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Friday, November 11, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 11/11/11: Buddy Plan for Weight Loss, Meal Plan Subtract One, New Multivitamin Recommendations, Anti-Aging Smoothies, Anti-Aging Gadgets

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: November 11, 2011
A Dr. oz Event: The Buddy Plan for Weight Loss

  • Questions to ask when choosing a buddy
  • Five part agreement to make to your buddy
  • Weight Watchers: meal plan subtract one
  • Dr. Oz gives new recommendations for multivitamins
  • Anti-aging smoothies
  • Look younger with these anti-aging gadgets

Dr. Oz shares the best kept secret to losing more weight in less time. He says when you go it alone there is no one there to understand, to provide support. The secret: You'll lose weight faster and keep it off with a buddy. Dr. Oz is encouraging women across the country to find a buddy, make a team, and work together to lose weight. If you don't have a person to turn to, can help match you with someone who is also working toward their weight loss goal.

***This eposide post is complete! The puppers are being poopers and still try to wrestle with stitches! It's a challenge to get 2 active dogs to take it slow for a week. I thought it was hard to for me to do that but the pups are harder to convince. ***

Buddy Plan for Weight Loss
Dr. Oz has brought 50 women from all over the country into his studio today to meet each other for the first time. He calls it a blind date to lose weight and it's all a part of Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation.

Working with a buddy can provide encouragement and help you lose more weight. Family and friends may not be the most supportive people around you. One blind date participant shared that her family and friends constantly request her homemade cookies and cakes. They are enabling her.

The majority of the women on the stage today are mothers, run a household, have careers, they take care of many people and many responsibilities throughout the day and at the end of the day there's not much time or energy to focus on themselves. Sound familiar?
Most women aswered that their friends and family are not helpping them get the job done

Psychologist Ramani Durvasula, PhD explained the benefit of working with a stranger is that you gain encouragement, commisseration, and modeling of that positive behavior you're striving for. Dr. Durvasula says it's really important to choose people who will provide support because most people ended up in this place of being over-weight because of the people around them.

Three Questions to Ask Each Other to Get to Know Each Other

Get to Know Me #1: How much weight do you want to lose you each know your goals?
Sharing goals with your buddy provides perspective

Get to Know Me #2: Why did you gain the wight in the first place?
This questions provides an historical placement to inform your buddy where you are right now and where you've been.

Get to Know Me #3: What has tripped you up before?
Opening up to your buddy on what didn't work can provide a framework for success now.

Each person has to be willing to ask the questions and to give honest answers.

Linda, a Kansas girl has been teamed up with city-slicker Stacy from New York. They both want to lose 50 pounds but they come from completely different lifestyles.

Linda works on a 40-acre cattle farm, loves carbohydrates and sweets. She has high blood pressure and a family history of diabetes. Her sister, her support system, recently moved away and she no longer has support.

Stacy sits in front of a computer for most of her and eat for most of that time. Pastries and sweets are her favorite foods. She gets out of breath walking up the stairs. It's hard to be a fashionista at size 18, she wants to lose weight to look good in the clothes she loves. Stacey doesn't get support from the people around her and she's ready to share the weight loss road with Linda.

Five Part Plan Agreement to Make to Your Buddy

Agreement #1 - I will call every night with my high and low.
Linda's high yesterday was seeing NYC and sights for the first time and her low was that she ate her way through most of the sights, she went all out.

Agreement #2 - I will exchange my daily meal plan with my buddy the night before and stick to it.
Making a commitment the night before takes out the guess work for meals the next day. Sharing meals plans with a buddy provides a safe place to learn from mistakes and to both create a library of meal plans. Dr. Oz quoted the poignant truth: people don't plan to fail yet they fail to plan. When you're hungry it's hard to make good food and meal choices. Being prepared with a meal plan makes health eating easy.

Agreement #3 - I will text or email my buddy my hunger score before I eat anything.
Take an honest look at when you are choosing or desiring to eat. Putting a number on your hunger level and discuss it with a supportive person can help eliminate eating for comfort and eating for the sake of eating without being hungry. Having a buddy allows this conversation to open in a safe environment without emotional baggage. Feeling the physiological effect of hunger – weak, tired, shaky, tummy growling – would constitute a score of 10. Feeling sort of hungry would fall in the 5 zone. With no hunger getting a 0. It's reasonable, then to have a snack or meal when the score is 7 or above.

Agreement #4 - I will email 2 photos of my future plans to my weight loss buddy.
This agreement aimed at thinking in both long- and short-term goals. It's important to look at the long term goal but it can be so far off as to lose significance in the face of daily challenges. Putting a short-term goal into focus provides realistic success within reach bringing a reason to celebrate closer. Celebrate yourself today to make changes today. The goal may be one dress size or 10% of a weight loss goal. Take a picture of the short-term goal and a picture of the long-term goal and commit to the goal by sharing it with your team.

Agreement #4 - As I lose the weight, I will throw away the clothes that no longer fits.
By getting rid of the clothes, you are saying out loud that failure is not an option. The bigger clothes won't be there reinforcing continued progress forward. This journey is about beginning a new identity and getting rid of the old identity.

Meal Plan Subtract One

Lis Josefsberg, a Weight Watchers leader joined Dr. Oz for the second time this week to discuss another layer of support in Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation.

Lis explained that breakfast is a critical anchor for the day. Research shows that eating breakfast everyday leads to greater weight loss and a better ability to maintain the weight loss.

The Meal Plan Subtract One begins with nutritional musts to start the day. Breakfast must have calcium, carbohydrates, protein, fruits and/or veggies. Liz showed an omelet with a slice of whole wheat toast, a serving of fat-free Greek yogurt and a bowl of fresh fruit.

For lunch subtract the calcium and concentrate on carbohydrates, protein, fruits and/or veggies. Stirfry with 1 cup brown rice, chicken and vegetables is one option for lunch. A great on-the-go option for lunch is a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with an apple.

At dinner subtract the carbohydrates in favor of simply protein with fruits and/or vegetables. Lis displayed a 6oz steak filet and lots of fiber in a generous serving of broccoli.

Liz reiterated that on the Weight Watchers program, members can have as much fruit and veggies as they like, have all the power foods. On the hunger scale, the vegetables fill up the belly beating back that hunger.

Exercise is vital to any weight loss program. The important thing is to start, even if it starts with 15 minutes - get started. Combine exercise with buddy chat – talk on the phone while your walking. Take a walk after dinner, step away from the table and the food, talk with your buddy about the next day's menu plan while you walk.

Weight Watchers wants to be a part of each of the teams, each of the buddies brought together today by giving each woman a one-year free membership.

Join the biggest blind date to lose weight on They are helping people across the nation to find buddies to lose weight.
Dr. Oz Changes His Multivitamin Recommendations

Dr. Oz has previously provided recommendations on how much of which ingredients should be in your multivitamin. Today, Dr. Oz shares a few changes to his recommendations and a warning on which nutrients in certain amounts may be harmful.

When looking at a nutrition label on a multivitamin, any supplement, do you know what you're looking at? Nutrients can have different measurements of units that can throw people off. Dr. Oz says it's not as important to understand the units but to look at the number.

[It is important to have a general idea of the nutrition measurements on labels.

Have you seen “mg”, “iu” or “mcg” on your supplement labels.

mg = milligram and is the most common unit of measurement used on supplement labels.
iu = stands for international units and can be seen when measuring Vitamin E.
mcg = micrograms are often seen with B vitamins but can be used for a whole host of nutrient measurements.

There are 1,000mcg in 1mg, and 1,000mg in 1g.

Keep that in mind when comparing products. One biotin product may have 500mcg per serving and another biotin product may have 1g per serving. The 1g is 4 times as strong per serving as the 500mcg. Looking only at the number and not the unit of measurement it appears that 500 is stronger than 1. The unit of measurement makes a huge difference.

When you're comparing products, make sure you're comparing the same unit of measurement: mg to mg and iu to iu. If you are looking at mcg to mg then a quick calculation is necessary to compare the amounts listed.]

Dr. Oz says not all multivitamins are created equal. For most people a multivitamin is an insurance policy. Dr. Oz stood in front of a table full of fruits and veggies on a table and said that is the amount of food an average person would need to eat to equal the recommended daily values of nutrients.

[The amount of food looked like a weeks worth of fruits and veggies in my house. It's a lot. A multivitamin can help fill the gaps of nutrients if a person is not consuming the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in a day, and the majority of American's do not.]

Vitamin A in a Multivitamin
Dr. Oz showed an example of a normal artery. By taking too much Vitamin A, he says the excess nutrient can cause erosion of the arteries. Dr. Oz has lowered his recommendation of Vitamin A from 5,000iu down to 3,500iu.

[Note: supplement labels may have Vitamin A listed as both Vitamin A and beta carotene and put the amounts of each together into one total. For example: Vitamin A may be listed as 10,000 with a note that says 5,000iu Vitamin A and 5,000iu beta carotene. Vitamin A is stored in the body and this is the likely form he is discussing. Beta carotene can be converted to Vitamin A in the body if needed and any amount not converted if flushed out. When looking at Vitamin A amounts on any supplement label, look for these two forms.]

Vitamin E in a Multivitamin
Dr. Oz shared that recent studies have shown a potential connection between high levels of Vitamin E and the instance of prostate cancer in men. The information doesn't change his recommendation of Vitamin E, it stays the same at 30iu. He wanted to emphasize that going over 30iu of Vitamin E may turn this antioxidant into a pro-oxidant – taking what is normally a positive nutrition to one that can possibly damage the body at higher levels.

Iron in a Multivitamin
In a study of older women in Iowa, according to Dr. Oz, it was found that too much iron can be dangerous putting people at risk of developing hardening of the arteries. Dr. Oz recommends that post-menopausal and men to skip the iron in their multivitamin. He says women of childbearing age should take the recommended 18mg of iron, but no one else.

[Too much iron is certainly a bad thing especially in children. Iron overdose in children can be fatal. People with anemia issues or women experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding may need higher levels of iron than what is provided in a multivitamin. Blood tests are available to check iron levels and can be the best tool in determining individual needs when discussed with a health care provider.]

Calcium in a Multivitamin
Dr. Oz feels that a multivitamin should have small amounts of calcium. Calcium binds to other vitamins and prevents the absorption of other nutrients. Dr. Oz recommends using a multivitamin with no more than 200mg of calcium and to take a separate calcium supplement containing 600mg of calcium along with magnesium. He recommends taking the multivitamin and calcium supplement two hours apart to allow for all nutrients to be absorbed.

[Calcium is another nutrient where recommended levels can vary greatly depending on the individual. Bone health, in particular, is a concern when people think of calcium levels. Determining bone strength is a key to knowing how much calcium, and other bone supporting nutrients either supplementally or nutritionally, to take. A bone density test can be taken at a doctor's office or clinic. Use those results to begin a conversation with a health care provider to determine any action that may be necessary to support bone strengthen.

Anti-Aging Smoothies
Dr. Oz starts the day with these smoothies and brought Sari Greaves, RD, an anti-aging expert, on the show to share three recipes with nutrients that address common anti-aging concerns.

They shared that a smoothie is a perfect opportunity for people a busy schedule to incorporate a multitude of foods in one quick beverage.

Bust through that 3pm slump with a smoothie containing protein via non-fat Greek yogurt and peanut butter. To that, mix in a banana for potassium and a small amount of cinnamon to support blood sugar balancing, top it off with cocoa power for flavonoids to maximize blood flow.
Taste tester review: good-bye coffee and cheers to an Energy Boosting Smoothie

A healthy the diet leads to better skin health. Add low-fat chocolate milk, frozen berries and green tea in a blender and you've got a glass full of inflammation modulating properties to support the skin.
Taste tester: delicious, can I apply this topically?

The Full-Body Revitalizing Smoothie targets cardiovascular health with plant-sourced antioxidants. Blend yams, flaxseed, tofu, almond butter – source of Vitamin E, and soy milk.
Tester: really good

Gadgets to Look Years Younger

Game Show Time! Spin It To Win It!

The Wrinkle MD Kit has electrodes that stimulate the deep absorption of hyaluronic acid into the skin around the eyes to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Dr. Oz says this is the only way to get rid of crow's feet wrinkles. Retails for around $129.00

What is the cause of crows feet? UV radiation, smoking or squinting?
UV radiation causes premature aging in all skin and promotes the formation of wrinkles especially around the eyes.

[Trainer Brands has a whole assortment of printed exercise mats for a variety of exercise formats.]
The Illustrated Foam Roller™ can be utilized to strengthen core muscles and massage hard to get areas. How do you use it? The pictures are right there on the gadget in case you forget how to complete the exercises or poses. Retails for $34.99.

Strengthening your core is a great way to improve core, posture or skin?
A strong and correct posture lengthens the body's framework, stretching the ligaments, increasing circulation and decreasing joint pain.

The N.A.P.® Massaging Wrap provides two levels of massage along with warmth that can be used on the back and neck.

What time of day are you most susceptible to stress? 30 minutes after waking up, [another 30 minute interval of day that I missed], or 30 minutes after a meal?
Thirty minutes after waking, cortisol levels are at their highest levels. Collagen in the skin is effected by cortisol levels in the body. Reduced collagen causes the skin to sag.

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