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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 4/18/12: Grossest Questions V. 2, Hidden Gross Ingredients in Food, Simple Ways to Lose Weight, Break Sugar Addiction, Food Flavor Boosters, Gross Food Combinations

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: April 18, 2012
No You Didn't! Questions That Are Grosser Than Gross!

  • Dr. Oz goes there again: answering gross than gross questions about health!
  • Gross ingredients in your favorite foods
  • Ridiculously simple ways to lose weight with handy gadgets
  • Easy ways to break sugar addiction
  • Boost flavors with secrets from top chefs
  • Gross food combinations with health benefits

Viewers turn in their family members and friends for their gross habits. Are those habits benign or dangerous for your health? Dr. Oz tackles another Gross Questions episode to help confront their secret health questions.


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Have you had enough of your family members gross habits? Dr. Oz hits the road to ambush loved ones of viewers to answer questions about gross health habits. Could their gross habits be harmful?

Dr. Oz Grosser Than Gross: Nose Picking
Geri's son picks his nose, touches his nose, rubs his nose. He does it so often he doesn't even realize he's touching his nose anymore. Geri says she wants to understand how she can stop his habit and wants to know where all that snot goes.

Dr. Oz showed up at their door to ambush Geri's son who surprised and reluctant to admit to his gross habit. It's an intervention. Dr. Oz asked Geri's son to wash his hands and come down to the studio to discuss his gross habit.

Everybody does it. Before you deny, Dr. Oz says 91% of adults admit to picking their nose. Those who admit to eating what they pick is 8% - that's only those who admit. Gross!

Dr. Oz demonstrated what happens when you pick your nose with a big nose, about half his own height. He did it. He reached inside the nose and picked a big handful of green goop. And then he took a bite. Oh yes he did!

This is going to shock you, he said, but eating your boogers is not harmful to you! Mucus from the sinus cavity already drains down the throat and goes right to the stomach. So you're already basically eating the snot. When that mucus is swallowed, the immune system responds to builds up. Eating the green goop supports your immune system, says Dr. Oz.

The biggest problem from picking the nose is when that mucus is removed. Mucus protects the delicate sinus tissue. Removing the mucus increases the chances of having a bloody nose because the tissues are no longer protected.

To summarize, Dr. Oz says that picking your nose is not a good idea but, not for the reason you thought because you're hurting a part of the body that provides protection.

Dr. Oz Grosser Than Gross: Eating Raw Meat
Sylvia is turning in her sister-in-law Martha who eats raw meat from the package. Dr. Oz ambushed the ladies in their kitchen. Martha says her mom ate raw meat while pregnant with her so it's an inheritated taste.

What's wrong with it? There is a high risk of food poisoning from eating raw meat. Dr. Oz showed a demonstration of what happens in the body when contaminated raw meat is eaten. When people eat something that is not completely sanitary, like raw meat, the body's response is clear. Bacteria in raw meat may include E. Coli. When that bacteria reaches the stomach there are two possible results: either throw up and diarrhea.

What about Steak Tar-Tar? Steak Tar-Tar is a special cut of meat that is carefully handled and processed to greatly reduce the chance of being exposed to harmful bacteria.

Dr. Oz Grosser Than Gross: Scratching Backside
It's an in-studio ambush. A member of The Dr. Oz Show audience turned in their husband for his gross habit. The wife was all smiles and the husband was a bit a little dismayed.

Her husband, Alex, has a whole bunch of gross habits but, the grossest is that when laying in bed he is constantly touching and scratching his butt. Dr. Oz says this is a clue that something is wrong, when the body is calling attention to a specific area.

Dr. Oz says his explanation is going to change what you think about itching forever. To demonstrate what is happening on the backside, Dr. Oz brought out a big rectum. Alex, this is your rectum. Oh! Yes he did say that!

A normal poop is smooth and goes through the rectum easily. Dr. Oz showed a great big poop, and I mean big – the length of Dr. Oz's arm, going through the rectum. Then he asked Alex to hold the poop. Then, Dr. Oz showed another big poop with lots of bumps and texture. Often this shape of poop is accompanied by straining when going to bathroom. The hard, textured poop causes tears on the tissues of the rectum which allows for blood vessels to hang down into the rectum, these are called hemorrhoids.

To reduce the occurrence of hard, rough poop, Dr. Oz recommends eating more fiber, drinking more water and stop using toilet paper in favor of moist wipes.

Then Dr. Oz went all Oprah on the audience. Who wants a piece of poop? Several people raised their hands. He shouted, you get a piece of poop and you get a piece of poop! It was like a Dr. Oz favorite things giveaway. And we all know how much Dr. Oz loves poop. Oh! Yes he did!

Dr. Oz Gross Ingredients Inside Favorite Foods

With 15 years in the food industry Bruce Bradley, a food industry insider, says you'd be surprised what manufacturers can put into your food.

Dr. Oz Gross Ingredients Inside Canned Mushrooms
Mushrooms are so good for you and canned mushrooms make for easy meal prep but, there's a gross ingredient lurking inside that can. Maggots! Squiggly, wiggly, little maggots! The maggots get cooked into the mushrooms destined for the can and the maggots dissolve. Yuck! It's actually allowed! The FDA allows up to 20 in each 3 ounce can of canned mushrooms. [Yes, there is an allowable amount. Gross! It's extra protein, right?'s a good thing??? I don't think so!]

Mr. Bradley says the best bet is to get fresh, seasonal mushrooms and to wash them properly before using.

Dr. Oz Gross Ingredients Inside Hard Candy
It's candy that's full of sugar there can't be anything gross in that, right? Did you know there could be anal juice from a beaver in your favorite candy treat? Called castoreum, beaver butt juice is used as a flavoring to enhance raspberry flavored hard candies and it's also in foods and drinks too. Don't worry, it's “natural”!

[Really?! I want to know who is the brilliant person behind the idea of poking a beaver's behind in the name of making sugar taste better. What? No, wait! On second thought, I don't think I want to know that person. How does one stumble upon such a thing? Who in their right mind is extracting anal juices from any creature and then combining that completely normal activity with adding it to candy. No, there's nothing strange about that. Holy crap! We've left the rational and entered a world where no sane person should dwell – exploring the taste of beaver butt. It's too weird to be false. Who would make that up? How do you introduce yourself to people. Hi, I'm Bill and I extract beaver butt juice to make candy taste even yummier. Categorize that under things I wish never happened and that I wish I never knew. Usually these “gross” or “embarrassing” questions shows don't phase me. I need to scrub this filth from my ears and brain.]

Dr. Oz Gross Ingredients Inside Tomato Sauce
Have you ever found anything out of the ordinary in your tomato sauce? What could be hiding in that yummy tomato puree that bathes our pasta? Up to 30 fruit fly eggs could be in your sauce. The FDA calls the “allowable defects”. Bruised and damaged tomatoes are prime real estate for fruit flies ready to lay their eggs. Those tomatoes are harvested and cooked down into tomato sauce.

If you don't want the extra protein, Dr. Oz says he wants folks to think about making their tomato sauce. And he even gave us recipe that's on

Four Ingredient Tomato Sauce
4 lbs fresh tomatoes, peeled and chopped
2 medium onions, chopped
4 cloves garlic, chopped
¼ cup olive oil

Heat olive oil over medium heat in a large iron skillet or saucepan. Add onion and garlic. Sauté until onion is tender, approximately 5 minutes. Add tomato and heat to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer uncovered for about 2 hours, stirring often or until sauce has thickened.

[I'm going to watch for a good price on tomatoes and whip this up and I'm going to do a better job growing tomatoes this year to use for sauce later in the season. To this recipe, I would add all manner of dried or fresh herbs such as oregano, chives, parsley, basil. Oh, I'm getting excited now! Vegetable and herb garden, here I come!]

Dr. Oz Ridiculously Simple Ways to Lose Weight

Steve Greenberg, host of Invention Hunters and author of Gadget Nation: A Journey Through the Eccentric World of Invention, gadgets are all about making our lives convenient. He shares four must-have gadgets with Dr. Oz to cut calories and still enjoy the foods you love.

Dr. Oz Must-Have Gadget #1: Magisso Cake Slicer
The Magisso Cake Slicer cuts the perfect slice of cake, serves it up and provides a little limitation in serving size. Mr. Greenberg says it will allow for that little splurge without creating a diet disaster.
Cost for the Magisso Cake Slicer: about $18.00 in chain stores and online.

Dr. Oz Must-Have Gadget #2: OXO Salad Chopper with Bowl
Mr. Greenberg says making a salad can be a hassle with all that chopping. He says the OXO Salad Chopper with Bowl makes salad making a salad easy with minimal clean up. The salad chopper is really two pizza cutters attached together that can be rolled along the salad fixings in the special bowl for quick chopping. Use the bowl to serve and you've got easy clean up.
Cost of the OXO Salad Chopper with Bowl: $25.00 chain stores and online.

[To be fair, the salad fixings – lettuce, beets, red peppers – were pre-sliced before being placed into the bowl to be chopped further. If that's the case, there's no time savings to pre-chop to chop some more.]

Dr. Oz Must-Have Gadget #3: Mastrad Apple Cooker Set
Next up, the Mastrad Apple Cooker Set. It's an apple corer and a silicone container shaped like an apple. Core an apple then drop into the bowl, sprinkle with cinnamon, brown sugar and oats. Microwave for two minutes and you've got a healthier version of good ol' apple pie. Peaches, pears, and berries can also be used for a health treat. Dr. Oz says this gadget is life changing, really simple, and something he would do at home.
Cost for the Mastrad Apple Cooker Set: about $15.00 at chain stores and online.

Dr. Oz Must-Have Gadget #4: Stacked Wines
Red wine has many health benefits but opening a whole bottle of wine for one glass a night may not be what you want to do. Stacked Wines are individually sealed glasses of wine that are stacked, four together. Each serving, or glass, contains 140 calories of wine. Sure, it's convenient but, how good is the wine? Mr. Greenberg and Dr. Oz tried the wine and both said it was very good.
Cost for Stacked Wines: $14.00 for a set of four, online only.

Dr. Oz Ridiculously Easy Ways to Break Sugar Addiction

Calling all sugar addicts. You know you should cut back but you're addicted and can't do it on your own. Dr. Oz has three easy ways to break your addiction.

Dr. Oz wants to show why it's important to get the sugar addiction under control and it's not the calories he's focusing on. Yes, all those calories cause weight gain but it's the toxic overload created by the sugar that's he's concerned with. All that toxic sugar is like quicksand to the body overloading the liver, causing damage to the liver, increasing risks of heart disease as well as cancer.

Dr. Oz Easy Way to Break Sugar Addiction #1: Balance Blood Sugar
To prevent the dips and spikes in blood sugar to beat back the surges that give you that addictive high and low and draws you to eat more sugar. Dr. Oz recommends taking chromium polynicotinate, 200mcg once a day before a meal, to support balanced blood sugar levels.

Dr. Oz Easy Way to Break Sugar Addiction #2: Add Fruit to Meals
Do you crave dessert right after a meal? Dr. Oz says the key is to trick the taste buds and shut down the cravings before they start. Add one half of a fruit to salty meals, at lunch and dinner, to provide the sweet satisfaction during the meal and avoid the sugar craving after. Cranberry relish on a turkey sandwich, mango’s on grilled chicken, raisins with rice are great ways to bring together salty and savory flavors. Preemptively strike at sweet cravings before they hit and you over indulge.

Dr. Oz Easy Way to Break Sugar Addiction #3: Peanut Butter and Chocolate
It's a classic combination: chocolate and peanut butter. Melt dark chocolate and mix into peanut butter. A spoonful of this rich, tasty treat comes in at only 4.5g of sugar. Eat a spoonful when the cravings come. Prepare in advance by rolling the combo into balls and store in the refrigerator or freezer for a refreshing cool treat.

Dr. Oz Ridiculously Easy Flavor Boosters

It's hardest part about cooking healthy at home is making the food taste good as healthy restaurant food. Top chefs share their secrets to making healthy foods taste amazing.

Michael Gulotta, chef de cuisine, owner of restaurant August in New Orleans, says the amazing thing is that flavor boosting is easy.

Dr. Oz Easy Flavor Booster #1: Freeze Your Herbs
Chef Gulotta shares his frozen herb puree that's simple and easy to make at home. In a blender, add 2 ½ cups olive oil with 3 cloves of garlic and 15 leaves of basil. Whip up until pureed. Store in the refrigerator or pour into ice cube trays. The olive oil will keep the garlic and herbs fresh. When needed, pop out a cube and add to pasta.

Dr. Oz Easy Flavor Booster #2: Acidic Marinade for Meats
Jose Garces, is the winner of Food Network's Iron Chef, restauranteur and author [of Latin Evolution]. Restaurant chefs know foods need acids and they use vinegars and chilis to provide that acidity and boost the flavor. Chef Garces uses marinades to tenderize and flavor cuts of meat.

His Adobo Marinade can be placed in a plastic bag with a meat product then let sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Either grill the meat or cook in a cast iron pan.

Dr. Oz says for people who may be anemic, he recommends using cast iron pans because iron leaches into the food and is a great source of iron. Chef Garces says iron pans last forever and the older the pan, the more flavor it provides to foods prepared in them.

Adobo Marinade
6 cloves garlic
1 cup vegetable oil
6 chilies from the can of chipotles, de-stemmed, but otherwise left whole
4 tbsp fresh thyme leaves (fresh is preferred)
1 cup cider vinegar

Put all of the ingredients in a blender and combine.

Chef Dan Kruger has taken the principle of boosting the flavor of meats with acidic ingredients with his recipe for chicken. Click here for Chef Dan’s Whole Roasted Chicken With Escarole and Spicy Vinaigrette.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Three Gross Food Combos

These food combinations may seem gross but, Dr. Oz says, they taste great and provide many health benefits.

Dr. Oz Gross Food Combination #1: Pickles in Cottage Cheese
Cottage cheese has a belly busting element of protein and acid to help you feel full. Acids from the pickle slices are low-calorie and leave you satisfied.

Dr. Oz Gross Food Combination #2: Almond Milk and Popcorn
Add almond milk to a bowl of popcorn and eat like cereal. Popcorn is high in fiber and makes a sweet and salty snack. Almond milk contains tryptophan making it a great evening snack.

Dr. Oz Gross Food Combination #3: Cucumber and Banana Stacks
Dr. Oz loves that this one is a fruit and veggie combo. Slices of cucumber and bananas stacked together make for a satisfying sandwich without the carbs and the treat is high in potassium.

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