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Friday, April 6, 2012

Watching Dr Oz: 4/6/12: The Perfect Snaque Review

We're giving readers two chances to win one bag of The Perfect Snaque! Watching Dr Oz has teamed up with The Perfect Snaque to bring you, what else, the perfect snaque!

I had the chance to try all three flavors of The Perfect Snaque. Find out more about The Perfect Snaque and which my flavor my family voted the best!

“This Truly is The Perfect Snaque!” Dr. Oz exclaimed on 2/10/12. I had to find out what all the fuss was about.

Launched in December of 2011 by mom-preneur Cricket Allen, The Perfect Snaque quickly caught the attention of The Dr. Oz Show. The Perfect Snaque was featured in a segment called Holistic Solutions to Fight Fatigue throughout the day. Click here to read the full post from the 2/10/12 episode.

The Perfect Snaque was recommended by Dr. Oz as an afternoon fatigue fighter with its nutrient dense complex carbohydrates from super grains like organic amaranth which is a base in all three flavors.

I had to try The Perfect Snaque! Cricket set me up with all three flavors for me and my family to try. We're hooked! The simplicity of The Perfect Snaque was noticed by the entire family. It's just grains, right? It's more than that.

The Apple Quinoa Crunch, our family voted favorite, has a wonderful apple and nutty flavor. Coconut Almond Crunch is bursting with both coconut and almond flavor.

The Chili Chia Crunch took a little getting used to since I tried that last and was expecting a sweet flavor. This is is packed with flavor, don't get me wrong, and it's not spicy like the name suggests. I can picture snacking on this on a hike; now that would be a burst of flavor!

I sprinkled Apple Quinoa Crunch on my blueberry yogurt and it was a great pairing. Granola is often my yogurt topper but sometimes it is too big and bulky for my taste. The Perfect Snaque really was perfect in my yogurt!

Cricket is a self-professed snacker and wants her snacks to be nutritious too. That's not too much to ask in a world of high sugar, mega processed, empty calorie foods, right?

She stared with amaranth and brought in quinoa, lentils, and coconut to provide a base of fiber, protein, and complex carbs. From there, Cricket brings in favorite snack flavors: almond, apple, and chili.

My family and I liked that each flavor has crunch and a distinction of it's own. My kids love the reusable containers and I like that Cricket provides consumers with an easy-to-use container along with a multi-serve bag. Each little container provides more than enough nutritional energy for a morning, afternoon, or evening snack with anywhere from 170 to 230 calories.

All the flavors are vegan, soy free with no added oils, no sodium, and no GMO's. For Gluten-Free folks, she's thought of that too, go for Apple Quinoa Crunch.

Get ready Watching Dr Oz readers! Cricket is giving away two bags of The Perfect Snaque, one bag each, to two lucky readers of Watching Dr Oz!

Can't wait to get The Perfect Snaque? Order you favorite snaque flavor in the month of April and get 15% off your order when you use the code "SNAQDROZ"

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