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Friday, February 24, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 2/24/12: At-Home Fake Face Lift Under $20, Memory Boosters, Unhealthy Areas in Grocery Store, Healthier Comfort Food, Todd Wilbur Cinnamon Roll Redo, Dr. Oz Kitchen Secrets

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: February 24, 2012
Dr. Oz Secrets to Cheat Your Age - How to Drop a Decade

  • Mimic a face lift at home with products under $20
  • Take 10 years off your brain and support memory
  • The unhealthiest areas of the grocery store
  • Low calorie comfort food
  • Todd Wilbur Re-Imagines the Cinnabon® Cinnamon Roll
  • Dr. Oz shares three kitchen secrets

It starts with fine lines and wrinkles, then it's followed by bags and sags. Your age is etched in your face and not every one is happy with the way they are aging. Cosmetic surgery is one option – an expensive one at that. Dr. Oz asked three of the nations top plastic surgeons to find products at the drug store that can mimic the effects of plastic surgery at home. Read on to learn what the top docs found.


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Dr. Oz: Fake a Face Lift at Home for Under 20

Dr. Oz's sent three of America's top plastic surgeons on a mission – to the drug store.

Their goal: find skin care products that can help women look 10 years younger using at-home treatments without spending a lot of money.

Their budget: $20.

These doctors are at the top of their field in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Oz calls them the Dream Team of plastic surgeons.

Dr. Oz: Fake Face Lift Under $20

Dr Stuart Linder, MD, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA specializes in face lift surgery to firm up the loose skin beneath the chin [those jowls we love!]

Dr. Oz showed an animation of the neck and chin area and how it sags as we age. Losing elasticity in the skin around our jaw lines and the chin makes for the perfect place for the body to deposit fat.

Cost: $15.99

Dr. Linder says this product could take away his business. He explains that L'Oreal's Revitalift®
can work in less than 2 minutes to tighten the skin and reduce visible wrinkles. Revitalift® also helps to promote the production of elastin and collagen.

Dr. Linder shared that a face-lift can cost from $10,000 – $20,000. Dr. Oz said it's the first time he has been able to offer viewers a $10,000 savings.

Dr. Oz: Fake Chemical Peel Under $20
With his practice centered in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Linder regularly preforms chemical peels on his patients to reduce the appearance of sun damage on the skin on the face. Dr. Linder found a product that can mimic a doctor's office chemical at home, on the cheap.

Cost: $19.99

Dr. Linder explains that the Brazilian Peel™ product is the first medical strengthen peel that consumers can purchase and use at home. Brazilian Peel™, says Dr. Linder, can tighten the skin and reduce pigmentation and the appearance of sun damage. He says it's an amazing product.

Dr. Oz: Fake Lip Plumper Under $20
Dr. Anthony Youn, plastic surgeon practicing in Michigan [and author of the memoir In Stitches] is a facial fill specialist. His goal is to make lips plumper and to smooth out wrinkles. Dr. Youn admits his specialty procedures are painful and expensive.

Cost: $19.00

Dr. Youn explained that Lip Injection contains capsicum from pepper which creates inflammation in the lips to temporarily plump up the lips. [According to the company's website, it also contains parabens and artificial coloring, among other less desirable ingredients.]

Dr. Oz tried Lip Injection on his lips and said he felt tingling and stinging. That's the pepper causing inflammation.

Too Faced Cosmetics

Dr. Oz: Fake Wrinkle Filler Under $20
Dr. Youn found an inexpensive product that can support smoothing of the skin to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles.

Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids are the key ingredient in Earth Science's Night Rejuvenator. Dr. Youn says that you can apply this at night and wake up with softer, smoother skin and fewer fine wrinkles.

Dr. Oz: Fake Eye Lift Under $20
Dr. Shirley Madhere, MD, plastic surgeon is an eye smoother specialist practicing in New York. Dr. Madhere explains that the first signs of aging happen around the eye area. Women look to surgery to lift skin around the eye area to reduce the appearance of aging.


Dr. Madhere explains that Sudden Change tightens skin under the eye to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. Sudden Change can be mixed with foundation or applied first then followed by make-up.

Dr. Oz: Fake Eye Lash Enhancer
As we age, not only is the skin effected we can lose lashes and they become thing and sparse.
[The cost was to be under $20 and maybe she found this on sale but online the product ranges from $25 to $40.]

Lipocils contain nettle and horse chestnut extracts to support the strength of eye lashes.

[Contains ammonia and four different parabens. The Eyelash Growth Center says that Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel can support the strength of existing lashes but does not promote lash growth. ]

Dr. Oz: Secret to Make Your Brain 10 years Younger

At around age 30 the brain starts going down hill. What can be done? Dr. Oz shares four techniques that can support the health of the brain and may just help keep your memory young.

Consuming too many calories, explained Dr. Oz, can cause memory loss can age your brain up to 16 years. He also says that body shape can be predictive of an aging brain.

Dr Oz – Body Shape: Pear shape vs. Apple shape
Dr. Oz says that gaining too much weight is a problem but it's worse if you gain weight in the bottom half of the body, particularly the thighs. The best reason for losing weight, says Dr. Oz, is to prevent dementia.

Dr. Oz Secret to A Young Brain #1 - Soy Isoflavones
Soy isoflavones have a mild estrogen-like activity that can help prevent the storage of fat in the thighs. Dr. Oz recommends taking soy isoflavones in pill form at 50mg per day or drink ½ cup of miso soup.

Dr. Oz Secret to A Young Brain #2 - Sweeten up Your Coffee
This secret was news to Dr. Oz. He explains that recent research shows that coffee with sugar can make you more alert and increase attention span over coffee alone. Dr. Oz recommends sweetening your coffee with 1 teaspoon of raw sugar. Don't worry, you won't be adding many calories. One teaspoon of sugar is only 15 calories and therefore, says Dr. Oz is a better choice over adding artificial sweeteners to your coffee. In fact, Dr. Oz says not to waste your time with artificial sweeteners. Go for the raw sugar to stimulate the brain the way the brain wants to be stimulated.

Dr. Oz Secret to A Young Brain #3 - Smart Supplement
Dr. Oz explained that sage oil protects the neurotransmitters of the brain. He calls neurotransmitters the email of the brain. Sage oil has been around and used for centuries and it has always, says Dr. Oz, been touted to support the memory and now there is proof. Watch out, it tastes bitter.

Dr. Oz recommends taking 60 drops if using liquid – that's the amounts studied – or 333mg in pill form. He says this product is best for those who feel they already have memory issues.

[Caution with sage oil. Sage oil can effect the milk supply of pregnant or nursing women. Sage is not recommend for nursing or pregnant women.]
Dr. Oz Secret to A Young Brain #4 - Add Celery Crunch to Lunch
The best part is the celery is the heart, the small stalks in the middle. Dr. Oz says to pull off outer ribs and give the inner heart stalks to the person in the family who needs the most help for memory.

Dr. Oz: Secrets Supermarkets Don't Want You To Know

What are supermarkets hiding from you?

These are the worst offenders, but there are more:
  • 20 people touch the fruit before you buy it
  • Carts could be contaminated with fecal bacteria
  • The use by date is about taste not spoilage

Peter DeLucia, Assistant Commissioner from the Bureau of Public Health Protection, Westchester, NY, says there are hidden dangers lurking at the supermarket.

Dr. Oz Hidden Supermarket Danger #1: Milk
Milk at the front of an open case is at the wrong temperature. Open refrigerated cases do not hold temperatures at the front of the case. Regulations require refrigerated products to be at 41F. Milk at the back of an open were measure by Mr. DeLucia at 38F but the milk at the front was as high as 50F. The milk in the back at a colder temperature will last longer at home than the milk at the front of the case which will last only a few days.

Dr. Oz Hidden Supermarket Danger #2: Produce Misters
Misters that keep the produce watered can harbor bacteria. Mr. DeLucia collected water from misters and had it tested at an outside lab. Dr. Oz says the results were stunning.

The sample collected contained the bacteria pseudomonas aeruginosa. Dr. Oz explained that patients in the hospital who test positive go into isolation. This bacteria can lead to pneumonia, bone and joint infections, and septic shock.

Mr. DeLucia recommended to take a look at the misters at your store. If there is mold on the sprayers, that's a problem. He also wants consumers to know that some stores recycle the water in their mister system which can further compound contamination issues.

The solution to this problem, says Mr. DeLucia, is to wash your produce upon returning home. Use a bristle brush and wash produce under cool running water for at least 30 seconds then pat dry. He recommends storing produce a little dry so prevent bacteria growth.

Dr. Oz Hidden Supermarket Danger #3: Fish
You may not be getting the fish you think. Mr. DeLucia showed a package of lemon sole right next to a package of flounder. Lemon sole is an expensive fish whereas flounder is less expensive. Stores often mislabel flounder as a more expensive cut of figh.

Mr. DeLucia recommends talking to your market and ask where they purchase their fish. The ideal would be if the store purchased their fish from the Better Seafood Board which regulates truth in labeling of their products.

Dr. Oz Hidden Supermarket Danger #4: Checkout Conveyor Belt
The checkout conveyor belt may be the most dangerous part of a supermarket. Mr. DeLucia swabbed the conveyor belts at some stores and had the swabs tested. Bacteria that normally lives in the intestines showed up - enterococcus faecalis. This particular bacteria is resistant to antibiotics.

Mr. DeLucia said to remember the Three F's of what NOT to put on a conveyor belt:
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh veg
  • Fresh bread

[I believe he was talking about putting fruit and veggies directly on the conveyor belt. Putting produce in a plastic bag can provide a barrier between the fresh food and any bugs that may be lurking.]

Dr. Oz 5 Low-Fat Comfort Foods

Can you have your comfort food and stay healthy too? Pizza, Mac & Cheese, Lasagna all with ½ the calories and ½ the fat of traditionally made dishes.

Dr. Heidi Skolnik, nutritionist has found five comfort food options that can give that feeling of comfort without packing on the calories.

Dr. Oz shared that he has tried the foods and says he cannot tell the difference between the old time version and the redos.

Dr. Oz Low-Fat Comfort Food #1: Pizza
One serving is 1/3 of the pizza. Dr. Skolnik says you still get the satisfying flavor of cheese without all the calories. The whole grain crust ups the nutritional value of the pizza.

The numbers:
Traditional pizza has 16g of fat.
Kashi comes in 9g of fat.
Calories: 250
Add a side salad with fruit for dessert.

Dr. Oz Low-Fat Comfort Food #2: Mac & Cheese
To keep the calories down, Dr. Skolnik says to not use butter instead use yogurt and skin milk.

The numbers:
Traditional mac & cheese can pack 17g of fat.
Annie's mac & cheese comes in at 10g of fat.
Calories: 320.

Dr. Oz Low-Fat Comfort Food #3: Lasagna
The vegetarian lasagna could be a meal, with a salad and fruit, or it could be a snack before dinner.
The numbers:
Traditional lasagna packs 18g of fat.
Amy's cuts that by 2/3 with only 5g of fat.
Calories: 250.

[Click here to read the 2/17/12 Dr. Oz Snack Attack post where Dr. Oz recommends eating a snack of about 250 calories about 1-2 hours before dinner to reduce the overall amount of food consumed.]

Dr. Oz Low-Fat Comfort Food #4: Chicken Pot Pie
With a only a crust on top, and none on bottom, Blake's save some calories and fat without sacrificing flavor.

The numbers:
Traditional chicken pot pie tips the scales at 33g of fat.
Blake's comes in at 17g.
Calories: 340.

Dr. Oz Low-Fat Comfort Food #5: Mashed Potatoes
It's the mashing that drives the taste.

The numbers:
Traditional mashed potatoes have about 7g of fat. [Depends on who's making it and how much butter and cream is added.]
Ore-Ida has 0g fat.

Dr. Oz The Mother Of All Comfort Food Challenges: Cinnamon Rolls

Debuting his newest recipe here on The Dr. Oz Show, Todd Wilbur is back to clone a popular treat: Cinnabon® Cinnamon Rolls. Mr. Wilbur has made his career taking popular restaurant food and experimenting until he figures out a recipe that people can make at home. He calls himself a food hacker. Mr. Wilbur has put those recipes into a series of popular books, Top Secret Restaurant Recipes.

The big secret to the Cinnabon® Cinnamon Rolls is Makara (Indonesian Korintje) cinnamon. It has a carbohydrate that gives Cinnabon® rolls that special flavor. If you can't get the super special cinnamon, Mr. Wilbur says to use any cinnamon and it will still taste good.

The numbers:
Original Cinnabon® Cinnamon Rolls have 36g of fat and 880 calories.
Mr. Wilbur's redo has only 12g of fat and 450 calories per serving.

Bonus Tips! Dr. Oz's Three Secrets in the Kitchen

Dr. Oz's Kitchen Secrets #1: Vinegar and Water Spray
Mix equal parts vinegar and water to spray on fruits and vegetables. The acid removes bacteria, wax and pesticides from the produce.

Dr. Oz's Kitchen Secrets #2: Citrus Peels
Keep peels from citrus fruit and zest onto salads and risotto for a zesty flavor.

Dr. Oz's Kitchen Secrets #3: Broccoli
Don't throw away those broccoli stalks. The stalk contain 100% of a daily dose Vitamin C. Peel off the tough outer layer, steam or eat the stalk raw.

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  1. Brazilian Peel can't find it less than $78. :(
    My Whole Foods doesn't carry The Earth Science.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Anonymous. The Brazilian Peel you're finding is probably the 4-pack treatment. A single treatment runs under $20, but it's a single treatment.

    You can order the Earth Science product directly from Earth Science:

    If you don't want to order online, you'll have to pay shipping too, then ask your local store if they can order the product for you.

  3. Is L'oreal Paris Age Perfect (night) as good as Loreal Paris Rivitalift

    1. Thanks for your question unfortunately I can't answer that. The two products do sound quite similar. I suggest looking at the ingredients of each product and determine which one more closely targets your concerns. Also, trying each product can help you figure out which one feels best on your skin and provides the greatest support. Good luck!

  4. Dr. Stuart Linder said on your show that the brazilian peel was $19.99 and found at any drugstore. This is not true. When it takes you to the website, it's $118.00. I would like to know where I can find it for $19.99?

    1. Thanks for question. Other folks experienced the same frustration that you have about the cost of the Brazilian peel. When this show originally aired, the peel could be purchased as a single application for about $20 or as a 4-pack for over $100.

      Look for the single application if you want to keep the price down and try the product.

  5. I watch Dr.Oz everyday. One day I watched his slumber party at which he was talking about some gloves (silipogel)if wore overnight the hands look younger and said we can find it for $8/- online. I am yet to find this gloves fo 8 dollars anywhere in the world. They are not less that $40/ any suggestions pl?