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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 4/12/12: Real Housewives of Orange County Get Real, Real Housewives Beauty Secrets, Cancer-Fighting Breakfasts, 5 Foods to Unclog Arteries, Cancer Fighting Breakfast, Anti-Aging Super Supplements, Double-Duty Foods

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: April 12, 2012
The Real Housewives Tell All on Their Plastic Surgery

  • The Real Housewives reveal their plastic surgery secrets
  • Affordable age-erasers from the Real Housewives
  • Support your arteries with these five foods
  • Fight cancer with the right foods at breakfast
  • Super supplements help the body age slower
  • Support the body on the inside and the outside with double-duty foods

The Real Housewives of Orange County are no strangers to controversy or plastic surgery. For the first time, the women of the OC come clean on plastic surgery. Who's gone under the knife? Who regrets their plastic surgery? Who says they never have and never will?


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Dr. Oz: The Real Housewives Tell All on Their Plastic Surgery

In matching little red dresses and tan/buff shoes, the Real Housewives of Orange County say why not come clean and be honest about plastic surgery and treatments they've had done? The ladies say that plastic surgery is more and more becoming part of everyday TV which provides them an amazing opportunity to own up to their surgeries.

[I couldn't tell who was who and the show didn't show the ladies names on the screen. I've put their comments together into one summary with names only where I could confirm.]

Vicky [I think] says she had a c-section and at age 50 her tummy wasn't as flat as she wanted. So why not go under the knife to solve that problem?

With three boob jobs, Tamara [I'm pretty sure] received a great deal of focus. In her 20's she had her first boob job to perk up and get bigger. Later, she felt the implants were too big for her body so she went under the knife again to reduce the size of her implants. Her third boob job was to remove the implants all together.

Tamara shares that removing the implants was inspired by a health scare. Lumps were found in her breast tissue and she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. What did I do to my body? She thought. Tamara says she wanted to take control of body and decided to have the implants removed.

Why didn't she discuss her cancer experience on the show? Dr. Oz wanted to know. It was too new, too emotional, Tamara said.

Part of the reason he does The Dr. Oz Show is to break through the silence many people feel they have live through when it comes to health concerns. He can't believe that the women talk about boob jobs, infidelity, and divorce but why didn't they talk about cancer? Tehre are some things that we need to keep silent. Think about what all these procedures are doing to our body. Have 2 girls and want to be a role model and she had regrets

Another Real Housewife interjected that there are things in their lives that they want to keep away from the camera and off the show.

Back to the plastic surgery, the women are all on TV showing the procedures they've had done. Do they feel a sense of responsibility knowing that 15-year-old girls are watching thinking they can start Botox now and never have wrinkles.

The women conveyed that they feel plastic surgery is an undertaking for adults to choose for themselves. Many women get work done too young, you need to be an adult. Teenage plastic surgery is unacceptable, they said.

One Real Housewife says she's never had plastic surgery. She receives feedback from viewers saying they are glad that she is proud of her body as is and hasn't undergone plastic surgery. However, the Housewife does undergo injections, such as Botox and wrinkle fillers, in an effort to look younger.

Getting plastic surgery and injections would certainly be easy if your husband is a plastic surgeon. Dr. Terry Dubrow, MD, plastic surgeon, is the husband of a Real Housewife and says his wife has never has plastic surgery. She too, however, receives regular injections, a little Botox and regular filler injections.

Dr. Dubrow says a woman in Orange County who has never had plastic surgery is called a Pre-Op! He used to work on the reality TV show, The Swan, where plastic surgery was treated as simplistic as brushing teeth. [Contestants were judged as ugly, given a series of plastic surgeries, and transformed to a beauty.]

He seemed to attempt to convey some guilt about participating in the show and treating plastic surgery so lightly. Now, Dr. Dubrow says it's not simple, it's surgery. The advantages have to outweigh the risks. Real Housewives do, he says, show the pain of recovery. In breast implant surgery, there is a 100% chance that women will receive another boob job and 58% of those subsequent surgeries are due to complications.

Dr. Oz asked the Housewives, who is afraid of losing their looks? Their answer, who isn't afraid of aging? However much we say we want to look younger, studies show that people report to be happiest in their 50's. It's not about looking 20 when you're 50, says the Housewives, it's about looking good when you're 50.

Why is aging, and looking younger so important? Many people feel society puts pressure on us to look younger than we really are. Events in life age us and can cause people to connect identity to beauty. Things holding yourself back in life won't be solved by a plastic surgeon's knife.

Dr. Oz Real Housewives of the OC Beauty Secrets

The Real Housewives return for another segment, this time, they share their favorite miracle age-erasing products. Turn the clock back on the outside without going under the knife and without spending a fortune.

Dr. Oz Age-Eraser #1: Tanning
Tamara shared her favorite age-eraser: Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Legs Tan Glow. She has pale skin with lots of freckles. Airbrush legs is make-up for the body, she says. Spray on in the morning, rub in, and enjoy the light glow all day. It's water-proof and will stay on all day. Wash off at the end of the day.

Dr. Oz Age-Eraser #2: $50 Boob Job
Gretchen, having never gone under the knife, enjoys the lift effect of Victoria's Secret Bombshell Push-Up Bra. Breast augmentation is typically the first plastic surgery procedure women have done but, Gretchen says people ask if she's had work when she wears the bra.
Cost for Victoria's Secret Bombshell Push-Up Bra: about $55 in stores and online.

Dr. Oz Age-Eraser #3: Facial at Home
Alexia says she can't afford to get a facial every week so she relies on the Repechage Biolight Brightening Miracle Mask. The Miracle Mask leaves her skin feeling fresh and smoother.

Dr. Oz Age-Eraser #4: Hair Moisturizer
As she gets older, Vicky is finding that her her is becoming more frizzy and doesn't hold color from treatments as long. She turns to Kerastase Oleo-Relax Serum. Vicky applies the Serum before and after styling to control her coarse hair – much of the audience thought she said horse hair! Giggle!
Cost for Kerastase Oleo-Relax Serum: about $39.00.

Dr. Oz Age-Eraser #5: Wrinkle Filler Injections
Mrs. Dubrow, the plastic surgeon's wife, doesn't want to rely on Botox to reduce appearance of wrinkles because of the side-effect of losing face muscle mobility. She says she wants her kids to see when she's angry and wants to be able to move her face. She uses Juvederm Filler injections.

Dr. Dubrow thinks his wife will never need plastic surgery just by looking at how well her mother has aged. He injects Juvederm into the areas where wrinkles may form. The injections will last 6-9 months.
Cost for Juvederm Filler injections: about $500 per injection.

Dr. Oz 5 Foods to Unclog Arteries

Turn back the clock from the inside and support your arteries with superfoods. Dr. Oz shows things you can do to help your heart keep pumping strong.

Dr. Oz showed an animation of how cholesterol in the blood vessels causes damage to the vessels and arteries. Cholesterol build up can cause blood clot to form. Blood flow can rips off those clots creating a scab/scar. Over time the scar can block off flow through the blood vessels leading to death.

There are many smart things you can do to support the heart and healthy cholesterol levels and may be able to stave off medications.

Dr. Oz Foods to Unclog Arteries: Cantaloupe and Kiwi
Dr. Oz demonstrated how the arteries look like a tube with cholesterol accumulating looking like rust. Kiwifruit and cantaloupe work to inhibit that rust, the oxidation that happens in our blood vessels. These fruits get into the tube and act as a sponge that can clean off the rust. Dr. Oz recommends eating 1 cup cantaloupe per day and 1 kikifruit a day to prevent rusting arteries.

Dr. Oz Foods to Unclog Arteries: Shrimp
[When Dr. Oz said shrimp, my son yelled Yeah! It's his favorite food.] Shrimp has cholesterol but it doesn't clog the artieries. Dr. Oz explained that the cholesterol we eat doesn't clog the arteries but the fat from the food we does. Shrimp contains taurine, a very important element that acts as plastic wrap covering the artery preventing fat from getting into and sticking to the arteries. Dr. Oz recommends eating 5 medium shrimp twice a week to act as a drain stopper.

Dr. Oz Foods to Unclog Arteries: Red-Skined Grapes and Cranberry Juice
These superfoods strain fat out of the blood stream. Fat can accumulate in the arteries just like cholesterol but the fat causes more problems. Red grapes and cranberry juice take fat out of the arteries and shuttles it into the cells for energy where, if you're exercising and eating right, can burn it off. Dr. Oz recommends 1 cup of grapes daily and 3 glasses of cranberry juice per week to act as a fat strainer in the arteries.

Dr. Oz Cancer Fighting Breakfast Boosters

Boost your breakfast to fight off cancer risks with these foods.

Dr. Neal Barnard, founder and President of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and author of the 21-Day Weight-Loss Kick Start: Boost Metabolism, Lower Cholesterol, And Dramatically Improve Your Health, says cancer cells crop up in body all the time and certain foods can stop them from forming and others can knock them out.

Studies show that 40-60% of cancers can be prevented by eating the right foods. It's not hard to do.

Dr. Oz Cancer Fighter #1: Papaya for Yogurt
Have Greek yogurt or soy yogurt and top it off with papaya which contains lycopene and a special carotenoid to stop cancer from forming and existing cancer cells to self-destruct. Dr. Oz says he likes to put lemon juice on papaya to make it last longer. Dr. Barnard likes to cut up papaya soon after buying it and place in a container or bag in the refrigerator to have ready. Dr. Barnard recommends eating one papaya each week.

Dr. Oz Cancer Fighter #2: Sesame for Cereal
Adding sesame seeds to cereal is quick and easy providing Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. Sesame seeds also contain a special hormone balancer. Breast and uterine cancers are hormone related, explained Dr. Barnard. He recommends eating 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds twice a week. The seeds can top off a salad too.

Dr. Oz Cancer Fighter #3: Spinach in an Omelet
Spinach contains high amounts of folate, a B vitamin that plays a role in repairing DNA damaged by free radicals. Dr. Barnard says having a serving of greens twice a week is great but everyday is even better.

[Want more Anti-Cancer Breakfast ideas? has many recipes for Breakfast Smoothies that provides the body nutrients to protect you all day long.

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Dr. Oz 3 Super Supplements for Anti-Aging

Dr. Oz says that 30 seconds a day can help keep aging at bay. Support three important areas of the body with these anti-aging supplements.

Dr. Oz Super Supplement #1: Vinpocetin for Brain Support
The brain is the number one area people worry about. Brain health is the key to having a more productive life as we get older. Alzheimer's disease is what people fear most about aging. In comes vinpocetine from a periwinkle plant originating from Madagascar. Dr. Oz explains that vinpocetin supports memory loss to stave off dementia, increases blood flow to stay sharp and hold onto memories, and is used as a remedy for memory loss already happening. Dr. Oz recommends 10mg of vinpocetine three times a day.

Dr. Oz Super Supplement #2: Hawthorn for Heart Health
Dr. Oz says we need to slow down our organs to age correctly. Keep the heart young and blood pressure in check with hawthorn extract from the rose family. Studies show that hawthorn is the real deal to lower blood pressure and lower bad cholesterol. Hawthorn has been used to treat heart disease since ancient times. Flavonoids in hawthorn improving the pumping ability of the heart supporting circulation.

Dr. Oz recommends taking 150mg of hawthorn three times a day. Know your family history, eat the right diet, reduce stress, exercise, and use this simple supplement, says Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz Super Supplement #3: Algae Calcium for Bone Support
Look and feel young with strong bones and joints. Weak bones and joints lead to frailty, the main cause of dying too young. If the bones are frail, the body cannot live through diseases. Dr. Oz recommend algae calcium to support bone health. Different from typical, or common calcium which comes from rocks, algae calcium comes from sea plants found in South America. Studies show that algae calcium increased bone density after 6 months of use. Dr. Oz recommends taking 1 capsule of algae calcium three times a day.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Double-Duty Foods

Turn back the clock on the inside and the outside with Dr. Oz's recommended double-duty foods.

Dr. Oz Double-Duty Food #1: Kiwifruit
Inside: Kiwi contains Vitamin C to boost immunity. Dr. Oz recommends eating one kiwi a day to receive 100% of daily Vitamin C and to help fight off colds.
Outside: Place slices of kiwi on the eyes for 15 minutes. Vitamin K in kiwi help to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, dark circles and eye bags.

Dr. Oz Double-Duty Food #2: Eggplant
Dr. Oz calls eggplant a voluptuous vegetable.
Inside: the skin of eggplant offers the heart protection from oxidation. Roast eggplant in the oven with olive oil and enjoy.
Outside: Fade age spots on the face cause by sun exposure by blending 1 cup eggplant with ½ cup of yogurt. It will look like mud. Apply to the face for 20 minutes and wash off.

Dr. Oz Double-Duty Food #3: Red Chili Pepper
Inside: add raw red chili pepper to soup to support healthy triglyceride levels.
Outside: Mix cayenne pepper, a form of red chili pepper, with water to create a thick paste. Apply the paste to the scalp to stimulate hair growth. [Be extremely careful to not get the paste in your eyes! Ouch!]

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