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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Anti-Aging Quiz 11/12/11

For the week of October 31 – November 4, 2011, according to Dr. Oz, what is the most important factor to feeling and looking younger?

A. Exercise
B. Reducing stress
C. Sleep
D. Eating more greens

The answer is C. Sleep

Your Answers:
A. Exercise - 36%
B. Reducing stress - 12%
C. Sleep - 44%
D. Eating more greens - 8%

On the November 4, 2011 episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Oz-Approved Products, Dr. Oz discussed his favorite alternative health therapies. Under the section of sleep, Dr. Oz said he believes that sleep is the most important factor in feeling and looking young. He even called sleep fundamental.

While sleep is an incredibly important factor in nearly all biological processes, all the choices in this week's multiple choice quiz support health and can help you look and feel younger.

Tony Horton appeared on The Dr. Oz Show this past week sharing P90X success stories. Tony is all about getting people up and moving toward their health and fitness goals with the emphasis on starting. His workouts are hard, I say they are hard, hard, hard. But you don't have to be an expert to start. In fact that's one of his three rules to weight loss. Rule #3 – Don't Be A Perfectionist, Just Start.

Read the other two rules here.

If you can walk a block today then next week you can try two blocks. Or if you can do 4 push-ups today, then tomorrow you can do 5. It's a beautiful system and all it requires is one of Tony's favorite things: Just Show Up. Make the commitment to yourself and begin.

Exercise supports the cardiovascular system and gets that blood flowing. Oxygen flow to the skin and the brain will provide that fresh glow to the cheeks and give a boost to mental power. Respiratory function can increase with even mild to moderate exercise. Building muscles supports an increase in metabolism which effects digestion which effects the immune system.

Exercise is a release of energy and can support stress reduction – another choice in this week's quiz.

And don't you just feel incredible when you complete a workout? The energy, the satisfaction, it's an incredible feeling.

Reducing Stress
On the same Oz-Approved Products episode this week, Dr. Oz recommended the herb rhodiola rosea to support the body with stress. He explained that during times of stress the body increases production of the hormone cortisol. High cortisol levels are linked with weight gain when the body goes into fright-or-flight mode and stores more fat as a response. High cortisol levels are also associated with a decrease in collagen in the body. Collagen are the fibers within our skin that provide elasticity and, in the case of cellulite, provide a framework to hold everything in place. Reduced collagen can be a contributing factor in the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Sleep can be such a challenge in our modern, technologically advanced world where everyone is rushing from place to place. We are over scheduled, our children are over scheduled, there's house work and meals to make, bills to pay. Oh wait these are all stressors! Stress and lack of sleep are, of course, connected. Too much too do, pulled in many directions, a myriad of responsibilities

Too much stress means too little sleep for many. Too little sleep means everything is stressful and we look and feel like crap.

Sleep is the time when the body repairs and restores. Without a normal sleep cycle these restoration processes are shortened or skipped.

On the super popular episode, Oz-Approved Products, Dr. Oz recommends using an orange light at night 90 minutes before bed to stimulate the brain and the hormones to create melatonin and shift from juggling to relaxation. Regular old light bulbs, computer screens and television screens all emit blue light that mimics daytime and can keep the brain going in daytime energy mode.

The bulbs can be purchased at most any store that sells light bulbs. I'm having a hard time finding an orange screen accessory for the computer online...

Eating More Greens
Proper nutrition is another fundamental component to health over-all and sleep in particular. Looking at it the other way, unhealthy food choices that may be high in fat, carbohydrates, sugar can lead to digestive issues, improper nutrient intake, sugar imbalance, and general ill-health all which can decrease the chances of consistent sleep.


  1. These are some of the basic rules any person should follow in order to stay healthy.

    The first person that told me to eat healthier, drink lots of water and also sleep at least 7 hours was my doctor from Skin Vitality. I went there for an anti-aging treatment, but he told me I'm too young to have such treatments and that I should follow these rules.
    I was surprised that a doctor told me this but he proved to be a real professional and that's why I admire him.

  2. Julia, you are absolutly right. A healthy diet, proper hydration and sleep really are the basics not only to look young but also to feel young and to support overall health. Sounds like you found a great supportive resource in the providers at Skin Vitality.