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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Perfect Snaque Giveaway!

The Perfect Snaque and Watching Dr Oz have teamed up
to bring you two opportunities to win one large bag of
The Perfect Snaque, your choice of flavor!

One winner will be chosen on Sunday, April 8 and
another winner will be chosen on Sunday, April 15!

Enter today and chose your flavor!

The Perfect Snaque Apple Quinoa Crunch - This Apple-A-Day is a wise choice! Apple Quinoa Crunch is dried apple goodness paired with quinoa and other quality whole food ingredients including amaranth, millet, lentils, and coconut. This low fat, dry and loose grain based SNAQUE has a great crunch to keep every SNAQUER happy!

The Perfect Snaque Coconut Almond Crunch - Coconut Almond Crunch features the nutty goodness of almonds paired with toasted, sweetened coconut. This SNAQUE has a wonderful crunch and texture!  We use only high quality and whole food ingredients including quinoa, amaranth, steel cut oats and wheat berries, which perfectly compliment the almond and coconut to make this dry, loose snack so good.

The Perfect Snaque Chili Chia Crunch - Chili Chia Crunch uses nutritionally A+ chia seeds combined with a delicious chili flavor and apple to deliver an exceptional, exciting, sweet and savory snacking experience (without the salt!) Chili Chia Crunch is not spicy but just full of the right flavor combinations to keep you SNAQUE happy.

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