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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 4/14/12 Quiz: Joint Support

What did Dr. Oz recommend last week as a natural remedy for aching joints?

A. Cayenne pepper
B. Arnica
C. Hibiscus tea
D. Magnet therapy


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The Answer:
A. Cayenne pepper

Your Answers:
A. Cayenne pepper - 61%
B. Arnica - 18%
C. Hibiscus tea - 10%
D. Magnet therapy - 9%

Well done Watching Dr Oz readers! Correct! Cayenne pepper was recommended to support aching joints.

Cayenne Pepper
During the 4/3/12 episode of The Dr. Oz Show: Gross Questions, Dr. Oz provided a “solution for aching joints”. He recommended mixing cayenne pepper powder with apple cider vinegar to make a paste. Apply the paste to aching joints. Dr. Oz explained that cayenne pepper acts as an analgesic and supports inflammation modulation.

While that's a great home remedy, I can see that whipping up a pepper paste and slathering it on a knee or elbow may not work so well for every person. There are over-the-counter creams made from the active component of pepper, capsaicin, that may be a little more user friendly and perhaps a little easier to take with you to apply after a workout before going on with the rest of your day.

Dr. Oz has previously recommended arnica in association with pain. On the 1/9/12 episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Pain Solutions, Dr. Oz specifically recommended Arniflora® gel by B&T to help take away soreness and general aches.

Hibiscus Tea
Hibiscus tea is not recommended for aches or pains or joint support. Support of healthy blood pressure levels is the claim to fame of hibiscus tea. Hibiscus tea comes from the hibiscus flower and has a fruity, fresh flavor. My kids and I all love it with a little honey.

To read more about hibiscus tea and it's connection to blood pressure, click here to read last week's Watching Dr Oz quiz answer all about blood pressure.

Magnet Therapy
Magnet therapy has previous been recommended for pain and for specifically for knee pain in a previous episode of The Dr. Oz Show. So, while it's correct to say that Dr. Oz has recommended magnet therapy he just didn't recommend it in the week the quiz was focused on.

In the 11/16/11 episode: Magnet Therapy for Chronic Pain, Dr. Oz discussed several applications of magnet therapy for a variety of pain issues. In that episode, he discussed a magnet wrap that targets chronic pain in the knee. Here's the excerpt from that blog post:

The Orthacor Knee Wrap [it really looks like a brace] generates pulsed magnetic field that penetrates into the joint, it also provides heat. This wrap is FDA approved for any kind of knee pain. Most magnetic therapy devices on the market provide either pulses or heat, not both.

It was shown in use on the show by a woman who suffers from knee pain. She said she can feel the heat but not the pulse. When wearing the wrap for 2 hours a day her knee pain goes away. She heard about the wrap on The Dr. Oz Show. [That must have been on a previous season.]

This Orthacor wrap sells for about $450 and is not covered by insurance.

[Orthocor products are available through prescription only. Visit their website to print out a sheet providing information on discussing the device with your doctor.]


For more information on pain solutions, click here to read a post from the 1/9/12 episode all about pain support.


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