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Friday, December 2, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 12/2/11: No-Fear Zone, How Pets Support Our Health, 10 Beauty Answers, Pastor Rick Warren's Weight Loss Plan, Jazzy Chicken

The Dr. Oz Show
Air Date: December 2, 2011
The No-Fear Zone

  • No question is too embarrassing for Dr. Oz
  • Betty White learns how pets support our health
  • Dr. Oz answers 10 beauty questions
  • Pastor Rick Warren shares his Daniel Plan for weight loss
  • The signature dish of a New Orleans school: Jazzy Chicken

It's Dr. Oz favorite kind of show: ask any question. He says there is no question too ridiculous, too absurd, or too embarrassing. It's the no-fear health question zone.

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Urinary Incontinence
A mom says every time she sneezes or laughs hard some urine leaks out. Is this normal? What can be done about it?

Minor urinary incontinence is very normal and can effect people at nearly any age though is most prevalent as we age. Women experience incontinence more often due to stretching of the pelvic muscles from age, weight, giving birth.

When we're young, the pelvic muscle is tight and can hold the organs up high. [Isn't that the truth for just about every muscle in the body?] Over time, the pelvic wall muscles weaken and stretch out. All those organs relying on the pelvic muscles for support end up being more like a bowling ball and when there is a sneeze or a cough or a laugh can cause urine to leak out of the bladder.

Another cause of incontinence can be reduced sensitivity of the bladder muscles through age causing an inability to know when the bladder is fully empty during urination. A small amount of left over urine in the bladder can then lead out when pressure is exerted.

Dr. Oz has recommended kegels before [read that post from September 2011 here] to support strengthening of the pelvic muscles. Today, Dr. Oz wants to take that exercise a step further to what is called an elevator kegel. Close the elevator doors by tightening the pelvic muscle [as if you were trying to stop a urine stream in mid-flow] the raise the elevator by pulling yourself upright with a tall posture. Hold this posture for at least 10 seconds, work up to that length of time if necessary. Relax, repeat. The more reps the better to build strengthen.

She has been told she has internal hemorrhoids? What is the difference between internal and external hemorrhoids and do they require surgery?

Dr. Oz demonstrated that the lips of the anus are really just like the lips on your mouth. [Pucker up for a science demonstration. That's attractive.] The anal veins can become engorged, damaged and can bleed. The veins can be either internal or external.

An audience member was invited to be the poop and take a walk through the largest rectum built for television. Eating a healthy diet allows the poop to move through the bowel normally. The bowel movement will be soft and able to go easily travel through the contours of the rectum and come out easily.

A big, hard poop that is sharp and wide will push and scrap its way through the rectum damaging tissue allowing veins pop out of the tissue. This is an internal hemorrhoid. It can bleed which can be visible on toilet paper.

Four Ways to Reduce Hemorrhoid Concerns
[And it gets more personal...] How do you clean yourself after you poop? Most people use toilet paper, right? To Dr. Oz, toilet paper is as gentle as sandpaper on the thin and sensitive rectal tissue. The TP can rip the fragile tissue allowing those veins to be exposed potentially leading to bleeding. Instead, Dr. Oz recommends to moisten the TP before wiping or to purchase and use premoistened wipes sold just for that purpose.

The five minute rule: sitting on the bowl for five minutes or more can cause the anal veins to engorge and become easily damaged when passing stool.

Dr. Oz says not to push or strain when evacuating the bowels which will, again, engorge veins and allow for damage to tissue and veins.

Increase your fiber intake with psyllium husk fiber which will support regularity.

How Pets Support Our Health

Betty White, star of TV Land's Hot in Cleveland, appears on today's show to talk about how our fur and feathered friends can be supporting our health.

Dr. Oz asked Ms. White if she had ever seen a giant rectum on TV? She said only once before.

Betty White has long supported animals and organizations that provide a voice for animals. For over 50 years, Ms. White has worked with the Los Angeles Zoo and the Morris Animal Foundation. Ms. White says she keeps working so she can afford all her pets.

Finding animals more fascinating than most anything else, Ms. White says, that's why she's so health. Animals make her feel good. She's living proof and will turn 90 in January 2012.

Dr. Oz invited Ms. White to play a game. She was given five cards each with a different animal. She had to place the card next to the condition that the animal is best at helping humans. Ms. White received a perfect score!

Overall health – Dogs
Dogs increase our survival rate in general and keep us active. You are eight times more likely to live a year after a heart attack if you have a dog.

Preventing heart attacks and stroke - Cat
Cats help reduce blood pressure in their humans. Having a cat as a pet can reduce the risk of a heart attack by 30% and can reduce by 40% the risk of a stroke, even when hypertension is present.

Decreasing stress - Fish
Watching fish meander around their tank is meditative, hypnotic and can help reduce stress. [In my book, cleaning the darn tank is stressful so I think it would cancel out in the end! Recommendation: self cleaning tank unit or someone else to clean it for you!]

Diabetic and diabetic attack - Bird
Birds are very sensitive to their surroundings and the people within. Birds can identify when people have diabetic problems. Diabetes can change the smell of urine and breath and a bird can sense these changes.

Fighting allergies – Rabbit
Exposing children to rabbits at a young kids can help them build a tolerance to allergies. [That's in general. My husband knows a woman who had rabbits growing up and suffers from allergies. But, whose to say that her allergies wouldn't have been worse if she had not lived with rabbits?]

Betty White has released her fifth book, Betty and Friends: My Life At the Zoo. Read an excerpt or buy the book on

Ms. White shared that some doctors will recommend pets for elderly patients because the pets encourage activity. Their owner has to get up each day for a walk, food, water, walks.

Top 10 Beauty Questions Answered

How do I get rid of my muffin top?
The muffin top, or fat accumulation that hangs over the pant waistline, is attributed to cortisol – a hormone released during stress. Vitamin C helps to support normalized levels of cortisol. Kiwi and red pepper are good sources of Vitamin C.

Can hemorrhoid cream under the eyes help to reduce eye puffiness?
Yes. Hemorrhoid cream helps to tighten skin, temporarily.

When I pop a pimple it gets inflamed. Is there a safe way to pop a pimple?
Yes there is. Popping a pimple damages the skin causing more irritation. Dr. Oz recommends to “clean a needle with heat or alcohol. Lance the pimple with the sterilized needle; while staying parallel to the skin pierce the raised white part of the blemish and pull up. You can then gently squeeze out the pus without causing more damage to your skin.

Will plucking lip hair cause the hair to come back?
No. The growth will decrease over time but plucking will not increase growth. To make the whole plucking experience less painful, numb the lip with ice and pluck in the direction of the hair growth.

Is there a way to tone neck muscles?
The platysma muscle of the neck keeps the neck skin tight yet over time the muscle tone can soften and the skin can sag. To tone the muscle and banish the turkey wattle look, look up and pull the bottom lip over the top lip (don't use your hands just your lips). Hold this pose for 10 seconds, more reps bring about more strengthening.

How can I reduce cellulite?
There is no cure for cellulite. Dr. Oz recommends using a cream containing at least 2% Aminophylline to reduce the appearance of the cellulite.

Aminophylline, a form of xanthine, is a main ingredient in cellulite treating creams and lotions. Aminophylline acts similarly to caffeine by helping to encourage fat metabolism. A study done by researchers at Louisiana State University's Pennington Biomedical Research Center showed that applying an aminophylline cream helped to reduce fat safely and effectively after 12 weeks, according to Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Journal. Fat reduction with aminophylline based products will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.”

Do whitening toothpastes work?
Actress Poppy Montgomery, on the show Unforgettable, asked the question because she drinks a lot of espresso on set, a lot, much and many. Yes, says Dr. Oz. Find a toothpaste that has hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Use this toothpaste every day for two to four weeks to see results.

For wrinkles on the face, is there an alternative to Botox?
Yes. Using a peptide cream will support a build up in collagen and provide the skin with elasticity.

Is there anything that can get rid of hair dandruff?
Yes. Using a shampoo containing zinc or ketoconazole will help to banish the flakes.

[Anit-bacterial and anti-fungal, ketoconazole is an anti-fungal agent, are typically recommended for dandruff. Nizoral is one brand of ketoconazole shampoo. Try to avoid shampoos that dry which can further irritate the scalp. Moisturizers are preferred. Nizoral is recommended to be used twice a week, for the rest of the week try using a moisturizing shampoo with oils such as coconut or jojoba.]

Will I be stuck with age spots stuck forever?
No. Age spots are caused by pockets of melanin, or pigment, that become damaged by sun exposure. In a doctor's office, a bleach will typically be applied. For a home remedy, Dr. Oz recommends applying a teaspoon of Greek yogurt for 15-20 minutes every 3 days until the spots disappear.

Rick Warren Shares The Daniel Plan for Weight Loss

High profile and influential spiritual speaker, Pastor Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life, is the founder and leader of America's largest mega-church, the Saddleback Church has struggled with his weight for over 30 years.

His scripture based weight loss plan was born of his own need to lose 90 pounds. Pastor Warren works with people all day, every day. He came to realize that he was ignoring his own health and the health of his church. The bible teaches that your body is your temple. Pastor Warren understood that he was taking his body for granted. He was taking God's gift to him for granted. Losing the weight, for him, is more wanting to look good and feel good it's about taking care of your gift or it could be taken away.

Pastor Warren developed a church-wide lifestyle challenge to encourage the entire congragation to honor and respect the gift of their body and their health. The Daniel Plan was created as a means to encourage healthy food choices and exercise activities. Along with those basics is the strength of the group. All members are encouraged to start or join a group to build a support network of people working toward the same health improvement goal.

In the first month, the church lost the equivalent of the weight of a 747 jet plane. [Just for reference that is about 710,000 pounds! How many people are in this church?]

Pastor Warren recruited three doctors to assist with developing the program, Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

God never forces us to do the right thing. We have the freedom of choice and God doesn't stop me, says Pastor Warren, from making bad choices. Willpower alone is not enough to make a behavioral change, it only works for short time. There is often a spritual element missing in behavioral change, the battle starts in the mind.

Why Daniel? In the bible, Daniel was a young Jewish leader who was taken by Nebuchadnezzar. He was allowed to eat at the table of kings and many rich and unhealthy at the feasts. He chose to honor God by eating healthy, whole foods.

How is Pastor Warren doing on The Daniel Plan? When Dr. Oz first met/talked with Pastor Warren two months ago, he weighed 290 pounds. Today he weighs 264 pounds, a loss of 26 pounds.

The Daniel Plan: All Steps are Free

Step #1 – Form a Weekly Meeting
Why a weekly meeting. They provide accountability. Ask your neighbors, friends, family, church members to take part. The importance of a group is that we are wired to need other people in mutual service to each other. Long-term behavior can better be changed from within a group.

The group model has a component for teaching time with inspirational and sharing interviews from doctors working with the program, for sharing time of results and support and even taking measurements. Cooking, sharing recipes, walking together and praying together can all be a part of the group dynamic to work toward goals and build a life together within a community.

Pastor Warren shared that he has discovered his favorite foods are fruits and nuts. He says one rule is that if it's grown on a plant the eat it, if it's made in a plant then don't eat it.

Step #2 – Burst Training 
Also known as interval training, burst training is exercising at varying speed and intensity. Begin with a warm up, the walk fast for one minute, walk normal for a few minutes and back to fast. Read more about the plan that includes the breakdown for the workout by clicking here.

Step #3 – Create A Goal Sheet
Take time each day in quite to pray, read scripture and evaluate life. Review, recharge and refocus. [Pastor Warren said his ebook How To Have a Quite Time is available for free on Yeah, I couldn't find it. It's a hard website to navigate.]

Jazzy Oven-Baked Chicken

Dr. Oz had opportunity to taste Jazzy Oven-Baked Chicken during a visit to a school in New Orleans and he was impressed. It's not a food you find in most, or any other for that matter, school in the country. Wanda and Rosie, chefs at the school who have worked in cafeteria cuisine for a combined 59 years, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show today and shared their recipe. [It looks tasty but be warned, the recipe serves 100! A little scaling down may be necessary for home use!]

Wanda and Rosie call Jazzy Oven-Baked Chicken their signature dish. [I've never heard of school cafeteria chefs take such pride and interest in their cooking. Awesome! Though I was quite fond of spaghetti day at school.]

Recipe courtesy of Orleans Parish School Board Child Nutrition Department

Live your healthiest life today. Use what you've learned in this show to make it happen.” ~ Dr Oz


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  1. what is the name of the cream that dr oz put on hand for sun spots

  2. He used Greek style yogurt, and put a couple tablespoons on the spots for about 20 minutes, I think.

  3. Yes, it was Greek yogurt. Dr. Oz recommends applying a teaspoon of Greek yogurt for 15-20 minutes every 3 days until the age spots disappear. A plain Greek yogurt would be great. Some brands have a honey flavored Greek yogurt that would also be great for the skin as honey is also moisturizing.