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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 11/16/11: Magnetic Therapy for Chronic Pain, Drew Manning, Healthy Mexican Cooking Challenge

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: November16, 2011
The Revolutionary Cure for Pain

  • Magnetic therapy for all types of chronic pain
  • Drew Manning's 6 month journey to obesity to prove a point
  • Dr. Oz shares health Mexican food recipes

Dr. Oz opened the show saying he's more excited over the topic on today's show than any other show he's done this season. He wants to share a new therapy that he is calling a cure for chronic pain of all types.

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There is a raging electrical storm inside our bodies. Electrical signals control every nerve, every muscle every cell and every thought in our bodies. The neurons that send and receive these electrical signals dictate how we experience pain and how we experience pleasure.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMT) is a burgeoning treatment in pain management that has provided life-changing results. Patients are reporting that they are feeling better, sleeping longer and the pain is eased.

The FDA has approved magnetic therapy for broken bones, depression, post-operative pain. Dr. Oz says PEMT can reduce or even erase our pain.

Not to be confused with refrigerator magnets, PEMT does not use static magnets but pulsing waves of electromagnetic fields that have the ability to penetrate deep into the body where heating pads, massage, lotions and creams cannot reach.

Where there's pain there is inflammation. Pulsing, moving magnetic fields reach and effect cartilage, bones and nerves. It turns on signals in the body and, Dr. Oz says, can change inflammation.

To skeptics of this therapy, he asked the audience if they have ever had an MRI? An MRI utilized magnetic fields. Hospitals are already using forms of magnetic fields.

James Dillard, MD, prescribes magnetic therapy to his patients as an answer to pain. Dr. Dillard says magnetic therapy increases circulation, aids in healing can provide benefit where pharmaceuticals, deep injections and surgery has failed.

Dr. Dillard says one out of every three Americans are suffering from chronic pain. Many patients want are ready for something different, are ready to step away from the drugs and surgery.

The preferred form of magnetic therapy shown on The Dr. Oz Show today is a mat that provides electrical pulses which go deep inside the body. In an animation, Dr. Oz showed blood platelets that had become stacked due to inflammation and chronic pain become separated to flow more freely with magnetic therapy applied. The platelet separation increases circulation and the patient feels better. The PEMT quiets the nerves to reduce pain.

An audience member who has suffered for five years with chronic back pain that has reduced her mobility. Walking a few blocks was difficult and painful. Getting on the plane to travel to the show was painful. She's been using the mat for three hours a day, three days in a row and feels an improvement.

PEMT waves are invisible so Dr. Oz used a device that measures energy fields and it beeped louder over the mat and more quiet away from the mat.

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Dillard about the risks associated with using any form of pulse magnetic therapy. Would there be a risk of cancer when creating change through electrical activity? While Dr. Dillard didn't give a yes or no answer he did say that pulse magnetic therapy has been used for over 20 years with great results. [That would make it seem relatively safe but may possibly have risks that weren't discussed.]
Benefits can be achieved in 10-12 weeks, says Dr. Dillard, and in cases of acute pain patients may be able to feel a change in 2-3 weeks.

A police officer shared his story with chronic, debilitating pain that began 10 years ago. He couldn't function, getting out of the car was painful and challenging, he couldn't work but laid on the floor with ice on his back. Chiropractic care and pharmaceuticals didn't help. Online research led him to the mat. Two thousand dollars later, the mat arrive. Sleeping on it the first night, he woke up with less pain. Using the mat everyday for 6-8 weeks and his pain was gone. He is now pain-free.

The officer admitted to Dr. Oz that he did not discusse the use of the mat before or after.

When he started his program [three years ago], Dr. Oz promised viewers that he would change medicine today by talking about these natural therapies. But, he says, the change will only take place if we, the viewers, the patients, talk to our doctors so that doctors and their other patients can benefit from the experience. Dr. Oz pleaded with viewers to share what they have gone through, how they found help, because that's how doctors learn.

Full body pulse magnetic mats can be purchased online and they can be rented for around $35 a week, according to Dr. Oz. He recommended using the mat for a few weeks and even pool your resources with other people to share the expense and share the use of the mat.

Dr. Dillard hopes shows like today's Dr. Oz Show will bring attention to this therapy and that courageous patients will talk with their health care providers about this treatment. With 16 million Americans suffering with chronic pain, doctors need to be able to better help patients and this could be a solution for many.

PEMT is not for women who are pregnant and is not suitable for people with pace makers or heart issues.

The next step in pain therapy is in-home, personal devices. How do you know a device will work? Dr. William Pawluck, MD uses and prescribes magnetic therapy, says to look for FDA approval on a device. Over-the-counter, non-FDA approved may not all be useful but there are devices in this category that can still work.

[Dr. Pawluck has contributed an an article on called Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields: How They Heal.]

The Orthacor Knee Wrap [it really looks like a brace] generates pulsed magnetic field that penetrates into the joint, it also provides heat. This wrap is FDA approved for any kind of knee pain. Most magnetic therapy devices on the market provide either pulses or heat, not both.

It was shown in use on the show by a woman who suffers from knee pain. She said she can feel the heat but not the pulse. When wearing the wrap for 2 hours a day her knee pain goes away. She heard about the wrap on The Dr. Oz Show. [That must have been on a previous season.]

This Orthacor wrap sells for about $450 and is not covered by insurance.

[Orthocor products are available through prescription only. Visit their website to print out a sheet providing information on discussing the device with your doctor.]

The ActiPatch is not FDA approved but won a medical innovation award from The Wall Street Journal [in 2009]. The ActiPatch [Knee Pain] will cost around $30 and audience members who were wearing it during the show say it's comfortable. Dr. Pawluck says that the device will work but the lower pulse emitted will cause the effects to take longer.

Dr. Oz says these innovative therapies and treatments are gaining traction and his viewers should embrace these new technologies and give them a try.

When shopping for magnetic therapy products look for pulsed therapy and avoid static magnet unless a health care provider is directing you. Dr. Oz says static magnets don't work well enough and they cannot penetrate deep into the body.

After this show, Dr. Oz guarantees that there will be companies all over the internet showing his picture and giving the impression that he has endorsed the product. Dr. Oz clarified that he does not endorse any product and does not put his name to any product and that any company say he does is a fraud.

[Well, not exactly. The Oz-Approved products show was an hour of product recommendations. While he says to eat this brand of that food or a certain herb or that he uses a particular this or that he is in fact putting his name to something in a general sense. How many products have been discussed on the show and then their website declares “As Seen On The Dr. Oz Show” with a photo of a smiling Dr. Oz and the logo of the show? More than I know of!

If Dr. Oz says to use milk thistle then any and every company that sells a milk thistle product could theoretically say that the herb was seen on the show and they are actually being truthful. I think the message Dr. Oz is trying to get across is that just because he talks about a product doesn't mean every brand that sells the product is going to be reputable. Be careful out there in cyberland and the real world. Do a little research before you buy so you know what you're getting yourself into.]

Drew Manning Shares His Road To Obesity

Producers of The Dr. Oz Show asked him to spend 30 days eating poorly to show the negative effects of a less-than-healthy diet. Dr. Oz declined because he felt the personal risk was too great. His life has been spent helping people protect their health, particularly heart health and he knows what would happen to his body, to his organs in just 30 short days.

[Morgan Spurlock took on a similar challenge: he exclusively ate McDonald's food for 30 consecutive days and it almost killed him. See his journey in his documentary Super Size Me, which won best director at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. See the documentary for free here.]

Drew Manning, personal trainer and a svelte 193 pounds, chose to shun exercise and healthy foods for six months. Mr. Manning has always been relatively healthy, has dedicated his life to helping people be health and as a personal trainer was not able to relate to his clients daunting challenge of starting to exercise and eating healthy for the first times in their lives.

[Mr. Manning has documented his journey on his website A few weeks ago, I shared a link on Watching Dr Oz on facebook to a blog post by Mr. Manning published on The Huffington Post.]

He ate seven doughnuts in one sitting. In the first six weeks he gained 28 pounds. Ramen noodles, cinnamon roles and macaroni and cheese were standard fair. At eight weeks he felt lethargic and had to unbuckle his pants in when sitting because they were so tight and uncomfortable. At the end of six months he had gained over 70 pounds and weighed in at 263 pounds.

A typical day's worth of food would include: sugary cereal and juice for breakfast, a granola bar and soda for afternoon snack, lunch would be a peanut butter sandwich on white bread with cookies and chipes, dinner was a bowl of mac 'n cheese and rounding off the day, and his belly, was a bowl of cereal or a piece of cake before bed.

Dr. Oz says it sounds like a normal diet. [His meal plan looks like what a lot of people eat every day and it closely, if not identically, resembles what is advertised on TV.]

What Mr. Manning didn't expect during this transformation was the emotional and mental aspect. The experience was harder then he ever thought it would be. He has a 2-year-old daughter and found that he couldn't keep up with her anymore, had to tell her he couldn't run, he couldn't play. It was eye-opening to him and he finally got what his clients have gone through.

His wife had a hard time with the experience as well. She saw it change his life. Her once energetic husband turn lethargic. He was too tired to help with the house work and the help with their child. She had to pick up his share of the work. He has become insecure about this body and doesn't want her to look at him.

The Numbers
There were no beginning numbers to compare to but pitting his today numbers with the range of normal is a strong message.

BMI: before 24.8, after 34 in the obese category and at risk for major complications.
Liver Function: normal enzyme level is less than 40, after he was 66 causing torture to his liver which is likely inflamed and accumulated fat leading heavily toward cirrhosis risks.
Kidney Function: normal filtration number is above 80, after he is at 72 showing that the kidneys have been hurt.

These numbers are the reason why Dr. Oz would not agree to 30 days of a SAD diet. He is concerned that Mr. Manning has risked his life to prove a point.

Sharing what he has learned, Mr. Manning understands how real the addictions and cravings to these foods really is and now the hard part is getting the weight off. He says he sometimes has doubts but believes if he follows the diet he'll get the results. Look at eating healthy not as a diet but as a lifestyle change.

Drew's Three Rules to Health and Weight Loss

Drew's Rule #1: Get carbohydrates from veggies
Drink a Spinach Shake in the morning for fiber, protein, and nutrients without the carbohydrates. With peanut butter, a banana, and vanilla protein powder you won't taste the spinach.

Drew's Rule #2: Eat five small meals throughout the day and prepare the main on Sunday
On Sunday, Mr. Manning spends an hour preparing meats and cutting veggies so when he comes home it's already prepared. He uses a Vitamin C spray to preserve the vegetable before storing in an air-tight container. Dr. Oz says you can use lemon juice as a natural preservative too.

Drew's Rule #3: Weekends are for splurges
Monday – Friday Mr. Manning sticks to a strict routine of healthy eating but on the weekends he will enjoy a burger and fries. At a birthday party, he'll eat a piece of cake but having eaten well the rest of the day this little treat won't set him back.

Beginning Exercises

Mr. Manning and Dr. Oz demonstrated what Mr. Manning calls the Hand Step-ups with Planks. This exercise engages the shoulders and the core. With a step in front of you, get on hands and knees or hands and toes in the plank stance and using the hands walk up and down the step. Mr. Manning was breathing hard after a few seconds of this exercise.

Healthy Mexican Cooking Challenge
Some Mexican foods are loaded with fat and calories. Dr. Oz put out a healthy Mexican food challenge to re-do the taco.

Chef Mary Sue Milliken is co-owner of Border Grill Restaurants and Truck in Los Angeles. [Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger have authored the book Cantina: The Best of Casual Mexican Cooking]. Chef Milliken created a Grilled Fish Taco with Cucumber Citrus Salsa and Guacamole.

The taste testers proclaimed it a sprightly little taste, very fresh, the avocado was the best thing ever, the taste wakes you up.

Chef Daisy Martinez [is author of the award winning cookbook Daisy Cooks! Latin Flavors That Will Rock Your World, an actress, model, regular contributor to Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine and host of Viva Daisy! on The Food Network] created a Turkey Cutlet Taco with Manchamanteles (translates to stained tablecloth) mole.
The taste testers declared it so delicious, never had fresh fruit in a mole with turkey is very unexpected, good surprise.

The unanimous winner was Mary Sue Milliken's grilled fish taco with cucumber citrus salsa and guacamole.


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  1. PLEASE tell me where to buy the pulse magnetic therapy mattress or where I can rent one by the week as seen on the Dr. Oz show

  2. From about the pulse magnetic therapy mat: "Retail price is $2000 to $3000, and often renting is possible for a weekly rate. There are a dozen different companies that make these devices. Three examples are the Mediconsult iMRS/MRS2000, Medithera Home System, and Quantron Resonance System QRS-101."

    Mediconsult is a wholeseller so you would have to choose a reseller that is approved by Mediconsult.

    A search for Medithera Home System shows that Dr. Pawluk is a reseller. Dr. Pawluk appeared on this episode of The Dr. Oz Show. You can purchase a matress unit through his website for about $3,000.

    The Quantron website sells a mat until and also has an 8 week rental program that is about $50 per week.

    If you do choose to try a mat, I would love to hear about your experience. Good luck!

    I have not used any of these products nor do I know anything about the companies who sell it. I'm not endorsing them I'm simply passing along information that I found online.