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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 11/3/11: Raging Wives, Facial Clues to Health, Dermatologists Secrets to Great Skin, Microwave Meals

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: November 3, 2011
Dr. Oz: Raging Wives: Are You on the Edge of a Breakdown?

  • Out of control rage could be due to hormones
  • Is your face telling you about your health?
  • What's in your refrigerator to help your skin?
  • Microwave Meals

Is unpredictable, uncontrollable, over-the-top rage taking over your life? Women aged 35 – 45 can be effected by hormonal fluctuations that manifest as extreme anger and leave them feeling ashamed and guilty.

What causes perimenopausal rage and what can you do about it?


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Dr. Oz: Raging Wives: Are You on the Edge of a Breakdown?

Lexi is a church pastor with 3 sons who feels irritable and agitated. All those little details that were easy to ignore a few years ago – the toilet seat left up or dishes not washed - but now those little things bring on a screaming rage. Her family feels angry and scared and worry that there is something wrong with their mom. After the incident she feels bad. She feels that the anger, the rage is uncontrollable.

Lisa also has three kids and is frightened by her own rage. Everyone's needs come first in her life. She feels like she is psychotic sometimes going from crying one moment to screaming the next. Her husband wishes he could help her but doesn't know what to do.

Seeing themselves on tape the two women said they felt ashamed and sad by their behavior. It's embarrassing, they don't know where it comes from. Both women would like to be more in control all the time.

Right after an outburst, an audience member illustrated that she feels the pleasure of having eaten cheesecake and then feels like she ate the entire cake which creates feelings of guilt. The release of the anger and stress is liberating and lets those endorphins loose creating a feeling of calm but when that release is negative and hurts loved ones the stress release is short-lived and soon replaced with shame.

The anger began a few years ago for both women. For many women it can be an everyday occurrence and it effects millions across the country. What can you do to temper the outbursts, temper the anger?

Dr. Oz says a shift in hormones is responsible for what he calls perimenopausal rage. Being hormone-dependent allows the condition to be predictable and controllable.

Marcy Holmes, NP is a menopause clinician [and part of the network of information dedicated to women's health issues. The Women to Women clinic began in Maine by Marcelle Pick, another recent guest on The Dr. Oz Show, and has grown to a global resource for women].

Dr. Holmes explained that the extreme nature of the outbursts define them as something other than simple anger for frustration. Women ages 35 to 45 are more likely to experience the strong and extreme hormone fluctuations that tend to be more abrupt and obvious during the second half of their menstrual cycle. The reactions, due to hormone imbalance, is out of proportion, extreme, emotional, hurts people around you as opposed to anger focused at the situation.

Dr. Oz illustrated with a balance beam and balloons that during a womans monthly cycle where the hormones fluctuate and the rage balloon will bob up to the surface. As the progesterone and estrogen hormones decrease the rage increases and that's when most women experience the uncontrollable rage - when the red balloon of rage is at the top and blue hormones of calm are a pile of laytex trash at the bottom. Once estrogen and progesterone levels increase and stabilize at the beginning of another cycle then the rage decreases. Going through this extreme hormone cycle causes learned behavior – the occasional tyrant becomes normal daily behavior.

Dr. Oz: Signs of Hormonal Imbalance

Dr. Oz Sign of Hormanal Imbalance #1: Severe mood swings within minutes
Crying during a commercial or instantly becoming angry at the children when the moment before all was well.

Dr. Oz Sign of Hormanal Imbalance #2: Out of proportion anger
Frustration that could previously be dealt with easily turns into extreme anger. Dr. Oz characterized it as the fuse being lit.

Dr. Oz Sign of Hormanal Imbalance #3: A history of PMS
What previously was predictable now it comes up so fast it leaves you feeling crazy and out of control. The brain is susceptible to hormones and those imbalances have a profound effect on how we perceive, adapt and react to all situations.

Dr. Oz Sign of Hormanal Imbalance #4: You experienced postpartum depression

Dr. Oz reiterated that this is a scary phenomenon that is instantly triggered and defined by hormones and therefore is treatable.

The husbands responded to their wives behavior saying they feel helpless when the anger explodes. The husband and the kids developed a weather analogy for mom's emotional state but ia sunny day can turn into a tornado without any warning sirens. The women the husbands see in these outbursts is not the same woman they know and love. Their family energy is utilized to avoid mom, to cope and to hold on until the tides calm instead of living and interacting together.

Dr. Holmes recommended that the husbands [and the kids can do this too] ask her while she is in a good moment, I know you're having a tough time what can I do to help you today.

[Make sure it's a good moment guys. Personally, if I'm ticked off and everyone is bewildered by where to start I expect that everyone fulfill their base responsibilities before asking for direction. Or perhaps saying something along the lines of: I know you're frustrated and I will take care of -- insert known responsibility -- but is there something else I can do to help right now.

And another thing...Yes I'll admit that I'm in that age group and that sometimes my reactions are over-the-top extreme and out of proportion but I've got to say, and I think I speak for most women in America, for crap sake how many times do I have to remind you of your basic responsibilities? Shoes don't belong in the middle of the floor, dishes are to be washed after they are used, laundry is to be put away and not left on the dress, and yes the dogs and the cat need to be fed at the same time everyday. If I have to tell my husband and children the same things over and over for years on end the anger is going to super heat and build up pressure until my top blows like a volcano and the sound will be felt far and wide. In most homes women take the bulk of responsibility in a family and it's damn hard. So husbands, partners, children step up to your responsibilities. Please. Thank you.

Please note that tirade was not in all caps. I even made the effort to italicize instead of capitalize. Yeah me!]

Dr. Oz wants to make sure women understand that this issue should not be about shame. He says this is about honoring the reality that the brain will listen to the hormones and the goal is to help get those hormones in balance and save your relationships.

[Dr. Oz stated there was a hormone quiz on I coulnd't find a said quiz. I did find one, though, on

Dr. Oz 4 Solutions to Calm Perimenopausal Rage

Dr. Oz Hormonal Rage Solution #1Prescriptions
Dr. Holmes recommended that women in the throws of various stages of menopause consider either a low-dose birth control pill to help control the hormone fluctuations and/or anti-depressants to help the brain chemistry better tolerate the hormone fluctuations.

[Both options here come with many risk factors, some severe. It is worth talking with a health care provider to see if either of these may be an option and then take a look the side effects to see if the risks out weighs the benefits. Maybe they do and maybe they don't. Within both options, there may be something that make sense and can provide relief. It doesn't mean that they will be long-term or permanent therapies. Looking at anti-depressants, understand that there are many different types available for different situations. While I'm not a fan of pharmaceuticals in general I completely understand that they have their usefulness and their place. I believe they are over used on the one side and on the other I know that they provide great benefit when used properly. It all starts with a conversation and a question.]

Dr. Oz Hormonal Rage Solution #2 - Progesterone Cream
Progesterone effects the brain and the hormone fluctuates, a lot, during each cycle. Replenishing a small amount can help to smooth out the roller coaster. Dr. Holmes said to look for a progesterone cream labeled as USP instead of yam cream extract. She recommends using progesterone for 2 weeks or 3 weeks of a cycle and taking one week off during your period. Be thoughtful about using over-the-counter hormones. If you try it and it doesn't work then stop using it and look to something else. There are tests available through health care providers to check hormone levels but they cost money and may not be an option for everyone.

[Know that there are many OTC products available and that everyone is different. If one product doesn't work then try something else. Working in vitamin retail for so long I can tell you that 10 women can walk through the door and say _____ hormone product is even better than a chocolate cupcake and the next 10 will say it was the worst thing ever and that the vanilla cupcake was the best thing for them. Both products are good but every product is not for every person. This could also be applied to pharmaceuticals. And cupcakes for that matter...some people shun chocolate **gasp** and go for lemon.]

Dr. Oz Hormonal Rage Solution #3 - Cut out sugar, alcohol and caffeine!
[No, no, no, no, no! That is just asking too much of a stressed out, hypersensative woman with the responsibility of an entire household on her shoulders. Serve my coffee with sugar and whiskey, and see if I care that the dishes aren't done! ;)]

There are patterns in women showing that the offensive foods can increase the hormonal imbalance. Dr. Holmes recommends taking a good multivitamin with B vitamins, vitamin D, and fish oil/omega-3.

[Personal disclaimer: A multivitamin does not provide the same comforts as a cupcake and a glass of wine!]

Dr. Oz Hormonal Rage Solution #4 - Therapy
Unresolved issues intensifies the hormone imbalance responses. Many types of therapy are available: couples, family, individual. Having friends you can trust and talk openly with can be huge resource.

Recognize that this is a controllable, treatable, correctable hormone-driven state that is temporary.

Dr. Oz What Your Face Shows About Your Health

Dr. Oz Facial Health Cue #1: Eyes
Yellow eyes can be a clue to problems associated with the liver and may indicate jaundice. Damage to the liver can come from cirrhosis which has many root causes: too much belly fat, excessive drinking, simple carbohydrates, medications, eating too much fat. Dr. Oz recommends taking 200mg of milk thistle daily and eating greens that also support the liver. He encouraged the audience with the fact that the liver is a resilient organ and, given the right tools, can repair itself

Dr. Oz Facial Health Cue #2: Cheeks
Plumped cheeks can be a sign of under-active thyroid, also known as hypothyroid. With hypothyroidism, the water consumed causes sugar and water to accumulate in the cheeks. Thyroid conditions are hugely under-diagnosed [due in most part to the of hypothryoidism symptoms being common and easily confused for other conditions.]

Dr. Oz Facial Health Cue #3: Lips
Purple lips are an indication [of not a turn to goth style] that either the lungs are not properly circulating oxygen or that the heart is not pumping efficiently. Blood becomes darker red or blue when there is not enough oxygen present in the blood stream. Dr. Oz strongly encourages everyone to look toward blood pressure numbers which should be checked at least once a year, know your numbers to understand your health.

Dr. Oz Dermatological Secrets in Your Kitchen

Dr. Elle Marmur, MD and vice chair of cosmetics at Mt. Sinai Hospital said that most of the “old wives tales” about skin care in your cupboard are actually true.

Dr. Oz Dermatologist Secret #1: Flaky, Dry Skin
To soothe and moisturize flaky, dry skin use an avocado and honey. Take either ½ or 1 avocado mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey and smear it on the dry patches [or over the entire face and neck area]. Leave the mixture on as is for 10 minutes or cover the area with a wash cloth to prevent the mix from sliding off and making a mess. Kr. Marmur suggested soaking the wash cloth in green tea for added benefit to the skin. Use this mask three times per week to exfoliate the skin and provide anti-inflammatory comfort.

Dr. Oz Dermatologist Secret #2: Rosacea
Sixteen million Americans suffer from the red-cheek syndrome and it often goes undiagnosed. There are a multitude of medications, creams, medicated creams and soaps that often leave a stinging sensation and make it worse.

Dr. Marmur recommends mixing ¼ c chopped pineapple with 1 cup cottage cheese as a facial mask. The rind of the pineapple is the best part to use - the hard, inner core of the pineapple is full of vitamin C and decreases redness. The cottage cheese does the same as milk, soothes and calms skin.

Dr. Oz One-Minute Microwave Meals

Dr Oz challenged viewers to share their healthy microwave meals. Dr. Oz asked, which were the best healthy microwave meals from viewers. [My son yelled back at the TV, “None! Microwaves are icky! He's been listening to me.]

Click here for the viewer submitted and Dr. Oz tried Ginger Salmon and Cheesy Chicken Quesadillas recipes. Both recipes include healthy ingredients that are quick to prepare and cook. Dr. Oz suggested instead of plastic wrap on top of the bowl to use a plate.

[Yes, the microwave is quick but there is also decades of information and research showing that microwave radiation is detrimental to health. I've lived a happy life without a microwave for going on 20 years now. In that time I have never once thought: gee my life would be better if I just had a microwave.

Both of these meals could just as easily be made on the stove or in the oven. My kids request quesadillas for dinner at least once a week and the cooking time is just minutes. If I was making 3 or 4 quesadillas in the microwave that wouldn't save any more time then pulling out my big ol cast iron skillet and making two at a time. I use the cooking time to make a salad. Time well spent and toxins avoided. Read my previous anti-microwave rant from September 2011.]

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