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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Watching Dr Oz: 10/12/11: Recharge in 5 Days, Beat Exhaustion, Super Seed for Super Health, Salads for Heart Health

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: October 12, 2011
The Dr. Oz Super Power Hour: Recharge Your Body 5 Ways in 5 Days

  • 5 biggest complaints and 5 ways to help: senses, skin, libido, mobility and memory
  • Keep exhaustion at bay
  • Super food for super health
  • Salad foods for heart health

Do you feel like you're losing it? Your zest for life? Libido? Memory? Mind?

Are you ready to recharge? [Who isn't?] Discover five ways to help recharge your body in only five days.


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Day 1 – Spice Up Your Senses
Complaint: as I get older my senses are out of whack: can't smell unless something is at the nose, taste is decreasing and need more sweetener or spices to taste it, have to turn up the heat in shower to feel the heat.

Dr. Oz has a simple stretch to test your sense of touch. The sensation of touch can ebb away with nutrient deficiency.

Place the backs of your hands together in an upside-down prayer, bring your elbows gently down toward the ground and feel the stretch. If you feel tingling within 10 seconds then the nerves have experienced some damage that would effect the simplest tasks in life.

To support the sense of touch, Dr. Oz recommends taking 10mcg of Vitamin B-12 daily.

Weight gain can be associated with decreased sensitivity in the taste buds. Needing to eat more to sense the taste leads to over eating. Here's a quick test to determine your sense of taste and a potential nutrient deficiency.

Put 1mg of zinc in 1 liter of water and swish a small amount in the mouth. If the water tastes metallic then you may have a zinc deficiency. Dr. Oz recommends taking 15mg of zinc in pill form daily and in 2-3 weeks your sense of taste my be restored.

How strong is your sense of smell?
Take an alcohol wipe single pack and open it at belly button level. Can you smell the alcohol? If not, then move it closer to the nose until the smell can be detected. If the alcohol wipe is 8 to 12 inches from the nose then your sense of smell is normal. If the alcohol wipe is at the Adam's apple or the chin then the sense of smell has deteriorated.

Dr. Oz recommends taking alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) at 600mg daily to support the nervous system and help the nose to smell.

[Alpha lipoic acid was previously discussed by Dr. Oz in September 2011. Check out the Advanced Althernatives Center website for a great deal of detailed information of the benefits of ALA.]


Day 2 - Spice Up Your Skin
Complaint: Skin is dull and has dry patches even after applying moisturizer.

Dr. Oz recommends using nutmeg and cinnamon as a bath soak or body wash to revive the skin. Take 6 teaspoons [otherwise known as 3 tablespoons] each of nutmeg and cinnamon and place into automatic coffee maker, with filter. Pour the liquid in the bath for a skin revitalizing soak or let it cool and use as a face or body wash leaving on the skin for up to 10 minutes. Use the wash daily for brighter skin.

[Yesterday (10/11/11), Dr. Oz recommended taking omega-3 oils to help bring back the glow of youth. If you're like me and don't have an automatic coffee maker – I use a French press – then omega-3's are another great way to support the skin as well as healthy cholesterol levels and heart health.]

Day 3 – Spark Up Your Sex Drive
Complaint: The libido has left the building

Food may be playing a role in the deflation of the sex drive. Dr. Oz discussed good and bad foods to support the libido.

Good foods for libido
Pears contain boron which plays a role in the production of sex hormones,
Watermelon improves circulation
Garlic contains a chemical called allicin which opens the blood vessels and engorges the areas that need to be engorged

Bad foods for libido
Edamame contains phytoestrogens that disrupt the ratio of testosterone, the libido hormone. Consuming 25g soy can create the disruption.
Coffee spikes cortisol levels, the stress hormone.
[Stress does not contribute to libido! There's a product online called “Female Libido Coffee”. I can't tell if there is any actual coffee or if it's an herbal blend as no ingredients are listed – red flag! There is all sorts of silliness online about a positive coffee-libido connection but not much science behind the claims. It seems likely that the positive perception comes from people associating the stimulant of the caffeine with the stimulation of the libido. Coffee is widely known as an antioxidant however in large quantities coffee and deplete the adrenals which can contribute to the lowering of libido. Moderation, people. Moderation.]
Sauerkraut contains a great amount of sodium which inhibits the libido. Rinse the sauerkraut to remove the sodium before eating.

Day 4 – Increase Mobility
Complaint: Moving around is getting harder with age, can't wear heels.
Joint pain can keep you from enjoying movement. When we're young we have lots of natural lubrication in the joints to keep them moving. In the middle of the knee the meniscus can scrape the adjoining areas creating inflammation and causing pain. When you stop moving the muscles weaken and make movement harder.

Dr. Oz recommends two ways to ease joint discomfort. First, to soothe the pain apply topical Arniflora® gel by B&T [under the Nature's Way umbrella] on the joint. Then cover the joint area with a stretchy bandage to stabilize.

Day 5 – Energize Your Brain
Complaint: Frustrated with inability to remember even three items when going to the grocery store.
[I used to work in a grocery store five days a week and would still forget things! Now that I don't work a stressful job, my memory has improved and so has my enjoyment and participation in my own life!]

Foods to restore memory
Eggplant protects the health of the cells
Rosemary contains an acid that awakens the mind, helps with alertness, protects the nervous system, and the scent [fresh or essential oil] is said to improve memory.
Red onions, and onions in general, are antioxidant powerhouses. Red onions have the highest activity of all the onions.
[Dr. Oz talked about red onions in September 2011 and recommended eating ½ cup daily.]

These three memory supporting foods can be brought together into one tasty meal: Grilled Eggplant and Red Onion Bruschetta. Click here for the recipe from

Spinach is high in folic acid and greens in general are wonderful for entire body
Peanuts have choline which have been shown to help memory and recall
Whole wheat noodles contain thiamine, a B vitamin, important for building nerve cells
Combine these three foods with shrimp for a Brain-Boosting Shrimp and Spinach Stir-Fry. Click here for the recipe from

Other memory boosters can be found in red foods from peppers to cherries to watermelon.

Beat Exhaustion
Could it be a lack of sleep or stress or work or taking care of children and a million other reasons that cause the majority of the population to feel exhaustion? Could be, or it could be something else entirely.

Anemia, or low iron, is caused when there is not enough blood to pump around the body resulting in a struggle to get and use energy. There are two main causes of anemia: losing iron due to menstruation, and not getting enough from the diet.

Take this quick test at home to determine if you may be anemic: look at area beneath eye by pulling down the bottom lid. This area should be nice and pink with a red line right up at the top of the lid. A blanched look to the lower lid is an indication of anemia and cause to talk to a doctor.

Dr. Oz recommends that women under age 50 to 18g of iron and for women over age 50 to take 8g of iron daily.

To get iron from food, look towards clams that have 23mg of iron per serving. [To get hefty amount of iron from food, animal proteins is the way to go. For vegetarians, look towards sunflower seeds that have 5mg iron per serving, dried apricots 6mg, tahini at 4mg.]

To get the most of your iron, combine iron-containing foods with Vitamin C which works to aid absorption of the iron. Bok choy and iron fortified orange juice area easy ways for the body to absorb iron is by combining with Vitamin C.

Super Seed for Super Health

Chia seeds are the new super food on the block. Native to South America, these ancient seeds have a long, and colorful history – remember the Chia Pet, yeah cha-cha-cha-chia, that's them. The same folks who make the Chia Pet® are also selling chia seeds for eating. They even made a special, one of a kind, Dr. Oz Chia Pet!

These super small seeds are super full of nutrition. They contain 500% more calcium than milk, the same amount of omega-3 as salmon per serving and also work to suppress the appetite with it's expanding fiber. Chia seeds can expand nine times their size in the stomach and change the volume capacity of the stomach giving a feeling of fullness that translates to eating less food.

Eat 1 oz or 3 tablespoons a day of chia seeds to support the heart, the colon, blood pressure and curb appetite.

Add to chia seeds to oatmeal, shakes, yogurt, baked goods, soups and stews.

Chia Muffins were featured and contained 4g of protein, 11g of fiber and under 150 calories per serving. Click here of the recipe on

[Dr. Oz's website also has a Chia Pomegranate Pudding recipe. Another way to enjoy these delicious seeds.]

Which Salad Foods Are The Best For Heart Health?

Which food contains the most potassium to support the reduction of blood pressure? Is it crimini mushrooms or corn?
Dr. Oz says that crimini mushrooms contain more potassium than corn, and recommends adding ½ cup to salad.
[According to the website NutritionData, Crimini mushrooms contain 390mg of potassium for a 1 cup serving size while corn is showing to be 416mg for 1 cup. So, the two foods are very similar in their potassium content.

Which foods are rich in folate to help reduce the risk of heart disease? Is it green peas or tomatoes?
Green peas are higher in folate, add ½ cup on salad to protect heart
[Green peas come in with 94mcg of folate per cup and tomatoes contain 27mcg folate per cup. A definite difference.]

Which foods are rich in Vitamin C to reduce the risk of heart disease?
Is it grapes or broccoli?
Broccoli contains high amounts of Vitamin C that helps the arteries to pump blood more effeciently.
[One cup of broccoli contains 66mg of Vitamin C and grapes have 16mg per cup.]

Add the herbs oregano and rosemary to power your salad dressing and keep your heart pumping strong.

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