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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 4/19/12: New Miracle Pill for Weight-Loss, Medications Causing Weight Gain, Health Risks Lurking in Salons, Supercharged Drinks for Beauty, Best Shoes for Comfort and Fashion, What Shoes Say About Health

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: April 19, 2012
The New Silver Bullet for Weight-Loss

  • Dr. Oz talks about what could be the new miracle pill for weight-loss
  • Pharmaceuticals that may be causing weight gain
  • Learn how corners cut at salons could mean health risks for youthfulness
  • Four supercharged drinks to slow aging and enhance beauty
  • Five fashionable shoes that are comfortable too
  • Learn what the wear and tear on your shoes says about your health

There's a new weight-loss drug soon to be approved by the FDA. This will be the first time in 13 years that a new weight-loss drug has been approved. Dr. Oz discusses the pro's and con's of this new “miracle” drug that is said to curb cravings, reduced appetite, and even change the way food tastes. Science says it has cracked the code and found a weight-loss solution.


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Could this be the new “miracle” pill for weight-loss? The FDA is poised to approved a new weight-loss drug, the first such approval in 13 years. Scientists think they have created a solution to obesity with the drug Qnexa [developed by Vivus].

Qnexa is touted to suppress appetite and change the way food tastes resulting in curbed cravings. Two different drugs make up Qnexa: Phentermine, one half of the previously pulled weight-loss drug Fen-Phen and Topiramate, a migraine and anti-seizure medication.

Is this new drug safe?

Dr. Craig Primack, a weight-loss and obesity specialist with Scottsdale Weight Loss Center, says the public should be hugely excited if Qnexa is approved. He says it does change the way foods taste, reduce cravings and it s a great new tool for weight-loss.

Dr. Oz explained that one-half of Qnexa, topiramate – a migraine and seizure medication, changes the way food tastes. How does that work? With a demonstration, Dr. Oz explained how the tongue sends messages to the brain about the foods we consume.

Eating a favorite food gives that orgasmic, Dr. Oz's word not mine, feeling in the brain. It's like a fuse is lit in the mouth and the flame races to the brain where a cascade of fire works is ignited. On the Qnexa, when eating that favorite food, the fuse burns slowly and only provides a smoldering of enjoyment in the brain along with satisfaction. The result is that people tend to eat less because they don't experience the roller-coaster ride of highs and lows associated with eating high-sugar or high-fat foods.

Dr. Primack says that taking the two drugs in Qnexa separately with an increased doses of both causes side-effects but Qnexa is a low dose of each drug. It's believed that side-effects experienced with taking the two drugs together may even cancel out side-effects of each. Dr. Primack has been testing Qnexa for 3 years and he believes that it can provide benefits to many people.

Chris Powell, fitness trainer, says Qnexa could provide a kick-start but there's nothing better than good ol' exercise and proper nutrition. Mr. Powell says if the drug gives people more confidence and they begin to see results then more power to them.

Who is the best candidate for Qnexa? Dr. Primack explained that people 50 pounds, or more, over weight with other health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes are all good candidates.

Patients can expect to start feeling a reduction in appetite and change in tastes of food within 24 hours of starting the drug, explained Dr. Primack. In the first week, he went on, patients can lose 3-5 pounds and in the first month can expect to lose 10-15 pounds.

On the traditional training side of weight-loss, Mr. Powell says that someone who is eating clean and committed to an exercise program could expect to lose 10-15 pounds in about 10-15 weeks.

We haven't heard about new weight-loss drugs in the last decade because there hasn't been any. Many have tried to become approved but fell short due to concerns over safety. Qnexa is also steeped in safety concerns.

Dr. Primack says there have been concerns over heart problems associated with the use of Qnexa. Women of childbearing age and those with pre-existing heart disease are not candidates for using the drug. Some patients have gained back the weight after going off the drug but, patients who have learned how to eat properly tend not to gain back the weight. Most patients report that they no longer obsess about food.

What about people who want to lose weight but don't want to take a pill? Mr. Powell says there are all kinds of natural solutions for weight-loss. Eating protein first when sitting down to a meal. Protein is immediately satiating and can help you eat less over-all. People who eat fiber in the morning tend to take in fewer calories throughout the entire day.

If you have a particular meal where you tend to overeat? Mr. Powell calls that a red-zone meal. It takes 20-30 minutes after eating fats for it to register in the brain. Drink coconut oil before a meal to help reduce over all calories. Mr. Powell recommends mixing 2 teaspoons of coconut oil in to 1 ½ cups of warm water and drink 20-30 minutes before a red-zone meal. The stomach will fill with water and the brain will get the satiety message from the fat and you may find you eat less.

Dr. Oz expressed that he had some trepidation about discussing Qnexa on the show. He says he doesn't want people to run out and get this drug. He prefers that people not take a pill for the rest of their lives to maintain a healthy weight however he agrees with Mr. Powell's opinion that Qnexa could help people build confidence and start to see results.

If the drug sounds like it could be a good fit, start a conversation with your doctor and figure out if Qnexa could be right for you.

[According to Qnexa was previously rejected by the FDA in 2010 for safety concerns. Click here to read the full article from ABC.

Chris Powell has previously appeared twice on The Dr. Oz Show this season. The posts for this appearances have been extremely popular. Click the links to check out his recommendations for exercise and nutrition to support weight-loss.

Dr. Oz: Pills that Secretly Pack On Pounds

Medications you take every day could be sabotaging your weight. Dr. Oz shows how to avoid this heavy side-effect of common medications. Four pharmaceutical pills that millions of American's take could be adding on the pounds.

Dr. Oz cautions that he's not intending for people to go off their prescribed medications but that if people are experiencing weight gain or other side-effects that they talk with their doctor. Doctors need to know when side-effects occur. There may be other medication options available that don't pose the same weight gain side-effects.

Dr. Oz Pills Secretly Making You Fat #1: Blood Pressure Drugs
Blood pressure medications could be adding 8 pounds of extra weight per year. Dr. Oz explains that blood pressure medications slow the metabolism and alpha blockers pills add water weight. If people feel their weight gain could be associated with their blood pressure medications, Dr. Oz recommends having a conversation with their doctor. Weight gain is a side-effect of medications and it's important to let you doctor know if you experience this. There could be another medication option available that may not present the same side-effect.

Dr. Oz Pills Secretly Making You Fat #2: Diabetes Drugs
Diabetes drugs could be adding 22 pounds of extra weight per year. Diabetes drugs are beneficial for getting rid of sugar in the blood but the truth is that sugar is transported into fat cells. Metformin is a commonly used diabetes drug which doesn't have the side-effect of weight gain. Dr. Oz recommends talking to your doctor, let them know about weight gain issues, and see if you can switch to a different drug.

Dr. Oz Pills Secretly Making You Fat #3: Allergy Medications
Allergy medications could add an extra 10 pounds every year. Antihistamine can be good for controlling allergy responses but they can also control the appetite by increasing it as well as increase food cravings. Dr. Oz suggest looking at a nasal decongestant, instead of an antihistamine, that won't effect appetite.

Dr. Oz Pills Secretly Making You Fat #4: Anti-Depressant
Anti-depressant medications could be adding 25 pounds. [That's just not fair at all. Isn't the goal to help people feel better? Packing on the pounds is counter-intuitive to that.] Some anti-depressant medications, called SSRI's, work by changing chemicals in the brain that regulate appetite and increase it. Taking SSRI's could causing people to gain weight, some gaining more weight than others.

Dr. Oz recommends looking into NDRI anti-depressant medications that don't cause that change to the appetite. Have a conversation with your doctor to see if the newer NDRI drugs could be more appropriate than the older SSRI's

Dr. Oz Salon Secrets Jeopardizing Your Health

Getting your hair done every month and nails done every week could be exposing you to life-threatening diseases. An adventure to your local salon for a beauty fix could be an adventure in exposure to bacterial diseases and even sexually transmitted diseases.

Some salons cut salons cut corners to save time and money and those short-cuts increase the risks of spreading diseases to their clients. Four experts in the salon industry admitted, under the cover anonymity, that some salons are not what they appear to be:

  • Razors used in pedicures may not have been cleaned or sterilized properly.
  • Shampoo and conditioner bottle may say they are high-end but are actually refilled with lower-end drug store brand products.
  • Manicure tools may not have been cleaned and sterilized between clients.
  • Hair colors used in salons could be drug-store brands.

Tabatha Coffey, star of the Bravo show Tabitha Salon Takeover, says that thousands of women get sick every year from the treatments they've received at a salon. Shockingly, 75% of salons do not disinfect to state standards, says Ms. Coffey.

Dr. Oz Salon Health Danger #1: Nail dryers may cause cancer
UVA light provided by nail dryers to help speed the drying time of nail polish has been linked to an increased risk of cancer on the back of the hands as well as an increase in age spots. Ms. Coffey explained that in two studies, it was shown that women with no family history developed skin cancer on their fingers. The cancer was linked to their use of UVA light in nail dryers.

Solution: Ms. Coffey says to turn off the UVA and let the air of the dryer speed the drying time. She also recommends having your nail technician apply SPF 30 cream that contains zinc oxide for immediate effect before putting your hands under the dryer.

Dr. Oz Salon Health Danger #2: The faster the water moves in foot baths the more disgusting it is
Water that drain out of foot baths at lightening speed may be clogging the drain allowing hair and bacteria to infect the water used for the next client. Salons will drain the water yet when the water is filled for the next client, water left over in the drain can rise up into the foot bath bringing all the leftovers. The risk is exposure to bacteria that can cause skin infections that lasts for months, UTI's and even pneumonia.

Solution: Mr. Coffey recommends that salons use, and clients demand, that a disposable plastic liner be used for foot baths. The liner is filled with fresh, clean water and when the client's treatment is done the water is dumped and the liner is thrown away.

Dr. Oz Salon Health Danger #3: Ringworm from a haircut
Ringworm is highly contagious. When combs, clips and brushes are not sterilized from one client to the next, ringworm can easily spread. A person with early stages of ringworm may not even know they have it, yet can spread it through the shared use of hair cutting tools.

Solution: Check the Barbicide solution used to sterilize tools between clients. Ms. Coffey explains the Barbicide should be a dark blue color, not light blue. Salons have been known to use blue window cleaning products that cost considerably less than the proper sterilization solution. She also says clients should specifically ask if the stylist has cleaned and sterilized their tools.

Dr. Oz Salon Health Danger #4: Don't change the bikini wax as often as they should
Dr. Oz to just extrapolate what that means. Clients need to make sure the salon is not double-dipping their wax tools in the wax pot. Once bacteria gets into the wax pot, explains Ms. Coffey, the temperature is never high enough to kill the bacteria. It's not just bacteria that can be passed from one bikini wax treatment client to the next, STD's can also be passed.

Solution: Ms. Coffey recommends to ask the salon about double-dipping and to pay attention to how the technician performs the treatment. She also recommends using an over-the-counter antibiotic cream or hydrocortisone cream before a bikini wax treatment to reduce inflammation and protect against possible infection. [The creams might be protective against some of the bacteria exposure but probably wouldn't provide a protection defense against STD's.]

[Ms. Coffey appeared earlier this season on The Dr. Oz Show. Click here to read the episode from 1/3/12 with a segment on Cutting Edge Hair Care.]

Dr. Oz Super Charged Drinks to Make You Look Younger

Kimberly Snyder, CN and author of The Beauty Detox Solution: Eat Your Way to Radiant Skin, Renewed Energy and the Body You’ve Always Wanted, says that super charged drinks can be more effective than food when it comes to helping us look younger. The trouble with eating is that we don't chew enough to get the full beauty benefits from food.

Ms. Snyder has her celebrity clients drink the Glowing Green Smoothie every day. The key is the leafy greens. Three cups of leafy greens are a serving of the Glowing Green Smoothie which is more than most people eat in a week. Her Glowing Green Smoothie will provide energy and, she says, will make the skin start glowing in a week.

Dr. Oz gave the Glowing Green Smoothie a try and says it was great. He didn't taste the greens, only the fruit.

Mix and match the greens for a little variety in each batch. Drink 16 ounces daily, which contains 100 calories.

1 1/2 cups water
1 head of organic romaine lettuce, chopped, about 6 cups
2 stalks of organic celery, about 1 1/2 cups
7 cups of chopped spinach
1 organic apple or pear, cored and chopped
1 organic banana
2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice

Add the water and chopped head of romaine to the blender. Starting the blender at low speed, mix until smooth. Gradually moving to higher speeds, add the celery and pear. Add the banana and lemon juice last.

Chia is a seed providing complete protein as well as vitamins and omegas all which support healthy hear. Dr. Oz says the Chia Seed Shake tastes even better than the Glowing Green Smoothie. This drink is easy to make, is delicious and great for the hear. Each 24 ounce serving is 167 calories.

2 cups unsweetened almond milk
2 tbsp chia seeds
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Powdered or liquid stevia to sweeten

Stir chia seeds into almond milk in a glass. Let sit for 15 minutes to allow the chia seeds to absorb some of the liquid and begin to create a gel. Stir in the rest of the ingredients, making it sweet to suit your taste.

Strong circulation and healthy digestion move toxins out of the body and over time will result in better skin, says Ms. Snyder. This Detox Tea has a power-packed kick with ginger and cayenne pepper.

Detox Tea for Fewer Wrinkles
1 inch of ginger, peeled and sliced
Filtered or spring water
Juice of half a lemon
Cayenne pepper
Powdered or liquid stevia

Steep ginger for a few minutes in a pot with 1 ½ cups of water for a few moments. Pour into a mug. Allow to cool for a few moments, then add the lemon, cayenne pepper, and stevia, to taste.

Rooibos tea is rich in minerals calcium and zinc which support the health an grow of the nails. It is also high in polyphenals which slow premature aging.


Brew the rooibos tea and pour over ice. Serve cold and enjoy!

Dr. Oz ranked all four shakes based on his taste preference. He says he would have the Chia Seed Shake everyday, the Detox Tea in the afternoon for an energy boost, the Rooibos is a great alternative to green tea and he would have the Glowing Green Smoothie in the morning.

The hero for beauty, says Ms. Snyder, is the Glowing Green Smoothie. She has a cup every day for more energy and, of course, healthier skin.

[Want more healthy shakes that can support your beauty? Check out these other drinks from

Dr. Oz Top Five Shoes for Fashion and Comfort

Your best foot forward may be fashionable but, is it comfortable? Fit, form, function, and fashion are the keys to choosing the perfect shoe. Dr. Oz sent out podiatrist Dr. Hillary Brenner and fashion and style expert Robert Verdi to find five of the most comfortable shoes that are also the most fashionable.

Function doesn't have to win over fashion. The best shoes should look great but, should also provide arch support and the right flexibility with a heel that doesn't go over 2 inches. Impossible? It's doable.

Dr. Oz Shoe for Fashion and Comfort #1: A Flat
Flats may look great but they can be hard on the feet. Cushioning at the ball of the fit is a must. Arch support is required to avoid heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. If the shoe does not provide enough arch support for your fit get an arch support insert.

Dr. Brenner and Mr. Verdi recommended flat: Aerosoles Bec 2 Differ flat
Cost: about $49.95 at shoes stores [Aerosoles website says retail is $69.00]

Dr. Oz Shoe for Fashion and Comfort #2: Heel
Padding in the toe provides good comfort and the shoe is a good fit. The First Lady has been sporting this shoe profile. Mr. Verdi says it's a classic must-have for the wardrobe. A low heel prevents back pain and increases stability.

Dr. Brenner and Mr. Verdi recommended heel: Kelly & Katie Chandra Heel
Cost: about $44.95

Dr. Oz Shoe for Fashion and Comfort #3: Wedge
The ethnic woven trend is in. Look for a wedge that is not much lower in the front than the back – staying with a lower heel – which will reduce pressure on the foot.

Dr. Brenner and Mr. Verdi recommended wedge: Tahari Alyssa Wedge
Cost: about $79.95

Dr. Oz Shoe for Fashion and Comfort #4: Boot
This ankle boot can be worn with a trouser. The wide heel and rubber sole provides comfort and support.

Dr. Brenner and Mr. Verdi recommended boot: Kenneth Cole Reaction Look Over Here Ankle Boot
Cost: about $54.95

Dr. Oz Shoe for Fashion and Comfort #5: Flip Flop
Let's face it, the flip-flop can be dangerous. When looking at a flip-flop, if the foot bed can bend then pass it by. The best flip-flops don't bend. Dr. Brenner likes the thong of the flip-flop to be of a soft material, such as leather, to prevent blisters.

Dr. Brenner and Mr. Verdi recommended flip-flop: B.O.C. Adie Sandle
Cost: about $49.95

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! What Your Shoes Say About Your Health

Dr. Oz What Your Shoes Say #1: Wear under big toe
Wear that develops under the big toe could signal that a bunion is forming. To prevent a bunion, Dr. Oz recommends placing stones in a bowl, fill both with water along with peppermint and tea tree essential oils. Soak the feet while getting a gentle massage rubbing on the stones.

Dr. Oz What Your Shoes Says #2: Outside edge worn out
Getting more wear along the outside edge of your shoe is a sign of under-pronating. Walking this way can cause problems with the joints. To ease discomfort, Dr. Oz recommends to freeze water in a paper cup, tear off the paper and rub the ice along the arch of the foot.

Dr. Oz What Your Shoes Says #3: Inside edge worn out
Over-pronating can be seen if wear on the shoe is on the inside edge. It's a sign that the foot rolls too far inward and can lead to shin splints and achilies tendinitis. Dr. Oz recommends grabbing a towel with the toes to strengthen the foot. Have a seat and place a towel on the floor in front of your bear feet. Scrunch up the toes to bring the towel closer to you.

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