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Friday, November 4, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 11/4/11: Oz-Approved Products: Alternative Health Treatments, Cheat Foods, Home Remedies, Weight Loss Superfood, Beauty Products

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: November 4, 2011
Oz-Approved: Health, Diet and Beauty Essentials

  • Which alternative health treatments does Dr. Oz believe work?
  • Dr. Oz recommended cheat foods
  • Home remedies Dr. Oz approves
  • The newest weight loss superfood
  • Address beauty concerns

For the first time ever, Dr. Oz has given his personal seal of approval to specific products and specific treatments. Every product on this show, Dr. Oz has used himself and has found benefit. These are the supplements, therapies, treatments and lifestyle choices that Dr. Oz is passionate enough about that he is eager to put on his seal of approval.

Oz-Approved Alternative Health Treatments
Which alternative health treatments really work?

Back Pain Relief - Moxibustion
Most viewers have experienced back pain at some point. After the cold, back pain is the second most common reason why people visit their doctors. Moxibustion is a form of Chinese acupuncture utilizing the traditional needles along with an herb and heat.

The audience member who volunteered to try the procedure on stage has experienced back pain for almost three year. She has tried shots and pain medications and nothing has provided her relief. Simple movements and activities such as walking, driving and sitting causes pain. The pain will keep her awake most nights.

Two needles were inserted into her lower back then a small cup with a hole on top was placed over the needle to rest on the back. Onto the needle, the practitioner lit the moxi – mugwort herb – and pierced it through the needle. The heat provides warmth to the muscle supporting relaxation and herb infuses into the muscle providing an analgesic pain-relieving effect.

Each treatment can range in price from $60 to $200, depending on the practitioner. Acupuncture works through a cumulative effect, 5-8 sessions is recommended for this treatment.

Dr. Oz said that conventional medicine throws medications at an issue without providing healing, often focusing more on symptoms and less on solutions. Dr. Oz had one needle placed in his forearm and he said he didn't even feel the needle going into the skin. Between the scent of the herb and the warmth he described the experience as soothing.

Stress Relief - Rhodiola Rosea
It is a universal concern, no one is immune to stress. Overcoming stress is one key to reversing the effects of aging. The herb rhodiola rosea is grown in remote and extremely rugged, cold climates. Historically it has been used to increase vitality in these climates.

Juggling deadlines, family-work life, bills, relationships...they all leave us feeling overwhelmed, drained and unable to cope with the compounding situations.

Being under stress causes the body to ramp up production of the hormone cortisol – the stress hormone. Cortisol [triggers the body to store more fat particularly in the mid-section and] decreases our ability to adapt to stressful situations or thoughts.

Western medicine philosophy routinely omits the effects of hormones on the body when dealing with stress-triggered conditions. Rhodiola is called an adaptogen because of it's ability to support the body through stressful circumstances. [Rhodiola Balancing cortisol levels and supporting the adrenal glands.]

Rhodiola comes in capsules and and chips of the herb. Dr. Oz recommends putting a few chips into a bottle of vodka, let steep for 24 hours, then take what he calls his daily stress shot. The flavor was described as tangy on top of the vodka.

Immune Support - Himalayan Salt Inhaler
Himalayan salt sold in stores today are from 200 year old crystallized salt formations found in the Himalayan region. Dr. Oz calls Himalayan salt one of the purest substance on the planet.

Inhaling this salt in particular can support the body in avoiding infections and reducing the irritations that can lead to infections. During flu season, he calls the process of inhaling the sale invaluable as it helps the natural immune barrier – mucus.

Using an inhaler, typically ceramic, inhale the salt through the mouth and exhale through nose. [This particular company recommends using the inhaler for 15-20 minutes per day.] The salt loosens mucus and allows it to flow out of the body.

Sleep – Light Therapy
Sleep is the most important factor in feeling and looking young. Sleep is fundamental. Lighting can support the body's natural sleep-wake rythms. Blue light mimics daylight and can reset the internal clock, regulating sleep. Orange light stimulates melatonin production and is the only color that has no blue light. Put an orange bulb in your bedside lamp and use this as the main light for 90 min before bed. The amount of light is bright enough to read by.

[Combine reading for an hour and a half in relaxing light would be just the right tuck in I need for a good night's sleep. Does the orange work on puppies too?]

Blue light on television and computer screens keeps you awake. There are orange screen covers to use at night that does not impede vision.

In the morning, utilize that blue light with a special blue light lamp for 15 minutes and Dr. Oz says you'll feel alert. [I've searched and searched for a blue light lamp that Dr. Oz showed on the show to no avail. I'll keep looking.]

Oz-Approved Cheat Foods
Going through your weight loss adventure, are you worried that you will be missing out on favorite foods?

If you're craving chocolate, Dr. Oz recommends a Fiber One 90-Calorie Brownie which contains 5g of fiber. The flavonoids in the dark chocolate supports healthy blood pressure and helps you feel full.
The viewer taste-tester said it tastes alright but would be better with ice cream!

If whole wheat pasta tastes like cardboard then try DeBoles brand artichoke flour pasta. Jerusalem artichokes aren't true artichokes but flowers and the flour comes from the tuber of the plant. DeBoles line of Jerusalem artichoke flour pastas contains inulin [a pre-biotic that provides food for the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract] that supports digestion and modulates blood pressure. Higher in protein than most commercially available pastas, DeBoles Jerusalem artichoke pasta doesn't produce that carbohydrate rush.

Garden of Eatin' Blue Corn Chips contain zinc and no added salt [depending on which bag you get] along with Wholly Guacamole's Double Dip, which is guacamole and spicy pico salsa. Dr. Oz says the dip has only 35 calories for a 2 tablespoon serving. The tomato and spices support an increased metabolism.

[Check out the coupons on both websites!!!]

Need a sweet treat? Try these cookie calories containing some nutrients to help offset those calories. Packed with fiber and raisins, Dr. Oz says they are flavorful and satisfying. He recommends eating one a day for a sweet treat that won't wreck your diet or your weight loss adventure.

Oz-Approved Home Remedies

In the Oz household, they reach for zinc before pharmaceuticals. His entire family uses home remedies. Dr. Oz's mother-in-law inspired their love of home remedies. Even though she refuses to appear on the show he still loves her and her home remedies.

Stress Remedy – Bach's Rescue Remedy
If you experience stress and anxiety then Dr. Oz recommends using Bach's Rescue Remedy. Bach flower products have been around since the 1930's.

[At the health food store I've had the pleasure of attending several Bach trainings over the years. They are a remarkable company and an even more remarkable product. Flowers are steeped in water to release oils and it's the oils that are used singularly or in combination with other flowers to support a person's current emotional imbalance to better support overall health.

The company has a questionnaire to help identify the emotional imbalance(s) and lead to a combination of flowers that can be mixed for a individualized remedy.

Rescue Remedy is a line of products with five flower essences are beneficial during
traumatic situations, such as, stress, emergencies, after getting bad news, before an exam or job interview and all other kind of situations where we suddenly lose balance mentally. The Remedies quickly get us back in our normal balance so that we calmly can deal with any situation.”
Rescue Remedy comes in drops, spray, sleep formula and topical.

It's fabulous and can work wonders. I keep drops and the spray in the house at all times. I even use it in my dog's water.]

Burn Remedy – Lavender Oil
Dr. Oz's daughter Arabellea used lavender on a burn that was concerning and to Dr. Oz's surprise, the burn healed quickly. Lavender oil helps to slow inflammation and aids in healing.

[I love the Now Brand of essential oils. Now creates 50% of the world's supply of lavender essential oil. They know what they're doing. Their line of essential oils includes several sizes of the most popular scents and have several organic choices as well.

Bruise Remedy – Arnica Gel
Zoe, one of Dr. Oz's daughters, uses arnica gel after a day on the soccer field. Dr. Oz says that rubbing on the gel also helps to remove toxins.

[I love, love, love arnica for all manner of aches, pains, bruising, swelling and so on. It is available in straight oil, gel, cream, and internal. The topical and internal can be used at the same time to provide additional healing relief.

Sore Muscle Remedy – Epsom Salt Bath
Oliver, Dr. Oz's son, takes Epsom salt baths after a day on the football field. Epsom salts contain magnesium that relaxes and calms muscles.

[Epsom salts are inexpensive and one of the easiest and supportive methods to support muscle relaxation. Keep a bag/box on hand and use when ever you need a calming bath.]

Headache Remedy – Peppermint Oil
Daphne Oz, another daughter of Dr. Oz, recommends rubbing peppermint oil on the temples for 15 to 30 minutes a day. The oil provides inflammation modulation support.

[Again, Now is my go-to company for essential oils. For peppermint oil there are several sizes and an organic option.]

Upset Stomach Remedy – Aloe Vera Juice
Lisa Oz, Dr. Oz's wife, recommends using aloe vera juice to support a long list of stomach discomforts and digestive issues. Dr. Oz says that aloe juice helps with stomach motility.

[The bottle of juice Dr. Oz had on the stage looked more like pineapple juice. Most aloe vera juice looks and tastes like water. He may have been using a flavored product or added it to another juice. Because aloe juice doesn't have any taste it ca be taken alone or added to any juice. Start out slow when using aloe as it does support the flow of material out of the bowels.]

Oz-Approved Superfoods for Weightloss

Wheat Germ
If you are going on weight loss program, you want to be in a good mood. Wheat germ is high B-vitamins and high fiber which balances out cravings. Wheat germ flakes about $0.30 a serving [at my old store we sold a huge bag for about $0.55 making a serving just pennies.] Wheat germ is easy to add to the diet and it plays an important role in weight loss. The fiber in wheat germ will bind to cholesterol as you are losing weight and support the body in removing the cholesterol.

For breakfast add 2 tablespoons to yogurt or add 2 tablespoons to cereal or make a Wheat Germ Smoothie. Use all your favorite smoothie ingredients - yogurt, frozen berries and milk – and add some wheat germ into the blender. The wheat germ will mix into the smoothie and you probably won't even taste it.

For lunch try the Wheat Germ Salad Dressing on your salad. This dressing includes apple cider vinegar, spices, wheat germ oil along with wheat germ flakes.

An afternoon or evening snack of Wheat Germ Popcorn with 2 tablespoons of wheat germ along with a little butter or oil to help the wheat germ stick.

Dinner can be full of healthy fiber with Wheat Germ Salmon. Use wheat germ flakes to coat the salmon, instead of bread crumbs, and pan cook the fish to golden brown. [That sounds seriously good. Add spices and let the yum overcome!]

Oz-Approved Solutions for Beauty Concerns

For some people, no matter how much they exercise the skin on the thighs just hangs there. This topical cream contains papaya, collagen boosting boost. Dr. Oz recommends using this formula twice a day.

Jiggle Arms – Dolphin Yoga Pose
Do your arms continue waving long after the hand has stopped? Dr. Oz says if you do nothing else, you should do some yoga. Also known as dolphin plank pose, this pose works many muscles and does a great job of focusing on the triceps.

A family trait: baggy eyes. Dr. Oz uses Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye Tightener every day to help reduce the appearance of his inherited baggy eyes.

Dr. Oz showed a picture of his eye before and again five minutes after applying FirmX and there was a distinct tightening of the bags under his eyes. He showed another picture of both eyes, one eye after FirmX and one eye without FirmX and again, there was a clear and definite improvement in Dr. Oz's appearance in the FirmX eye.

FirmX smooths wrinkles by pulling in moisture and tightening the skin. Dr. Oz says it is remarkably effective and he won't go on TV without it.

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  1. Where can you purchase Peter Thomas Roth product?

  2. Hi Sandy,

    If you get the product and try it, I would love to hear (and see photos of) how it worked for you! Good luck!

    You can purcahase the Peter Thomas Roth FirmX through the company's website. It sells for $38.

    The website Sephora sells it for the same price. They sell a variety of other brands too.

    It may be available at Macy's stores. Their website shows the product but says unavailable.

    Ulta sells it online for ten dollars more, $48. It may be availabe in their stores and they often have coupons and discounts.

  3. I've been to the website for the Peter Thomas Roth FirmX. I too have inherited the eye bags and was most interested in the product since I've purchased almost everything on the planet for this. However, I do not find the product as being $38.00 but $68.00...... did I miss something?

  4. Clicking on the link I posted on the blog, and provided here as well, the Peter Thomas Roth site shows the 1oz size for $38.00. I just clicked it into a shopping cart and the cost came up as $38.00. Perhaps $68.00 is the price for another size? Can you post the link to where you were looking?

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