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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blog Quiz 11/19/11 Mood-Boosting Techniques

What technique was not discussed on The Dr. Oz Show during the week of November 7 – 11 to support mood-boosting?

A. Fish oil
B. Massage
C. Vitamin D
D. Yoga

D. Yoga!

Your Answers
A. Fish oil - 30%
B. Massage - 30%
C. Vitamin D - 15%
D. Yoga – 23%

This question had you all stumped! On the November 19, 2011 episode of The Dr. Oz Show titled The Ultimate Happiness Plan, Dr. Oz's guest Dr. Andrew Weil discussed his battle with depression and shared his recommendations to help boost mood and bust depression.

All of the supplements and techniques provided as multiple choice in this week's quiz can help support mood balancing, provide a feeling of well-being and can release hormones that help you feel great.

And, boy, do I need all of these today. Our beloved 14-year-old cat passed away today. My mood is quite low and I am in need of some grieving, release and rebuilding. Due to my loving cat's passing today, this post will be brief.

Fish oil is a key to brain health, in fact the brain is dependent on these essential oil. Fish oil has been shown to protect against depression. Dr. Weil recommends taking 2 – 3g of fish oil a day. He says it can work quickly and dramatically, calling it the single most effective intervention.

Eating fish a few times a week can provide a natural source, though for people working to boost mood and focus on issues of depression, the amount of fish oil gained in eating fish may not be enough. It's a great start, but supplementation may be considered to get enough oil into the system to support the brain.

Massage, and touch in general, releases the hormone oxytocin which increases mood. And how good do you feel during and after a massage? Incredible. Sign me up for one, or one every week while we're at it!

There are Vitamin D receptors in the brain and low levels of Vitamin D is associated with mental disturbance, even psychosis. Dr. Weil recommends taking 2000iu of Vitamin D daily.

Getting Vitamin D from the sun is another resource however studies splattered all over the media show that the majority of American's are not getting enough from the sun. Sun screen, working inside all day, living in certain climate such as here in Colorado that only receive Vitamin D rays from April to November are all factors in lowering our total natural Vitamin D intake.

Supplementation can help fill in the Vitamin D gap if you are not going outside frequently enough to bank up stores lasting all year. Vitamin D has been linked with immune function, bone support and reducing cancer risks.

Yoga works the body, the breath and the mind. This was the only technique that wasn't discussed by Dr. Weil or Dr. Oz on the Happiness Plan episode and I was quite surprised. Dr. Oz has discussed yoga on several shows and has shared that he practices it everyday.

Yoga can be vigorous or moderate or even simple exercise, it all depends on how you want to go. Stretching and strengthening while breathing and building balance, yoga can bring about mental clarity and rev up those feel good hormones.

The practice can be utilized to get into shape and lose weight or as a means to reduce stress and engage in meditation. Completely tailored to the individual and the moment, yoga can be a part of mood boosting and your own personal happiness plan.


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