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Monday, November 7, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 11/7/11: Lose 40 Pounds By Spring, Healthy Desserts, Ulcer: What to Avoid, The Right Hair Color, Indian Hair Secrets

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: November 7, 2011
Lose 40 Pounds By Spring

  • Solutions to your 4 weight loss hurdles
  • Three desserts you can eat every night
  • That burning pain could be an ulcer
  • Take decades off your look with the right hair color
  • The Indian secret to shiny, healthy hair

Dr. Oz has four secrets to help you overcome the over 40 weight loss plateau.

Does this sound familiar: you work out and eat right but the scale stays the same and there's no change in the mirror either.

What would it mean to lose 40 pounds in a few short months? Find out by joining Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation to get the weight off. Dr. Oz commits to his viewers that if they follow the Transformation Nation challenge they will lose 40 pounds by spring.

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Lis Josefsberg, leader with Weight Watchers, joined Dr. Oz today to inspire viewers to take the first step toward better health through weight loss. Weight Watchers has joined Dr. Oz on the Transformation Nation program providing weigh-in's to viewers and the opportunity to join with special discounts.

Why does the simple fact of aging cause weight loss obstacles? In the 20's we were partying and complained that we have no money for a gym membership. In the 30's, the complaint turned to the baby weight that hangs around. Now in the 40's, weight loss becomes a physical obstacle and it's harder to put yourself first.

Dr. Oz asked Ms. Josefsberg, as a teacher, does she feel the changes that come with age? Yes, there are more responsibilities as we get older and she has gone through all the common complaints and obstacles. Making healthy choices consistently and maintaining a slow, healthy weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week, is the way to create lasting changes.

Hurdle #1: Metabolism Slows Down with Age
Why does it takes a month to lose 5 pounds and a week to gain it all back? So not fair! For every decade we age, we lose 5% of muscle of mass reducing our over-all metabolism. If at age 40 you're eating like you were 20, you will be packing on as much as 20 pounds per year. From age 20 to age 60, our metabolism slows by as much as 200 calories a day. If you're not decreasing caloric intake and/or increasing exercise then your waist line may be growing along with your age.

Ms. Josefsberg recommends eating smart and eating less while staying full by including these three categories with each meal: low-fat dairy, lean protein and whole grains.

For Breakfast: egg omelet with a whole grain English muffin and the dairy in the Latte.

For Lunch: turkey deli slices and greens wrapped with a whole wheat tortilla.

For dinner: grilled chicken on a bed of lettuce with salsa.

Hurdle #2 More Hungry Due to Hormones
Hormones influence your appetite. The brain secrets hormones when the body is under stress add to that not sleeping a full 7 to 8 hours a night and the fat cells turn into large marshmallows. Fat cells release their own hormones that trigger the need to eat more food. Challenges unrelated to food can make you feel more hungry and cause you to gain more weight.

Souper Size
Dr. Oz and Ms. Josefsberg recommend eating a vegetable soup to start your meals. Find the legendary Weigh Watchers Garden Vegetable Soup on Dr. Oz's website.

The Weight Watchers Garden Vegetable Soup is full of zero points fruits and veggies that provide nutrients. Dr. Oz says that people who start their meals off with soup eat 30% less food.

Freeze Your Hunger
Snack on frozen fruit kabobs to fill up on nutritious calories. The fruit kabobs are cold so you eat slower and the water and fiber content is high to keep you full. Use fresh fruit if available or already frozen fruits of your choice.

Hurdle #3: Loss of Muscle Mass
Degenerative loss of muscle mass associated with aging leaves us feeling frail. The only way to reverse muscle loss is to build more muscle mass. Simple, right? Find the activity you love to do and you'll enjoy yourself while you build muscle. Walking, dancing, yoga are all great activities that can keep you entertained and get the muscles pumping.

Dr. Oz shared some 30-minute muscle savers that are easy to do at home without having to invest in a personal-gym. Start slow and increase your time day after today, before you know it you'll be working out 30 minutes a day and building those muscles.

Tennis Ball Work Out
While standing hold the tennis ball, raise up one leg and pass the ball under to your other hand. Pass the ball under the other leg to your other hand. Start with 10 minutes and work your way up to 30 minutes as you gain strength.

Tennis Ball Squat
Stand with feet shoulder width apart while holding the tennis ball. Squat down to place the tennis ball on the floor in front of you. [Be aware of your body while squatting to save your knees. The butt should go back as if you were sitting down and the knees should not pass in front of the toes.] Do this squat 50 times in the beginning and work up to 30 minutes.

Get Fit with a Jump Rope
Walk for 6 minutes, then jump rope 2 minutes, then complete a figure-8 with the jump rope for 2 minutes. That's a total of 10 minutes. Repeat that cycle twice and you've got 30 minutes of a full body work out.

Sign up for Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation today and you may be one of 5,000 to receive a free pedometer from Zappos. Click here for details from and

Hurdle #4 - Your Sweet Tooth
Eat dessert every night? How can you lose weight and eat dessert every night? Weight Watcher's understands that a deprivation diet never works and will simply people give up. Ms. Josefsberg shared three decadent dessert recipes that you can have every night and still maintain to your weight loss goals. [These look awesome! These are going on the grocery list! I'll let you know how they turn out and what the family thinks of them.]

With only 5 Weight Watchers points plus per serving this treat won't crumble your changes for reaching your weight loss goals! Some berries, a little flour, a sprinkle of sugar and a dab of butter and it's ready to bake. The recipe makes eight servings and the mix can be frozen and baked later. Dr. Oz recommends making double or triple batches ahead, on a Sunday, and freeze so they are at the ready all week.

Four wontons per serving with a points value of 5 in this easy, easy, easy recipe! Take some won-ton wrappers, a banana, toss in some chocolate chips, bake, then sprinkle on a little powdered sugar and the sweet tooth will be satisfied. [This one has a lot of visual appeal. And with four on the plate you will have a lot of visual satisfaction!]

Frozen berries, yogurt, fruit juice and a splash of honey and only 4 points on the Weight Watchers plan. Ms. Josefsberg says she'll make one smoothie in the morning, drink half then put the other half in the freezer for her dessert that evening. Planning ahead can make for smart and nutritious food choices!

Today, November 7 through November 14 you can receive a free weigh-in at a participating Weight Watchers location and attend a meeting for free if you like. Sign up for Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation and keep your official Weight Watchers weigh-in slip for chance to transform your life and win One Million Dollars from

Dr. oz says if you're going to show up in your own life and make the change for better health then take advantage of the opportunities given to you today.

Could That Burning Pain be an Ulcer?
Dr. Oz says that right now, five million American's have an ulcer. Ulcers can cause a burning pain in the abdomen or no pain at all. Some foods will tend to reduce the pain while other foods make it worse. Two things are certain to upset the balance of the stomach providing the environment for an ulcer to develop.

Ulcer Threat #1
H. pylori bacteria is one of the leading causes for ulcers. [Although it's not exactly clear, according to, the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, H. pylori, is thought to strip away the mucus lining of the stomach. The bacterial is prolific world-wide and easily spread between humans through contaminated food and water.]

Ulcer Threat #2
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDS, [both prescription and over-the-counter, commonly known was ibuprofen.] change the chemistry and can eventually begin to destroy the mucus lining of the stomach exposing the stomach tissue. Without the protective mucus lining, when acid enters the stomach during digestion it can burn through the stomach tissue causing and ulcer.

Dr. Oz recommends using acetaminophen for aches and pains instead of ibuprofen to limit exposure to NSAIDS. He also encourages people who have ulcers or who may feel they are developing ulcers to reduce alcohol and caffeine intake. Instead, Dr. Oz recommends drinking green tea instead and an audience member recommended drinking Cafix, a caffeine-free grain beverage. [Cafix has been a popular for years in the natural foods industry. Click here to visit their website and learn more about Cafix.]

Take Decades Off Your Face With The Right Hair Color

Rita Hazan, owner of Rita Hazan Salon and world renowned colorist to the stars, shared with Dr. Oz that as we age our skin tone fades. Ms. Hazan says if you've had the same hair style and hair color for the past 20 years then it's time to make a change. She provided hair make-over's for three fans of The Dr. Oz Show.

Jill has been getting the same highlights over her darker base color for years making for harsh texture. Now in her 40's, Jill's hair color needs to make her skin coloring. Ms. Hazan lightened Jill's base color then added highlights for a softer and more balanced look.

Long, black hair in your 20's is wonderful but in your 40's it can look too heavy. Donna's long, dark tresses were weighing down her facial features. Ms. Hazan cut off significant length and lighten her hair from black to more of a dark chestnut brown. The softer tone is more attractive and brought out Donna's eyes.

Marcie's hair color is too light for skin tone giving a monochromatic and washed-out look over all. Her husband says the color looks fake. Ms. Hazan kept the blond but added darker tones. Donna says she feels 10 years younger. Both her husband and son noticed the new color said she looked great.

Is it time to change your look with a new color could bring out your best features?

Tap Into India's Hair Secrets
Indian women have beautiful, shiny hair at every age. Learn their secrets to lustrous, shiny hair.

Massaging oil into the scalp is the simple and essential secret to healthy hair. A variety of different oils can be found at your grocery or health food store to provide shine and boost moisture in your hair.

Neem oil: is great for dry, flaky skin as in cradle cap.
Coconut oil: is recommended for dry, itchy scalp and can be added to color during treatment providing support to lessen damage to the hair.
Almond oil: can support thinning hair by helping to relax the scalp so it's not so tight

Indian Scalp Massage
Part of the secret is that the Indian scalp massage is best given by your significant other. Choose your oil, rub the oil in the hands and fingers then massage into the scalp gently pulling the oil through the to the end of the hair. The oil and the massage supports hair growth, softens the scalp and bring shine to the hair. Leave the oil on for 30 minutes or for an authentic Indian beauty treatment try sleeping with oil on the scalp and hair – put a towel on the pillow then wash out the oil in the morning.

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