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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 10/31/11: Tony Horton's 10-Minute Miracle Workout, Kidney Health, One-Minute Health Tests, Healthier Version of Fast Foods

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: October 31, 2011
Tony Horton's 10-Minute Miracle Workout

  • Change your health in 10-minutes a day with Tony Horton
  • Is that bloating normal or a sign of disease?
  • Check your health with one-minute health tests
  • Make a healthier version of fast foods at home

Dr Oz and his wife were skeptical but bought the P90X videos by Tony Horton and the program worked for them so Tony was invited to be a guest on the show and share his new 10-Minute Miracle Workout specifically for viewers of The Dr. Oz Show.


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Author of the forthcoming book, Bring It due out in December of this year, the creator of the massively successful P90X fitness program, he has trained troops and soccer moms alike into becoming powerhouses of muscle, Tony Horton has changed the lives of millions people. Sales of his fitness programs have reached $500 million, an indication of his ability to inspire people to take action and take control of their lives.

Tony Horton has put together a 10-minute workout routine just for viewers of The Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Oz says you need 30 minutes and other 'experts' say you need more than 30 minutes of exercise.

Tony calls these 10-minutes stacking, or synergistic exercising, that stacks upon it self, working out the whole body thoroughly in a short time. He wants people to get started, to get moving and to get them off the couch.

In school, Tony was small, had a speech impediment and not-so great grades. That inspired him to shift from a place of fear through physical activity.

His approach focuses on the individual. Each of his exercises can be modified to fit where you are right now and continue to move forward as you improve.

Tony's 3 Rules for Weight Loss

1. Exercise for the Right Reason
Tony encourages people to look at exercise for what it can give you right now. If I exercise today, my fitness improves today. Looking to exercise so you can attend a high school reunion wearing a dress three-sizes smaller to impress people you don't necessarily like at an event you don't really want to go to doesn't make sense. Once the reunion or the event is over, where's the inspiration. Get fit for you, and start now.

2. Don't Be a Perfectionist
If it's not perfect, don't sweat it. Just start. It doesn't have to be pretty but it's important to get up and get started.

3. No Winging It
Find an activity that you love and make exercising fun. Tony says to find something that you want to show up for every day.

Tony Horton Success Stories
Kim, a single mom, used to weigh 250 lbs. Her brother transformed his body and his life with the P90X program which inspired her to give it a try. Kim says her confidence grew as she shed the pounds. To date, she has burned 85 lbs. She says the program worked for her because she could do it at home and can modify every exercise as needed. Through the program she told herself, if I can only do 3 today, then I can do 4 tomorrow.

Cynthia weighed more than 300 lbs and had tried to lose the weight and failed repeatedly. She says she never thought P90X would work but it was harder than anything else she ever tried. Ten years ago, she lost more 100 lbs, and has kept it off! And she got her sexy back. Because of the programs she says that instead of standing she can jump, can play basketball, and can work out for an hour everyday.

Lindsey couldn't do 30 seconds of jumping jacks when she first started the program with the simple goal of getting fit. A year after starting P90X, she got married and felt like the most beautiful bride in the world. Lindsey said she felt amazing walking down the aisle over 100 lbs lighter. A year later, she has kept if off and has never felt better about herself. She shared that in high school she had to mail-order her prom dress to get a size big enough to fit her. A year ago, she walked into the bridal store and could try on any dress in the store and they all fit.

Tony Horton's 90-10 Diet Plan
Tony's diet consists of 90% vegetables, fruits and lean protein and only 10% of not-so-health foods. It's all about balance. He will eat healthy for dinner and have half a brownie for dessert for that 10%. Some days that varies and he may eat healthy 75% and not-so for 25% and the next day he's 100% healthy foods. Tony says it's all about accountability [and modification for where you are at].

10-Minute Workout Miracle
Tony says if the program doesn't fit the individual then it won't work. His programs have an extreme along with modifications every step of the way. The important part is to show up and to make appointments with yourself. Tony fills in his calendar with his fitness commitments before he schedules anything else. He says five days of exercise a week is a minimum for anyone who is serious about being fit.

Bloating and Water Retention: too many chips or something more?

Bloating and retaining water can be a sign of standing on your feet too long or eating too many salty foods the night before or, these could be signs of a life threatening disease.

If the pants get tight around the midsection and the ankles are swelling ask yourself if there something going on that is causing swelling. If the answer is no, then there could be something happening in the kidneys or the heart that is contributing to fluid accumulation throughout the body.

A subtle change like this could be the sign of a stroke in the kidney(s), or think of it as a heart attack on the kidney, that can cause scar tissue and tissue damage. A scarred or damaged kidney can no longer process urine into the bladder and that fluid has to go somewhere and result is swelling across the entire body.

The kidney is a filter, it filters all the blood, removes the water and toxins and sends it out of the body in the form of urine. Hypertension and diabetes act like putty on the kidneys, blocking those filtering holes, fluid accumulates within the kidneys and force the fluid to other parts of the body. E

Pit Test for Kidney and Heart Health
Push down hard on your ankle area. Ideally, the skin will bounce back immediately. If not and a pit remains, this could be an indication of kidney failure or even a heart attack.

Maintaining healthy blood sugar and healthy blood pressure are keys to kidney health. Dr. Oz recommends taking hawthorn caps,100 mg three times per day, to support blood pressure and ground cinnamon, 1 teaspoon per day, to support blood sugar.

Simple One-Minute Health Tests
Game: Press Your Health Luck

Candle Test for Asthma
Hold a lit candle 16 inches away from the face and try to blow out the candle. If you can't blow out the candle there could be a concern over lung health and now would be a good time to talk to a doctor.

Skin Pinch Test for Dehydration
Pinch the skin on the back of the hand then let go. The skin should immediately go back down to flat. When skin remains in that pinch formation, the body is dehydrated. Dr. Oz says to get water from foods and to be aware of caffeine intake that can rob the body of water.

[Every cell in the body requires H2O to function. Many experts agree that we should be drinking at least half our body weight in ounces every day for basic hydration. Keep in mind that number can go up based on activity level, temperature and environment. A person who exercises regularly and is sweating needs to add to that base level. Living in a dry climate will require the population to drink more than in a humid climate. Stress and caffeine intake can also contribute to water loss and, ladies, keep your hormones in mind. Hot flashes cause the body to sweat and that's another factor to consider in hydration.]

Eye Bump Test for Allergies
Pull down the bottom eye lid, and check the texture. Bumps on the bottom lid is an indication of allergens. Dr. Oz recommends to wash you pillow case weekly to help cut down on allergens.

Fast Food Without Guilt
Todd Wilbur, author of book series Top Secret Recipes, has made a career from cloning foods. He says he has a good palette and skill for copying foods from restaurant menus that have lower calories and lower fat than the original. [He has written many, many, many books with recipes from all manner of food categories. I've tried his onion ring recipe and, while ridiculously messy, it was pretty good.

Today, Todd is helping a viewer reduce their fast food intake by showing her how to make a Big Mac® clone at home – 2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun – his version is called Top Secret Burger with Special Sauce. [A little more trademark friendly. Yes, the 1970's era commercial is on YouTube, sure to induce instant flashbacks and clogging of blood vessel superhighways around the world.]

Using a low calorie bun, low-fat mayonnaise, low-fat french dressing, and lean meat Todd's multi-layer burger creation came in with 380 calories, versus the original burger at 540 and the fat content was reduced from 29g to 12g in the clone.

[If you're in love the taste of a fast food burger or any food from your favorite restaurant, chances are that Todd has a close that will help reduce the amount of wiggle necessary to zip those pants!

The books are quite interesting. When eating out, I'm often disappointed in the food and then I'm really disappointed by the cost. I love to cook and find many restaurant meals not able to meet my taste preferences for a variety of reasons. Since I so frequently think I can make something better at home, that's what I do 99% of the time and the series of Top Secret Recipes books are a great way to mimic that restaurant feeling and still be happy with the results.]

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