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Monday, April 2, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 4/2/12: Supermarket Survival Guide, Supermarket Savings Tips, Transformation Nation Step 7, Five Steps for a Healthier Family, Kid-Friendly Healthy Meal, Healthy Boxed Cake Bake-Off Challenge, Bonus Healthy Dairy Products

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: April 2, 2012
Dr. Oz's Supermarket Survival Guide

  • Learn the supermarket shopping secrets of a nutritionist, personal trainer, and a chef
  • Supermarket secrets are revealed to help you save money
  • Dr. Oz and Weight Watchers bring you step 7 in Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation
  • Five steps from Liz Josefsberg can help you bring your family closer to their health goals
  • Make this healthy meal with your kids and teach them portion control
  • Viewers share their ideas to make boxed cakes healthier
  • Bonus Tip! Dr. Oz shares three healthy dairy products

Do you agonize over making healthy choices at the grocery store but end up buying the same items every week? Dr. Oz, a nutritionist, a chef, and a personal trainer take the guess work out of shopping at the grocery store with tips for every section of the store.


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Dr. Oz Supermarket Survival Guide - Biggest Shopping Mistakes

  • Shopping hungry: eat before you shop to stop impulse buys inspired by your grumbling stomach, says the nutritionist.
  • Buying too many packaged foods. Opt for more produce than processed, says the personal trainer.
  • No preparation. Make a list with your week's menu plan in mind before you hit the stores, says the chef.

Kate Geagan, nutritionist and author of the book Go Green, Get Lean: Trim Your Waistline with the Ultimate Low-Carbon Footprint Diet, says to use the 80/20 rule when shopping. Meaning that 80% of your items should be foods with only one ingredient and 20% of your items leaves wiggle room for choosing more processed items.

Aaron "Big Daddy" McCargo, star of The Food Network's Big Daddy's House, recommends thinking globally about spices. Go for Chinese spice, cumin, Jamaican spices.

Lisa Lynn, personal trainer, says if you can't eat before shopping then eat an apple when you're at the store.

Dr. Oz Supermarket Survival Guide – Meat and Fish Aisle

Ms. Geagan says your first stop at the supermarket should be in the meat and fish aisle. She says to halve your red meat and double your fish.

Cut down on the red meat in favor of leaner meats and fish. Ms. Geagan suggests eating red meat 1 night per week, fish 3-4 nights per week, and chicken 3-4 nights per week.

When shopping for red meat, look for cuts that say “loin” and “round” for the lowest fat content. Choose “grass-fed” when possible for the healthiest cut of meat.

Ms. Lynn recommends white fish which can support the body in burning fat more efficiently.

Meat on the bone cuts - when choosing red meats – make for a flavorful braised meat, simple for cooking, says Chef McCargo.

Dr. Oz Supermarket Shopping Guide – Produce
Half your cart should be items from the produce aisle, says Ms. Geagan, and that translates to half of your plate being covered in vegetables. Pre-cut veggies can be steamed for a few minutes to make preparations easy.

Choosing baby greens, which are sweeter and more tender, can be a great introduction to greens. They don't have to be cooked, just toss on a salad and you'll be enjoying their antioxidants and nutrients will little prep time.

Potatoes are a top selling product item but Ms. Geagan wants consumers to think color. Pick up purple potatoes or sweet potatoes that have more antioxidants and fiber than white potatoes.

Fill up on produce for near zero calorie flow, says Ms. Lynn. She admits it, she likes to eat and loading up on produce allows her to eat good food and feel satisfied too. Celery and cabbage can help the body burn fat.

Increase the flavor to decrease the sodium with citrus, says Chef McCargo. Zest up your meals with lemon and lime. Pick up those small packs of herbs to give a rich, earthy flavor to meats and pasta.

What's the different between yellow, white and red onions? Chef McCargo says to use sweet flavored red onions for salads and sandwiches. White onions are great in a saute or on a salad. In soups and stews, yellow onions are your best choice.

Dr. Oz Supermarket Survival Guide - Pasta and Grain Aisle

People make a lot of mistakes in the pasta aisle by loading up on empty carbohydrates. Ms. Geagan says there's a new grain in the pasta aisle: Einkorn, it's the original wheat. Einkorn was found in the stomach of an ice man preserved in the Italian alps, it was his last meal. People who have issues with gluten in wheat may do well with Einkorn, it's easier to digest. High fiber and protein in Einkorn supports blood sugar stability.

Chef McCargo says to use the number guide on pasta to match up with the best sauce. Chef think about what you're using heavier sauce the heavier the pasta. A thin pasta should be paired with a light sauce and use thick noodles with a heavier sauce.

In the cracker aisle, go for whole grain foods with high fiber and low fat that Ms. Lynn calls clean foods with a clean burn. Ak-Mak whole grain crackers and Japanese rice crackers are her snack foods of choice.

Dr. Oz: Secrets of a Supermarket Insider

Sue Perry, editor of ShopSmartMagazine, says all supermarkets set up their stores to get customers to buy more products. Stores are marketing to customers at every turn and want to encourage you to stay longer and buy more. If you know how to shop, you can find the true deals and save money.

Dr. Oz Supermarket Secrets - Keep an Eye On The End Cap
Shopping Mistake: Customers think products on end caps are discounted items.
Stores increase their profits by as much as 30% with items merchandised on the end cap that are not on sale. Watch out for 10 or $10 sales. At most stores, you don't have to buy all 10 items to get the $1 price. Ask at your store if the buck deal is valid without buying 10 items.

Dr. Oz Supermarket Secrets – Organic Labels
Shopping Mistake: All items labels organic meet national standards.
Not all items with the word “organic” meet FDA regulations for organic. There is no standard for organic fish. If you see a fish product with the word “organic” pass it up.

Not all produce items need to be purchased organic, says Ms. Perry. Broccoli and asparagus have negligible pesticide residues. Save money on these by buying conventional and use those savings to buy organic apples and bananas – where it really counts.

Dr. Oz Supermarket Secrets – Location, Location, Location
Did you know that the door you enter a store can determine how much you spend? Ms. Perry says if customers enter a store through the door on the right show counter-clockwise and spend more money. Shoppers who enter on the left shop clockwise and spend less money.

Beware of the same item in different parts of the store having different prices. Gourmet cheese in the cheese case costs more than cheese in the dairy case but you'll spend more money walking to the back of the store.

Dr. Oz Supermarket Secrets – Dazzling Lights in The Produce Aisle
Produce color may not always be your guide on freshness. Some produce foods are chemically treated to ripen slower and look better on the shelves. Lighting in produce makes food look better; strawberries look redder, green beans look greener. Buy in season for the freshest foods.

Secret to Weight Loss for A Lifetime

Over 1.2 million people have signed-up to lose weight with Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Million Dollar You. This program is about taking charge of your health and now, Dr. Oz wants you to get your whole family on board toward improved health.

Three women joined Dr. Oz on stage to share how far they have come in their quest for better health. One mother shared that two years ago her mother had a mini stroke. The next year her father had back-to-back heart attacks. She signed up for the program to get health so her kids would not have to see her in the hospital.

The next woman shared that until signing up for Transformation Nation, she had not gone to the doctor in 15 years. She went and found that her blood pressure was through the roof and that scared her. Since beginning the program she has lost 69 pounds.

The final Transformation Nation participant wanted to be more active with her family. She told the story of signing up for a 5k run with her husband and son but realized she couldn't run and had to do the fun walk instead leaving her son disappointed. She's lost 50 pounds, so far, and is working her way toward running with her son.

It's time for the 7th and last step in the process – BMI. It's what participants have been working toward since the beginning of the program.

Liz Josefsberg, Weight Watchers Leader, joined Dr. Oz too and said she was so proud and overwhelmed by the success of the participants. BMI is such an important step and a lot of people don't understand the process.

BMI is a calculation that takes into account height and weight and correlates to higher body weight. The goal is to bring people closer to their ideal BMI. To win Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation, participants can become eligible by losing 10% of their body weight or by getting closer to their goal GMI.

All participants need their final weight-in at Weight Watchers to meet that eligibility requirement. Between now and April 9, get your official weigh-in slips at participating Weight Watchers.

Ms. Josefsberg says it's never too late to get healthy. Weight Watchers wants to support everyone's goal to better health. Join Weight Watchers for free when you visit a location for your second official weigh-in through April 9.

Five Steps for A Healthier Family

Go on-line to Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation to calculate your goal. You don't have to be there yet just be on the way. Focus on the key steps in the program, with the most important step to get family involved. Ms. Josefsberg shares five steps to creating a healthier environment for the entire family.

Dr. Oz Step #1 For a Healthier Family - Your Food is Their Food
Families should be eating real foods together, says Ms. Josefsberg. That means whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Continue your own training on how to eat while training your family too. A good rule, she says, is if you won't eat it, don't feed it to the kids.

Dr. Oz Step #2 For a Healthier Family – Be a Smart Snacker
Families should be eating real foods together for all meals and snacks. Ms. Josefsberg recommend low-fat dairy foods, fruits, vegetables, and high fiber foods. Mix high fiber cereal with dark chocolate chips for a health snack that won't overload with sugar.

Dr. Oz Step #3 For a Healthier Family – Cook and Eat as a Family Three Times a Week
How do you make time to cook and eat a sit-down meal? Ms. Josefsberg says you have to put the effort in and find time. Remember, a meal doesn't have to be dinner. Make pancakes together for a Sunday brunch with delicious whole grains and fruits.

Dr. Oz Step #4 For a Healthier Family – Be Active Every Day
Find activities that are fun for the whole family.

Dr. Oz Step #5 For a Healthier Family – No One is Exempt From the Rules
Everyone in the family needs to get on board and be committed to getting healthy.

Healthy Meal the Whole Family Can Make

Ms. Josefsberg and two participants from an earlier segment brought their kids on stage to make a healthy meal together.

Whole wheat pizza dough, found the grocery freezer case, begins the dish. Kids can layer deli slices, cheese and vegetables to their liking. Be prepared for things to get a little messy when cooking with kids. The process will teach them portion and flavor control.

Viewer's Healthy Boxed Cake Bake-Off

It's a baking staple, boxed cake mix gets a make-over in the latest viewer cooking challenge. Bakers were able to cut calories, increase protein and vegetables and bring boxed cake into the healthier treat categories. Judge

Chef McCargo returns for the tough job of taste-testing and awarding the trophy to the winner of the challenge. He says he wants home chefs to be happy about their product and their creation has to be moist and taste great.

Starting with a white boxed cake mix, this baker replaced the oil and egg with light coconut milk and crushed pineapple. For the frosting she used pudding mix – YUM!
Chef McCargo says the cupcake has the right amount of sugar and tastes great.

A yellow cake mix is the base for this recipe. Reducing the oil with a mixture of olive oil and Greek yogurt cuts the calories while keeping the flavor. Add grated zucchini and carrots with some walnuts ups the nutritional value. Cinnamon, allspice, and ginger supports the metabolism. The frosting is was made with maple syrup and zipped up with lemon zest.

Devil's food cake mix starts this recipe and applesauce is used to cut the fat.
Chef McCargo says this treat reminds him of a childhood cake.
Dr. Oz says this cake has a very rich chocolate flavor.

With his expert pallet, Chef McCargo announces the winner is the Olive Oil Zucchini Cake. The winner was awarded a golden bake-plate trophy!

Dr. Oz says to use light coconut milk instead of canola oil in boxed cake mix recipes to save about 65g fat! Great tip!

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Healthy Foods From The Dairy Case

Dr. Oz Healthy Dairy Tip #1: Kefir
Kefir is a fermented milk that Dr. Oz says is great for digestion, With more bacteria than yogurt, kefir has been shown to relieve gas.

Dr. Oz Healthy Dairy Tip #2: Tapioca Pudding
When you want a sweet, creamy treat, Dr. Oz says to choose tapioca pudding. Tapioca pudding contains cassava which is low in cholesterol.

Dr. Oz Healthy Dairy Tip #3: Soy Yogurt
Lower in sugar and calories than dairy-based yogurt, soy yogurt is recommend for heart health. Dr. Oz says to add fruit and granola for an even healthier snack.

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