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Friday, December 9, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 12/9/11: Steve Harvey, Lies Women Tell Each Other, Reduce Diverticulitis Risks, Frozen Foods for Weight Loss, Food Expiration Guide

 The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: December 9, 2011

  • Steve Harvey shares what goes on in the male mind
  • Dr. Oz talks about the risks of diverticulitis
  • Which frozen foods can help with weight loss?
  • Keep the Ultimate Food Expiration Guide handy and clean out your kitchen

The man in your life may not want you to see this episode. Dr. Oz thinks his male friends may even think him a traitor for talking about the subject of the male brain. Other doctors may not even want to talk about this side of the male-female relationship so Dr. Oz is going out of his profession to talk about the male mind with comedian Steve Harvey.

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Radio, film and TV star, Steve Harvey is an expert on the humorous side of relationships. Now on this third marriage, Mr. Harvey says he's finally getting it right. Author of the best selling book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, he calls himself an expert on the male mind and how to make it all work between men and women. Mr. Harvey says he never claimed to be a relationship expert, someone else did that, but he does know about the male mind. He sits down with Dr. Oz to get real about what men really think.

You've been married three times, why should the audience listen to you?
I've failed and learned and am willing to share the truth about it.

What went wrong in the first two marriages?
You can't fix what's happening inside the marriage by going outside the marriage. If men are not getting what they need in the home then, says Mr. Harvey, they will go outside and find someone who will do it. He says, you've got to stay there, in the marriage, and figure out how to fix it.

This is not going to sit well with women, Mr. Harvey shares, but the biggest reason why men cheat is that there are so many women out there who are willing to cheat with them.

Can you have a happy marriage without sex?
No. Are you really happily married without having sex? How are either partner happy without it, sex is a critical part of any marriage. Mr. Harvey asks if there is no sex then why am I bathing and dressing nice and clipping my nails? Women are the driving force in a relationship, they hold the power.

Dr. Oz shared that on the RealAge tests, men in a bad marriage lose four years from their lives but women will lose 12 years off their lives in the same negative relationship.

Three Secrets to Retrain a Man's Brain

Viewers of The Dr. Oz Show share their relationship dilemmas and to seek the help of Dr. Oz and Steve Harvey.

They have been married for 12 years. Before, they would go on date nights but now she can't get his attention. How does a wife retrain her husband's brain to be more romantic?

Between kids, work and friends there's not a lot of time, says the husband. But his wife wants more time with him. He admits that he has put his wife last and being on The Dr. Oz Show is a wake up call.
Mr. Harvey recommends to schedule date nights and to go back to those intimate touches that used to work in the relationship. Dr. Oz says to be intimate in the morning hours when oxytocin levels are higher.

The next couple has been married for 6 years. [Or did she say 8?] How can she get her husband to help more with the housework?

He works a manual job and doesn't want to be nagged at home to take out the trash. Mr. Harvey says women don't understand nagging. Men do not respond it to, they just tune it out. Nagging is in the tone and timing. Try a compliment to get it done. Something like, you're so strong will you take out the trash? Dr. Oz asks why does a man need a compliment to take out the trash? He should be a man and help the family. Write a note, Dr. Oz says that works in his house, because men are more visual.

Mr. Harvey says we're men, why don't we need compliments. She could put into perspective, saying if he helps with the house work and helps get the kids in bed early then there's more time for us, in what Mr. Harvey calls a reward system.

The final couple has been married for five years. She has been trying to get healthy but he undermines her progress, doing nothing to support his own health or hers. He loves her the way she is but admits that he wants to get healthy along with her.

Mr. Harvey says men are not that complicated, it's all about a reward system. He will workout with his wife so he can watch her workout, it's a turn on. Even Dr. Oz admits, is a turn on to him.

Dr. Oz says there is no way to get healthy on your own within a family if everyone is not. Write it down for them to get involved with the process.

Three Lies that Men and Women Tell Each Other – and Steve Harvey's Truth

Women get information from other women, friends, mothers, acquaintances at beauty salons, that may not be accurate, says Steve Harvey.

Lie #1: Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater
Mr. Harvey says that is the biggest falsehood in male-female relationships. Men are willing to change but will do so only for one women – the right woman. Men can get it right. He says he is living proof because he has found a woman that completes him and there is no reason for him to go outside the marriage to fulfill any need.

Dr. Oz asks, doesn't past behavior predict future behavior? A man can get it together and make a change. How many men have it all right across all categories? There's your proof that men can learn and change, proclaims Mr. Harvey.

Lie #2: The Way to a Man's Heart is Through His Stomach
Not entirely true. Mr. Harvey says he knows men who will eat a great dinner at one house but spend the night at another house. The way to a man's heart is through loyalty, support and the cookie. And, says Mr. Harvey, I mean sex by saying the cookie because everyone I know likes cookies.

Lie #3: Men are Intimidated by Strong, Independent Women
Men are not afraid of women, it's a myth. Men are afraid that they won't fit within the woman's life. A woman has to make it clear that she needs a man.

Reduce Your Risk for Diverticulitis

Feeling constipated, bloated and gassy could be the sign of a hard-to-digest meal or it could be something more serious. Diverticulitis.

The audience member invited on the stage shared that her friend was diagnosed with diverticulitis after not being able to go poop. Her doctors used a colonoscopy to determine the diagnosis. Dr. Oz used a tissue sample to show what doctors look for and find when diverticulitis happens.

Sacs and pockets can develop in the colon where poop can get stuck and eventually break a hole all the way through the colon walls and the poop can leave the colon and enter the body.

Dr. Oz says that diet is the key to preventing this from happening – fiber. A lack of fiber and straining to push out small pellet-sized poop will increase the risk of diverticulitis. Adding fiber to the diet, and the colon, changes the way the colon can manages poop. There can be some gas but, Dr. Oz says, fiber is the gift that keeps on giving.

Begin slowly with 10g of fiber, Dr. Oz recommends, and increase the amount slowly over a few weeks to reach 25g. Eat nuts, seeds, and popcorn. These foods were once thought to be bad for the colon but that's incorrect, says Dr. Oz, they are actually good for you. Along with adding these foods, Dr. Oz wants viewers to limit red meat as it has bacteria that can weaken the walls of the colon making it easier for diverticulitis to develop.

Best Frozen Foods For Weight Loss

Frozen foods can be filled with fat and sodium or they can healthy, nutritious choices and may even help with weight loss. Frozen pizza is not the best choice but here are several frozen food choices that will.

Edamame is a great source of protein, at 8g per serving, triple that other vegetables. Edamame makes a great snack food.
Taster: Not bad

These burgers contain no trans fats, no cholesterol and are filled with veggies and fiber. They are simple to make and full of nutrition.
Taster: [She kept eating it.] It's good.

most people reach for a carb in the freezer and most choose french fries
no water added, 1 cup is 10% of daily fiber, no salt, no cholesterol no fat
each rice grain individually frozen

[I couldn't find the frozen brown rice on Trader Joe's website and, honestly, I didn't like their website. I prefer a website with a search feature and they don't have one.

There is no Trader Joe's in my state, but there is a national brand of frozen rice. Rice Expressions sells four varieties of frozen rice both flavored and plain rice.] 

These little ice cream sandwiches are proportioned for enjoyment and the fit within a weight loss plan. With only 100 calories per serving and 6g of sugar, half that found in ice creams labeled diet.

Ultimate Food Expiration Guide

If you have to think about how long it's been since you've cleaned out your cabinets then it's time to do an overhaul.

When will an open box of cereal expire?
After 60 days, an open box of cereal will lose the crunch. The cereal is still edible but it loses it's crunchy texture. Put the cereal in the oven on low heat for 5 minutes to bring back the crunch. [Use the sniff test for cereals to check if they are still good. Flours and grains will have a distinct off scent that most people can easily recognize. If it smells, don't eat it.]

How long will an open jar of mayonnaise last in the refrigerator?
An open jar of mayonnaise will last about 60 days in the refrigerator. Not dropping bits of food in it. Check for a bad smell or bacteria growth. Dr. Oz and his family write the date the product was opened.

How long can you leave an opened bottle of red wine on the counter?
Keep an opened bottle of wine on the counter for no more than three days. Once the bottle of wine is opened, oxygen gets in there and begins to oxidize all those beneficial compounds. Put the wine in the refrigerator if you know you won't finish the bottle within three days.


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  1. Steve Harvey is an ass. Men cheat because there are women who are willing? A willing woman negates honor or committment? Ass.

  2. A lot of things that come out of Steve Harvey's mouth don't sit well with a lot of people, Kira! I think he partly beleives what he says and partly he says these things to gain attention, and for a laugh. Personally, I don't care for his style, comedic or otherwise.