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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review of the Cholocate-Banana Wontons featured on The Dr. Oz Show!

On the November 7, 2011 episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Lose 40 Pounds By Spring, Lis Josefsberg, leader with Weight Watchers, joined Dr. Oz to inspire viewers to take the first step toward better health through weight loss and shared three recipes for desserts that won't leave your goals in the dust.

Here's my review of the Chocolate-Banana Wonton's featured on the show!


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As viewers and readers know, Weight Watchers has joined Dr. Oz' Transformation Nation program as the official weigh-in site and has provided viewers of The Dr. Oz Show with special discounts since the program was unveiled on the September 26, 2011 show.

Eat dessert every night? How can you lose weight and eat dessert every night? A deprivation diet will never work and will simply succeed in people giving up. Ms. Josefsberg shared three decadent dessert recipes recently on The Dr. Oz Show that, she says, we can have every night and still maintain weight loss goals.

Three desserts were shared on this episode and each looked so delicious and so easy to make that I was inspired to make one.

With only 5 Weight Watchers points plus per serving this treat won't crumble your changes for reaching your weight loss goals! Some berries, a little flour, a sprinkle of sugar and a dab of butter and it's ready to bake. The recipe makes eight servings and the mix can be frozen and baked later. Dr. Oz recommends making double or triple batches ahead, on a Sunday, and freeze so they are at the ready all week.

Frozen berries, yogurt, fruit juice and a splash of honey and only 4 points on the Weight Watchers plan. Ms. Josefsberg says she'll make one smoothie in the morning, drink half then put the other half in the freezer for her dessert that evening. Planning ahead can make for smart and nutritious food choices!

These two look smashingly good but it was the Chocolate-Banana Wontons that got my attention. I made up a batch and WOW!, they really are delicious.

Four wontons per serving with a points value of 5 in this easy, easy, easy recipe! Take some won-ton wrappers, a banana, toss in some chocolate chips, bake, then sprinkle on a little powdered sugar and the sweet tooth will be satisfied.

This dessert has a lot of visual appeal - my photograph, however does not. There is an art to food photography that I have not learned. Four triangles sprinkled with a little powdered sugar! And with four on the plate you will have a lot of visual satisfaction too!

I went ahead and made up a double batchas recommended on the show, and froze what we didn't eat. Note before you make: this makes a ton of treats! I've still got a few left in the freezer, in fact. Having them ready in the freezer makes for an easy treat that doesn't leave me wondering, what have I just eaten! Pull out four wontons and heat them up in the toaster over. That's easy!

The bananas provide a creamy richness and the chocolate is just the perfect amount. A crispy wonton skin makes for a wonderful combination of textures and flavors that, honestly, are incredibly satisfying.

My kids and husband enjoyed them as well. I actually prefer the reheated version than the fresh out of the oven because the reheated have a better crunch to the wonton skin. These were such a hit with my family that I made them for a girl's night dinner this month. The girls loved them too! This would make for a wonderful New Year's Eve Party treat!

I'm excited to try the crumble and smoothie next!
I highly recommend these and I definitely recommend making up the entire package of wonton skins and freeze the rest for a quick, delicious and nutritious treat.

Who else have made the Chocolate-Banana Wontons? Or other desserts from this episode? Share your creations in the comments section!

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