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Friday, November 18, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 11/18/11: 400th Episode, Biggest Weight Loss Success Stories, Double Make-Over, Low-Salt to Lower Blood Pressure

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: November 18, 2011
400th Episode! Biggest Weight Loss Success Stories

  • Biggest Weight Loss Success Stories
  • Tips from Dr. Oz success stories
  • Double make-over for a mother-daughter weight loss team
  • Food make over for better blood pressure

Over the course of 399 shows, Dr. Oz has given viewers information, support and the tools to make lasting changes in their lives. On this the 400th episode Dr. Oz has invited some of greatest weight loss success stories inspired by The Dr. Oz Show. Today, these men and women share their stories and their secret to losing the weight and keeping it off.

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From day one, The Dr. Oz Show has been focused on giving people the inspiration and the tools to find and follow their dreams. At the start, Dr. Oz keyed in the alarming, rising obesity trend in America and presented his viewers with challenges that they have met and exceeded time and time again. From cutting out soda to losing just 10 pounds to making healthier choices, American's have listened and made amazing changes.

Dr. Oz Weight Loss Success Stories

Jenny's Weight Loss Success Story
A fan since day one, Jenny has lost 300 pounds in the past three years. At age 54, she weighed 449 pound and was a nurse who could no longer leave the house. Her doctors kept telling her should needed gastric bi-pass surgery because there was no way she could do it on her own. She didn't believe them and started watching The Dr. Oz Show. Inspiration filled her and she started following his eating recommendations and began to exercise.

As a severe diabetic, Jenny ended up losing all but 5 of her teeth. Dr. Oz was so proud of her weight loss accomplishment that he sent her to his dentist and gave her a new set of teeth.

Jenny says that since losing the weight she has energy she didn't have as a teenager. She feels as happy on the inside as she is on the outside. To others looking to lose weight she says to pick something you like and stick to it and you need support. She joined Weight Watchers and having people like Dr. Oz telling her that she could do it, she did it.

Jenny's Secret To Weight Loss
Exercise everyday even when you don't feel like it. Jenny exercised everyday, even when she couldn't walk. Jenny was home bound and hadn't moved in a long time. Her muscles weren't used to motion. Her daughter bought a little pedal apparatus she started with it on the table and for two minutes would work on her arms. Those two minutes left her tired an winded. Later in the day, the apparatus was moved over to the chair that she lived in and slept in she would do a few minutes on the pedal with her legs.

Katie's Weight Loss Success Story
Over weight most of her life, no diet had worked for Katie. At her heaviest, she weighed in at 253 pounds. Watching The Dr. Oz Show, what she heard about healthy eating and weight loss clicked for the first time. On one show, Dr. Oz talked about sugar acting as glass in the arteries. She finally understood how to began to eat and begin to exercise.

Dr Oz visited her home town to talk about the connection between weight and heart health. Katie took a picture with Dr. Oz when he spoke in her town at the beginning of her weight loss journey and she vowed to get another picture with him when she accomplished her weight loss goal.

Katie is now 125 pounds thinner and everything in her life has changed. Most important, is she feels she's a better mom to her two boys. She said she feels feminine, feels like a girl. The hardest part for Katie was being in social situations, at party or on vacation, but she stuck to her meal plan even bringing food to parties so she would stay on track.

Katie's Secret To Weight Loss
Become visible. Katie used to hide from cameras. She decided that she wanted to see a physical change in herself along the journey and took a picture of herself every 10 pounds. Today she took another picture with Dr. Oz.

Marjorie and Kaitlyn's Weight Loss Success Story
Kaitlyn and her mother Marjorie have lost a total of 160 pounds. Kaitlyn never thought the weight loss would never happen. Eighteen months ago, Kaitlyn gave birth to her son and decided she needed to make a change for herself and for her son. Marjorie was inspired by Kaitlyn. They lost the weight together, as a team. Dr. Oz says that's what love is about, pushing people that you care for.

As a reward for their hard work and effort to lose so much weight, Dr. Oz gave both ladies a dream make-over during the show.

Nancy's Weight Loss Success Story
She was always the chubby girl. At age 28 Nancy weighed 367 pounds and it got in the way of having a baby. Her doctor said pregnancy would kill her. Nancy started watching The Dr. Oz Show and living what he discussed.

By watching The Dr. Oz Show she gained the tools, inspiration, and knowledge to change her life. Before she lost the weight, her sister had a baby. Nancy held her perfect little nephew and felt so much love for him that she had never felt before and she decided to change her life so she could have a baby of her own. On one show, she heard Dr. Oz talk about following five rules for weight loss and she thought five rules was doable.

Nancy lost over 200 pounds and has been on The Dr. Oz Show before to tell her story. On a previous appearance, Nancy introduced Dr. Oz to her son. She is his favorite guest.

[Nancy shares her experience with other and also blogs for Her most recent post features a guilt-free pumpkin ice cream recipe.]

Nancy's Secret To Weight Loss
Don't give up on the foods you love. Nancy had to find an ice cream she could eat. Before she would eat a gallon at a sitting and that wouldn't get her to her goal weight. She found Arctic Zero ice cream with only 150 calories for the pint and 37 calories per serving. Arctic Zero has added protein and fiber with no artificial flavors.

Paula's Weight Loss Success Story
Paula has been married 15 years. After her wedding she gained weight. She and her husband wanted a baby but had problems conceiving, for eight years. Everyone around her was having babies and it was heartbreaking to see. Paula saw Nancy's story and her baby on The Dr. Oz. Nancy's story gave her hope and inspired her to make changes to lose the weight. Today, Paula announced that she is 4 ½ months pregnant!

Nancy said she has prayed for a purpose in life and her heart is full knowing that her story, her experience has helped Paula make a miracle happen.

Surprise for Dr. Oz
As a surprise, Nancy brought on stage four women and their babies. Nancy shared that each of the women had followed Dr. Oz's recommendations to lose weight and because of their weight loss they were each able to conceive and give birth to their miracle babies. Dr. Oz say that to bring life into the world because you've figure it out is life changing at every level.

Rocco's Weight Loss Success Story
One of Dr. Oz's favorite guest and one that he asked about all over the country, Rocco has come a long way since his first appearance on The Dr. Oz Show. Rocco could eat a pound of bacon, was a self-declared meat-and-potatoes man, and at age 53 he was wondering how long he was going to make it.

On his first appearance, Rocco weighed 265 pounds. His arteries were filled with plaque and Dr. Oz said he had the heart of an 85 year old. After following a 28-day weight loss program, including no meat, he lost down 30 pounds.

When they first met, Dr. Oz said he was worried about Rocco and when the doctor is worried then the patient should be worried. Today, Rocco's heart has done a total reversal, his diabetes is gone, his cholesterol is down.

Rocco's Rules to Weight Loss
Go nuts! Eat a handful of nuts 45 minutes before eating. Chose from walnuts, pistachios, and almonds.

The Palm Plan. The size of your palm is the size of your portion. Rocco eats five palm sized portions of food a day and does not eat after 5:30pm [does he go to sleep early? I wouldn't eat my pillow by the time 10:30pm came around!]

Healthy Meat. Rocco still eats his beloved meat but he makes healthier choices. Leaner cuts of meat and more organic choices help him maintain his weight goals.

Belt sizing. If you're looking for more holes in your belt then you know you've done well. Rocco doesn't have a scale in his house instead his belt lets him know. Going the other way, making the belt bigger, he knows he has to get back on the plan.

Another Surprise for Dr. Oz
Rocco gave Dr. Oz the Silver Spur Award for everything that Dr. Oz does for his viewers. Dr. Oz said it's an honor to hear Rocco's stories and the stories of everyone else.

[ has posted recipes from Rocco's previous visit to The Dr. Oz Show:
Cowboy Caviar – with peas, corn, tomatoes and spices.
Rocco's Ranch Pasta – spinach pesto sauce on wheat-free artichoke pasta
Vegan Chili – filled with beans, vegetables and spices.]

Kaitlyn and Marjorie's Make-Over
Ted Gibson from TLC's What Not To Wear [my favorite show!!!] and Lori Bergamotto with Lucky Magazine and a team of stylists worked at sonic speed to complete two make-over's during the course of the show.

Marjorie before was in jeans and a shapeless long shirt that dated her. She walked on the stage looking, easily, 10 years younger. Her hair color was livened up, a slight bit lighter brown with red tones, and a hair cut with movement and style give the perfect backdrop to her lovely blue dress. Ms. Bergamotto's tip: wear Shape Ware underneath.

Kaitlyn walked out looking curvacious and, again, younger! Her hair was darkened a bit and Ted gave her bangin' bangs. Her plum dress showed off her tiny waist, her best feature, creating a pin-up curvy silhouette. Ms. Bergamotto's tip is to accentuate the smallest part of your frame.

Food Make-Over to Lower Blood Pressure
Chef Andy has also previously graced The Dr. Oz Show stage. He used to eat 600 teaspoons of salt a month. Chef Andy loves salt! Salt completes me, he says.

Before his blood pressure was 160 over 110. He went salt-free to set a better example for his kids and brought his blood pressure down to 124 over 84.

Since they spoke last, Chef Andy has not had salt for two years. He said the journey was extremely hard, he has to read labels all the time even on packaged fresh meat that can be pumped with a salt brine.

The American Culinary Federation called upon Chef Andy and 49 other chefs to team with the White House to work with children and school staff across the country to change how lunch is being served.

Chef Andy shared his salt-free meal make-over to lower blood pressure. His Mardi Gras Cajun Rub is full of flavorful spices that liven up food without salt.

[ has posted another Chef Andy recipe: Sweet & Sassy Marinade.]

Chef Andy has taken what he has learned in the last two years to schools where he teams nutrition, healthy eating, low salt and activity. He works with the school kids to create a garden and bring health food and a healthy lifestyle to their classrooms.

Dr. Oz worked with Lowe's to provide Chef Andy a suite of Kitchenaid™ appliances that he can use as teaching tools in his classroom presentations. And a $10,000 Lowe's gift card to get the supplies he needs to build more gardens in more schools!!


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