flavor from The Food Network.]
Is It Better Raw or Cooked?

Garlic: raw or cooked?
Garlic is best raw as chemicals that help to relax the blood vessels and help to reduce heart disease are stronger when it's raw.

Broccoli: raw or cooked?
Broccoli is best raw as the cancer fighting elements are more readily absorbed when raw. When broccoli is cooked, it's more difficult for the liver to absorb those nutrients.

Spinach: raw or cooked?
Spinach is better cooked as its nutrients are released and better absorbed by the body.

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