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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 11/17/11: Joel Osteen and the Power of Prayer, Heartburn Secrets, Calorie Cutting Gadgets, Five Minute Dessert

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: November 17, 2011
Joel Osteen: Does Prayer Have the Power to Heal

  • Pastor Joel Osteen talks about the power of prayer
  • Amazing stories of the power of prayer
  • Secrets to prevent heartburn
  • Cutting edge calorie cutters
  • Duff Goldman from The Food Network whips up a five minute dessert!

Televangelist Joel Osteen, Pastor with the Lakewood Church visits The Dr. Oz Show to talk about the power of prayer. Dr. Oz wants to know where does medicine end and faith begin and says this show may change the way you think about healing.


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 Pastor Joel Osteen is the top evangelist in the country and his church, Lakewood Church [in Houston, Texas and aired on television nationally] is the biggest in America. Lakewood Church was started by Pastor Osteen's father at age 17. His father tried for years to get Pastor Osteen to preach to avail. When his father died, Pastor Osteen felt a calling and was launched into the leading role at the Church that he holds today.

What started as 90 members has grown to a non-denominational church with 40,000 members that meet in a sports arena. Without a seminary education, Pastor Osteen preaches about hope and positive thinking and at the focus of his teachings, he celebrates the power of prayer.

Dr. Oz says he is curious and has seen people pray for their health yet science can not prove [or disprove] the power of prayer. Pastor Osteen says that there exists both virtual and physical health and you have to manage both. He explains that you can pray for health but you also have to put in the effort to nurture your own physical health. We carry both emotional and spiritual issues [baggage] that can interfere with the body's ability to heal.

First hand experience came to Pastor Osteen when his mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 1981. She was given only weeks to live. He believes pray and her faith got her through the ordeal. Thirty years later she is healthy and strong. She continually gave thanks to God for her health, she didn't give in, she didn't get depressed and she found strength through prayer.

Advising people facing cancer, Pastor Osteen believes that everyone has the ability to overcome what we perceive as huge obstacles by talking with God as a friend and thanking God for the strength to get through.

Pastor Osteen has published a new book titled Everyday a Friday. [Read an excerpt and purchase a copy on] Dr. Oz says this new book put a smile on his face.

Pastor Ostee's brother Paul brother is a surgeon who spends up to five months a year in Kenya helping to heal people through surgery. Dr. Osteen also prays for his patients before beginning an operation.

Should people pray for success? Pastor Osteen believes that people should pray for riches but should thank God for the gifts they have and receive, to give thanks for the belief in being in the right place at the right time. He says God can make a way when there doesn't seem to be a way.

What are Pastor Osteen's temptations and weaknesses and how does he over come them? He replied that he does his best recognize temptations and weaknesses and ask for, pray for insight. He does admit to having a weakness for chocolate cake that he eats nearly everyday. Sometimes he'll take a day off from cake and choose to play basketball or eat a little healthier.

Dr. Oz asked Pastor Osteen for some guidance for when he feels frustration during situations where he knows he has tools that can help a patient yet he receives resistance.

Pastor Osteen encouraged Dr. Oz to say to his patients that he is not going to give up on then, and to keep motivating his patients and let them know he is going be there for them until they make a change.

Pastor Osteen's wife Victoria Osteen was in the audience today as well. [Mrs. Osteen part of the Lakewood Church minisry and author of several children's books.]

Mrs. Osteen shared her belief that when people have lost their belief in themselves, she prays for their confidence. She says you can't fail until you quit. Mrs. Osteen admitted to being the facilitator of Pastor Osteen's daily chocolate. She makes the cakes for him.

Is it the power of positive thinking that is creating positive outcomes or is it a connection with God? Pastor Osteen believes it is both. You have to believe in yourself and have a spiritual connection to God.

Stories of the Power of Prayer
Have you ever prayed for healing for yourself or someone else? Do you believe in medical healing? Dr. Oz shared the stories of two women who believe they overcame seemingly insurmountable circumstances through the power of prayer.

The first story shared was from a woman who found three tumors in her breast, one was the size of an egg. Doctors told her she would be staying in the hospital a long time for her chemotherapy treatments which wiped her out. She decided she needed to do something different, she needed to fight the battle differently, and that night she prayed. She believes that standing on her bible, sleeping with her bible under her pillow, praying with her bible gave her the tools to focus her efforts and pray for her recovery. The next morning her test results were normal instead of abnormal. She believes her faith, her prayer, her positive thinking cured her. Her medical therapy was aggressive but even her doctor says prayer helped her get through.

Studies of prayer have not shown any effect, why do you think that is Pastor Osteen? The truth is in the fact that people believe in the power of prayer and he thinks that belief cannot be documented. Dr. Oz noted that these studies of prayer, including one that he participated in, the patient did not pray, people prayed for the patient's recovery.

Angel was riding on the back of a motorcycle and was hit by a car going 70 mph. She went under the car and was dragged suffering a dislocated shoulder, fracture pelvis, burns and significant injuries to her leg. The emergency room doctor recommended amputating her leg. She says she felt so scared. In the hospital bed she saw Pastor Osteen on TV saying there was no problem too big that you couldn't find an answer for through God, through prayer. Amputation wasn't an option in her mind. She told the doctors not to amputate and she prayed. Eight months later she was on her feet and a walking, talking miracle.

Dr. Oz's team went through Angel's medical records and her injuries were serious. He imagines that her medical team at the hospital was troubled by her refusing? What caused her to make that choice.

Angel says the amputation solution wasn't good enough for her and she was not willing to give up. She sees life as hard enough with two legs and believed she couldn't have made it on one leg.

How would you navigate that as a pastor? How would you advise someone who is choosing to refuse care? Pastor Osteen says that God created doctors and medicine and would encourage someone to follow the medical advise but he understands that there are people, like Angel, who have great faith and God stepped in. He said he doesn't like to take people away from medical support. You can't give up hope, you can't quit.

There are many things as a doctor that Dr. Oz says he can explain and many that he cannot. He says when faith puts you at peace in an unknown place and it helps you through then he's OK with that. It's believing in yourself, believing you're worth it. When you believe you are worth it you can make it happen. Powerful preaching by Dr. Oz, says Pastor Osteen.

Pastor Osteen encourages people to believe in themselves to see yourself as a masterpiece and that God created you for a reason because someone needs you and your love. See yourself as valuable.

Secret Reasons for Heartburn

Eating Too Fast
Eating too fast? Grab and go meals can put your health at risk.

Driving and eating? Sound familiar? When eating is rushed the food and the air you're breathing goes into the stomach and extends out the stomach. The food has not been chewed properly. A hiatal hernia an develop where the stomach is pulled into the chest, and into the esophagus allowing acid to enter the esophagus. Continued burning of the esophagus through stomach acid can lead to cancer.

Risks for Hiatal Hernia
  • Chronic hurried eating
  • Pregnancy
  • Over weight
  • Age, 50 or over
To reduce the risks of developing a hiatal hernia, Dr. Oz recommends chewing three extra times for each bite of food and taking a sip of water after each bite to help lubricate the food through the digestive system.

He also recommends to avoid chocolate, mints and alcohol which allow the valve between the stomach and esophagus to weaken. Only use antacids for a short time but not for long-term as they simply cover symptoms instead of dealing with the issue.

Cutting Edge Calorie Cutters

Dede Wilson, with Bon Appetit magazine, brought three gadgets to The Dr. Oz Show that can help you cut calories.

The Ronko Snackmaster Express Food Dehydrator is the most famous food dehydrator in the world. Make fruit and vegetable chips – apples, bananas, and kale. Kale chips are huge in the health food industry. The dried snacks are shelf stable for three weeks. The Snackmaster retails for about $39.

The Avo Saver by Evriholder helps to keep avocados fresh. Avocados are recommended for heart health and have been linked with preventing breast cancer. A serving of an avocado is only 1/6th of the fruit. What do you do with the rest. Place one half of a cut avocado on the Avo Saver to prevent oxidation and keep it from turning brown. Retails for $4-5.

Ms. Wilson says the HydroCoach is the coolest gadget shown today. The HydroCoach is the world's only interactive water bottle. We know that proper hydration is good for the skin and digestion. Enter your personal statistics into the tiny digital computer and the bottle will show how much water you need to drink in a day as well as keep track of how much water you've already had. Reatails for about $30.

Five Minute Delicious Dessert

With cinnamon for blood sugar and blood pressure support and turbinado sugar this treat is quick to prepare and looks incredible. Turbinado sugar is unbleached, raw sugar whereas, Chef Goldman explained, brown sugar is white sugar with the molasses added back in.

Dr. Oz says to use Greek yogurt in desserts instead of ice cream or heavy cream, use a little honey or maple syrup for added sweetness.

Physical and spiritual health are connected you can't have one without the other. ~ Dr. Oz

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