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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 4/26/12: 5 Fast Fat Burners, “Miracle” New Pill for Weight Loss, Shapewear to Cheat Your Size, Fried Food Make-Overs, Fat Burning Desserts

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: April 26, 2012
Dr. Oz Burn Fat Faster: 5 Fastest Fat Burners

  • Stubborn fat! You've met your match! Dr. Oz has 5 fat burners to melt it away.
  • There's a new weight loss pill being called a “miracle”. Does it work?
  • Beat belly bloat with Dr. Oz's natural solutions.
  • Cheat your size with these shapewear solutions.
  • Three favorite fried foods get a healthy re-do.
  • Bonus Tips! Fat burning desserts!

Dr. Oz says he has a plan to help you to begin burning fat from your problem areas in just 7 days. That's right, he says if you follow his targeted plan you could start to see fat melt off in just one week. It all comes down to 5 simple tips for 5 fatty problem areas.


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Dr. Oz: Fast Fat Burner for that Big Belly

Half of all women struggle with too much belly fat. It's linked to stress and the more you stress, the more hormones are released that cause the body to store fat in the belly in case it's needed later. Dr. Oz has a fast fat burning formula to convince the body to let go of that belly fat.

Dr. Oz 7 Day Fat Burning Formula to Burn Belly Fat
It's a one-two punch to flatten the belly but, you have do this every day for seven days to start to see results:
  • GLA, Gamma linolenic acid, 1,000mg before every meal (Borage Oil is a great source of GLA; and
  • Eat one cup of beans at every meal.

GLA, says Dr. Oz, sends calming signals to those fat stores in the belly causing the body to release the fat. He recommends taking 1,000mg of GLA before each and every meal for one week. To that, include one cup of beans with every meal for seven days.

For breakfast, include a Fat-Burning Chickpea Muffin:
1 can or 2 cups boiled chickpeas
2 grated carrots
2 tsp nutritional yeast
2 tsp poppy seeds
1 tsp olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

In a large bowl, mix all of the ingredients, except the poppy seeds, until you get a doughy consistency. Evenly drop spoonfuls of dough into muffin pan. Top with poppy seeds and bake for 30 minutes at 350°F.

For lunch, include a cup of black beans to any meal. Dinner should include one cup of navy beans.

Dr. Oz: Fast Fat Burner for that Big Butt

Diet and exercise don't work to get rid of that big butt. Why? Some people are more prone to hold onto fat in the butt area. It's the first area to gain weight and the last area to lose it. Dr. Oz has a seven day plan to melt away that fatty protective layer.

Dr. Oz 7 Day Fat Burning Formula to Burn Butt Fat
  • Block fat with 1,000mg of Chitosan in a Whey protein shake twice daily.

Replace both breakfast and lunch with Dr. Oz's Fat Burning Choco-Fruity Smoothie to help burn stubborn butt fat.

Chitosan comes from the exoskeleton of shellfish that blocks the absorption of fat through the intestines. Often the fat we consume comes with our protein. To make sure folks are getting enough protein, Dr. Oz recommends using whey, a fat-free protein.

1 scoop whey protein
1000 mg of chitosan
1 cup water
4-5 ice cubes
1/2 banana
1 handful of frozen blueberries
1/2 pack milled flaxseed
1 tsp unsweetened cocoa

Blend up and enjoy!


Dr. Oz: Fast Fat Burner for those Big Arms

Wave away the fat from your arms with Dr. Oz's 7 day plan. He explains that it's important to get rid of excess fat on the arms because it's dangerous for the heart. Fat on the arms is concentrated, the body wants to hold onto this fat for energy. The key to shedding this fat is to trick the body into melting it away.

Dr. Oz 7 Day Fat Burning Formula to Burn Big Arms
  • Drink 6 cups of parsley tea daily; and
  • Eat three servings of sweet potatoes daily.

Parsley is a natural diuretic that helps support hormonal balancing and the best part is that parsley makes you feel full.

Dr. Oz wants you to make sweet potatoes your only carbohydrate for each and every meal over the course of one week.

Enjoy sweet potato pancakes for breakfast, sweet potato fried for lunch, and mashed or baked for dinner. Click here for a plethora of sweet potato recipes from

Dr. Oz: Fast Fat Burner for that Big Thighs

If your legs rub together when you walk, you have to face the reality of big thighs. Targeted exercise doesn't work to tackle the problem so what can you do? Dr. Oz explains that fat on the thighs has a low flow and therefore it's not metabolically active.

The body stores fat on the thighs to keep it away from internal organs. More fat in the diet leads to more fat on the thighs. Chop down those tree trunk legs and look great in shorts and skirts with Dr. Oz's plan to burn fat from the thighs.

Dr. Oz 7 Day Fat Burning Formula to Burn Big Thighs
  • Calcium pyruvate, 1,000mg, before meals; and
  • No meat, only meat substitutes.

Calcium pyruvate is naturally found in the body but, not in high doses. Dr. Oz recommends taking 1,000mg of calcium pyruvate before each meal to turn on the fat burning system in the body.

Mix that up with giving up meat for the entire week. Meat, and meat products, contain saturated fat which builds up big thighs. The body still need protein so Dr. Oz recommends getting it from plant sources.

[Dr. Oz showed a table full of meat substitute products and knowing some of the brands, those products are mainly wheat. I would look toward focusing on healthy fruits and veggies maybe adding in a small amount of soy and if you feel you need more protein then try a hemp of other vegetarian protein powder.]

Dr. Oz: The New Pill Touted as The New Miracle for Weight Loss

It's being called the miracle bean in a pill. Green coffee bean extract is the latest breaking product in the world of weight loss. It is supposed to burn fat fast without changing anything else in your diet or lifestyle.

[I've got to interject that this, as well as other, “miracle” products are being presented on The Dr. Oz Show in such a way the feeds the public's craving for a one-stop-fix-pill for all ills. It just sounds like so much hype and another product to throw money at that promises the world: Take this before bed and don't change anything else and you'll be slim by morning.

I am skeptical. Dr. Oz even asks if people are skeptical about this. But, it's still presented as the only thing you need to do – stay on the couch and don't make an effort to eat better it will all be OK with this pill. I get that people often need help getting started losing weight but to say several times that people can take this and do nothing else to lose weight will simply encourage people to do just that.

Of the millions of people who watch The Dr. Oz Show looking for help losing weight, how many are going to hear “take one pill and problem solved” and how many are going to hear “try this to kick start a program of healthy foods and exercise”?]

New studies are showing that the coffee bean in it's pure raw form could hold the secret to weight loss. In a study recently released, both men and women participants lost an average of 17 pound sin 12 weeks by doing nothing else but taking green coffee bean extract pills.

Lindsey Duncan, naturopathic doctor and certified nutritionist, said participants consumed 2,400 calories per day, burned only 400 calories per day and lost 10% of their body weight, 16% of body fat, and an average of 17 pounds without any side-effects.

If green coffee bean extract is so wonderful, why not just drink more coffee? Coffee we drink has been roasted at 475F which changes the aroma, taste and removes the active compound that is the key to what is happening in these studies.

Dr. Duncan says green coffee bean extract works three ways:
  • First, it causes the body to burn glucose and sugar;
  • Second, it slows the release of sugar into the blood stream so that fat doesn't accumulate; and
  • Third, it has a synergistic effect of blocking fat and burning fat.
Dr. Duncan recommends taking 800mg of green coffee bean extract twice daily before meals with a large glass of water. He explains that it is available online and encourages people to look for 100% pure raw green coffee bean extract and avoid products that contain other fillers.

[WatchingDrOz has been an affiliate for a few supplement companies that sell Green Coffee Bean Extract. See the side bar and top banners for links to those company's websites. While WatchingDrOz is an affiliate marketer, WatchingDrOz is not responsible for nor liable for the content of affiliate websites or products offered.]

Dr. Oz says he's hoping people are skeptical and thinking this is too good to be true. He admits that he thought the same. To see how the product works, Dr. Oz asked two fans to try green coffee bean extract for five days and report their results.

Kendra says it gave her more energy, she felt less hungry, seemed to get fuller faster, and didn't do anything different.

Omayra also said she had more energy, didn't change anything, and felt fuller longer.

The Numbers
  • Kendra weighed 176 pounds before taking green coffee bean extract. After taking it for five days, she lost 2 pounds which is consistent with study results.
  • Omayra weighed in before at 255 pounds and in 5 days lost 6 pounds, more than a pound a day and greater than the average experienced in the study. 

Dr. Oz Beat Belly Bloat with Natural Solutions

Does your stomach hang over you pants? Does your belly feel like it's going to burst? Dr. Oz says bloating could be to blame. There are two main reasons for bloat, he explains:
  • Constipation; and
  • The digestive tract is full of gas.

Many common foods are hard to digest which can lead to discomfort along the digestive tract. With a demonstration of digestion, Dr. Oz went through four causes of the bloated feeling:
  • Artificial ingredients are to break down in the digestive tract;
  • Carbonated beverages present gas to the system which cannot be broken down, instead it is release through one of two routes;
  • Fried foods contain saturated fat that slow down the movement of food through the digestive tract and may result in constipation.

Dr. Oz climbed on a ladder to reach the top of a wide tube affixed to a box representing the stomach. When he started the demonstration, the belly was flat. As each food was slid down the tube, the belly expanded until after the last food was introduced, the belly looked like a pregnant belly at 9 months, complete with a belly button poking out.

Dr. Oz Beat Your Bloat Solution #1: Slippery Elm Tea
Slippery elm tea lubricates the gut to let poop slide down right on out. Dr. Oz recommends drinking one cup of slippery elm tea daily in the morning and to work up to three cups per day.

Dr. Oz Beat Your Bloat Solution #2: Pineapple
Bromelain, found in pineapples, speeds up digestion but, you have to eat that fibrous core to get all that beneficial bromelain. Dr. Oz recommends eating ½ cup of pineapple core daily to support digestion.
Dr. Oz Beat Your Bloat Solution #3: Carminative Seeds
Dr. Oz recommends eating what he calls carminative seeds to support digestion. [ says carminative seeds are “Herbs that help to dispel gas and prevent bloating are called carminatives. Many familiar culinary herbs like dill and fennel a also carminatives...]

Three herbs were recommended by Dr. Oz to support more efficient digestion:
  1. Anise: supports a reduction in gas production in the intestines.
  2. Cardamom: calms muscles in the digestive tract to prevent spasms which can make bloating worse.
  3. Celery seed: can be use as a replacement for salt, salt contributes to bloating. Celery seed is Dr. Oz's favorite herb of the list.

Dr. Oz Miracle Shapewear to Cheat Your Size

Dr. Oz and fashion expert Stacy Cox says that with the right shapewear and clothing you can look a size 6 when you're a size 16.

Ms. Cox says it's psychology 101. If you think that you are a size 6 you begin to behave differently. All over Hollywood, many women who are thought of as trim are using shapewear to look slimmer. It's not uncommon for a size 4 actress to use shapewear to look a size 2, says Ms. Cox.

Women who are overweight tend to gravitate toward baggy clothing thinking it will camouflage the flaws. Ms. Cox says she'll let viewers in on a secret, elastic and draw string pants and baggy clothes are the enemy. The key is dressing to accentuate your best features and draw the eyes away from problem areas.

Three size 16 audience members were given a fashion and shapewear make-over complete with before and after pictures.

Fashion Problem: Belly and Hips

LaShondra has a disproportion belly and would like to downplay her hips. Ms. Cox says the new fashion buzz word is “LBD” for little black dress. [Can we agree that it's more of a revival since the LBD has been a fashion staple for decades.]

Fashion Solution:
  • LBD as a foundation fashion item which can downplay problem areas, this dress provided cinching that brings the eye to the waist line giving a slimmer silhouette;
  • Combined with a bright blazer to add color and allow for mix-and-matching
  • Colorful accessories such as deep coral necklace and bright gold bracelet.

Ms. Cox says adding shoulder pads to the blazer will help lift of the fabric so it's not clinging. [Welcome back 80s fashion. We all knew you'd show up at some point!]

Shapewear Solution:
To help minimize LaShondra's hips, Ms. Cox recommends a multi-functioning shapewear product that focuses on a more firm appearance of the belly and booty. Ms. Cox says this style of shapewear can help LaShondra look 5 to 10 pounds slimmer.

Fashion Problem: Big Midsection
Stephanie is hiding her great legs beneath baggy jeans that only serve to bring focus to her big belly.

Fashion Solution:
  • Skirt to show off Stephanie's beautiful legs;
  • Blouse that criss-crosses at the waist to downplay that area; and
  • Solid color on the top with a print on the skirt brings the eye away from the belly and to her legs.
Shapewear Solution:
Tame the tummy with a braless body suit. A braless body suit provides cinching in the mid-section while leaving the bust alone.

Dr. Oz: National Fried Food Swap

Chef George Duran, author of Take this Dish and Twist It, gave his favorite foods a healthy twist and lost 20 pounds. He says everyone loves fried foods so the goal is to make those comfort foods taste like they are fried when they are not.

Dr. Oz Fried Food Swap: Better Than Fried Mozzarella Sticks
Fried mozzarella sticks are a New York Favorite. But, says Chef Duran, you don't need to fry them to make it taste good. His recipe is quick and simple utilizing packaged mozzarella cheese stick dipped in egg then bread crumbs and finally broiled. [I'm making these this weekend! They look great and so easy to make!]]

The Numbers

Dr. Oz Fried Food Swap: Better Than Fried Chicken Wings
In the south, they love their fried chicken wings. Chef Duran says the flavor is in the skin and by adding power-packed spices and allowing fat to drip off the wings as they broil will greatly reduce the fat and calories. Click here for Chef Duran's Southern Style Grilled Barbecue Chicken Wings from

The Numbers

Dr. Oz Fried Food Swap: Better Than Fried Fish and Chips
Boston loves their fish and chips. Chef Duran says why take a healthy protein and ruin by frying? Bake the fish instead and keep the flavor with seasoned mayo and textured panko bread crumbs. Click here for Chef Duran's Oven Fried Fish and Chips from

The Numbers
  • Traditional fish and chips pack an astounding 1,580 calories per serving, that's an entire days worth of calories in meal.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Fat Burning Desserts

Dr. Oz has simple and delicious dessert ideas that taste great and help to burn fat.

Dr. Oz Fat Burning Desserts: So Delicious Coconut Milk Mini Bars
So Delicious Mini Ice Cream Bars are made with coconut milk that contains special fats that metabolize differently. The body is less likely to store the fat from coconut milk.

Dr. Oz Fat Burning Desserts: Peanut Butter Oat Balls
Mix 2 tablespoons of peanut butter with 2 tablespoons of chopped oats. Using the hands, roll the mix into balls, refrigerate then enjoy the protein and fiber packed treat.

A note from Dr. Oz about raspberry ketone: On a recent episode, Dr. Oz featured raspberry ketone supplement to support weight loss. He says there are unscrupulous companies out there using his name and likeness to sell their product. Dr. Oz he wants viewers to be clear that he has not endorsed the use of this face or name to sell these products. These companies, he says, are taking advantage of his discussion of the product. Be careful who you buy from, he says.

To that he adds that there is no substitute for a healthy diet and exercise. The promises of raspberry ketone supplements overshadowed his message of good food and good exercise.

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  1. Really really enjoy your show. Question, what to do for ethnic hair that is breaking off, & combs out a lot.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your question. Your hairdresser may be a good resource for you to discuss different methods and products to support your hair and target your situation.

      I did find a great website devoted to care for black hair which may be of some support for you and your hair.

      Here's a link specific to breakage in black hair. There's a whole lot more information on the site too. I hope you find something that can work for your situation.

  2. Funny that he has that disclaimer about raspberry ketones, saying that the promises overshadowed his messages - in the same episode with some pretty extreme promises about the green coffee bean extract.
    Also, if shapewear can make a size 16 look like a size 6, it's not just shapewear, it's a powerful hallucinogenic drug. Get real, people.

    1. Honestly! They women didn't look size 6 after the shapewear but they did look more fashionable, confident and a little more firmed.

    2. With regards to Pure Raspberry Ketones, I am now confused as to which product to purchase. Does anyone have a recommendation with regards to the purchase of this item.

    3. I am suspect about raspberry ketones. Even Dr. Oz calls it a "miracle" and I don't believe there is such a thing in the world of weight loss product so I'm not sold on the idea. Searching online, I don't recognize nor am familiar with any brands on the three pages I looked through.

      Now, that's not the end all be all as there certainly could be good brands in the bunch. The fact that the brands are not ones carried by the many brands carried in natural food stores in my area makes me think there could be some not so desirable ingredients in some of those products. And it raises the question that if it's as safe and effective as advertised then why isn't everyone selling it? There must be a reason.

      Perhaps talk to your doctor about your desire to take the supplement and see if it's appropriate and if they have any experience with it. They may have some other ideas for you too. It may be worth the effort to contact your local health food store and see what they have to say as well.

      Good luck and let me know what you find out.