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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 2/14/12: Awkward Questions, Bust Carb Cravings, Balanced Mood Naturally, Anti-Aging Secrets

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: February 14, 2012
That's Awkward: Shocking Questions You'd Never Ask Your Doctor

  • I can't believe I'm going to ask this...but they do ask and Dr. Oz answers
  • Are carbs ruining your diet? Bust carb cravings with these three foods
  • Mood: The diet killer. Balance your mood naturally and stay on your weight-loss track
  • Anti-aging secrets from around the world to help you look five years younger

Everywhere he goes, Dr. Oz is asked awkward health questions. Today, he brings those questions out of the dark and into to the open to answer those shocking questions you'd never asked your doctor. He's done a show on crazy questions but this show takes it a step further into the land of awkward!


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I've got an awkward question. It's embarrassing to ask. I can't believe I'm going to ask this. This is how the conversation begins. Dr. Oz has been asked it all everywhere he goes. Today, learn the answers to your most awkward questions and you may just find out that many others are wondering the same thing and we are all normal.

Dr As: That's Awkward!

Dr. Oz Awkward Question #1: How do you get rid of the smell of #2 after using someone else's bathroom?
Does a match really work? Or does just cover it up? The fragrance from #2 is the scent of sulfur from the bacteria in the poop. The match simply covers up the smell of #2 but does not get rid of it.

Dr. Oz recommends Just A Drop Bathroom Odor Eliminator,  he says he has used this product personally and it works. He explains that the product is a eucalyptus oil base that makes the smell of the poop go into the toilet water. [Their website says, “One drop before you go eliminates odors before they enter the air.” And they say they are environmentally friendly.]
Cost: $15.99

Dr. Oz Awkward Question #2: The more stressed she gets, the more body odor she has. What can I do about stress odor?
Dr. Oz says says when you get nervous, the body revs up hormones causing an odor different from basic body odor. Sweat glands in the arm pits create a different kind of hormone-based sweat that reacts with the bacteria already present from sweat.

Dr. Oz calls this product the trifecta solution to stress body odor: aluminum, olive leaf, and a form of coconut oil.

[That's right, aluminum. To stop the body from sweating, that's what an antiperspirant does, you have to apply aluminum. The metal. The ingredient that has been shown to be detrimental to health. Every body needs to sweat. Not sweating causes a build up of toxins which over time can result in health problems. Please, think twice before plugging up your sweat glands with minerals that are not meant to go on your pits!]

Dr. Oz Awkward Question #3: Is it safe to wax your butt crack?
Dr. Oz is shocked by how many women have asked this question. Yes, says Dr. Oz, it is safe to wax the crack but, you need to know how to do it right. Have a professional do it, he says. Make sure the professional doesn't any old wax strips but hard wax that is more gentle on the skin.

Dr. Oz Awkward Question #4: Is is OK to dye the hair down there?
You are not alone in asking this question. Most people will develop gray pubic hair at different rates but the reality is that it happens to everyone. To dye pubic hair, you have to do it right. Dr. Oz says you can use a hair dye product that includes organic ingredients and try a test patch of hair to see if it is compatible with your skin. Better yet, get a product specifically made for the hair down there.

Cost: $12.99
Also available in hot pink and blue!

Dr. Oz Awkward Sex Questions Asked and Answered

Sari Cooper, [licensed individual and couples psychotherapist and] sex therapist says doctors aren't trained in the area of sex education. They are trained on sexual medical problems but not on helping people with the mechanics.

Dr. Oz Awkward Question #5: After about 4 minutes of sex I'm done. How long is it supposed to take?
Ms. Cooper says the average time for intercourse is 3 – 7 minutes, 12 minutes maximum. There's a lot of anxiety around the amount of time it actually takes to have sex. People tend to expect it should take longer and that it will include fireworks!

Sex is like a menu, Ms. Cooper says. There are sides, soups, entrees, appetizers, buffet. Sometimes you may want a soup and salad and sometimes a multi-course meal is the ideal. Ms. Cooper says to have a signal between partners or to have open communication to let each other know what you're in the mood for and how long you want it to take.

Dr. Oz Awkward Question #6: Can I get pregnant while having sex during my period and is it safe?
Yes you can get pregnant having sex during your period, says Ms. Cooper. Some women experience pain if they have sex during their period and others find that having an orgasm during their period can help to relieve the pain of the cycle.

Dr. Oz Awkward Question #7: Is it possible that my vagina has gotten bigger after having two babies?
Why do you think that's the case? Ask my husband, he's been complaining, says the audience member. To which the husband said, things ain't what they used to be.

Birth is a trauma to the body, says Mr. Cooper. The number of births a woman has can cause the vagina to stretch more. During labor, and episiotomy can cause change to the size of the vagina. The pelvic floor muscles weaken and stretch during pregnancy and birth.

[Three previous shows have discussed pelvic floor issues and how to do kegel exercises, properly.

Typically after birth women are told to do kegel's. A few month's after birth, women tend to stop doing them. What doctors won't tell you, says Ms. Cooper, is to use the kegel's during sex to increase pleasure for your partner. The better shape your pelvic floor muscles are in can translate into a bigger orgasm. [There's your inspiration ladies! Ready, squeeze!]

Dr. Oz Carb Craving Busters!

90% of viewers say they have carbohydrate cravings at least once a month and for many it sets back the diet goals. Dr. Oz has alternatives to your most common carb trigger foods. Make these switches for the rest of the year and Dr. Oz says you can lose 11.5 pounds.

Dr Oz: Cut Bread Cravings
Bread is attractive! Instead of using bread for your sandwich, Dr. Oz recommends eating Vollkornbrot 100% whole grain rye bread. It has less calories and less of an insulin swing. The audience taste-testers say it's good and chewy. If you use vollkornbrot the rest of the year, instead of bread, you could lose an additional 5 pounds this year. Ask your at your local grocery or health food store for vollkornbrot. [If you can't find bolkornbrot bread, then look for 100% whole grain rye bread, that might be easier to find.]

Dr. Oz: Cut Potato Chip Cravings
You try to stay away from the chips but you end up eating entire bag. Instead of potato chips, Dr. Oz recommends baked lentil chips.

Cost: $3.00 [Click the link above and look for the coupon!]
The audience taste-testers said they are crunchy, tastes like a chip, and has the salt you look for in potato chips. The fiber and protein keeps you full and and low-calories won't set you back either.

Dr. Oz says that eating baked lentil chips instead of potato chips can help you lose an extra 4.5 pounds a year.

Dr. Oz: Cut Pasta Cravings
Cost: $2.00
Dr. Oz says that this pasta gets you away from mindless eating by providing filling whole grains. The audience taste-tester says this pasta doesn't taste gluten-free and doesn't taste like flaxseed either. Substituting angel hair pasta for this pasta twice a week can lead to losing 2 pounds in one year.

Dr. Oz: Mood - The Diet Killer

Dr. Oz and Pina Loguidice, ND, Co-Medical Director of Innersource natural Health, are sharing natures best secrets to deal with mood swings that keep you from eating your way to a better mood.

[Read the posts from Dr. Loguidice's previous appearance on The Dr. Oz Show: 1/25/11 Dr. Pina Loguidice discusses natural anti-depression remedies]

Dr. Loguidice says that natural remedies for mood support are better than pharmaceutical options because they don't have the side-effects but they do provide the benefits.

Dr. Oz: Support for Anxiety
Dr. Loguidice says holy basil, an herb native to India and used for thousands of years, helps to decrease the intensity of anxiety and lowers the stress hormone cortisol. She recommends taking 500mg of holy basil twice a day, after meal. Holy basil can also support balanced blood sugar.
Cost: about $8.00

Dr. Oz: Support for Crankiness
Feeling cranky can lead to mindless eating when you stop paying attention to the small things. Dr. Loguidice suggests lemon balm, or melissa, for both the cranky kid and the carnky adult. She recommends taking 60 drops of lemon balm in warm or room temperature water before bed. Lemon balm works as a sedative as well as a muscle relaxer. Dr. Oz says that lemon balm taken at night can help reduce cravings for carbohydrates in the morning.
Cost: about $6.00

Dr. Oz: Support for Stress
Stress leads to belly fat. Dr. Loguidice uses L-Theanine before appearing on The Dr. Show. L-Theanine is an amino acid naturally occurring in green tea that can provide both mental clarity and a calming effect. Monks have used L-Theanine for centuries when they seek a calm wakefulness. Dr. Loguidice recommends starting at 200mg with L-Theanine and working up to 800mg.
Cost: about $8.00

Dr. Oz Ancient Secrets to Look 5 Years Younger

Dr. Oz Aging Solution for Saggy Skin from Mexico
Acerola cherry is packed with Vitamin C which supports the building of collagen and is available in capsules and tablets but Dr. Oz prefers the chewable form. He recommends 1 chewable wafer every other day.

Dr. Oz Aging Solution for Dry Skin from Ghana
Dull, dry skin can make aging concerns appear to be a bigger problem. In the West African country of Ghana, African Black Soap made from the skins of plantains have been used for years to provide nutrients and moisturizing oils to the skin. Dr. Oz says African Black Soap contains Vitamins A and E as wells as iron and can be used every other day.
Cost: about $4.00.

Dr. Oz Aging Solution for Wrinkles from India
Silica in the skin of cucumbers helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Dr. Oz recommends eating one cucumber, or pickle a day. The key is to leave the skin on the cucumber, that's where you'll get the silica.

Dr. Oz Aging Solutions for Age Spots from Egypt
Frankincense oil has been used for thousands of years to help reduce the appearance of age spots. Mix frankincense oil into a carrier oil as the straight oil can be irritating. [No amount specified, start with one drop in a small amount of carrier oil and increase drops to preference.] Apply the oil solution nightly.
Cost: about $4.00.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Bad Breath Solutions

Dr. Oz Bad Breath Solution #1: Eat Oranges
To get rid of bad breath, Dr. Oz recommends eating an orange after a meal as the Vitamin C kills that breathy odor. Chew on a small piece of the peel which has the most Vitamin C.

Dr. Oz Bad Breath Solution #2: Make Mouthwash
Make a natural mouth wash to get rid of bad breath. Mix 1 teaspoon of sage oil, 1 teaspoon of calendula oil, and 1 teaspoon of myrrh gum oil into a small cup and gargle in the morning and before bed. The mix can be swallowed but Dr. Oz doesn't recommend it.

Dr. Oz Bad Breath Solution #3: Dill
To reducing burping, Dr. Oz recommends carrying a little bag of dill weed with you. Sprinkle a little on your food to release bile into the stomach that breaks down fats in the body reducing bloating which leads to burping sprinkle.

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  1. i think the Aferican Black soap last line should read "can be used every few days, NOT every other year.

    1. do u remamber the brand name for the acerola vitamin c

    2. I don't believe he mentioned a specific brand but the
      name of it is---Acerola Cherry. Available all over the internet & Health Food Stores.

    3. There was not a specific brand mentioned on the show. Many brands do sell an acerola product. I'm familiar with one brand:
      American Health in chewable form

      Many Vitamin C products contain acerola.

  2. Oh my! Thanks for catching that. It would be some long lasting and super powered soap to last you two years!

  3. Dr. Oz mentioned a tea on his show 2/14/2012. I have searched for it & can't seem to find the name of it. It was a tea that I'd never heard of before. The Name???
    Thanks, I appreciate your time!

    1. Thanks for your question. On the 2/14/12 episode, Dr. Loguidice suggested lemon balm, or melissa officinalis, for both the cranky kid and the cranky adult. She recommends taking 60 drops of lemon balm in warm or room temperature water before bed. Lemon balm works as a sedative as well as a muscle relaxer.

      Dr. Loguidice said she drinks it as a tea and she was talking about the liquid extract supplement form. Lemon balm is available in bulk herb form that can be brewed like a tea but it won't as strong as the extract.

      I hope that helps!

    2. I had that information correct. There was a gal, long blonde curly hair, that Dr. Oz had on stage. It was an odd name of tea & it was shown in a paper bag looking container.
      Anyone remember it?